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  1. Ya se verá, lo q tienen q hacer los clanes q tienen base en vc es espabilar y calentar todos los puertos el primer dia
  2. @Licinio Chiavari you and your clan did a "wise" movement and changed your faction joining GB with @rediii, the most populated faction. Maybe all rvr clans must Chang to GB too... The entire world will be British... War game you said and it's true, is not fair.
  3. We are testing the game, this could be another thing devs must fix.
  4. lol, when brits attack our first rates with BC doing green on green was fair and smart, and this is griefing , a very big lol. See you tomorrow im going bed.
  5. you consider what you want, it's a very old tactic "divide and conquer" ....
  6. Para hacer eso, cuanto vodka han consumido??
  7. Pues lo que necesitamos es gente en el servidor pvp....
  8. Lol, no mando ni a los gatos en mi casa, imaginate en el NA 🤣
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