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  1. true. Still the way of how some gamechanger get into the game and get communicated can be improved in my opinion. It was proper done with npc raids (4 weeks). Bit sad it wasnt done here as well. Iam not against the change. I welcome it. But it would have been way better to be actual able to use this new generated content. Most portbattles are outside defender timeframes because there was no heads-up. And its common knowledge that people prefer empty battles over defended ones. So sure we will see a lot of flips - quantity over quality. Personally what leaves me with a sad feeling is that I am about to lose a port that we worked hard for to get and to maintain . It will now be lost to a game changing hotfix without a fight when I would rather like to lose in a battle.
  2. look how many battles are actual not in the primetime of the owner. I would say people prefer empty portbattles
  3. But then a fire ship should get a button to start a fire and not wait/rely for some random cannon shots to ignite the powder.
  4. A target is a target I dont care if alt or main.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=vieja&amp=true
  6. An other battle where an explosion occurred https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cape_St._Vincent_(1780) Resulted in the loss of all except 1 onboard the exploding ship. Maybe someone can find/know a more detailed documentation.
  7. When a ship is on fire survival is turned on and cant be turned off When a ship is on fire and "fire ship upgrade" is equiped (shoud be part of the nation store) player can turn of survival. Furthermore crew gets reduced by 70% (as admin already said) Those changes would make fire ships a weapon of choice and not a weapon of circumstance. Currently its to strong regarding that it has no negatives and can be used a la "oh my ship is shot to pieces a well I cough fire lets go with a boom" Shooting into the flames of a burning ship should still result in possible explosion even that said ship is not fire ship fitted.
  8. Current meta are/were blob fights (for references watch any portbattle of rediii) This meta isnt working anymore. And just like admin wrote Get your spacing right. Portbattle leaders have to adept and overcome. Finally fires and explosions are back and matter and I like it. But I do think most dmg due to explosions will be rigging dmg. Only in the vicinity of the explosion crew will die due to blast overpressure waves (lung dmg). Further away falling rigging + fragmentation will cause casualties, but not that much that a whole ship will be decrewed. @admin shouldnt falling masts cause some crew dmg in general?
  9. If paint will ever be a thing for the good old leo i would vote for this one here. Its so much better than the other black and white one.
  10. 500 men on a ship that normally has a complement of around 300. I guess its obvious to assume that those are trained marines rdy to raid the port and to fight off any boarding party.
  11. Will we get proper sailing profiles as well?
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