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  1. part one starting at around 31mins. But they scaled it down - question is it linear and how exactly it got scaled down only reference is that the wooden dummy is 20cm thick and represent a typical framing of that time
  2. Sowas kann dir nur admin beantworten also besser im englischen Forum mal nachfragen.
  3. A better internet connection on your end or your enemy should get better internet as well or even better move closer to your hometown. Ah and maybe OW speed should be reduced so lags and ping doesnt have such an huge impact. o7
  4. Theres a suggestion section. I would gladly upvote this.
  5. Guess it went to PvE first because it has less influence there and wont aggro the pvp meta "snowflakes". I would feel honoured. Maybe pve and its community are just consider as nicer place and as more productive rather than counterproductive like pvp server is. Hope you guys will test it and give feedback. Dont forget its even a convenience feature.
  6. You need at least a pb fleet for the final conquest battle so there should be enough players for doing HDFs. Even not so skilled players can do that with 5 ships and that is way less than a portbattle requires. I dont see that the small nation argument fits here (ofc big nations do have easier times and the single player can hide behind the willing ones). In my opinion the mechanic as whole (with teleport to battle) will help the small nations more than bigger ones. The downside here is that small nations mostly dont have experienced pb players and cant rely on the help of other big nations anymore (no more hiding behind other nations screeningfleets).
  7. I know its easier to kill own alts and get rewarded with a flag than to kill an hdf.
  8. Other than hostility missions. HDFs drop wooden chests that are needed for seasoned wood and port investment so people do it anyway and flags will be a bycatch and pile up at some point. I dont mind that a player can hold more than one flag but after some time this item should be wiped. Just like redeemables flags should have a limited lifetime.
  9. When your main already has 10 flags why not... take an alt in an basic cutter/ tlynx to the hdf battle (additional to your main or just the alt the chests are not soulbound so who cares anyway) then the alt loots the ships that you main sunk (only the flags) soulbound you dont need to care its fake when you can chose who will loot. And the longer this new system is in place the more it will become a problem. Just look at all the piles of permits, dbs and chests players have in their warehouse. It will be ok at the beginning but on the long run it will be open to alt abuse as any system we had before.
  10. Just join with an alt an HDF battle loot the flags and bypass soulbound.There arent even restrictions yet to limit other nations to join HDFs battles allowing multi national battles. Without wiping flags from time to time clans will have an endless flag stock so the alt wars can begin. Flags need to be wiped from time to time
  11. Go to PZ have fun. In WoW (warcraft) they change meta with every addon/content update nobody gets compensated there. No need to start doing it here. Its nice enough that old woods somewhat stayed the same and that they are still a valid choice - in my opinion (just not meta anymore)
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