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  1. Thonys

    blame prussia

    but but, we have cheese and gin and beer and beerenburg and Grietje
  2. ask him he will tell you a other story this is what i call a HONORABLE fighting captain .. no DD chitty cheat.
  3. Thonys

    blame prussia

    Queen of the Netherlands put some oil on the british cettle and not germany? WILHELMINA van PRUISEN, born Frederika Louise Wilhelmina (born Potsdam 18-11-1774 - eds. Den Haag 12-10-1837), through her marriage Queen of the Netherlands. Daughter of Frederick William II von Hohenzollern (1744-1797), King of Prussia, and Frederika Louise van Hessen-Darmstadt (1751-1805). Wilhelmina of Prussia married 1-10-1791 in Berlin with Willem Frederik (1772-1843), heir prince of Oranje-Nassau. From this marriage 2 sons and 2 daughters were born, of whom 1 young died; 2 children were born dead. Youth and marriage Princess Wilhelmina (Mimi for intimates) was the fourth child from a family of eight children. The upbringing of the children was dominated by the strict regime of Wilhelmina's great uncle, Frederick the Great of Prussia. Little is known about Wilhelmina's education than she was taught in various languages, crafts and painting. As a girl she was known for her beauty and loveliness. In 1791 Wilhelmina married in Berlin with her nephew Willem Frederik, the hereditary prince of Oranje-Nassau. The marriage had been arranged and was part of a political agreement to boost the face of the House of Orange-Nassau in a weakened Republic. However, this did not alter the fact that there was also a marriage that was concluded on the basis of personal affection. After the wedding, the princely couple moved into the Oude Hof at the Noordeinde in The Hague. Wilhelmina gave birth to her first child, Willem Frederik George Lodewijk, on 6 December 1792, the later King William II. Exile In January 1795, after a four-year stay in the Republic, Wilhelmina flew out to England together with her in-laws, because of the French invasion. Four months later she gave birth to a dead child. A year later, Wilhelmina arrived together with her son in Berlin. She was back in the circle of her Prussian family, where her husband was also staying, who had joined the Prussian-French alliance in 1795. On February 28, 1797, Willem Frederik Karel was born. Both her daughters also saw the light of day in Berlin: on 1 March 1800 Wilhelmina Frederika Louise Pauline Charlotte, and on 9 May 1810 Wilhelmina Frederika Louisa Charlotte Marianne. After the Treaty of Amiens in 1802, Wilhelmina and Willem Frederik received, via Willem V, among others, the principality of Fulda, with which they joined the German Reich as German royal couple. They held court in Fulda and spent the winter months in Berlin. In 1804 they bought, with the help of the brother of Wilhelmina, since 1797 King Frederick William III of Prussia, the so-called 'Niederländischen Palais' or the palace 'Unter den Linden' in Berlin, where Wilhelmina and Willem Frederik from now on held their own court. With the death of his father, Willem Frederik became head of the Orange dynasty in 1806. Wilhelmina and her husband could only continue their regal status in their own palace in Berlin for a few winters. By the abolition of the Prussian-French alliance in 1806, Wilhelmina was again forced to flee the French troops, while she was just recovering from a miscarriage. After wandering, Wilhelmina finally arrived with her children at the estate 'Freienwalde', north of Berlin. Willem Frederik, who had fought against the French in the Prussian army, also succeeded in reaching 'Freienwalde'. On December 22, their daughter Pauline died there at the age of six. The years 1806-1810 must have been very difficult for Wilhelmina. After she had first lost her daughter, she now lost almost all their estates; Willem Frederik had only a few possessions in the Polish Posen. In May 1810 another daughter was born. After this the tide seemed to be turning slowly. In 1811 Wilhelmina came into possession of various estates in Kamenz in Silesia, about sixty kilometers south of Breslau. She bought these estates at a reasonable price from her brother and financed this with her annual money from Prussia. In 1812 she also became the owner of the smaller goods Schönjohnsdorff at Strehlin and Seitsch at Guhrau in Silesia. Everything indicated that the future of the family lay in Posen and Silesia, until the provisional government of the Dutch Republic asked Willem Frederik to accept the administration at the end of November 1813. In January 1814, Wilhelmina, as the wife of the future sovereign prince of the United Netherlands, returned William I to The Hague. Queen of the Netherlands In 1815, Wilhemina officially became Queen of the Netherlands. Until 1830 she commuted with her court between four residences: the winters were alternately spent in The Hague or Brussels, the summers on 't Loo or Laeken, With the Belgian secession in 1830 the traveling court between the Northern and Southern Netherlands came to an end . However, Wilhelmina stayed until the end of her life yearl prussia (first spoken of)is in the Netherlands not Germany or England cleves territory (upper and neder rine) is in the Netherlands origin of the prussian is in the netherlands (auch) a dictator once said "a real German you will find them only in the Netherlands." lol ...my one cent.
  4. Thonys

