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  1. Hethwill do you actually read your comments before posting? I do not think so.🖖 You should lift these people even higher with their incredible kindness. They gave us a Pandora, a yacht. wow and all those empty promises like your rank and crafting are save and we get a $ 40 ship. We are happy to get a Trincomalee that everyone can craft Our devs are just a gift to the community
  2. A ship worth $ 30-50 was promised. What comes -----> a Trinco :). Always the same with those in Kiev empty promises! As an example of the post before the realease the ranks and craft ranks are safe. Another posse made by Devs.
  3. It's great to hear that we have now2 PvE servers. Several months ago, it was bawled out that this game is a PvP game. Isn't screening a PvP ??Is Pb no PvP?? Are we in early access version 1250?? that is simply announced that there will be no ports from 25.5. can be attacked !!! TOP !!!! I have understood one thing since I started playing this game, flamed the devs and howling around because you can get everything done from Kiew. Once again one of these headless and ridiculous measures from Kiev.
  4. Alt XP farming continue now at Almeria. JikoLinO Kill a Trincomale at Almeria. VIVAT Clan Smok70. When iwas in Battle he kill his spain Alt
  5. The Player JikoLinO Spanish Nation no Clan farm XP with his RUS Alt today and Yesterday at Triangulo .
  6. A typical update from Kiev. The players are once again taken away from the fun. Did use the howling. Is screening not a PvP ?? I thought this game is a PvP game !!!!! I learned the following from howling around if you want something! It is sad that Kiev takes the fun out of the game, but why i haul they do the other fun to the Game 😂😂hat's something 👍👍 But if you take away the opportunity to farm xp, the missions you can get are ????????? Keep going against the community! You're doing a ... job. And thx to the howling community!!
  7. some post are ???? no no port. No cooldown a top tag behind him. but thx no replay from the dev´s?
  8. Yesterday I was screening against the pirates S of La Desconocida, I had a privateer of the player Pissman Clan KN33 in a battle, he escaped when I met him in the open world for the second time (no cooldown in a circle),i tag him and he disappeared under full sail. It was not a log off or a disconnect. It was not the first time it happened to me. I ask you to investigate this incident. Player name: Pissman Pir Nation KN33 clan. Btw Lesbiansofwar and Crat VSC clan saw that too. Greetings
  9. Kicked out again.Nice you do a great Job DEVS!
  10. Server lags and Log in issues after Updates.Why?
  11. I get kicked out too.and on Pos 55 12 mins whats happen?
  12. When I entered a battle (loadscreen) I was kicked out of the game and lost a snow with 3 upgrades. I want the ship back.
  13. PvE Server works! PvP Server loading Screen more the 3Hour´s now!!!!When do you fix that??
  14. I cant lock in to Naval Action
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