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  1. A better solution would be to make the shipyard, not the port the pointcarrier, which would increase diversity, competition and make for a better balance overall. And we'd be solving a lot of other problems in regards to alt clans as well.
  2. Stats are faulty. NPC raid on Truxillo was defended by the best PvE'ers in the game.
  3. It won't help. The strong are stronger because of better equipment and larger numbers. The current system of port bonus' and strategic mods (with no other way to get strategic ressources than through alts/nation swapping) just ensures that the strong will stay strong and the rest. Well - when's the last time we saw a PB between two evenly matched nations? Sweden is cherry-bashing on GB. Russia is borsjt-smashing the dutch. No low-pop nations do RvR anymore and can any1 really blame them? Prussia is the exception, but they basically got 1 organized clan and more importantly they have acces
  4. It would be easier to see what nation Lars Kjaer plays if he could actually write in the forums. Lars has never played a strong nation tho, nor a strong clan. Someone has to be the underdog - the wins are grander, the losses more natural.
  5. I think this would be easier if the clans, not the server, decided which ports were 55p ports, in short made it dependent on investments. I'd still argue for the bonus' to be tied to the shipyard/crafter to allow greater diversity of ships/crafters as well as something to grind for when you're the richest man on the server(s).
  6. Let's be honest. NPC PBs is a means to drive up player numbers since it forces clans to be online whenever a raid occurs. It's a feature. It doesn't have to be a good feature. As to the use of an alt clan, I couldn't imagine anyone being rude enough to do that!! ________________________________________________________________________________ Remove PBs and let the individual crafter grind his shipyard, let the portinvestments be about ressources and let everyone harvest at all national ports. Ownership would then be about taxes - and farms should provide tax as well. Remove
  7. Clan BOCAR was trying to assist a small russian clan get their first port, a first tentative step into the larger world of RvR.. Shame we were resisted in the end!
  8. Wasn't there something about a host mission being interrupted?
  9. I apologize if I may have offended any PvE nations and will henceforth leave my forum PvP'ing for the national news section!
  10. Why? Any port captured by the AI should be reduced to zero investment as a punishment to the PvE nation that apparently can't PvE...
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