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  1. first 3 mission of the day are free. every mission above there has to be an insurence given depending on on reward (maybe 10% or more). That its not total riskfree money printing. Trading goods for example there you have to pay in advance and when you get captured you lost money "your" investment. Thats the biggest difference between those 2 trading concepts. What those missions (passenger/cago) are - they are money printer. And when you talk to people that really like trading (not just moneyprinting) for them those mission are just boring stuff.
  2. Goal achievend. You do 1-2 missions and you can buy a new ship (if they are for sale) But why just do 1-2 Missions when you can do endless. 0 risk by 100% profit when you use a captured trader
  3. due to deck heights (swivels count as deck) fire deck guns is in many circumstances when ship class and fighting capabilities match useless aka not available. on top swivels shoot over the deck when fired during boarding while brakets shoot at 0 elevationand most ships sit lower. again the deck height is an huge disadvantage. on the other hand the height and musket fire gives no meaningful advantage. she has no crew that is always boarding rdy Cerberus is a way better boarder in my opinion.
  4. What should a new player kill there and what missions should he take?
  5. remeber game has to be fast otherwise player leave becuase of slow progress and traveltimešŸ˜œ
  6. unselect the ship in port that you want to trade open trade window with the other player go to your fleet and right click on the ship in the list select send to trade
  7. whenever you delete a char the new birthday will be the one of creation
  8. Die einen sagen so die anderen sagen das ist transparenz. Kommt halt immer auf den POV an.
  9. Game is out for how long and the grind is unbearable?
  10. thb preventing rage boarding and buddies decrewing is totally fine. elite bots would be totally weak otherwise
  11. Glad the "f11" aka bug report coords are gone for players. There is still the sextant perk tho. No reason to complain just reskill
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