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  1. Basically, all battles take place near Freetown or national capitals. you can join in any battle+-. All you need is desire and information. it takes time and people will get used to it and we will get a lot of big and good fights
  2. this is mayby u and people like u not comming. Yestreday for example and I can show many such examples: In first 10 min stream SWE gank me 8 vs 1. After 15-20 min to my battle comming Moskal and Dron and was a good battle. than my clanmate say, they have big battle near Viques. After 15-20 min we have maybe 2-3 big battle with +- fair setup so it all depends on the people.
  3. man, battle open 20 minutes with not fair BR. U have 20 minutes to call help. but yea, cry on forum - this is best idea
  4. ворвался как эстонский спецназ
  5. 1) u can leave city and and attack the first comer NPC Fleet. 2 hour and u can kill maybe 3-4-5-6 NPC fleet? 2) U can go to patrol area. 2 hour and u have 70k damage=10 Combat medal. I give u 100% 3) If u love trading, u can go trade. 2 hour - 2kk reals profit +- 4) U need ships and craft? 2 hour and u can collect all resurse from nears city 5) Epic Events? 2 hours - this is 1-2 epic events with good chest 6) Maybe u wont RVR for VM? ok, u need 2 day, 2 hours each. DAY 1 - u come flip city. DAY 2 - u come try capture city YES, THIS IS VERY EASY GAME with many content for 2x hour per day. just need to turn on the fantasy
  6. we play different games. And hardly come to something. In my world, playing 1-2 hour a day - you can have everything in this game.
  7. This does not negate what I wrote above. and about live in NA, i play 4 hours+- every day, except Sunday. for some reason I am sure that most of those present here devote the same amount of time to computer \ games. so stop cry, If the game is very difficult for you, I think you should think about Sims 3
  8. if I spoke about myself, I would write that this is the easiest game with the easiest economy. but I try to speak on behalf of the majority 2 hours per day at max 3 days a week - this is enough
  9. U can trade and buy VM for reals U can do PVE and buy VM for Doublons U can do Pvp\gank and buy VM for Combat Madals U can do RVR and u dont need buy VM Yea, this is impossible
  10. Мы можем проверить, ради интереса, без наград) Обычный Сюрприз против обычного Геркулеса, без апгрейдов в соло патруль ареа. Аж самому стало интересно)))
  11. скриносики, видосики, разрыв пуканосика. всего лишь
  12. because if the report is not avoided. need to bring things to the end. Yes, and you did not respond to messages and continued to shoot. Your Belona is in Tortuga, we are ready to return it.
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