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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to Mantua (Mantua city flag) The towers symbolized the determination of the town to defend itself. The open doors Hospitality, Free trade and Open mindedness. Hear ye, hear ye Dο you ever feel jealous of the Russians, because they can hunt privateer fleets right at their door? Now you can do the same! Make an outpost at Mantua and hunt the Spanish privateer fleets (10-15mins travel time for an encounter). The port of Mantua is always supplied with materials for repairing your ship and the most common used guns of all caliber. There is enough Rum for even the thirstiest sailor. And the best of it, it’s half the price compared to Tumbado. The stocks are resupplied on a daily basis. Special seasoned wood offers are made by local merchants. If you are missing any special supply, like a certain gun caliber, don’t hesitate to contact your local merchant. Sincerely, Lord Protector Z4ys
  2. I know this idea is not entirely new. It has been discussed in context with special features for Pirates. But I think it is worthwile bringing back and maybe with some new addition to the concept. Especially now as I see the idea being in cohesion with developers' idea to add new content to the OW sea for less afk sailing. With events on the sea, we can also present events on the shore and on numerous islands. We have so many of them and they deserve a purpose besides being an obstacle to navigate around... (1) Players can establish small outposts on any landmass they approach by ship, if only they get close enough to the beach to trigger the setting up, using a pointer on the exact position at the beach. It will require an amount of oak, iron and provisions to set up such outpost. AND you have to take some crew off your ship to use them as outpost garrison. (2) Outpost will become visible to the player who founded it. It functions as a small warehouse with limited space, like 10 slots. It also offers you one dockspace where you can leave a ship. Think of a ship which can be hidden in some adjacent river mouth, behind trees or rock formation. (3) Outpost will remain as symbol on your map so you can find it again. You cannot teleport to it and it does not have production of any kind except maybe farm (provisions). (4) Outpost can be detected by any other player if he travels VERY CLOSE to its position. The detection should be done over viewing a thing as small as a tree or rock used in OW and consist of something as unspecular as a barrel or a longboat sitting on the beach, or a small hut barely behind the beach. To make it less easy, place also empty tokens of same looks randomly in OW which change with every maintenance, so searching players don't know from a distance and for as long as possible if it is just OW decoration or really a hidden outpost of some player. You need time to explore the shore for signs of presence of another players minor outpost. Can't be done just by sailing past the coast with full sails. (5) Outpost, once discovered by other player, can be raided and plundered instantly. For this, attacking player needs to use his ship crew (against garrisoned outpost crew). Both strengths and quality (upgrades of the ship they come from matter) are compared and added by some random factor to determine a winner, with defending player being absent. So raids are only possible if owner is not present at the place. If raider isn't successful, only part of his crew returns from the amphibious attack alive and he has to retreat with reduced ship crew, making him vulnerable for other events at sea. If raider is successful and his men overwhelm the garrison, they take as much as they can from the things outpost player has stored ashore. Attacker can decide to destroy the rest which cannot be loaded onto his ship. If he choses to destroy the outpost, it disappears from the map of the original owner without a trace. Else he just gets a message it has been raided, with undisclosed results. He will have to come there for looking up what's happened. (6) A ship mooring at the hidden outpost will not be touched by a raid, but disappear as well, when attacker decided to raze the place. Attacker will not get the parked ship, we want to assume it escaped with a few men on board who cut anchors. (7) Name, clan and nation of the outpost owner will not be disclosed to people discovering or raiding the place. Also owner will not learn who did raid or destroy the place, unless the person told him so (like he knew where to look for the outpost as it was told to him). This makes this mechanism viable for PvE peace server, therefor. (8) Limit ability for players to set up three to five such hidden private outposts anywhere on the map except very tiny islands without hiding opportunity. Should come with a minimum range around it where no other outpost can get established, to avoid stacking at the same places, and with minimum distance to next port. Think of a DLC which can be sold to playerbase, offering more hidden outposts and two dockyards for ships in each of them. (9) Imagine a clan version of the hidden outpost, which would be visible to clan members. However, the vulnerability of that place should require to keep the informed circle as small as possible. Make an option in clan management which allows or denies visibility of hidden minor clan outposts to specific members. (10) There is a random chance the outpost will be destroyed