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  1. There was a full pvp server, no pve, with naval action legends... It closed because pvp players weren't interested... Wonder why... Maybe because you couldn't gank on it?
  2. I totally agree, both servers should be merged in one big PVE server... Get rid of pvp server, it's never gonna work well enough to attract players anyway.
  3. My suggestion for privateers fleet is : Kickass fleet of doom
  4. it reminds me of the old capital protection fleets. They were later removed for various reasons, including some people attacking them to capture high rated ships. But it was indeed impossible at the start of open world testing to approach any ennemy capital port. However, considering that the most problematic capital is MT, maybe it should be interesting to start pushing pirates away from regular nations by removing the need for a capital for them?
  5. i think i already suggested that ranging shots have greatly reduced damage, so they would be used as ranging shot, and not sniping shots...
  6. The poll doesn't matter, because the opinion on the subject from a few dozens players that are still here doesn't matter. What really matter is the opinion of the hundreds that left the game because of the total lack of content beside pvp. Npc aggro is content. It's not enough content (what happened to exploration?), but it's something. If it can bring back a few players, then it's a step in the right direction.
  7. npc aggression as it was at start of open world was easily bearable and made the game much more interesting, keeping players alert and checking the various ships in the vicinity to see if they had to stay clear from some ships, unless they were looking for a fight. It came along with a npc reinforcement mechanic that was also interesting and could create entertaining changes of situation during a battle. And as npc wouldn't target only players, but also other npc, it could create interesting battles a player could join if so inclined : it was possible to enter a fight of npc SOL vs SOL with any ship, and participate or try to stay clear to observe the fight. In fact, as you could never know if a given battle involved players or only npc, there was a kind of surprise element when entering any battle not knowing what you would find inside, unless you had seen the battle start. It made the game lively, and the loss of these features was a great disapointment. If the return of npc aggro is along the same lines, it can only make the game more interesting.
  8. Why would you want to take the name of an inactive clan? I see no good reason to allow people to do that.
  9. Ah cool, tout va etre efface, bonne occasion de changer mon reseau d'outposts....
  10. You made all initial changes to eco and ship building to force players to invest time in RVR. Want chances to craft superior ships? You have to install your shipyard in a capturable port. Want to have access to rare woods? You have to make your nation capture the producing port... Etc, etc... Now, you want to reduce the hauling. mmmh, so, finally, you're still trying to resolve issues that were introduced because of RVR, without real changes to RVR. Maybe you should go farther in your analysis, and instead of removing hauling, and eco, maybe you should consider removing the RVR. Or at least make it simpler, and not try to force everyone into it.
  11. PVE Server Awesome, more variety in missions, including non combat missions, and especially, the return of NPC aggression... And even better, NPC aggression with the good old reinforcement by NPCs in area option... This should make the game much more interesting.
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