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  1. A Treatise On Custom Banners By Ove Gjedde Charles Edward Stuart ( [KOS] Kingdom of Scotland | https://bank.carrd.co/ ) There's a fair chance that you will by now have seen images where a player has a flag on their ship that is not the flag of their nation. This is because of a client-side modification to the game that in no way affects gameplay. Other players cannot see your flag unless they are using the same modification as you. One of the perks to Naval Action being entirely hosted and calculated on a server (down to the water and waves) is that it largely, if not completely, eliminates client cheating. Because of that, rules regarding what's done client-side are more lax, as it cannot affect other players. Here's how to change your flag. Things you will need: Naval Action. An image editing program. (This guide uses paint.net, which you can find here. ) A Unity explorer. (This guide uses UnityEX, which is harder to find. Any Unity explorer will work.) Time and patience. Step One: Open your archive explorer and navigate to your Steam directory, and from there to \steamapps\common\Naval Action\Client_Data\. Make a copy of "sharedassets0.assets" and throw it somewhere you can find it if you want to undo your customizations. Open "sharedassets0.assets". Step Two: Find your nation in the list, and Export it as a .dds file. UnityEX does this automatically with the "Export with convert" option. This author suggests sorting the archive by Name to save time. (Nation flag filenames will be provided at the end of this guide.) Having exported the national flag, we now need to navigate to the raw .dds texture and make the edits we desire. I don't like the Danish flag very much in its original state, so we're going to improve upon it. Discontinuity warning. I'm not going to go into how to use an image editor, as I suspect people who have gotten this far know how to use one. But a few decent tips I have are: Do not stray from the resolution used by the game, or your flag will get cut off; and everything past pixel 422 on the x axis will be disregarded. Try not to forget to add a texture to your flag. Simply searching "Transparent flag texture" on Google will typically get you a good selection to pick from. Once you're done creating or choosing your custom flag, proceed to Step Three below. Step Three: Having now made the edits I desire, we need to get the file back into the Unity archive as a .tex file again. Assuming we left the flag with the same name in the folder it was exported to, we can just hit "Import all files" in UnityEX and launch the game. Done. Please note, again, only you (and players with the same modification) can see your custom national flag. It will appear on all ships that are of your nation, or join a battle on your nation's team. Index of file names: France - flag_0006_Fr.tex Espana - flag_0005_Sp_00001.tex OR flag_0005_Sp.tex Pirates - flag_0011_Pirate.tex Great Britain - flag_0003_UK_white.tex VP - flag_0010_Dutch.tex Denmark - flag_0009_Denmrk.tex Sverige - flag_0007_Sweden.tex USA - flag_0001_US_v2.tex Russia - russian_empire.tex Prussia - prussia.tex Poland - polish.tex Neutral - flag_9999_NoTeam.tex If you have questions about this guide, or anything else, please contact me either through the forums, in-game, or on Discord at: Charles Edward Stuart#5482 And please like if this helped you. Shameless self promotion is my thing.
