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  1. The commander of that fort has a great sense of Justice and Humanity. Protect the weak against abuse of the powerful. 😇
  2. Este tercera con maderas S y cañones de 36 y 24 libras yo creo que es superior al 3rd rate, Consti y habrá que ver que tal ágil es. Piensa que les interesa vender muchos DLC's y nadie va a gastarse un duro en un barco peor que los citados.
  3. You mean something similar to this? The truth is that it would be very good. Sailors specialized in sails, cannons ... that when they died would be replaced by sailors without specialization, until eventually they get it.
  4. Yes, Surely you are right. Anyway, we will see what the DEVS surprise us with. Greetings and thanks.
  5. It would be necessary to distinguish between two kinds of bonuses: those of the ship and those of the experienced crew.The bonuses would be such.Characteristics of the ship (port bonuses) Crew (number of crew), mast and rigs and hull.Experienced crew (crew bonuses) Sail and gunnery bonuses. Greetings.
  6. I too would like. I think this would be more necessary than the Loki Runes or the S woods, but I'm afraid you're right. 🙂
  7. Hi. As I do not know how to program and those things I ask:If one builds an Agamemnon (to cite a ship), after each fight against AI and PvP, could that crew improve based on the experience gained in that ship?Example: After 10 fights, the ship rotates and reloads the cannons 0.01% faster. The more fighting and navigation the crew "drives" the ship in the most optimal way (reload, turn, speed). Up to a limit of course. When that ship is sunk or scrapped that expert crew disappears.That could be done?Greetings.
  8. correcto Las tools las compras en la tienda. En matanzas tienes. Cuesta cada una unos 1800 reales. Según tengo entendido las flotas lo que dan es el permit que pide la construcción del edificio para sazonar (si SirAlatriste, la palabreja se ha quedado para la eternidad) las maderas convirtiéndolas en maderas S. Saludos y Feliz Navidad 🥂
  9. ".....And Joy shall overtake us as a flood; When every thing that is sincerely good And perfectly divine, With truth, and peace, and love, shall ever shine About the supreme throne Of Him, t' whose happy-making sight alone When once our heav'nly-guided soul shall climb, Then, all this earthly grossness quit, Attired with stars, we shall for ever sit, Triumphing over Death, and Chance, and thee, O Time. JOHN MILTON "On Time" fragment. Merry Christmas for all.🥂
  10. Feliz Navidad a todos los jugadores españoles, sirvan a la bandera que sirvan.
  11. It happens that if the first and second rates are already expensive, the permits and now the new woods, obviously only a few will be able to enjoy ships of line with woods (S). Most of us will have to settle for using DLC boats where you do have access to those woods. And therefore, at the moment, we cannot participate in important port battles, since the difference between both woods makes a difference, and very much the difference.
  12. And with the Ben Hur perk, row twice as fast, the bow ram destroys 20 % of the ship's hull tackled.
  13. A mi tampoco me gustan las flotas defensoras. A los novatos hay que protegerles en la zona verde. Creo que la mejor forma sería impedir que nadie pueda colarse en un combate en dicha zona o bien que un jugador por debajo de capitan de fragata no pueda ser targeteado.
  14. I cant imagine a galleass fighting against Bellona, Christian, Ocean etc.
  15. Congratulations. In Spain we say that children at birth bring bread under their arm. (successes at work, joy in the family etc.). So be it. 🍼🍼🍼
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