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  1. LeBoiteux


    I didn't mean to be mean 😉
  2. LeBoiteux


    already in game for NA timeframe. You can even choose between France and UK.
  3. I'd be interesting in knowing how many gamers, before buying the game, have ever heard of John Paul Jones or knew when exactly Nelson lived and what battles he actually fought... There were quite a few 'Ultimate Admirals' in all the naval nations of the modern period of Age of Sail (say 1650-1830) that could be made 'exciting' in a game or a DLC. In France, at least one can certainly be found among Duquesne, d'Estrées, Vivonne, Château-Renault, Tourville, d'Estaing, Grasse, Suffren, Gauthier de Rigny... And ppl like diversity of nations in historical games. 🙂
  4. I miss the time when we could stil hope to have Exploration in NA.
  5. Don't worry, be happy... as the Surprise, Cerberus, Pandora and Renommée were all considered 6th rates IRL. 😁
  6. I knew it! This is how it is commemorated now : (juste une p'tite blague) Ok... let's be honest. This is how it is actually commemorated :
  7. How about making Ship DLCs "ready-to-sail", that is including in the DLC a certain amount of repair kits and a choice of guns/carronades (the way you choose woods) for the casual players who just want to jump into a ship and play and have no time to do anything else than sailing/fighting/taking a mission ? (btw those guns and kits could be nontransferable to another ship.)
  8. btw Napoleon Bonaparte was born 250 years ago (+2 days) on 15 August 1769. Napoléon 1er est né il y a (presque) exactement 250 ans, le 15 août 1769.
  9. Very nice job with HMS Leopard !!! Congrats ! (maybe the faces are a little bit too realistic, not enough sculpture-like) 🙂
  10. Voilà pour toi, ignorant, deux fameux alexandrins : "Ah! Je te casserai la tête assurément. Si tu ne veux, maraud, t'expliquer autrement."
  11. La Gross Venture ? What is that ? 😂 You mean a kind of Trousers Big with tree basts and moor gums ?
  12. So will I. The US campaign is advertised as follows : "Our young nation is surrounded on all sides. The British cannot accept our independence. Vicious pirates prey on our merchant vessels. Even our former allies, the French, are now against us". As far as I know, the only period when the French were against the USA is during the Quasi-War (7 July 1798 – 30 September 1800), that is during the French Revolution and the French Consulate, that is not during the French Empire, thus not during the Napoleonic Wars. As for the UK campaign playing Nelson, it seems to take place during the reign of King George III (1760-1820), thus during the AWI and the Napoleonic Wars, right ? However, not making France and Spain playable nations during this period of the AWI, French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars is quite "daring" in terms of History. Some other solo tactical war games also offers those one-sided campaigns (Order of Battle: World War II...).
  13. The Danish (light) frigates are real beauties, we do have plans of them, etc. :
  14. You will find quite a few interesting Danish plans that's already been posted in the Shipyard section. Such a list without plan is quite useless in this section. 🙂
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