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  1. Holm Hansen

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    It also are matters in the whole discussion: How often do you manage to get a chest from this event? At how many failed attempts? (there are also need time) Or you missed the eventstart in online-time. And finally, at the same running event, chest B contains nothing else that you could get in the normal game too and chest A contains things that you cannot get on an other way in the game. Also was in the former events the content of the chests in all the same, category related. Thats why i think, its can in this case also be an technical issue. Edit: ok, seen too late, you talk about bottles...
  2. Holm Hansen

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    RNG is clear, but it should be from the same category. (craftable vs. non-craftable ship) and paint chest is completely missing. Before it was the case that Deadmans Chests always have included RNG-items from the same category.
  3. Holm Hansen

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    Chest A: Note for a rare uncraftable ship, Paint Chest Chest B: Note for an common craftable ship, no Paint Chest From same Event. Is it intended or is it caused by technical reasons?
  4. That would interest me too, because we finally need npc on the PVE server and the new patch should help. The only hint i found here: Therefore it looks like that the damage model will be patched separately, so at least the state on Monday. ... would also make sense for me, because the new damage model is indeed a bigger project.
  5. Holm Hansen

    Cannon Gyro Removal Discussion

    In principle, not bad, but it would disadantage just the owners of small ships, because just they have much more pitch and roll then the bigger ships. That would mean that the gap between large and small ships would be even greater. And it would make life to hell for the newcomers, whoever tries to sink a privateer with a basic cutter knows what I'm talking about. In addition, the AI would have a great advantage because they rarely makes mistakes when aiming.
  6. Holm Hansen

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    Right. Now in various threads and in chat almost every day. ... but there are people who think that's rumors. Even if there are "secret tips" where AI still shows up, the the ai distribution should not be like this. ... and was not, until recently
  7. Holm Hansen

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    As far i have seen it was better on the test server with the bot distribution. Eeven though, i could only evaluate it there in a small area. The question is, when we get it on the live server. Because unfortunately, the tests have now been summarized with the new damage model, which seems to be a larger project. ... and mixed fleets I miss anyway ...
  8. Holm Hansen

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    What if there is no clan activity anymore? In a fight-based PVE-MMO (i'm talking about the PVE server) that thinks they can do it without NPC, the players do not stay long. I do not mind looking 20 minutes for a suitable fight, but if after an hour i still have not found anything, i start to doubt the point of the game.
  9. Holm Hansen

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    Is there any ETA when it will come to the live servers?
  10. is not a direct feedback, but ... ... will there also be updates on the live servers before weeks of testing again different things, which there are not directly related? Especially i wait for this with the new NPC distribution system.
  11. Holm Hansen

    Please post your major annoyances

    Yes, i can confirm it. But i hope that here helps, it was for the same issue:
  12. small improvement: In the repair options where the cooldown is running, or which are not available due to lack of material, you can colorize the background of the buttons like in this example: No big thing and not an absolutely must, but it would maybe help that the hourglasses and the running timer not missed
  13. I would like to confirm it, but i can not do it for my case. Problem still exist for me. In both, port and battleinstance, same like before since the last patch.
  14. @admin https://imgur.com/a/WzLGyTd there are (from top to bottom, all near at the same daylight): - battle instance - open world (for me correct colors) - in port - the currently settings, with which also these pictures were taken (if that matters) ... for ships with more darker parts in the textur colors, it is even more noticeable, but i think here is also to see a difference
  15. Same for me. And also now in battle instances. It looks as if the gamma values were screwed down completely. I use an ATI graphics card, if that play a role.