  2. I had the chance to play the game several times today and I will say that it is very nice and satisfies me , I have a few suggestions about the game and these are the things that other players probably want First of all, the ships we know from the world of warships should come to the French tree, I think they are quite aesthetic and beautiful bkz jean bart or alsace.... During the few games I played, I realized that there was only stagnant air, maybe atlantic fleet was playing there are all kinds of weather and we could choose it UAD may be nice to arrive also talking about the ships can be very nice if it comes in odin and scharnhorst ships of russia ... naval flags of countries should change in 1939, as in actual date the sinking animations of the ships should increase, such as turning around or an explosion and the ship breaking up and there really is a topic that I have been obsessed with and been constantly talking about, maybe someone is already angry now the range finders and propellers of the ships do not have animations in my opinion should be at least the range finders I also noticed a strangeness in the intake mechanics when the nose or the stern of the ship got water, neither the nose nor the back was sinking it just lies to the right or to the left, I think this should be corrected thank you if you take the time to read it, i know the game is in early access, i just want to gain something
  3. I tried revising my old list of the flags of Naval Action, but it is easier to make a new topic. As my ability to upload attachments directly to the forum was revoked, organizing the list is now a rather more elaborate job, as it has to be done manually picture-by-picture, but here we go. The old guide, for reference, can be found here: ============================================================================================================================================= Below I have listed all of the flags found in Naval Action, organised by nation. They include default flags, DLC-flags, and flags bought in the admiralty store for 50k or 100k doubloons. Feel free to share in the comments what flag is your favourite, along with a picture of it flying at your stern. China Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania Denmark-Norway France Great Britain Neutral Pirates Prussia Russia Spain Sweden United States Verenigede Provincien Port UI flags: Admiralty Flag Symbol Pendants and Signal Flags: Duel room flags: Alternative flags: Map Icons: Other flags: Notes: 1. I was unable to confirm for what nation the Courland flag was added, and placed it with the Commonwealth flags. Feedback or confirmation would be appreciated. 2. There are 2 (actually 3) Emanuel Wynne-flags in the game that are almost completely identical except for slight texture variations. I don't currently have access to a pirate alt with flag-dlc and was unable to check if both of the Emanuel Wynne flags can be selected in the flag UI. Information on this would be appreciated. 3. There are 2 Bavaria River flags in-game with a different Coat of Arms shown. For lack of information to say otherwise I placed both flags with the Prussian collection. Corrections would be appreciated. 4. Some of the newer flags that have been added after the initial DLC-release, as well as some of the Admiralty doubloon-flags may be mislabeled as well as differently ordered from how they appear in the UI. Feedback on the naming of flags would be appreciated. 5. At the time of writing this, no flag from the game should be missing, but if you do find that I have overlooked, misplaced or forgotten one, please let me know so that I can correct this.
  4. Dear all What do you think about Commemorative Flags for some special Events or Historical Events: For Example: Successfully completed the Exam My first Port Battle (successfully) and so on ...... Historical: Battle of the Chesapeake Trafalgar and so on ......... Admiral Flags: Flag for reaching the highest rank. Austrian Flag as an Example. Only one or two Flags can be shown up instead of the Streamer and or Royal Standard Flag (as an example) What do you think about this?
  5. France on Naval action deserves more flags. Such an historical navy deserve to have a lot more flags. I would like with this topic to send a message so the creators of this beautiful game will add some more cool french flags !:) I think that we should start with the adding of the White flag without any symbol, which was the flag of the royal French navy, and that when ships are being captured, for being historically correct, instead of the white flag, only to display no flag, as it was the way to do. This will allow France Royal Navy to flow its true original flags, and so more !:) the true white royal flag is a must have ! and also the French modern national flag’s (blue white red) dimensions must be changed, as the white is wider that the blue, and the red is wider than the white for the French navy flag it is important that the white is bigger than the blue, and that the red is bigger than the white. Also the blue colour must be almost dark black. i also propose to add more flags like : Louis XIV blue standart with the sun and his motto Nec Pluribus Impar, which would be a cool name for a flag. And the flag of Saint-Malo, thé white cross with blue corner, and one red one, used by Surcouf, the famous corsaire, and other corsaire. Also the blue flag with fleurs de lys would be very nice to see in game. there is a picture of all flags that were used by French ships in the Americas.really cool one !!! There is the flag of the French India company. And the flag of New France! I hope you will enjoy these flags, and maybe you will put some of them in the game. I’ll be the happiest, and France will be cool, and the game will be awesome ! thank you !
  6. Hello! I spend 50,000 dubloon on Denmark-Norge flag and I get the Norway Naval Ensign. If you also spend your money from other nation, can I see what your 50k dub flag look like?
  7. Could we have some overview of all new flags that were added with the patch, please? Also will the ones for 50k doubloons be wiped on release wipe?
