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  1. So, i was on testbed, and after something like 45 minutes of fighting against an elite ship.... I couldn't loot it because my ship stopped 10 meter too far. This isn't the first time, but i believe that now that it's more difficult to control the ship, it will happen more often than before. It wasn't fun before the "missing link' update. It was already a real fun breaker, and most of the time a frustrating experience. To be honest, the change in looting, from the end of battle screen to having to close from the wreck was one of the main reasons i stopped playing the game as often a
  2. npc aggression as it was at start of open world was easily bearable and made the game much more interesting, keeping players alert and checking the various ships in the vicinity to see if they had to stay clear from some ships, unless they were looking for a fight. It came along with a npc reinforcement mechanic that was also interesting and could create entertaining changes of situation during a battle. And as npc wouldn't target only players, but also other npc, it could create interesting battles a player could join if so inclined : it was possible to enter a fight o
  3. Ah cool, tout va etre efface, bonne occasion de changer mon reseau d'outposts....
  4. You made all initial changes to eco and ship building to force players to invest time in RVR. Want chances to craft superior ships? You have to install your shipyard in a capturable port. Want to have access to rare woods? You have to make your nation capture the producing port... Etc, etc... Now, you want to reduce the hauling. mmmh, so, finally, you're still trying to resolve issues that were introduced because of RVR, without real changes to RVR. Maybe you should go farther in your analysis, and instead of removing hauling, and eco, maybe you should consider removing
  5. PVE Server Awesome, more variety in missions, including non combat missions, and especially, the return of NPC aggression... And even better, NPC aggression with the good old reinforcement by NPCs in area option... This should make the game much more interesting.
  6. Et tu reviens a la charge avec ton serveur pvp, pas assez d'investissement, et blablabla... Tu as vraiment une mentalité assez pitoyable, en fait, c'est pas vraiment étonnant que tu pleures parce qu'on ose suggerer que tu puisses perdre tes chers "investissements", pour parler comme toi. Alors deja, quel que soit l'investissement d'un joueur dans le jeu, je ne vois pas bien en quoi ça invalide son avis sur la question, et ensuite, tu devrais vraiment eviter de continuer sur le sujet de l'investissement, parce que c'est sur, dans ce domaine, oui, j'ai la plus longue... Et rien que l
  7. It's fast for experienced players... Even though there was a lot of changes in missions and AI routes, i was quickly able to find a way to grind my way to max ranks and fully skilled ships. For experienced and determined players, reaching max ranks is no trouble at all. For books, i had all i wanted before finishing testing. I didn't grind further, knowing that the loot rates were to be different from live servers. But i already knew where to look, and what to do to get them. C'est rapide pour les joueurs expérimentés... Bien qu'il y ait eu un certain nombre de changements dans les
  8. So, are you saying that books and skills give no advantages in battle? Then they could be wiped without hampering anybody ability to win battles. They are unimportant. If they were found to give an ovewhelming advantage in battle, then they would be no reason to leave such an advantage to players already familiar with the game, to the detriment of those still learning how it works. In either case, there's no good reason for keeping skill slots and book knowledge at release, but there's a lot of good reasons to wipe them. The only reason for not wiping them is because so
  9. Etant donné le profil des joueurs qui hurlent des qu'on parle de départ à égalité pour tt le monde, vets et noobs, et ce malgré le fait que les vets, qui connaissent les mécaniques du jeu sur le bout des doigts auront toujours un p...n d'avantage, je crois en effet que la release ne sera surement pas le meilleur moment pour (re)découvrir le jeu.
  10. Aggressive Ai was fun, and it was the only content in the game. It has been removed, and nothing replaced it, now NA world is bland, empty, without life. Being attacked by players is the waste of time, not by AI. It was especially fun when AI would reinforce battles in their area.Or when AI fleets would battle each other, and you could join them. When you were sailing in OW, you could witness a battle anywhere, not knowing if a player was already involved, or not.
  11. since you decided to put royalist flags for France, i suggest two additions : the flag of french royal merchant marine : and the flag from the monarchy restoration in 1814, without the lys field :
  12. But... I was told necro posting was bad? 😁 okay, okay, i just had forgotten about LeBoiteux thread...
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