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  1. Organicemos romerias de 20, 30 buques. Objetivos: Que la gente aprenda a cumplir las indicaciones del director de batalla. Maniobras complejas y sincronización de movimientos de gran número de buques conservando siempre el orden de batalla. Que la gente aprenda a confiar en los compañeros de batalla. Cuanto más contacto con el enemigo, menos miedo y más confianza en las posibilidades de cada uno. Que los jugadores más experimentados en estas lides enseñen sobre la marcha como tarjetear correctamente al enemigo para comenzar el combate con ventaja. Como ganarle el viento al enemigo. Aprendizaje en el buen uso de los cañones (cuando usar de la manera más efectiva las cadenas, double , charge, aprender como hacerle multitud de leaks al buque enemigo, etc). Romerías tanto de barcos grandes como de shallows. El objetivo final, el más importante, conseguir que actuemos en batalla con precisión quirúrgica, con orden. Creo sinceramente que tenemos buena materia prima. Sólo hay que pulirla. No nos ganan batallas porque sean mejores, con más talento, sino por que son más organizados. Hagamos algo al respecto.
  2. In this I do not agree. Do not force anyone to go through the patrol zone to continue ascending in the rank. It is enough with the amount of Xp required for each one, either doing PVE, PVP or browsing without further.
  3. There is no risk to the ganker. The risk only exists for the player who is fighting with the AI and does not know what happens in OW. As for the amount of CM they give in PVE missions, it's very little.
  4. OK. Tell the DEVS. give us the reals and the doubloons and the rank XP. And then IAs will not be necessary. 😜
  5. It was not a problem before when it closed at 2 minutes and then nobody could enter, and it was changed.
  6. Generally to attack fleets of 8, 10 boats people usually use first. If you are hunting in a remote area, nobody comes to help you. They take advantage of the fact that you are suffering damage and then attack you in better conditions for them. That should not happen. But the worst thing is that when you are inside you do not see, you do not know what is happening outside, that is why I ask you to close the combat with the AI instantly or include an alert to the enemy that is inside possible enemy nearby, giving you time to continue the combat or to put safe. Imagine attacking a fleet of fifths, 7 fifths with the ocean sum 800 BR and you 900. An Ocean enemy arrives and can enter because "his" side has less BR. And on top of that the one who is suffering damage has no idea what is coming. It's not fair.
  7. Hello!!.Since there are no reinforcement zones (except the capital, where there are only sixth classes and it is created for new people), since good fleets sail offshore, since everything is so expensive, since they have implemented a new system of damages and now they do more damage the AI, since we need a lot of reals and doubloons for the reasons that we all know, since when entering a combat with the AI you are sold because you can not see if any enemy is going to enter you. that many use for the ganking, could close the fighting with the AI instantaneously to avoid that nobody enters to annoy? Or they can implement some kind of warning to the one who is inside the combat, (I repeat we are blind inside what happens outside), that there are enemies in a nearby area and give him time or to continue in combat and risk or get out of combat and lose the reward of it? Thank you very much in advance.
  8. If you are looking for human behavior or logic, fight against humans, do not look for it in NPC's.
  9. The success of a raid is surprise. That factor is lost if the attack is left for the next day.
  10. Some who dedicate the first day many hours, they may finish the same commanding a snow with the full crew (I refer to the example you put if there was no tutorial), but most that you can devote a couple of hours a day to the most (do not forget that we also work outside the game) will end the day commanding a pickle or similar. And that is not equality. That the veterans degrade us captain of ship, well ... we can still take a decent boat, but midshipmen sincerely it seems excessive to me.
  11. I understand what you say, but as they have put the game, earn millions of reales (shipyards in ports with bonuses etc), thousands of doubloons, CM, VM, for all this you need large boats and many hours of trading. With boats of sixth and seventh category, this is going to be interminable and what is worse, every time there is less action because you are tied to doubloons, real, VM and CM. If it already costs now that we still have large ships and the range imagine what will be starting from zero.
  12. --Privateer--, they will decide but our opinion should count. That is one of the functions of a forum.
  13. I simply provide a solution if you want to end the ganking. But it does not mean that it is against. I have done ganking and they have done me ganking. I dont complain. Occupational hazards.
  14. Ending the ganking is easy. Gentlemen DEVS. do not allow anyone to profit and enter a single-player combat against AI. That they wait for him outside the combat at the end of it. Most ganking occurs in this way. In the first minutes of a PVP fight, which can only enter the BR similar to that of the player attacked, nothing to enter the whole world in the first 2 minutes.
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