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  1. Your advice is related to a lot of work. The proper Na player is a guy who prefers convenience. Therefore baiting has to get proper convenient.
  2. But you cannot use proper bait tactics within view range.
  3. z4ys

    Account Wipe

    When you complete the tutorial + final exam you will get master and commander rank (around 250) crew + cash + repairs + 2 ship notes (one of them is the hercules a dlc ship so you can try her out without purchasing)
  4. But tacking is overall to fast. It's actual faster than wearing in-game.
  5. Reward doesn't need to have a fix exchange ratio. Example: mission gives 10dbs but 1000 reals. Next mission 1000 dbs or 100 reals. This way exchange ratio isn't fix and can still be player driven. But it would still be a good addition for people that would rather have reals than dbs.
  6. Real time info would just be wrong and my suggestions has actual the best infos ever presented in NA (beside api data after server reset and port visite). One mission - one sail for the info of a whole region that is actual time saving.
  7. If you want a mod back... Just take your ship in fleet ( before remove all other mods you dont want) sail out. Attack a trader (or any other npc) Tell your fleetship to stop get close press [x] and sink it Access hold take dbs and the mod out leave battle get insurance
  8. I really like the passenger missions on testbed. But one crucial part is missing. Mail Packets! Information was/is crucial and with the removal of the trader tool I see huge potential for it. Suggestion: Players can accept mail packets - missions. Those missions have a shorter duration than passenger mission to fullfil them. Reward is ofc reals/dbs and informations of contracts / buy sell prices of items and stock count. So actual informations that the tradertool was offering. How data could look like: Like the ship spotted notes Or additional infos that get added to the player map and get deleted every server reset ( port info window) But why not visite the ports yourself? A mission grants infos for whole region. Data is not real time. Its a picture of the moment as mission gets accepted. But doing a missions saves time (1 sail for whole region)
  9. In my opinion Max speed can stay for sols if they would actually start to suffer at wind angles below 90° just like normal rattle does. The only square rigger that feels kind of real.
  10. @admin will sailing profiles and lineare yard movement be addressed too? Will convince of sailing into the wind changed to fit more historical/rl values especially in battle instance? Will gun crew size be set to historical values too?
  11. Do we see masts falling due to broadside dmg that often because people like to overpower their prey or because its really to high?
  12. RvR limitations, ultra high cost, rare resources in oder to build sols or Max allowed port slots for sols . Otherwise yes why would anybody sail 5th rates.
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