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  1. the thing is every one think its funny if u keep them in a battle for 1h 30 min thats true if u can fight but if u only get a shot ever 60 seconds in the sails taht u cant leave every one would be mad if u dont think so i offer my self to do it a day long with u so u wasted a whole day of ur life .... i like against ppl taht respect eatch other and not be here to troll all time
  2. i realy hope for a leopard as compensation becaus of this problem and i think tomorow it will be the same
  3. same and that on a weekend 😕
  4. Im in after 2 hours of waiting
  5. So im still waiting 🙂 since 1 1/2 h never know that steam is so slow
  6. so again about the message that a raid started why it should be a message like at the pb? we already have a nation, global and combat news chat so why not add a raid news chat?
  7. u know the divertent betwen sweden and russia? No? Ok im so nice and say it to u sweden can bring 1 pb fleet what is betwen 20-25 players and russia can bring easy 4 pb fleets u see the diverent? if not it not worth to talk
  8. the thing is if the dominating nation just would show up to ther own pb it would be not a problem becaus the smal nations could have fun but so it isnt possible
  9. Here i just want writhe why Naval Action will dying ... realy soon .... and why? Right becaus of the Russia Nation the have to join every thing today, last week and in future it will hapens again sw will do a port battle the russians will come and catch the fleet for the pb and so a lot ppl will leave shure becaus 1 nation is dominating the hole game with out a viwe of the point when its to much @admin do some thin against it or the game will just have a russia pvp pve server
  10. for me it just looks like the DK is pissed off what the swedens take everyday without making touble
  11. i just talk from the buy contrakt becaus some (sorry for my words) assholes bring the price up to a point where new player dont can buy some thing and the contracts over 9999 is to much so that is why i ask if its impossible to set it down on 500
  12. its funny ... it feels like no one want read ... its NOT for me if for NEW player why i opend this post
  13. @Vizzini i dont whrite that beause i want buy rum no i open this post because im mad about that new player doesn’t have a real chance to get repairs and no repairs = easy target -> easy target = no fun -> no fun = new player leave the game before they had a chance to enjoy it and what hapens if new player leaves the game? . . . ok enough time to think if new player leaves we cant have more fun in pvp and the game will ged bored and we are in the old times when we had 500 players on and the half of them are alts so i hope u see where it ends. oh and to all that say u get repairs after the exames yeah of course but the are gone realy fast
  14. Like it was sayed before new players are not be able to buy repairs and of course u can do trade mission to do money but its a bad idea to do it with out repairs. Normally someone attack u and board u and the whole way was for nothing but if a new player can repair his ship he maybe can end his journey and get money and THAT is why i want that the contracts for repairs will take out off the game
  15. Hi every one and @admin ... im here to ask about it would be able to take out the contracts for repairs means hull repiairs/sail rapiars and rum ... yeah u ask maybe why is that stupid question come up? mabe i show it better to u .... https://imgur.com/a/6TP6441 that means 575'168 reals for a player without a rank definitly a alt form a other nation .... or if its impossible to take it out can u set id down on 500 per contract?
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