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  1. Next ones will be admiral de ruyter and rotterdam, both dutch.
  2. Only 760 hp less than Implacable. Same thickness. Don't think it can be considered glass cannon.
  3. @admin are you sure the hotfix includes everything listed?
  4. Small XP for crafting cannons and repairs. That change would be loved by the owners of forges. Also more people will be doing repairs so more competition (lower prices), more stock, more pvp. Win-win.
  5. NPC port battles haven't achieved balancing the nations by making some "angry" players leave the top 3 nations. An outcome which was anticipated by some players. If you really look for a more balanced, thus healthier and prosper, server we have already given you the answer, a thousand times.
  6. What about something built in the NA timeframe and way more interesting? Spanish first rate Santa Ana. 112 guns. Built in 1784.
  7. Following your logic regarding playerbase, we should have way more German ships. Penn would be hard to balance, a very late 130 guns ship with decks of 32pd. No ship takes 21 years to be built btw. Imo, devs should add the most iconical and representative ships from the navies of this period.
  8. You don't know how long will take. In the meantime, this is a positive change which won't hurt anyone. Aren't we all for a more friendly game? The recent pop increase is also a consequence of some positive changes on demand by the community. No one wanted the removal of XP when you craft repairs or cannons. This is a small tweak of something that was in the game before, no one is asking for anything else.
  9. No one will hate if crafting cannons and repairs give you a small amount of XP. More people would be selling repairs around all ports, thus encouraging pvp indirectly.
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