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  1. no, u are wrong. its a bug, teak and the other special wood buildings ( teak/WO/etc.) produces only 800 units and NOT 1200 units per 24h. https://na-map.netlify.com/ read direct the api of the game, and it says 800 units per 24h. And in this case I trust Felix Victor much more than the developers.
  2. same here... no portbattle will be displayed on 05.10.2019
  3. Hi Felix, Optimized Rudder is twice in the list. Missing Upgrade Item: Navy Planking Improvement proposal: Tooltip about the values of the upgrade when moving the mouse over an upgrade. Improvement proposal: Ship-Upgrades that cannot be used at the same time on a ship will be displayed crossed out. For example: If you select Cartagena Caulking Refit, Navy Planking is displayed crossed out. Or when u select Navy Hull Refit, Crooked Hull Refit is crossed out. Improvement proposal: A message when you reach the maximum by ship upgrades or ship knowledges. For example: Armor HP or Thickness. If the ship reaches more than 30% of the normal value by upgrading.
  4. Hello, Felix, the port George´s Town is no longer displayed. I think it has something to do with the Portbattle? Browser: Chrome ( Incognito.Modus) Version 75.0.3770.80
  5. Kuruc.info is a far-right Hungarian language online portal registered in the State of California, United States.[1] The website has been described as a "neo-Nazi rag"[2] and often harbors extreme anti-semitic views.[1] Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuruc.info You might think the clan name was inspired by the website?
  6. Hi Feilx, Ship Blueprint --> select any ship ( it dosent matter ) select Mahogany / Mahogany and u get the resources overview. then switch the second wood type to (for example) fir. It seems, after change the second wood type, that the values are not recalculated. Value of Mahogany change , but not of Fir-Wood. it seems only oak and fir not recalculated ?? when u change the second wood type.
  7. Hi, wenn Festungen und Türme bei einem Open-World PVP Battle zerstört werden, sind diese dann dauerhaft kaputt (müssen über Port Investment neu gebaut werden) oder nur für das PVP-Battle? Sollte die Festungen und Türme über ein PVP-Battle dauerhaft zerstörbar sein, kann man diese einen Tag vor dem Port-Battle mit 3-4 Spieler leicht mit Mortar-Brigs ausschalten. Vor dem feindlichen Hafen eine AI Taggen oder einen "spion" und in ruhe die Verteidigungen zerstören?! Für das Port-Battle am nächsten Tag wäre dann keine Verteidigung mehr da?! Grüße
  8. Cost for shipyard lvl 1 is wrong.
  9. Hi Felix, here are a few suggestions that could be added: When you click on a port that displayed, for which ports you can make hostility from that port? When you click on a port, that displayed what Port improvements have done. e.g. New ressources like Wood ? With colors you can show if only clan/friends or free for all? When you click on a port, that displayed what Passengers / Cargo delivery are available?!
  10. Hi, a friend send me this pic after two days farming alone deliverys,. Now think about what a big clan can make in a few days in money and doublons.
  11. Hi Felix, Is it possible to add carriages, barrels etc. to "Select Good"? At the moment its not possible to search for these goods. Probably these are the goods that are missing:
  12. i mean not the OW trading between two persons. i mean trading ships! in port between two persons! For example: u give me in a port Basic Cutter ill give u LGV This kind of trading is not working!
  13. i tested twice , its not working. the trade window is not closing when u click the accept button.
  14. Ship trading between two persons in ports are broken. It is not possible to confirm the deal. pls hotfix is needed
  15. Is it possible to add the following feature? The amount this port consumes? For example, the port of La Desirade. How much Cottton Rolls this port consumes during the day or every hour? I think I saw another Online map showing this?!
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