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  1. What if after a few seconds after a fireship catches fire, it becomes completely uncontrolable? Will that balance it a bit?
  2. How about new flags that actually provide buffs kinda like in WoWs? They could vary from signal flags to small ensigns that could replace all or just the signal flag on the furthest back mast. That way you get visualisation of the upgrades plus eye candy Is that to hard to code? Example: Ionian Crew Detachment Slight morale and Defence buff or etc. Requires: Indigo, Linen (resources that actually used for the colours of the flag) and food So the flag gets replaced by this:
  3. *Pssssst* @admin! How can I convince you to make the next DLC ship to be Greek?
  4. Some events like these might help too (shameless self promotion)
  5. Good thing that I am not one of them then But being FedEx and Uber of the Carribean is not ok either. Promote actual trading and trading missions than taxi and delivery services for ridiculous amounts of money.
  6. Honestly, why do people defend these kind of missions. It's beyond me.
  7. Cargo delivery missions need to go. Passenger one's should give you a couple of hundred thousands at best. Cargo delivery missions should be replaced by missions that require actual trading goods or resources to be delivered at a port for a premium price. This adds the risk, the reward for all sides(inlcuding in case the ship gets captured by a privateer) and keeps in check the flow of money and resources to a reasonable amount. Heck you could even tie them to the amount of the resources available in a port. If it has too much of a resource generate a mission.
  8. As long as delivery missions keep being almost risk free they will keep being the main way for many people to make money which is a problem on its own. There were supposed to be a tool to help you get back on your feet. Instead it only helps those with an army of alts that keep accumulating the same mission and deliver them all in one trip. Just go to Rum Cove or Kidds island in general, and watch all the trader brigs(which most of them are captured) coming from Bermuda or the North Bahamas. The same can be said for the Dutch, Brits etc. Its a business with minimal risk and immense profits.
  9. What others are trying to say is, although the in-game model looks almost identical with the normal brig, its stats are altered to reflect the performance and build qualities of a proper mortar brig. It may not look right but it is right.
  10. Honestly I don't get the reasoning behind that. Bellona and Christian are already the preferred choices of their classes and the fastest iirc. Why make the gap between the rest even bigger?
  11. You should tie it to town consumption. For example, if you want to generate crew, deliver provisions+ smth else... After x amount of hours crew is available for hire in the port. I would even go a step further and do something similar for workers for production buildings and housing but thats another story. Basic idea is that if the town is poorly supplied it gets debuff to crew generation and workers. Supply it and it prospers. Plain and simple
  12. Sorry, lineships are not my cup of tea, nice try though
  13. It was going to happen sooner or later unfortunately. I didn't expect anything better. Oh well, instead of living partially out of captured ships I will live fully out of captured ships.
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