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  1. This is not related to steam or the server. It is a Windows 10 problem, create a new profile in windows, use it, and you will be able to use normal WiFi to play steam games.
  2. Could be possible to add a new layer (besides trims and upgrades) of port bonuses to the ship comparison feature?
  3. My guess is hostility missions will work as before, you will only need to farm more fleets to flip a port. I don't expect any innovation.
  4. Don't think we will ever change admin's mindset about screening. What it should be done now is convincing him about the need of alliances among clans from different nations. Port battles will turn into a lobby game where the elites will fight. This "new game mode" will destroy the possibilities of survival of weak nations unless they could be assisted with experienced players from other nations, hence the importance of International Clan Alliances working in the War Server.
  5. That ship is not the Admiral de Ruyter. And the ship was meant to be released on February so I wouldn't be very confident about how soon we will have her ingame.
  6. The fog of war idea would fit perfectly in NA, making sailing way more interesting as you discover parts of the map.
  7. I´m on the opinion that ALL port bonuses should be nerfed or removed. They cause too much drama.
  8. NA has already the best combat system seen in a game. On the opposite side, it has so many things to improve and fully develop regarding key aspects of a mmo.
  9. Is it really worth investing so much time when there are also other stuff that should be on priority list?
  10. You must kill all npc warships before the chest appears in the indiaman. Also, you shouldnt sink the indiaman cause the chest is too heavy for a warship's hold.
  11. No more changes to combat please. Can we let the devs focus in other areas (low new player retention, open world emptiness, repetitive and lacking diversity of activities-missions, game unbalances (ships/nations))?
  12. De ruyter blueprints and permits for everyone as compensation. Give it a like if u agree!
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