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  1. if you're looking for a 18-pdr frigate, there is Sané's La Vénus (1782).
  2. I think I came across a partner to play "yes, no, yes, no, yes, no..."
  3. First and foremost, we need a 6-pdr frigate as a (6th rate) ship DLC. Then a 9-pdr Corvette.
  4. There is a lot of intelligence in this world. What it lack is goodness. And you generally are aware if you don't have it.
  5. not the most original post... 🙂 I think devs have already said there would be no more DLC ships until release. Do you hear me ? Some poor hearing ? 😁
  6. Are you telling me that NA devs had wonderful ideas when they firstly consider implementing an OW (exploration, careers...) but they finally refrain and add others (rarity...) only in the name of those 3 ugly letters : M, M, O ?
  7. Can someone explain to me what is fun about rare ships and not being able to sail the ships you like ? Long time ago, the suggestion of naval careers was made : be a privateer and buy the very ships you like and can afford by looting or be a naval officer and sail the ship you are assigned to and fulfill the missions you are given. That was IMHO a funnier idea (not to say historical) in the same vein. Btw the career of naval officers could use the mechanic of rare ships with a counterpart : the immediate access to ships without having to craft/buy/etc. them.
  8. The* figurehead of the ideal 24-pdr frigate DLC : source We will see... _________ * ?
  9. Rare ships... meaning when you're a casual, you can't even sail a Rattle or a Renommée ! You bought a ship as DLC and then everybody hardcore gamers can have her in game for free... Very rewarding to buy ship DLCs... Focus on hardcore gamers who can spend H24 in game and clans...
  10. Same class : 9-pdr ships with the other shallow frigates. Don't hesitate. Call Hercules a "9-pdr frigate" or a "shallow frigates". About the same fire power, about the same HP. Everything is fine. It would be heaven if all 9-pdr ships (shallow frigates, the Niagara and LRQ) were gathered in a same 'rate', 'class' or whatever (for missions...).
  11. The Hercules must only be compared with the ships of her class, that is the 9-pdr ships (= the shallow frigates, the Niagara and LRQ), not to 12-pdr frigates such as L'Hermione. And her figures match those of her class. btw, it shows there's actually a real difference between the 9-pdr ships and 12-pdr frigates while some are still in the same 'rate'.
  12. @Mr. Doran in parenthesis : Please allow me to add in your description of what players expected, during the passage from Sea trials to OW, two kinds of pro-OW : the MMO fans (who got NA OW with clans, trading, RvR, crafting...) and others dreaming of a more simulation/historical/realistic experience in navigating, sailing and fighting with weather conditions, shallow waters... (often less interested in crafting, trading, economy...). btw GL I am sure there's still a market for the latter. 🙂
  13. without wanting to minimize current inequalities around the world nor the victims of the Revolution, if you really think that and are interested in truth and History, you really need to learn more about the French Revolution and the Ancien régime ! 🙂 Even facts about the very short episode of the terror, focus of many's attention and quite a delusion maker, would surprise you
  14. At the Revolution, the French Navy was disorganized by the aristocratic naval officers fleeing abroad : these exiles represented 80% of the naval officers. Very few among the naval officers had trouble with the terror (3%). Some others fought against the revolution (10%). What's left fought for the Revolution (M. Vergé-Franceschi). The Revolution is about the end of the privileges of the Aristocrats and the Clergy.
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