  8. After having first contact with the new flags system I come to suggest a improvement that relates to everything Open World and the battles created. - When accessing the Flags allow the player to choose the flag intended for each nation eg. player selects one from pirates, one from Sweden, and so on. - every battle that the player joins with his own Nation he will show his own Nation flag proudly. - if player happens to join a battle on the side of another nation he will show the selected flag he picked for that nation and not the default one for that nation.
  9. Prolog Currently our flags stay untouched and look new even after tremendous rigging damage. Suggestion Flags get a damage layer like sails do, but complete destruction of the flag isnt possible. Details: After/during a battle flags could be damaged and look like this for increased immersion: Pro: increased immersion Con: Dev time
  10. my idea is for "Open World,, look at my picture AND To see what nation he is <-> Please add open world flag 20171207131903_1.bmp
  11. Right now we have the Groups and Battle Groups that allow players to take action as a group. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what the difference between both are and if we really need both in their actual form. However here is what I suggest: - When inviting players to a battle group, the captain creating this group can decide what color the flag will be (currently it's a red flag). Say, green, orange, blue, red, white, black, yellow, etc... - A Player can then greate a group and invite all the created battle groups to join. All playes in the group will be able to see the color of different flags of all battle groups other players. If two groups have the same color, well it might create confusion but can also be done deliberatly. RESULT: We have a full armada with an armada leader (the one who created the GROUP ) and a series of squadrons/divisions with their individual leaders (Battle Groups) with each one being identified by a different color of flag. This would allow for a more visual recognition of squadron members and better coordination. Thanks
  12. The name Verenigde Provinciën and the flag used in the game do not coincide historically. Verenigde Provinciën was associated with the Dutch Republic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_Republic. While the Red,White, and Darker blue started here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Holland and from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereign_Principality_of_the_United_Netherlands until the present day. So I am proposing that Verenigde Provinciën be changed to Nederlanden
  13. As one of the admins posted in another thread : " the conquest is still being discussed/reworked. Current ideas are 1) return conquest flag - sell it for pvp marks and create PB on purchase removing all exploits potential 2) change (bring back) hostility missions to only generate for regional capitals and be open all the time (allow missions to generate only for nearest 2 enemy regions - to create some form of frontlines " These are the only possibilities to achieve sustainable conquest in the game. Why? 1 .FLAGS: Pos : Surprise, unpredictability, Conquest around the map(FOR THOSE WHO LIKE IT)Gather players,purchase flag and go. If you want to throw away the PVP marks,by not showing up in a PB, thats your problem/nations, and most important thing(NATIONS NUMBERS DO NOT MATTER), forces players to sail the f..k out Neg : Conquest around the map(SOME MIGHT NOT LIKE IT), Abuse through alt accounts,(who is this guy who bought the flag, wtf is going on) Abuse through multiple flag buys(although this is the only way of confusing enemy and forcing him to sail out)--imo this could be prevented by 72 hours cooldown on regions to avoid player attrition,and buying simultaneously ONLY 3 flags. 2. HOSTILITY : Pos : Idea of FRONTLINE, PvP self explanatory due the presence of friends and foes,(which are considered as such:) ) focus on certain areas. Neg: Blockbuilding(again),danger of "forever trying to rise hostility" ,NATIONS NUMBERS MATTER,unability to operate "mapwide",absence of surprise and unpredictability leads to static, in long terms boring conquest. Myself prefer FLAGS because of the named positive aspects. I would like to dicuss with my fellows in clan, and other clans in nation which areas are needed,and we can decide on our own where to go. Dynamic conquest does not force me to focus on regions which are useless,have no resources,but because of the game mechanics HAVE to be taken.Blue,red or yellow dots on the map DO NOT MATTER, silver,gold and refits do.:) With a given cooldown of AT LEAST 96 hours, it is worth for a nation to make an effort,conquer the region,AND gather resources in case of being defeated after cooldown by previous owner. Player attrition is not given, because the conquest can be organized by anyone,anywhere,for whatever the reasons.Take part or don`t. I hope one day there will be some sort of campaign for each nation.That is what i would like to see Thank you for reading.
