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  1. so you say NA dlcs should actual be more expensive while target group is smaller? Dont let that read game labs.
  2. Kameraden! Our beloved king, the König von Preußen, wants to make an announcement to his loyal subjects regarding the recent unsettling news in the New World. His Majesty, feels that the interests of our glorious Nation in the neuen Welt might be in danger. Therefore, his Greatness has decided to increase the presence of our ambitious Navy in the West Indies. All seamen, experienced and inexperienced, captains and ambitious landsmen willing to start a new life at sea are hereby invited to appear to the nearest Königlich Preußische West Indische Compagnie and enlist. Seine Majestät promises adventure, fame and the pay to be delivered accurately every week! His Majesty is also willing to grant Letters of Marque to all vessel owners who are willing to pursue a career of a privateer against the enemies of our glorious state. General info and Requirements: Laid-back attitude Decent knowledge of seamanship (game mechanics) EU timezone Main language = English. Current secondaries: German, Greek and Dutch Goals of ROVER A Clan playerbase of around 6-10 active players engage into commerce raiding engage into trading/crafting/escorting PVE as Port Raids / Privateer Fleets If you are interested feel free to contact Z4ys or Sella ingame or here in the forum for more information.
  3. I would like to see the armed indiaman as DLC so do whatever fits with the wrecker I believe it was said 2 dlcs one for free
  4. In NA Legends you picked a Flag. That flag was displayed for you and for your whole team (but only visual for yourself). Event hough someone else might have picked a different nation flag. Example: Player A - picked US Flag Player B picked the spanish flag Both end up in the same team both see their flag choice as their team flag. The enemy flag is one of the remaining 10 flags. So for Player A it could look like he is vs Spain while for his team mate it looks like he is fighting US. That would allow to implement a ton of new nations (flags) While the actual game nations could be splitted into 3 blocks. Red blue and purple So char creation could look like: Join Team Blue, Red or purple ---> picked Team purple Choose your flag ----> picked chinese Welcome to port interface
  5. one of the first careers will be smuggler and privateer. Will those careers be limited to certain ships? Will the game be like a age of sail version of the game sailaway? Will NA and SL be connected in any way? Share ships? Asset? Battles? etc?
  6. Will the game be in real time or time compressed? Will it have instances or or be like gta with one big map?
  7. How will multiplayer/co-op look like? Multi crew on one vessel or different vessel?
  8. Your port that you want to attack is just bad. Try to get missions for Vera Cruz and New Orleans. Campeche is decent as well. But yeah before you have a raiding port for this towns you engaged into rvr making the need for those missions obsolete. What remains is that you could say "I raided NO or VC" turning it into a trophy.
  9. If you want cheap repairs come visit the open port Mantua. Its the better option to tumbado. After a certain time the is no need to spend millions every day. shipyard done eco done books done whats left are guns, ships, reps and sometimes mods.
  10. Especially when the ship has 447 muskets but kills 719. Some musketballs must have killed more than one guy. Pure skill
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