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  1. A message to any new or returning players. SLRN are recruiting mature (18+) players who are wishing to fight the King’s enemies (the whole server) in an organised manner and are able to join Brit Nation TS. A relaxed environment with support for every Captain who needs help Commissioning Ships and working up their Ships Company! Simply shout out on Nation chat and a Clan Officer will help with your application. o7 to all. Regards, Keats. SLRN.
  2. The difference between the British and Russian fleet in this PB was: the Russian Fleet ARE a fleet/Sqn. We were just a bunch of captains around Belize at the time that heard EAR clan needed help. EAR clan replaced everyone that lost a 1st rate with a VM, and good on em. It was a good fight, well fought by the Russians and British both o7. ps. Had that wind not changed, I think you may sunk NorthViking!
  3. Get rid of these events and introduce ‘Raids’ on enemy ports. You log onto the game and suggest the idea to a few friends, buy a ‘flag’ or some other mechanic, then see what happens. War is uncertain, you may find resistance or not. If there is a detrimental effect to the enemy, it’s likely there will be some response. Unlike PBs, it’s only a temprary setback. #3cheersforNA
  4. Agreed: Liquicity would be an great moderator. Seeing more green in global & national chats will/perhaps/may/hopefully help people remember that we have (are) all 'invested' to help make this, the best game possible.
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