  14. Hi I have an idea how to tie in raids and hostility and Port-battles Lets say we bring in the old fags and timers system in but not connect it with the port-battle itself but raids. You pull the flag and go raiding a port other then the regional capitol. With timers there wont be night flipping on raids and flags will make screening and gathering fleets a thing. To give raids and meaning for RVR play a successful raid triggers 100% hostility ?!?! or maybe 90 % hostility What does everybody think about this idea and would it be that hard to implement ??
  15. When you join on your allies side you take the flag of the country that was the initial attacker/defender. Could there be a way to always have your national flag in any battle no matter who started it? I know this is not extremely important but it would be cool to see all of the colors flying in a battle when there are people from different nations. What do you guys think?
  16. I'm sure many of us who play with our clans and friends find the clan options lacking. The clan warehouse mechanic is extremely nice and leads to convoying sometimes but currently the only representation there is of our clans is the tag. I have discussed with my clan on several occasions, what jack should be used to represent us if we were able to fly jacks representing our clans and companies. It's a heated discussion, with dozens of options coming in all of which excite me. What I propose is the addition of some kind of visual marking to add to our ships while in battle. Though it would not add to the core parts of gameplay, it would add to the unity of countries and the pride of clans. Obviously there would be problems with people flying inappropriate symbols so I suggest the admins or mods review it before being accepted. On top of that, flying flags that look like other nations flags would cause problems and I feel would have to be regulated as well. Thoughts?
  17. Предлагаю обсудить такую идею, нужна не нужна, может, в другом виде. Ни на что не претендую, у разработки и так вагон и тележка дел С самого старта игры в НА глаза мне мозолили рандомные флажочки на топах мачт. Вот, наконец, появилось время описать придумку по адекватному применению сигнальных флагов. Для начала пруфы для любознательных Статус корабля А что, если в правый верхний угол добавить полупрозрачную кнопочку аналогично той, что слева. По нажатию на нее разворачивается панелька (аналог трюма с возможностью пролистать) где перечислены все флаговые наборы. Например: "Замечен противник", "С левого траверза", "Прямо по курсу", "Нужна помощь", "Выхожу из боя", "Подтверждаю получение приказа"/"Выполняю" и т.д. Такие сигналы можно давать как в бою, так и в открытом мире. При выборе одного-двух-трех наборов флажки автоматически набираются и устанавливаются на топы и такелаж. Автоинтерпритацию предлагаю при наведению окуляра подзорной трубы. Такие сигналы видны всем. Без ТС, чата и смс) Вторая часть, про адмиральский планшет. Адмирал/коммондор открывает планшет в бою, выделяет кораблик(и), рисует им маршрутные точки или назначает цели, а потом выбирает действие. Сигнальные флажки автоматически набираются. Но в разумных пределах, не более чем для двух-трех-четырех кораблей ({номер корабля в эскадре-приказ}{номер корабля в эскадре-приказ}{номер корабля в эскадре-приказ}), место то не безгранично и флагов не полный трюм. Считывание приказа производится путем наведения подзорной трубы на флотоводца (возможно стоит поставить радиус метров в 200, когда труба не нужна, чтобы не доводить до абсурда). После этого маршрут с приказом появляется на планшете (состояние все так же интерпретируется подзорной трубой). Возможно стоит ввести загораживание другими кораблями, да и вообще кучу мелких штрихов добавить, но пока суть идеи не в мелких деталях (да и при реализации они могут исчезнуть). Плюсы +Атмосферность, аутентичность. +Упрощение координации разнонациональных да и просто разноклановых игроков в открытом мире и в бою. +Наконец-то доведение коммондорско-адмиралького планшета, которого все давно хотели + обоснование работоспособности планшета) +Насыщение контентом Минус - это нужно делать, доп часы разработки
