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  1. Superb post Sir, Could you please sort BREXIT out? :) ps. Apologies for off topic
  2. 8 years military service shooting on 1 way static ranges? If not, you would know the realities of war do indeed make a significant difference (the smoke, noise, enemy fire, casualties, moving fire position every 3-5 rounds, fire control orders being shouted etc..) to what can be achieved. and that’s speaking for modern day ‘professional soldiers’. I quite frankly couldn’t imagine the nightmare of firing from the tops of a ship!
  3. New players DO need an area to run missions and learn the game, also people returning to try new ships and changes to the game. However, these ‘safe zones’ need to be 100% safe I.e no one should be able to attack them. But more importantly, they should NOT be at a nations capital (KPR for instance) or surrounding a valuable port for trade.
  4. A message to any new or returning players. SLRN are recruiting mature (18+) players who are wishing to fight the King’s enemies (the whole server) in an organised manner and are able to join Brit Nation TS. A relaxed environment with support for every Captain who needs help Commissioning Ships and working up their Ships Company! Simply shout out on Nation chat and a Clan Officer will help with your application. o7 to all. Regards, Keats. SLRN.
  5. I think the idea that pvp marks could/can ‘increase’ a character’s potential to wage war across the Caribbean is a good idea. The ability to simply pay for it does take away from the effort (fighting for that privilege) people will strive for. Understood the game will need cash to continue development and continuance of the sever, however, many and more that I know would pay to earn those pvp marks in style with DLC that issued ship paints for an example would provide. For instance: I buy a Breitling watch that cost £2600; that tells the time reliably like any £40 watch might, but it looks great and I’m overjoyed.
  6. The difference between the British and Russian fleet in this PB was: the Russian Fleet ARE a fleet/Sqn. We were just a bunch of captains around Belize at the time that heard EAR clan needed help. EAR clan replaced everyone that lost a 1st rate with a VM, and good on em. It was a good fight, well fought by the Russians and British both o7. ps. Had that wind not changed, I think you may sunk NorthViking!
  7. Get rid of these events and introduce ‘Raids’ on enemy ports. You log onto the game and suggest the idea to a few friends, buy a ‘flag’ or some other mechanic, then see what happens. War is uncertain, you may find resistance or not. If there is a detrimental effect to the enemy, it’s likely there will be some response. Unlike PBs, it’s only a temprary setback. #3cheersforNA
  8. I personally think this is a bad idea. All nations should be given the opportunity to acquire the tools(ships) to RvR. If you want someone to do more of something why would you take away their ability to build what is required to carry out that action? Makes no sense to me. Currently there are multiple PB’s a day, with at times some great fights going on (not so much GB right now granted). I would envisage that many of these fights simply won’t happen anymore as some nations will have a pool of VM’s to use replacing lost 1st rates and others won’t. It may seem to the Devs, and some dedicated hardcore players, that it’s easy to build a 1st rate, but it’s not for a casual player, and let’s face it, this game won’t be a success off the back of (shall we say) 250 excellent dedicated player? Additionally, I have never seen the forum so united over a subject. If the Devs don’t take any notice of the overwhelmingly negative reception of the last patch , you should probably shutdown the forum as it’s clearly without use. Oh and Merry Christmas!
  9. I entirely agree with the above. Furthermore, recieving damage rewards (XP and gold) after getting 'ganked' takes away some of the sting.
  10. Agreed: Liquicity would be an great moderator. Seeing more green in global & national chats will/perhaps/may/hopefully help people remember that we have (are) all 'invested' to help make this, the best game possible.
  11. I firmly agree with the OP. To add weight to the point about the current mechanics in order to open a PB: as much as the flag system was abused, one could log in any night of the week and join some group, flotilla or fleet and try to capture a port and realistically expect some sort of fight. Right now, (I feel) that if you don't have the best of the best equipped ship (which I don't right now) you have no place in these heavily contested PB, that's not because they are so important, but mostly because they are so rare.
  12. Naval Action has just had a lot of the action taken out of it. I can only say, I quite simply would not have played 600 odd hours of the game if the battles had always been so 'realistic'. Equally, I wouldn't have read all of the Aubrey books if they were written in the style of a history book. Games are fun, let's please keep it that way.
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