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  1. part one starting at around 31mins. But they scaled it down - question is it linear and how exactly it got scaled down only reference is that the wooden dummy is 20cm thick and represent a typical framing of that time
  2. Sowas kann dir nur admin beantworten also besser im englischen Forum mal nachfragen.
  3. no dlc ships wont get those woods Woods. Woods added to blueprints but are not dropping in ports yet, because wood stats are still getting rebalanced. New woods can be only used in crafting (they are not available in notes or redeemables)
  4. There is a mistake. When he joined on pirate side on day one he would not be able to join later as french on the same day. And dutch wouldnt be locked because he stayed true to his own flag (day 1) - haven't check the other days because of the mistakes on day one. But yeah when you don't think about consequences then the player will end up only with battles he started or got started by his nation. Its better to pick a side and stick with it I do agree that patrolzone is a special environment but I dont think it should be excluded. There were reports of this bad behaviour as well. What I would suggest is that patrolzone gets the same mechanic but the actions there count for its own karma and get reseted after every reward claim/maintenance or week (like conquest competition) People who join every battle and dont stick to one side are normally those people that join the winning side. So no real loss. What i do expect are more equal battles because of the karma system.
  5. Then the 3rd party tool owner should rule about that aka teamspeak server admin.
  6. they can use report, ignore appropriate actions will be taken by mods.
  7. when you are dragged that means a national friend started the battle. So you are still true by your national flag. Karma system doesn't apply in this case. you cannot get dragged when 2 other nations start the battle. Karma system only plays are role when joining a ongoing battle between 2 nations that are not your nation. And this is a choice by yourself while you must click join and sail into the appropriate circle.
  8. Reduce the ow attack cooldown to instant "clicking attack" will start the battle and not after xx seconds
  9. To help vs language barrier: Ihr könnt weiterhin jede Nation angreifen solange es ein Kampf ist bei dem eure Nation gegen irgendeine andere kämpft. Also immer wenn ihr eure eigne Nationalflagge im Kampf habt ist das Karma System ohne Bedeutung. Solltet Ihr aber ein Kampf in der open world vorfinden zwischen zwei euch feindlichen Nationen dann müsst Ihr wählen. Denn dann gilt das Karma System. Sobald ihr euch entschieden habt könnt ihr ab diesem Punkt nurnoch dieser Nation für die ihr euch entschieden habt unterstützen. Beispiele: Ihr greift als Preuße einen Schweden an = Karma system greift nicht Ihr joined als Preuße einem Gefecht zwischen Preußen und Russland = Karma system greift nicht Ihr joined als Preuße einem Gefecht zwischen Russland und Spanien auf der Seite Spaniens = Karma System greift. Von nun an könnt ihr keinem Gefecht mehr auf Seiten Russlands beitreten ( Außer ihr kauft euch gegen eine hohe Summe reals/doubloons frei)
  10. No because you stay true to your flag. only when you as russian join a battle between spain and brits you will get positiv karma for the side you picked and negative karma for the enemy side
  11. i pvp. but i creat my own battles. therefore it will not effect me. Karma kicks only in when you join a fight when none of the sides fly your nation flag.
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