    blame prussia

    fear... let me tell you : i even do not want a replacement from your AI crap nation i build my own. safezone? come to us and we show you real balls. good luck to you to
  5. Thonys

    blame prussia

    yes let's fight against 50 zerg in my little snow... i bet is need a cheat won't i sorry i do not like cheats (any cheat).
  6. overruled: and when your but is raked to 150 men ? oh..before i forget was Nelson killed by a cannonball ...or by a musket bullet? the whole defender cheat is a big joke. and shout not be in the game at the first place .it a big cheat to begin with. I would say remove it entirely. ps.big boys who need a cheat it is just childish. but also that sad, i would be merciful to the 7 th and 6 rate...(only the youngsters)
  7. Thonys

    Hostility Reset every 7 days instead of 1

    i agree on that even for the players who play every day it is sometimes a surprise.. so noticeability is also a issue.
  8. Thonys

    Hostility Reset every 7 days instead of 1

    perhaps a consideration of 2 days is a possibility because of timezone issues. in this case, an urgency still exists. also, small groups have a second chance to continue the timer set time window(remember large groups have no issue setting the pb in just 1.5 hours[it is no issue for them]) mostly we do not even bother to make hostility, because of the small window we have to make the hostility. mostly hostility is made by smaller groups than what we see in captains in numbers in the PB (this is just how it is done mostly ) it is perhaps a good thing to test, to see if the hostility rises . also setting timers can be done in one day (so after mainanace a timer can still be set to focus on defending) (perhaps even an extra day when the timer is set) ps. make timer more costly {this denial cheat it feels like a joke }[hahah we have 35 million reals lol] for what is see in the Dutch nation, making hostility is already out of the question.[timewise] turmoil is first made by activists, and not by an entire army of fleets
  9. feedback, @admin the last copple of days i have encountered some battles with high ranked captains in 5th and 4 rates who use the determined defender as a weapon of denial when an LGV is shot his sail down to below 49 % and the lgv comes almost to a stop where boarding speed is reached, but the ships of the enemy is not willing to board but just sink the trader. the only hope for the trader is to board the other vessel but is denied by the determined defender. 1. i want to propose a solution for rage boarding by only make the determined defender useable for the 7 rates and 6 rates > for the 5 rates and up it (determined defender) is not useable anymore. proposal .2 also, it should not be a perk of the officer anymore, but a 19500 balloons note from the Admiralty for only 7/6 rates.(here you see how high i value this cheat)
  10. Thonys

    Clan Docks

    i propose it different: 1 ship for every member of the clan because otherwise there will be a lot of alts who do ship stacking. 1 clan can have up to max 25 ships in docks (PB sise) clan ui interface + an open and close docks button; so players who do pb can have access to take out a ship. + a tag on ownership + a dock number (stored by XXX nr 14) + Officer + Diplo can activate the docks button. that's all we need i think.
  11. Thonys

    blame prussia

    So drunk, you all were thrown out of the Tavern? blame it on prussia
  12. Thonys

    Clan Docks

    i count at least 5 ships in docks just an impression
  13. Thonys

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    Yes i will tell him, it made him very sad, he was so proud of his flagship (we did not hear him for 3 hours after) anyway perhaps a good talk to Gooser gives some more information on the rogue Dutch/Swedish (french involved ) incident. it seems there is more to it than it looks like on the forehand.
  14. Thonys

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    Yes, its confusing indeed ...not only for you but also for the Dutch nation. we saw you sailing out there(3 ships) , and they (4) sailed/run away, so we thought there where more Swedish in the area . Ask gooser bht by the way do you have a screenshot of this event?