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  1. All in all you are right with your post. This format is really an improvement .... except for the voting system. But that's exactly what you also noted in your post. If the devs have also recognized this weakness, which i think they have, and also pay attention to the other suggestions, it would be a win for the game. Everything depends on it, to what degree even lower rated suggestions get attention by the Devs.
  2. Seems, we have the same issue, like in this link, now on PVE-server. @Ink, can you take a look in it, please? Thanks in Advance πŸ™‚
  3. simple suggestion: more slots in the clan warehouse it's more of an adjustment for in between, but before it doesn't come anymore, i suggest it here. we now have s-wood, blueprints for these, one for each type of wood, new types of guns for each caliber, lots of new fancy boarding mods, permits .... and so on ... and still the same number of slots as two years ago
  4. this should only illustrate the different forecastability of different tasks and in both cases the customers will always ask for a prognosis
  5. exactly, in this case it is also calculable in which time period you can have laid how many meters. it is (almost) only influenced by your capacities as a counter-example ask your customer service colleagues if they can estimate when they will be able to solve e.g. problems with faulty router firmware. possibly with sporadically occurring errors. and their customers almost always expect a prognosis from them as well ....
  6. simply because then everyone would have asked for it it is in the software industry? industries that are engaged in problem solving and such cannot forecast exactly when it will happen, even if some do it not everything happens in a straight line, as is the case when shovelling away some cubic meters of sand (as an illustrative example)
  7. see it from the other side. after an announcement everyone will asks for an expected date. and with your proposed "next week" answer it would be exactly the same. after one week delaying at the latest, nobody will see the word "hope" I'm waiting too, by the way. But I'm telling myself there will be reasons. why else hold it back and expose to exact these questions? there are enough examples for releases in due time, which had the "in due time" as only quality feature, i did not mean here.
  8. what has been created here is tavern-democracy. i'd like to know how many good suggestions in the combat sector have been downvoted, just because some wanted to get their guns quickly. these downvotes still burden this suggetions it is not up to everyone to vote down proposals that they actually find good, or donΒ΄t affect them, or even without reading them, just because they want to get others passed quickly. those suggestion that appeal to the target group that are most capable of doing so, will probably always be the winners addition: ... the problem is quite simply that the suggestions compete directly with each other ... even if they only have the time of their creation in common
  9. exactly that's what I meant. its only need one suggestion to compete with this PVE suggestion, on which PVP players will see a sign of an enrichment for their game, and the PVE suggestion will have no chance here
  10. Graphical suggestion: The waves in the OW are much too big in my opinion. Because of this, the ships rarely show a clear waterline, the small ones, like the Prince, or Niagara are even partly flooded. I am also quite sure that it has an influence on the impression how big our ships look like. Scale the waves down, or better, make it adjustable in the options. If the performance allows it.
  11. I am unfortunately very sceptical about the voting system i fear that only suggestions will be accepted which are useful for the player group that is most represented here in the forum for example: Suggestion A is a suggestion that would make life a lot easier on the PVE server, without any side effects and only there, PVP server would not even be affected Suggestion B would be equal to the importance of a new paint for one ship (no criticism to the paints, i just haven't found quickly another example πŸ˜ƒ), but also the player group which is very active here in the forum would benefit from it ... even if it's just a little bit... which suggestion do you think will win ... and maybe considered?
  12. i see not a good trend in it, if it will really going this way as announced there That will mean that only wishes of certain player groups will be considered which are most active here in the forum. And for these the smallest wishes will fulfilled, while for others even important things are not considered anymore. Many suggestions will not down-vote because they find them bad (even though the downvoters are not affected by these suggetions), but because other ideas will be more useful to them.
  13. ahh there he is again 😁 just come and visit us on the PVE server if you like to meet new people xD
  14. that will be 12 new item types is it possible to increase the number of slots in the clanwarehouses? this is already necessary, even without the new woods
  15. hmm... many new woodtypes, maybe also with an seasoned variant, and a blueprint for that ..... 24 new item types, if you not store the basic variants of that is it possible to extend the amount of slots in clanwarehouse?
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