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  1. ya mee too! the ship is so beautiful. sometime i do de broadside view when u right click but i wish i can stand on the helm.
  2. yes NA scratch my itch but sea legends look like it will be antihistamine. I wish the deve keep up the work with NA n move that same standard to sea legend. i like is that it is not multiplayer in pvp sense and that is better for us to help make the sailing realistic without balancing of player issue.
  3. but i wan support the deve. do you think it will open until november so i can get enough money to buy?
  4. Admin Admin! I saw this today, can i ask when it close? Cause my pay come in November and I am short a few dollar :<
  5. Proposal for Trade text channel in open world Hello everyone, This proposal is for improved Trade text channel as well as the implementation of a Trade text channel in open world. Rationale & Problem Currently, the text channel for trade is global where sometimes it is quiet or there is a conversation going on. Normally, a player would post something like: And if the chat is busy, it gets pushed up and the seller would sometime make multiple spam of it. While you are sailing, there is no proper channel to view trading or post things you want to sell, so global
  6. Proposal for PvE (No enemy players) The purpose of this proposal is for the removal of enemy players in the PvE server. Instead everyone in the server can see each other's names and interact as if we are all the same nation (Battle Group, Friend adding, Trading in open water, etc). Rationale of change As PvE server have nothing but peaceful cooperation, many of us from the different nations are friends. However, we are not able to coop with them in a manner that is more user friendly. Being the PvE server, it helps that we can identify each other especially for helping in RvR p
  7. I cant pay anything but if it is inactive, and no one is online to run it then I want it?
  8. I agree =D I have learn these from PvE server and i have alot of fun. On the other hand, one way i learn to break sterncamp is to suddenly reverse into them and be alittle erratic sailing backwards as most of the time they are sterncamping because they cannot take you from the side. Vary the speed by going very fast then suddenly very slow and etc.
  9. Hello! sorry to necropost but can whoever is IKEA please contact me? As I hear it is inactive clan and i would like the clan tag for it.
  10. This would be okay if they had 1 account but having alts its almost difficult We have his name but he can change it into another name which is difficult to find closure or justice.
  11. Yachteru

    Is it allowed?

    Is it allowed for someone to abuses their officer rank and then steal all the clan warehouse materials and leaving saying they are a spy? Can a tribunal be in place for these people?
  12. omg, your format is way nicer, I was doing this as pve server asked about it but i must try to learn how to get the picture as i am interest in the 50k dub flag too
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