by (NPC) Indians or local militia of an enemy nation owning the hinterland. On continental coasts this risk is 3x higher than on remote islands, where indigene population either does not exist or is too small and weak. A message will be sent to player when this happens. In case of an Indian attack, the ship left at the outpost will not be harmed and await players return. However, for continued operation, this outpost must be rebuilt with fresh material and crew replacement. (11) Make it possible a hidden outpost can be shared with people on friend list, not connected with clan membership. Risk of abuse apparent, though. -- Idea has following purposes: - add possible points of interest on land, with a loot promise - add more dockspace - establish logistic centers for traders where to exchange and store cargo or ship temporarily - tactical considerations, about crew being risked or not on land, in regard of following events at sea
  3. Preface: There have been many statements on the forum that a greater quantity than 8 is desired for outposts. Many reasons stated, such as not enough locations to dock ships, not enough locations for fast map movement or forefront fighting, or too much time to move assets as the front lines move, on and on. I don't know if the devs have any inclination to address this in any way or augment those quantities. Following is a possible way to address the aforementioned concerns. Concept: This concept is the adoption of National Outposts, as opposed to (and in addition to) our current personal player outposts. The quantity of these made available should be up for discussion, but in this proposal I would like to see either 2 or 3 outposts designated as national outposts. Let's just say 2 for now. These national outposts would be in addition to, and not in lieu of, your original 1 starting outpost plus your 7 available personal purchased outposts. So in effect, each national will be offered and maintain 3 outposts at game outset (capital location plus two national locations), and then have available up to 10 outposts (8 personal, 2 national). Sorry pirates, this is a proposal for nationals, you would not partake. Limit 8. Selection and maintenance: National Outpost selection is performed on the voting platform, along with the alliance/war voting. National Outposts are assigned at the same time as alliances, and removed in alignment as well. Same number of votes for any player for an outpost as for alliance/war. If there is a tie for the top two, it gets assigned by closest proximity to national capital. Otherwise the greatest number of votes for the top two wins. Two or more nations can have the same national outpost. They are not mutually exclusive amongst nations. Purpose: I see the primary purpose of the national outpost as a common ground for all players of a nation to move to the forefront of the battle and bring port battles to the enemy where the nation, in unison, has voted to go next. This is why they move with the nation's alliance and war voting. Can be discussed in TeamSpeak and amongst clan meetings, or in nation chat if you don't suspect spies around. It also allows us to get the extra 2 outposts (or 3 ?) that we have been asking for. It makes the fighting for national conquest easier to coordinate amongst players. Input?
  4. Hidden (temporary) Outposts Got that idea: Player can be able set hidden outpost (lair/den) at maximum of 3: Rules and specification * the lair will be total stealth and no other player can see it; * maximum cargo can be the same of the ship that player was sailing when built it; * only one ship can be docked at there at time; * player can switch beween lairs/dens the same way alreay exists with outposts, but to dock on wen on OW, he needs to find them by the exact coordinates; * dont need to be exclusive to pirates and all players can set one the same way. By example, when you going in a trip and see that the route is not safe, you just set one along the way to empty your cargo to get back later; * It is temporary and if you dont come back within a certain amount of time it becomes "public" and any other player can find it and loot it; * to find a lost hidden outpost, the officer need a special perk: explorer or treasure hunter; * with the perk, the player sail around coasts (very close) and when he find a hidden lair a pop up window blinks to the player and he docks there to loot the goodies. It will be nice if other players improve the idea with more sugestions.
  5. Would be nice to see the transfer of player's ships from outpost to outpost but in a more interesting way... The transported ship would automatically sail in open world and can be visibile to all players.. the duration it takes depends on distance from the starting location to final destination; and those transported ships are able to be attacked by any playing spotting them... so it is a risk a player has to take. This mechanic can also be applied for trade ships where the player can load the ship up and send it to another outpost... whereas it can make more lucrative opportunities for foreign privateers. Would be nice also to select the mode of open world sailing; whether the player requests the ship arrive ASAP by travelling through islands and avoiding deadwinds, or sailing on open ocean and minimal effort to avoid dead winds... progress of ship transport would be seen on colony or the outpost where the ship was sent from.
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