  18. So this is my suggestion for port battles / flags. It is grounded on the belief that the further you try to reach into enemy territory the more it should cost you and the more notice should be granted to the defender. Point 1: The further the port you want to capture is from your Nations front lines the more the flag costs. For example, buying a flag to capture an enemy port immediately next to your front line might cost 250,000 gold. The flag for the next enemy port (further into enemy territory) might cost 500,000. The flag for the third enemy port might cost 1,000,000, etc. Such a mechanism realistically represents the increasing cost of waging war further from your empire (think supply lines, sail time, crew wages, provisions etc.), and reduces the effectiveness of “steam rolling” through enemy ports, as it will cost you significantly more the further you go. Of course, once you successfully capture the first enemy port, your Nations battle lines have extended, so what was the second port (which would of cost 500,000) is now the first port, and thus costs just 250,000. Point 2: Notification timers should be set to represent a “nation’s intelligence”. Think of all the small ships / fishing boats / outposts etc. dotted around a Nation which would warn of an impending attack by your enemy. Tying in with Point 1, the notification timers should be set depending on the distance from frontlines. For example, the attacking nation buys a flag to capture the defenders most remote port (i.e. the one immediately adjacent to the attacker). The defenders get 30 minutes notice to prepare a defence. If the attackers chose to buy a flag to attack the defenders next port (i.e. the second one from the attacker), the defenders get 60 minutes to prepare a defence. The third port might provide 120 minutes warning, etc. Such a mechanism realistically represents the increased warning a Nation would have, generated by its citizens, of an enemy fleet sailing deeper into their territory. This will concentrate fighting on the front lines, and provide stability to a Nations core ports. This should help with Nations losing huge swathes of their territory due to ninja attacks when the server population is low. Point 3: Sneak attacks should be possible, by decreasing the warning given to the defender. This would be achieved by paying more for the conquest flag. For example, the attacking nation wants to capture the defenders second port. Point 1 and 2 implies this would cost 500,000 and the defender would be given 60 minutes notice. The attacker however buys a “sneak attack flag” which costs double (1,000,000) but reduces the defenders notice to 30 minutes. Such a mechanism realistically represents the additional expense of preparing a sneak attack, such as the planning, bribery, waiting for the opportune moment, chasing down witnesses, etc. Point 4: All of this could of course be supplemented by a "cooldown" on port re-capture. The 7 day suggestion currently circulating seems too long - maybe 2 days, in combination with these other points, would represent a good balance. Example: The attacker wants to capture three ports on their front line. They opt to buy a normal flag for the first port – 250,000 gold and 30 minutes notice. They also buy a “sneak attack” flag for the second port – 1,000,000 gold and 30 minutes notice. They opt to buy a normal flag for the third port – 1,000,000 gold and 120 minutes notice. Assuming they are successful at capturing ports 1, 2 and 3 then the following day, what would have been the defenders ports 4, 5, 6 are now reclassified as 1, 2, 3 and the process can begin again. Of course the attacker could opt to also try and capture ports 4, 5, 6 on the first day, but the (exponentially?) increasing cost would bankrupt most players and the (exponentially?) increasing warning notice would give the defending nation time to mobilise their defence. Conclusion: I hope the point I am making is clear enough – the further you try to reach into enemy territory the more it will cost you and the more notice is granted to the defender. Of course the numbers are just suggestions and open to discussion. Cpt. Ed - Great Britain.
  19. A suggestion for the "Pirates" Faction: A feature where, after capturing an enemy ship, you can hoist that ship's faction's colors to disguise your ship and sneak up on enemies before attacking like in history. For example, pirate ship attacks and captures a British ship, pirate ship is now able to hoist the union jack to sneak up close to enemies and either attack or slip by. There could also be a feature for detecting whether or not a ship is disguising itself or not but I'm not really sure how. Any feedback, suggestions, or something to add on?
