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  1. With the perk, you'll be able to communicate a distance and a position (NE...) from a city or a given point (the end of an island...). That's nice.
  2. but there was no map when the OW was implemented, right ? during several months when Prater started mapping
  3. causing bugs if changed ? I got it.
  4. I think that, like a mod, you 'modder/translator' do what you want. There will certainly be several files of the same langage.
  5. I don't know whether or not you considered that. Concerning the ship names, it relates to any langage in NA.
  6. Good old times of the discovery ! That was great : sailing long distance, admiring the OW, fighting, discovering, looking for a passage to the Pacific... 🙂
  7. LeBoiteux

    Hercules OW Spam

    EA will have the Pandora as free DLC ship... 🙂
  8. LeBoiteux

    Hercules OW Spam

    you do know this post, don't you ? DLCs boost pvp.
  9. I guess the idea in terms of gameplay behind light frigates in shallows is to make them more popular and used and give LRQ and Hercules viable opponents in shallows. Making light frigates underperform in shallows may not be the solution for that. However, by malignant opportunism, following your suggestion, I can't help but repeating my suggestion : make a lighter version of La Surprise with 24 x 9-pdr and 6 x 4-pdr (the French Unité) allowed in shallows while keeping the Surprise out of shallows. 🙂
  10. Good idea. Use of perks could (will?) be explained in the tutorial.
  11. The draught of loaded La Renommée (1744) is even : 13' 1/5 french feet at the front (4,4 m) 15' (4,9 m) at the rear (from Boudriot). But as Admin said : (btw, light frigates in fact, corvettes being much lighter)
  12. This is a perk... Coordinates would be the same 'GPS' as a 'dot' (here the drawing of a ship), as a dot is the result of two coordinates. This is just a matter of presentation : a ship or your finger tip on the screen.
  13. but in the current case in NA, as the prices remain the same while there are more doublons, it is not a deflation, only improving ppl's purchasing power. 🙂
  14. as a matter of fact, it is a deflation (when prices decrease). indeed.