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  1. Moin Toralfo, erstmal hier Willkommen im Spiel zu deinen Fragen: Du suchst dir entweder "Kill Missionen" im Hafen über das Buch in der unteren Menüleiste, oder du greifst Schiffe an, indem du sie auf der OW (open world, also wo du umhersegelst) anklickst. Dann erscheint dort ein Kreis um sie rum, du musst sie so abfangen daß du in diesen Kreis kommst und kannst sie dann attakieren. Das geht allerdings nich mit Schiffen der eigenen Nation für die du spielst und auch nicht mit Spielern (auf dem PVE-server), auch ist die Auswahl an Schiffen bei denen du das Angreifen überleben würde
  2. Yes, i had the same impression. But i'm not sure whether these numbers are new or have been valid for a longer time. So there are many changes that have not yet been reflected in our impressions. Because some numbers say something different. Additional to this, some things may have changed with the new thickness-penetration ratio, especially the hull shape advantage for the ocean.
  3. Actually i remembered that the santi had more firepower but the ocean was more stable, here in the game. ... and it was good and well balanced that way - nobody thought that anything need to be changed there. Now i compared these two and found that the santi has become better than the ocean in almost all areas, except for the 50 less crew. Has it been like this for a long time? And is it the intention to create a new meta ship? Also, it´s not historically accurate either, the santi had less displacement than the ocean despite a higher number of guns. Additional, the santi was al
  4. a speedbuff was ok, from my point of view. or take back the last 7% speednerf. but 19% also seems a bit too much to me
  5. This, but from another sight .... why we shouldn´t get them? and that is one of the biggest issues here for me ... and seems for other too. ... especially when you consider that it has been solved better before
  6. why not the endbattlescreen, which was gived up with patch 10? in a range combat game, where positioning, formations and such things play a role, and also long range combat is becoming more and more important, thanks to the new penetration values, the manual looting in the middle of a running battle is just a contradiction. ... i'm talking about fleetbattles here, with a 1v1 it's ok for me, because you can practically loot after the battle. but i don't know the new sailing mechanics
  7. Thanks, but that will barely helpful in fleet battles.
  8. Revision of the permanent slots Too many refits in the warehouse and also in the game, which nobody uses and still all ships are equipped almost identically? would be a solution: Two categories of refits, i call them primary and secondary refits Every ship has three to four primary refit slots, plus, let's say, 3 secondary In the primary slots can also be installed secondary refits, but not vice versa Refits are classified as follows: Preferably. all refits that affect the structure, speed, manoeuvrability of the ship are primary refits. All others, which concern
  9. ok, i should take a look, was really on august 3rd ^^ ...Thanks 😀
  10. @admin will the Trinco remain craftable? i ask because i barely have luck with RNG port bonuses and i also maybe want her from other wood than which is available for DLC-ships and based on the announcement here: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/311310/view/2734200255921201884 will there be a new, additional ship ingame? (HMS Shannon)
  11. Danke geht es nur mir so, oder lässt der letzte Satz wirklich Spekulationen auf ein neues Schiff offen? in dem Falle die "HMS Shannon" oder wurde da längst was angekündigt? ... was mich auch interessieren würde, ob die Trinco denn weiterhin craftbar bleibt. Sie sollte ja einen Sonderstatus unter den "importierten" Schiffen einnehmen, also zumindest eroberbar sein
  12. Die Preise sind ja nichmal das was mich da am meisten stört. Es is die Mechanik der contracts. Wenn man Pech hat wurde man schon wieder überboten sobald man aus dem Hafen raus is. ... und zahlt trotzdem die Gebühr für den contract. hat man das Holz endlich, kommt die nächste Hürde, RNG crafting. und man baut vielleicht aus dem Aufwand von Wochen ein blaues 3-slot Schiff ....
  13. ... deflate an inflation which does not affect all woods No doubt that new ones can compensate it with better buffs. (if you can afford the woods and don't lose interest in the contracts). The ones built to old standards unfortunately do not. This inflation we are talking about does not affect all woods. some have been improved, yes, (and the advantages have been compensated), but wood that didn't get a buff in that direction is in a worse position now than before
  14. ahh ok, thanks hard to find if it's not in the opening post ok. my fault, had looked here in this thread I guess that will make our old ships completely useless now ...
  15. ... is it only me, or the basic speed values for ships also was changed?
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