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  1. This news has already pissed off many dutch players.
  2. Several dutchies I know are quite pissed by the fate of De Ruyter ship. They can't say "thanks devs, you are awesome devs" after denying them crafting their ship.
  3. Indeed, it is a DLC. GL aren't allowed to change it now. Sugestions should be given at the things that CAN be worked on by the dev team.
  4. Have you looked at my thread about suggestions to improve rookies's life?
  5. Dutch community, which has been waiting for a ship built by their shipbuilders for a long time, won't like much this change.
  6. Here is the thread where Wreker was advertised as craftable ship.
  7. Wrecker is announced (by you) as a craftable ship which was aimed to be released in February. You posted the information in your development thread. Also, giving the lack of dutch ships and the dutch community it may be nice to add the ship's blueprint to the game.
  8. 4 servers. The same number of servers after China was added.
  9. What it is hell for the game is the unability of playing with players from other nations in a port battle and using their ports. As it is now, it is all about joining the most powerful and biggest nations of the server cause there is no downside doing that. The incoming no-more-screening-patch will exarcebate this issue even more as weak nations often rely on screening to win their port battles. Jumping nations is made mostly because people looks for safety. If this continues, war server could be renamed into Peace server v2.0 as RVR is pretty much dead already and there is no sign it will come back to life anytime soon.
  10. He likes to fight players.
  11. They are talking about repercussions on PVP server, a competitive environment. In PVE server, against AI, there is almost no challenge or competition.
  12. Harrasing weaker nations like France or Spain?
  13. My guess is hostility missions will work as before, you will only need to farm more fleets to flip a port. I don't expect any innovation.
  14. Imo, upgrades and all extra bonus should change the BR of a ship. The reasoning behind this is easy to understand. I can equip and stack several thickness mods so a third rate would have same thickness as first rates. Also I can make a third rate even faster than an endymion. Dynamic BR would promote more fair battles as it is not the same fighting with a npc trinc than with a gold trinc of elite upgrades and S woods.
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