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  1. Because the other thread was closed and F11 report and also the mail as recommended here: has brought nothing, i unfortunately have to take this way to communicate that I have still not received the compensation for the disappeared Endymion paint. And yes, i have checked the redemables. I´m sure that it was only a mistake, which could happen. (maybe it was not checked on the PVE server, where I'm playing on) Thanks in advance
  2. if i´m in a frigate and side armor + half of the structure is shot away with one hit, I'll think twice about attacking this 1st rate again. You can see that equivalent with surrender or out of battle. If you have to shoot twice on AI ships, that do not have the aspect of want survival, then it is not so bad either. The whole thing is still a game and should be playable for all ship classes.
  3. sorry I was probably too fast to edit I agree with you, but I have added a possible reason for it. Of course, the Trinco and Endy have the same or even more firepower, but when i refer balancing reasons, was it oriented to the ingame battle rating. Although i would be happy if her HP adjusted to the other heavy frigates. Maybe not as much as the trinco but a bit more than now. Maybe her battle rating could then be adjusted a bit too, but how the essex is now, she is really weak.
  4. Do you want an arcade game? I´m happy that the frigate vs. frigate fights regain some tactical depth and are not 4-5 hit actions, like before. It think it will not be difficult for you to shoot twice on them in your lineship. ... although some frigates have gotten nothing from this HP buff, which irritate me at most for the Essex. But it can also have been intended, to balance her good firepower and turn ability.
  5. Was there a compensation? Hmm... i got nothing. F11-Report was sent on April 6th, as far i remember.
  6. " New design: Weak spots, bad sailing combined with strong shooting." We should see the entire package. But please excuse the disturbing.
  7. That is not the problem. The problem is the difference in the penetration between brig and for example tsnow. Both 6pdr armed. ... and then translate it to 2nd or 1st rates ...
  8. Hmm ... a Brig. Test it against a Snow, seems especially Trader Snow and you will see a big difference in shooting. and thats my problem with "strong shooting", they use the same 6pdr
  9. With the penetration of the NPC-guns i have the same impression. And i dont tell about double charge using, If that is the reason they must have unlimited double charges. And also not about the difference from medium to long guns. ... sometimes i think we have Q-ships in this game.
  10. Thats a known bug, here is a thread about it: I have the same issue.
  11. Yes, that would be ok for me too. But I'm afraid the opening post says something different. And the ai got a HP buff some time ago to compensate for the inability to repair. I also agreed with that. But strong shooting, as it is called here, is a completely different category.
  12. Skill or stats? With skill I would agree ...
  13. sorry, but i think the previous philosophy was better If the NPCs outmaneuver me, it's up to myself. And i know what was going wrong. But strong shooting (if improved cannon stats are meant), is something you can not estimate before. And to estimate that in advance plays a very important role here, in the decision to attack something. Here in this game and even in those days in reality. And the whole multiplies with the abilities of elite npc ... Also, in fleet battles while looting, you cannot avoid to take some hits, if you want the loot. It will be more worse then before with strong shooting.
  14. All in all, the battles now go much too fast and miss every room for tactical considerations. especially battles 5th rate vs 5th rate. For this impression, it does not matter if you are on the winner or loser side.
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