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  1. I would definitely like to test this game.
  2. z4ys

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    which ships are fighting?
  3. Real capital waters (MT/KPR) not pseudo capital waters like Prussia has
  4. z4ys

    All misions deleted after change of name

    So if I change my name back to the old one I would have my old missions?
  5. If player would want that they could do it already. But player don't want it in OW. OW means freedom of choice. Player choice is to avoid. Even in RvR they avoid due to diplo and alliances.
  6. Indeed we always want to win and the other side to suffer. But we never want to be on the suffering side. When we are the game must be borken. Thx devs for getting us out of the comfort zone. Now we need to learn how to not meta play ( not playing for the result but playing for the own fun).
  7. Pls read. Only "welcome to Caribbean" is mandatory and required to unlock missions. It has nothing to do with pvp. The pvp achievement is an advanced task.
  8. During the welcome task you have to capture a trader sell stuff repair. Many of them can be done on the way to LT. Maybe change location of selling goods to any town instead capital. So it's more of a flow.
  9. I guess that will be the most controversial requirement. In the one hand a clan makes everything much easier (access to ships, missions etc) but in the other hand there are a lot of people that see a clan as punishment. But clans are essential for teaching and and allow a much better time distribution towards all kind of activities. The welcome task look all very good and show all kind of basic skills that are needed. Capture/ repair etc can all be done on the way to establish an outpost at LT. (So I don't know why some call sailing to LT boring. It's only boring because you want it to be boring) A few additional activities on that route could be fishing maybe a one time 100% chance to catch a bottle and a task to sell the fish at LT and capture a trader and loot the wreck.
  10. Personally I don't have much time to play NA (currently). But I have to say the game is much more enjoyable than during the last build even my time in NA is very limited. - Player spottings per h are much higher than ever before. - taken actions feel like they have a meaning. - it's the closest real age of sail experience NA ever delivered. For all with limited time Bahamas is the best place to be. So many different nations/players/ais. Perfect place for a fast enjoyable experience.
  11. Bringing and escorting a prize back home can be fun tho. But Ofc not if a route far away of everything is taken in order to avoid all fights 😉
  12. They arent in my opinion. Doubloons are easy to get and before the last patch big ships had no value. Now they have. Let see how long it will last.