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  1. sometimes I want to cry about it. Because the only one opponent with whom to fight now - the Dutch. Hide behind night timers.
  2. I did not compare. I just stated a fact Play for Fun like always.
  3. we moved from pirates to dead Denmark. We moved from Denmark to dead Russia. And all these nations with our presence became pretty weighty nations on the political map. So there is no need to wait, we have repeatedly demonstrated this. And players like Redi and the Havok clan also demonstrated this more than once. Since we play for fun. And we get it. everything has its time. And if you look boldly and very arrogantly, everyone understands that with the desire of the BF, tomorrow only a couple of clans will remain in Russian Empire.
  4. that without problems. I create content for myself. Tomorrow I will capture the half of the map, and the day after tomorrow I will rent all the cities and change the nation. And I will continue to make myself content. I will go for a weak nation, agree on an alliance with someone. I play this game, besides everything, because they give me free rein here. And I myself am the master of all my decisions
  5. Why is everyone saying how bad and how things are not working. If every week in one place half of the server gathers and many large-scale and legendary battles take place. Is this not a sign that everything works very well. Yes, there are nuances and obvious shortcomings and huge drawbacks. But guys, we get what we came to this game for. Maybe everyone will cease to fight on the forum and go to fight in the sea? Although the war on the forum, the life and activity of the forum is also a good sign.
  6. что ты всё в свои цыфарки сводишь. Я еще раз тебе напишу: Я общаюсь с большим количеством новичков, чем конкретно ты. И более владею достоверной информацией, чем опять же, твои цыфарки. И твои цыфарки опять же идут по изде, так как: Average Viewers : 70, Max viewers: 225 Я понимаю что это мало, есть куда стремится, но это всего лишь пример, что твои цыфарки могут быть не верны.
  7. stop talking about new players. If you do not communicate and do not have the experience of communicating with a large number of new players. Но я не спорю с тем фактом, что игра не приветлива к новичкам. Но есть достаточное количество старых игроков, которые быстро могут посодействовать в развитии новичков. Если у тех есть желание. И я больше вас знаю, что чувствуют новые игроки, так как с многими из них общаюсь. Включая мои стримы.
  8. no, this is very easy, for new players too. I have one of the biggest communities(clan) in the game. And of course a lot of newbies. Those guys who listen to my advice. They walk and get a lot of damage and a lot of combat medals. That's why I know what I'm talking about and these are not empty words. I can show this in stream again and again. 30k reals + 1 hour game = many experience + many combat medals = reals\doublons more experience = more demage in next battle = more CM = more good ships more good ships + more experience = more and more fun and CM\doulobns\reals
  9. much better to sit on the forum. Here you can accurately fill a lot of damage. I took the ship, went into the zone, made a couple of shots and drowned - that’s 20k damage to you. I spent 30k reals. Earn 500k in 40 minutes Oks, more than 40 min, but it was very fun(some problem with this stream, sorry fo that):
  10. I do not quite understand, this topic or not? But it looks like a meme
  11. только он все корабли хорошие отжимает и не делится. А еще долги не отдает Верни Павла сцк!!!!
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