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  1. It was a fairly balanced PB to be honest. It could have gone either way. Mistakes were made though. Regardless of the outcome, it was fun and I survived to tell the tale
  2. Limit them, make them not tradeable (cargo and passengers) also the clan warehouse shouldn't circumnavigate the trade restriction. Problem solved. After all they are supposed to be a jump start, not a purpose in NA life and a main money making source.
  3. The problem is that there will always be a meta ship, especially for the highest rates. So even if you put hard limits for ships, that if i recall correctly nobody wanted, you will still get for example 5 Oceans, 5 Bucs, 5 Bellonas 5 Wasas etc etc...
  4. Alts will ruin the forced alliances. The same guy will play with 3 characters in each nation and shape the map as he and his clan wants. You will have to go into great lengths to stop them from interfering
  5. If you desperately want to regulate the wars between nations, you could do it based on events, kinda like: News from Europe etc. But it would be preferable if the wars changed every now and then.
  6. I don't think that the game needs to force alliances. The fluidity of relations that we have right now is nice although i would prefer that nations would be inclined rather than forced, to work together in their whole for a common goal. By that i mean no individual clan alliances between clans of two "hostile" nations when the majority of the clans in those nations are actively fighting each other. Also i think its time to replace Poland with Portugal. It will be a more popular choice and it will help reduce the massive numbers of GB players. The playerbase seems to be spread fairly evenly currently
  7. The website is a work in progress. It wasn't announced/shared because it's not ready yet. You don't market a product that is not ready yet in their opinion, so yours is irrelevant. Stop complaining about it and be patient till it's released. Or do you want an unfinished game full of bugs and missing stuff?
  8. Because they are not ready yet for the broader public, simple as that.
  9. I've always thought the Guacata lake to be an interesting position on the map and it's kinda sad that it's not really visited a lot. So i thought that there could be some special PvP zones or events for the smallest of ships in the game, since they aren't common now. So there could be three type of events. One for small 7th rates like pickles, cutters privateers etc, another one for Rattlesnakes, Princes and other ships with the same armaments and lasty a gunboat event! The rewards for the first 2 events could be a chance to drop a gunboat note or permit. The gunboat event should have some special objectives rather than kill each other to make it more interesting. Obviously this events shouldn't be influenced by the fortifications of Guacata harbour and maybe an alternative entrace could be helpfull to avoid the choke point at Manataca. Your thoughts?
  10. Applied! I have a feeling that it will be Sneaky Simulator
  11. The Greek War of Independence? Lots of fights with fireships and shore landings
  12. Alleviate the differences between the meta woods like teak and white oak compared to the "poor man's woods". Make DLC ships craftable. Two probelms solved.
  13. But doesn't that remove a part of the gameplay -raiding? Me and many other clan members prefer that kind of gameplay, probably other people too. Personally I don't want to fight just for the sake of the fight. Raiding was a huge part of the era
  14. DLCs were implemented the wrong way. It should have been like: "We have the HMS Trincomalee in-game, a very nice looking frigate but we also have the HMS Unicorn which is the same class but has some cool extra features. A different stern and some other minor details that makes it look cooler". Even the Wapen could have been a DLC ship since its age and performance cant affect the current line up of ships and it looks great in my opinion. This would have been the frendliest way to ask people to give more money and not upset the balance of the game. Now, i understand why the DLC ships we have today have been introduced, their uniqueness makes them more profitable but we had to address their performance multiple times ruining the reputation of those DLC ships and labelling them as P2W. Plus, spawning ships out of thin air is just wrong. Everything has to be craftable.
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