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  1. Hello! As we know, the following chat channels will blink continuously when it has unread messages: 1) Trade 2) Clan 3) Nation 4) Global 5) Help 6) Combat news But the PM chat once you leave to other tabs do not continue to blink when you receive a new message and some player do not check the tab if it is not blinking. This make that some people do not know they have a new reply from the user in PM. My request is a small request and a feature that exist in other chat boxes. Which is to make the Pm chat of the other user blink continuously if there is unread message. If there are players who do not like a blinking, maybe there is option to turn this off somewhere would be nice for them too ^^ Thank you for reading!
  2. \o/ ty! I look forward to new ships and the new development ^^
  3. Hello! if you want a paint I can help to do for free ^^ but not dlc ship as you cannot trade paint. But this is for the flag >_<
  4. headnod, it is not the best place to use money but I do not regret to use it as norway flag is the only one to be accessed by this way in denmark-norge. however, although i think most people know the 50k dub have better place to spam, can we keep the topic to sharing the flag xD as I still wish to see these special flag and do not want to out topic for other user ^^
  5. Wow ty! that is so pretty! ty for sharing too
  6. You mean poland do not have special 50k dub flag? The Norway ensign flag is only special to 50k dub and the dlc do not have ._.
  7. that is swedish? what is it called?
  8. wow, that is nice! thank you for sharing Poland 50k flag
  9. Do no one buy 50k dub flag >_<
  10. Hello! I spend 50,000 dubloon on Denmark-Norge flag and I get the Norway Naval Ensign. If you also spend your money from other nation, can I see what your 50k dub flag look like?
  11. Hello! We in PvE have made diplomacy possible! Look at the map we shared and discussed ^^ If you are in PvE and do not know that it exist this diplomacy, please tell me here and we welcome you to the PvE discord channel!
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