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  1. Can't think of situations were I got sniped.
  2. I am listening to dragonforce while sailing. Both speeds fit very well
  3. Just a few questions: Why does 2min join timer influence you so much? What's the difference between joining a mission and patrol? Both are ganks. The one that gets invaded has to fight you + AI aka get ganked. The only difference I see here is that OW battle joining is predictable while patrol is not. You wrote you don't like ganking in patrol (long join timers) OW has short one which isn't right for you as well. In my opinion ultra short times should be what makes you happy. You see a single ship you attack it you get your garanteed 1on1, even and meaningful fight. So tell us why you really dislike short timers.
  4. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    dont know if you know but GL increased db drop rate by openworld npcs now its easy to get 10k dbs within an hour. In my opinion dbs are worth nothing atm. The difference to an empty trader is that you dont know. He could dump the cargo before the attack or was on the way to pick stuff up.
  5. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    The main reason for me why I dislike to fight herc or requin is that the outcome of the battle has no long-term effect. Sure I sunk a ship but it's feels like I am Sisyphus. Fight was challenging but in the end I am there where I was before. Are they p2W? No therefore I saw to many sink under my pickle guns. They only leave this very hard to discribing feel of emptiness for the attacker. As dlc user it's just pure convenience.
  6. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    It's not a recent event it's like forever. Even with 2000 players. We had many discussions about why US citizen buy NA and never really play but so far no satisfying answers.
  7. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    The thing is US players were/are a big Grp of buyers but since the game is out as EA they have never really sticked around for long. Even during the server were split for US and EU.
  8. Do not get triggered. I exaggerated to make it clear that only reasons that leave no room for speculation are helpful. But a pickle with 42pds .... would be nice 😉
  9. What you wrote is to general and does not help to understand. Example: even fight for me is when 4 80Br ships fight a 600+ br ship. Does it mean the same for you? Cheesy tactic is pushing people out of boarding (for me) Ship balance: all ships should have same caliber and gun count (for me) Does it fit to your pov? You see we have to speculate about your reasons. Make it more clear. At least I am not here to judge anyone because of his opinion I just want to know why.
  10. Whats a fair fight for you? Even by numbers/ even by skill / even by BR etc.... What kind of cheesy tactics? Ship balance? Details would be great.
  11. Does lgv p refit + normal lgv work?
  12. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    wish we would have boarding at almost any speed back
  13. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    Just wait dbs drop everywhere in mass. Soon bellona is back.
  14. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    I would agree if player would actual capture and not sink the enemies. But looking at Combat news its more about sinking than taking ships as prize.
  15. z4ys

    Hercules OW Spam

    Just like the convenient herc /requin for those loved and often mentioned casual players