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  1. Es funktionieren keine HD Screenshot von Steam ingame. Benutz die ingame Screenshot funktion ich glaub das ist default F9. Check aber lieber nochmal in Optionen -> control
  2. some visiual additions Mortar Brig
  3. Maybe its just same bug as here. Because there is no( @admin) result of the investigation we can just guess that the bug is still there
  4. Xebec classic white paint has a bug. The marked areas are of different colors (left grey/black on the right side its wooden)
  5. Your pics are shit
  6. The yacht as a premium ship is missing paints
  7. Now Tlynx can look almost like default privateer. Best feature ever that player has to identify.
  8. "gefangen" should be "geentert" "versenkt" should be "gesunken" "enkam" should be "enkommen"
  9. looks like notes have no boni at all (except elite notes ofc)
  10. Requin with different sail color as well:
  11. dont have a indef so cant prieview for you
  12. every ship got at least 1 paint rattvisan got 8 paints for example
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