  20. Piracy has long been a part of the sailing culture. As long as there has been maritime trade, there has been Piracy (Not even Caesar was immune!) The Discovery Age, and the years of sea trade and travel following helped promote piracy to incredible levels during the 17th and 18th century, so much so that when speaking of the Spanish main, this era is also referred to as "the Golden Age of Piracy". It is no secret that pirates will be included in Naval Action, at least as NPC enemies. Unlike navies, which flew the flags of their country as their main jack, Pirate flags were mostly unique. The Pirate flag was used not only to identify the ship and crew as Pirates, but also to intimidate and send a message. Many Pirate Captains decided to use their own designs for their own needs and to send their own unique message. Here I will present a brief description of what different symbols and flags used by Pirates meant (so you may better prepare yourself when you see one of ours heading your way ) The Jolly Roger: Although a specific captain's flag, the term "Jolly Roger" quickly became a blanket term for any and all pirate jacks. pirate captains just starting off or less notable may have simple black or red flags with no design; this still would have been considered a Jolly Roger and would still identify them as pirates. A few captains' designs compete for being considered the actual Jolly Roger, however it the general consensus that it was either Edward England's or 'Calico' Jack Rackham's design that was considered the Jolly Roger (NOTE: Not the first pirate flag). The main purpose of any Jolly Roger would be to first intimidate the opposing crew in the hopes that either they would surrender without a fight, or would be fear stricken and thus be less effective in combat. Black and Red fields: Pirates of the Golden Age followed a practice where the color of a flag's field sent a message in and of itself. A black field (the most common) symbolized that quarter would be given to the enemy crew if they surrendered without a fight, or should they fight, quarter would still be given to any survivors. The reason for this is that often pirate captains were looking for A: New crew, and the best way to acquire new, seasoned sailors as pirates was to coerce them to leave behind "legitimate" sailing for piracy, B: prisoners to ransom or sell back at a pirate port, or C: Political personal reasons (There are accounts of varying pirate captains acting differently to certain nationalities; an English pirate captain would give quarter and be lenient to English victims while being ruthless and giving no quarter for French victims). A red field symbolized that no quarter was to be given. No surrender would be accepted and no survivors would be taken aboard. Here is an example of when a pirate was known for flying both versions of the flag, Henry Avery: Symbols and their message: As stated before, many pirate captains used their own unique designs for their flags. However, there were a number of common details used in many pirate flags that also carried a message. Skull and Bones- The most common and well known of pirate flag facets, the depiction of any combination of skulls and/or bones was an easily identifiable symbol for death. Death- The depiction of Death, or the Grim Reaper (or in some cases, the Devil), on pirate flags was a common practice. Often depicted as either a skeleton, demon, or ghoul, Death would be used to symbolize that "Death is upon you" or Death has come". Death would also often be depicted with a spear in hand in some cases. The Hourglass- Another common practice for pirate flags was the image of a simple hourglass, such as the one depicted under the skull in Emanuel Wynn's flag. The hourglass could be depicted by itself or in the hands of Death, symbolizing that "Your time has come" or "Time is running out (for you)". The hourglass could also be depicted with wings, symbolizing that "Your time is flying away": Blades and Arms- depictions of swords and daggers can be found on many pirate jacks, along with a raised arm (by itself or part of a body ) symbolizing that the crew was ready and willing to fight. Heart- Not exactly the first thing to come to mind when thinking of pirates, the orientation of a heart on a pirate jack can be very important. If a sword or spear was pointed at or piercing a heart , it meant that no quarter was to be given, even if it was depicted on a black field. This is just a quick background of famous pirate flags and designs. The information here is true to the best of my knowledge, using a number of sources and prior knowledge, some of which are linked throughout the post (I used Wikipedia mostly for images.) I hope you all enjoy this quick into the "Hidden messages" of pirate flags. Cheers! P.S. - i felt this was more history than off-topic discussion, but if this needs to be moved to the Tavern, please do so. I wasn't 100% sure where to put it. Cheers again.
  21. Blackie


    From the album: Flags

    Christopher Moody pirate flag
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    From the album: Flags

    John Quelch pirate flag
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    From the album: Flags

    Christopher Condent pirate flag
  24. From the album: Flags

    Speculative skull and crossbones. Pirate unknown.
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