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  1. Bei den Preussen gibt es einige deutsche Clans.... zum Beispiel HANSA 😉 aber da solltest du zumindest Discord haben wenn gemeinsame Aktionen anstehen....
  2. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    blame prussia

    So Chuck Norris was a prussian ????? 😄
  3. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    blame prussia

    How could I forget Hans Joachim von Zieten and Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz ... sorry 😉 😄
  4. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    blame prussia

    Blame Prussia for- we had the best king , the best infantry and the worst navy 🙂
  5. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Price of the Night Timers

    no, never change the nation then just quit the game 😉 I hope after the release there will be another EU server and one for the rest of the world....
  6. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Nur noch Bullshit hier im Forum , genau wie im Spiel 😞 ... es wird Zeit zu gehen.
  7. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Really bad manners towards the rest of the comm

    permanent bann and finished.....
  8. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    New Perks with the next patches?

    Well, I hope the officers come back 🙂
  9. Oh Danke, ich hatte auch gerade angefangen bin aber erst bei 5-10 % da nutze ich lieber Deine Tabelle. Respekt und Danke für die Arbeit. o7
  10. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year @admin and your team, as well as @Nick Thomadis and the Ultimate Generals Team 🙂
  11. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    use of cavalry

    @cosmique thanks for the tip, I have in my reinforcement corps one division only with cavalry this works fine, they always hunt the infantry brigades with low morale (like the Prussian hussars at the old Fritz 😂 )
  12. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Soft Wipe

  13. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    Trading update patch - coming soon.

    Are you serious ? If these nations disappear from the game then I will stop playing this game. I will not sail under US or English flag ..... 😉 (Hmm ok on the PVE Server i sail sometimes under US Flag ^^ )
  14. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    War of Rights.

    These were the prices for the Growfund campaign, but they are no longer available, now the game is only available as early access for € 24.99. Artillery and cavalry are next planned exactly as musicians ect. Field Report 41: Phase 3 Release and Early Access Roadmap, 11.12.2018 🙂
  15. Wilhelm von Seydlitz

    War of Rights.

    Steam Early Access available, with good people a wonderful game, much like virtual reenactment. At the moment too many arcade N00bs annoying the atmosphere with stupid ingamevoice comments. But still interesting game if you like muskets and gunsmoke 🙂