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  1. Bei dem Event konnte man neben der Diana auch die Wrecker bekommen.
  2. Any news on this? I am really excited about what flags got picked especially the prussian ones 😅
  3. I would like to see more game modes as just capture the circle. Currently you did one portbattle you saw them all. Different modes could be unlocked by the way how hostility was generated. For example: Hostility by sinking ai (current way)= capture the circle Hostility by eco effort (like the hostility bomb we once had) = escort trade ships into a certain area to win (like the ai privateers did).
  4. Is there a way to check if your character made it in other than by playthroughs multiple times? Just like the thread starter I had no feedback when clicking accept as I entered my character.
  5. Not true. I captured 5 dianas and 2 of 5 had a note in hold (before sinking them) So it's not necessary to sink them. But it's easier because those ships are really good (have skilled boarding parties) in boarding. De Ruyter drops no notes it's just the captured ship
  6. Any news regarding the player flags collection?
  7. That happens when community votes for late launch date ships / best of their class. You end up with ships that outperform the early ones. Implacable is better but hidden behind a rare permit keeping.
  8. Since release I got 1 constitution permit. Overall you never get the permit you are looking for and there are just to few accessible through admiralty. Maybe instead of specific permits chest rewards could give permits by class 5-4th rate / 3rd-2nd rate / first rate С момента освобождения я получил 1 конституционное разрешение. В целом, вы никогда не получите разрешение, которое ищете, и лишь немногие из них доступны через адмиралтейство. Возможно, вместо конкретных разрешений сундуки могут давать разрешения по 5-4 классу / 3-му / 2-му курсу / первому курсу
  9. Buy your brand new "Trader lynx" at Tumbado and visit Mantua today at Mantua Repairs (RUM/HULL/SAIL) starting at 249 reals
  10. There was rumors that by end of February the player flag packs will be available.
  11. It's far easier to push a privateer to 16kn than a requin. Furthermore as privateer & lynx you will have area control and you don't will need to sail behind the requin. Area control allows a whole other method of chasing someone.
  12. You can't access the Indiaman in the 15 min time window before it kicks you to ow (battle over) too when you haven't sunk the other Ai ships. We tried that. I don't believe that changed
  13. https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1802509/my-countdown
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