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  1. Somebody has too much free time on his hands. This is completely uncalled for and I am pretty sure that even a staff member that is not a Game Labs employee is entitled to his own opinion. Please stop.
  2. As soon as a port is set FFA, it should be available to gain hostility by any nation.
  3. Those minor nations if allied/puppeted/annexed could provide the major nations with minor research bonuses in some areas or some unique ship designs. Just one idea
  4. Can be circumnavigated by alts maybe?
  5. Well we didn't expect to lose it from a nation that already has 3/5 of 55 point ports in the map. The die is cast now anyway
  6. Sella

    Greek ships

    One of my main sources was this: http://www.larissa-katsigras-gallery.gr/gallery/el/artist/kriezis-antonis The painting of the polacre of Agios Nikolaos/Saint Nicolas are from the famous French naval painter Antoine Roux. It has been quite a while since I did my research so I can't find all of my sources. Forgive me. Ελπίζω να σε βοήθησα. Με εκτίμηση Γιάννης
  7. It was a fairly balanced PB to be honest. It could have gone either way. Mistakes were made though. Regardless of the outcome, it was fun and I survived to tell the tale
  8. Limit them, make them not tradeable (cargo and passengers) also the clan warehouse shouldn't circumnavigate the trade restriction. Problem solved. After all they are supposed to be a jump start, not a purpose in NA life and a main money making source.
  9. The problem is that there will always be a meta ship, especially for the highest rates. So even if you put hard limits for ships, that if i recall correctly nobody wanted, you will still get for example 5 Oceans, 5 Bucs, 5 Bellonas 5 Wasas etc etc...
  10. Alts will ruin the forced alliances. The same guy will play with 3 characters in each nation and shape the map as he and his clan wants. You will have to go into great lengths to stop them from interfering
  11. If you desperately want to regulate the wars between nations, you could do it based on events, kinda like: News from Europe etc. But it would be preferable if the wars changed every now and then.
  12. I don't think that the game needs to force alliances. The fluidity of relations that we have right now is nice although i would prefer that nations would be inclined rather than forced, to work together in their whole for a common goal. By that i mean no individual clan alliances between clans of two "hostile" nations when the majority of the clans in those nations are actively fighting each other. Also i think its time to replace Poland with Portugal. It will be a more popular choice and it will help reduce the massive numbers of GB players. The playerbase seems to be spread fairly evenly currently
  13. The website is a work in progress. It wasn't announced/shared because it's not ready yet. You don't market a product that is not ready yet in their opinion, so yours is irrelevant. Stop complaining about it and be patient till it's released. Or do you want an unfinished game full of bugs and missing stuff?
  14. Because they are not ready yet for the broader public, simple as that.
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