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  1. I use kapersky but that since 2016 and never had problems and then why i just have problems on one account and a other dont have that problems
  2. and now only in pvp it hapens at pve it works
  3. that was the time when i joined and i waited 2 more mins until i was be able to use my ship
  4. so today a simular problem 1 i lost conection in loading screen message was showed and i restartet the game then after 4 min the schreen was changet from join battle to join open world. ok i deinstaled the game and o wonder it was working i was be able to join battles in pvp it was possible to get in after 3 min on pvp i needet 4 min ok maybe my internet conection so i switched my acoutn and oh nice pvp battle join needet 30 sec and pvp 30-40 sec so isnt something with my intertnet i dont know what is worng with my acounnt.
  5. @Ink no, a other acount was runinnign with out problems on the same PC, after i switched, same problem again on my acount, connection test is done and i dindnt noticed lags or ping problems. But i was search the Profiler and was a little amazed about the long loading time.
  6. lost control of ship in loading screen and after relog i was staying at the entering combat screen then 1 min later the entering combatscreen switched to entering open world idk what happesn but it was a battle at 17:11 server time that i joined. yesterday i had a simulary thing in a group kill mission wher i was joining alone also lost my ship control in the loading screeen and after 5 min i was be able to come back in the game to fight.
  7. https://steamdb.info/app/1214480/ check that and u see how big the difference is
  8. and is it somehow possible to get my ship back? its realy sad that its possible to loos a ship in that way
  9. yes that is clearly also control perk could be possible but if i remember right the ai take the control of the ship after 5 min if the player is still disconected and then the ai sail away
  10. ok thx i will try but what i see also als somehting strange i was over 10min out and my ship just standet with droped sails didnt tryed to escape ... (other player in battle sayed that to me)
  11. to the desktop wast a internet problem on my side 🙂 it was realy a game crash
  12. hi today i wanted help a player that get attacked right infront of san juan ... i joined the battle and my game crashed and becaus it was already 09:45 st i was not beable to relog. i have no problem to loos my ship in pvp if i can play but that was absolutly shit
  13. Also ich würde es begrüssen wenn man die Allgemeinen Foren (also nicht die dafür speziell gekennzeichneten) in English schreiben kann einer wellt sprache den so leid es mir tut ich bin mit dem google translate nicht begabt so and the thing is here thats its ok if russans (i mean the na nation) grief but if russian get griefed in a rvr part of the game ... what we all know is open for everything .... and maybe they wanted put it out of the timer or what no one thinked maybe the sweds wanted set the pb later so isnt griefing its a tactic to delay the pb
  14. Sorry but is it possible to whrite that in English? I would like to read it
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