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  1. Didn't I see you at Scarborough? How did that screening go?
  2. No but if everyone sails a redoubtable then everyone is one a slightly more equal playing field, and thus we come closer to a skill based game. Mods will still be an issue ofc but I can kill most with that difference.
  3. We did see the powercreep coming. I've written about it extensively. Yet when it comes to mods and port bonus' limited to certain clans and nations it's ok. When it's something that gives a slight competitiveness to small nations then it's a problem? The redoubtable will be nowhere near as powerfull as a crafted ship unless u get real lucky with the RNG port bonus'. As to the powercreep? - Why would anyone sail anything but a snow or a 3rd rate in OW? Why would any1 in their right mind bring anything other than a couple of L'oceans + christians to a low BR PB? Why would any1 bring anything but L'Oceans and a couple of requins to a large BR PB? Balance has never been a priority and those of us that shouted for it was silenced by and large by the same players now arguing that a DLC ship with random port bonus' is somehow OP to a crafted ship with port bonus'.
  4. Balance has never been a priority.. if it had we wouldn't have had port bonus' in the first place and surps/renos would've had magical mast thickness..
  5. No Naval Action player has ever OD'ed on the salt.. I believe we all have a genetic deficiency that requires us to consume amounts that would've otherwised killed a grown elephant!
  6. The redoubtable won't get port bonus' that you can pick and choose from, unfortunately, so a crafted ship will always be better than a DLC ship.
  7. Except VP is a worthless ally and who needs an ally that apparently has such low regard for you as @John Sheppard describes? One constant in this thread is your naive begging for the brits to surrender. Is things in VP really that bad?
  8. GNF never were anygood in a scrap anyway.
  9. Can I moderate? I'm exceptionally polite and wellspoken!
  10. Why would I? Is it required by the forum rules? And why haven't you answered my question? I can't remember for sure, but is there a rule that prevents making false accusations and threats about tribunal/bans?
  11. Please clarify where in the forum rules the term "bannable spam" applies to this thread.
  12. YES! You got it right I may be in luv with u know so don't be surprised if I'll be ramming a stern near you!
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