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  1. Battle near Cartagena #1 Battle near Cartagena #2 If u wont look this epic battle, link with timecod:
  2. probably there were very large forces of the HAN clan. That we arrived there 1-2 hours before the start of the port battle and on the stream there was not a single Russian from another clan in that area))))
  3. near Santiago de Cuba was only clan Baltic Fleet, and maybe some randoms players. First our battle was vs SPANISH Second our battle was vs Pirates and for the end we have few battles vs British u can watch this on my stream so, for which country did we screen? help me answer for this question p.s. sorry, bettwen battle vs spanish and pirates we join battle 25 brits vs maybe 6-7 pirates for pirates..
  4. Background music|Музыка для фона Music for epic batte|Музыка для эпичных боев And music for relax|И музыка для полного релакса all music from this channel - good I will fill as I find good music
  5. perfect solution. Do you want to train and fun - take the captured ships. If you want to win, take craft ships. People hopefully lose their fear of losing ships. And we will see a sea of movement and life in the game.
  6. why do I need your wretched port, which has bad bonuses and a bad and not convenient location? relax
  7. Это прям очень люто чешит БФоское ЧСВ Хотели бы прессовать нацию, города снова были бы открыты, а сото ла марина и ближайшие города были бы проданы ВОшникам с ночным таймером. И еще часть клана сменила бы нацию на Голландию или просто своих твинков перевела бы за голландию. Так что расслабся, хотели бы, уже бы давно сделали то о чем ты пишешь, без участия разработчиков и патчей)
  8. 09/07/19 The patrol zone will be in Lamon. I propose to conduct a 10x10 battle on Belle Poule or another ships 5 rank at 18:00 server time, maybe several battles in a row. Who has a desire, write in the discord channel.
  9. Hello to all. This has been suggested many times. But I will make another attempt. I would like to invite you to periodically conduct contractual battles on various types of ships. starting with frigates, ending with the first ranks. These battles will be held in patrol zones. So that even with a loss, the side would receive a profit in the form of combat medals. Here is the sequence of patrol zones so that you can prepare in advance: In the BF discord, a separate channel will be created to discuss the conditions and agreements on such battles. There will also be several voice channels for team A and team B. If these events gain popularity, I’ll make more channels. Discord at the moment is probably the most popular platform, so there should be no problems with this: https://discord.gg/QnftKEb About the ships. Let's start with ordinary frigates. Perhaps even those bought at the store. Never mind. The main thing is to start somewhere and see if it will be fun and popular. It seems to me that this will enliven the world a little and give new players an understanding that PvP is fun and profitable. And also raise the skill for everyone In this topic, I would like to see a proposal for a battle and the conditions, date and time of the agreed battle. And the results of this battle. Everything else, I would ask to remove or give me the opportunity to do this. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Привет всем. Это много раз уже предлагалось. Но я сделаю очередную попытку. Хочу предложить Вам переодически проводить договорные бои на различных видах кораблей. начиная с фрегатов, заканчивая первыми рангами. Проводиться эти бои будут в патрульных зонах. Что бы даже при проиграше, сторона получала профит в виде комбат медалей. Вот последовательность патрульных зон, что бы можно было заранее подготовится: В дискорде БФ, будет создан отдельный канал для обсуждения условий и договорах о таких боях. Так же будет несколько голосовых каналов для команды А и команды Б. Если эти мероприятия наберут популярности, сделаю еще каналов. Дискорд на данный момент, наверное, самая популярная площадка, так что проблем с этим не должно быть: https://discord.gg/QnftKEb По поводу кораблей. Давайте начнем с обычных фрегатов. Возможно даже купленных в магазине. Неважно. Главное с чего то начать и посмотреть, будет ли это весело и популярно. Мне кажется это немного оживит мир и даст новым игрокам понимание что пвп это весело и профитно. А также поднимет всем скил В этой теме хотелось бы видеть предложение о проведение боя и условия, дату и время договоренного боя. И результаты этого боя. Все остальное, я бы попросил удалять или дать мне возможность это делать.
  10. but.... butt.... butttt..... u dont.... u donnttt have peeople and shippsss... but....
  11. after the first screen battle, there was an interesting situation. We got out of the battle and saw a lot of Dutch ships. We started to run away right away. But the Dutch, seeing us, also began to run away. It looked very funny as 2 fleets flee from each other in different directions
  12. Thank you very much for the stream. I don’t agree with the rest. Every time I take a Danish twinka and go to the patrol zone, I get 200 + damage and 24 battalion medals. And I get a lot of pleasure. After 30 minutes of my stay in the zone, many other nations come there and the Russians abruptly disappear from the horizon. I can show a bunch of streams as proof. so if another nation\players understand that Russian ships are the same pixels as the rest. That the Russians have as many new players and the same level of skill as everyone else. Life will be much easier man, relax, this is joke. but in every joke there is some truth. If you look at my previous stream. Then you can see how the Swedes collected 15 + - ships in 5 minutes to gank my belona. If they were able to assemble such a fleet in 5 minutes, what will happen if it takes a little more time to prepare? It's all in your head. I do not deny the problems of the game and the current mechanics. But for the most part, I blame the players for that. The players asked for these mechanics, the players continue to cry, the players continue to blame everyone except themselves.
  13. we dont have fleet and people for Port Battle vs Russian we only have 50 people for gank 1 Russian ship. Every day on my stream. Welcome
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