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  1. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    War of Rights.

    These were the prices for the Growfund campaign, but they are no longer available, now the game is only available as early access for € 24.99. Artillery and cavalry are next planned exactly as musicians ect. Field Report 41: Phase 3 Release and Early Access Roadmap, 11.12.2018 🙂
  2. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    War of Rights.

    Steam Early Access available, with good people a wonderful game, much like virtual reenactment. At the moment too many arcade N00bs annoying the atmosphere with stupid ingamevoice comments. But still interesting game if you like muskets and gunsmoke 🙂
  3. Ich glaube diese Fahne gab es schon mal als Vorschlag aber es ist die Fahne der "Kurbrandenburgischen Marine" also genau diese Vorfahren der Preussen die auch in der Karibik aktiv waren I think this flag was there before as a suggestion but it is the flag of the "Kurbrandenburgischen Marine" so exactly these ancestors of the Prussians who were also active in the Caribbean (St. Thomas)
  4. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    Dem stimme ich zu, ich spiele im Moment auch nicht mehr viel , werde den nächsten patch auch noch antesten. Aber ich glaube zum Release gibt es wieder eine gute Serverpopulation. Ich persönlich kenne mindestens 4 Personen die das Spiel auf ihrer Wunschliste haben aber keine Lust ein EA Test zu machen die warten nur auf den release 🙂 I agree with that, I do not play much at the moment, I will also try the next patch. But I think the release is again a good server population. Personally, I know at least 4 people who have the game on their wish list but do not feel like doing an EA test, just waiting for the release sorry for Google translate 😉
  5. Fortunately, Prussia is not Germany 😉
  6. Wilhelm von Seydlitz


    https://na-map.netlify.com/ Schau dir diese Karte mal an unter Game Tools - Ships - kannst du die verschiedenen Hölzer testen Взгляните на эту карту под Game Tools - Ships - вы можете протестировать различные леса (Извините, это перевод Google :-))
  7. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Typical day in NA

  8. You should have seen what is on Steam under Early Access !!!! Maybe it would be better for you, you would have waited until the release..........
  9. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    Ah OK, then I did not understand you correctly. I was in Guayaguayare right now and there were a few missions. I do not know what happens when they are finished
  10. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Global warehouse information

    +1 good suggestion
  11. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    OK look at the list @William Deathhas posted. !!!! You find frigates from Guanica - roseau ( Upper + Central Antilles), from El-Toco to Cojoro (South America), from Georgetown - San Augustin (Atlantic coast), from Pinar del Rio to La Habana (Attention Reinforcement Zone from the Dons 🙂 ) You just have to start form your outposts (new)
  12. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Unable to Buy on Steam since AU-dollar update

    @Draxonfly well then have fun with Civil War General 😉
  13. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    New officers and crew mechanic idea!

    +1 I like that @Cecil Selous respect
  14. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    "and all ships must always be gold and produce for free " I agree with @Tiedemann "I like the RNG in crafting, made it interesting again. Also very rewarding for the crafter."
  15. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    I am interested Ich bin sehr interessiert 😉