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  1. gunboat rattle heavy, diana, santa cecila, christan hidden in rng boxes, ok but all the other have to be accessibles via admiralty permits too in doubloons or medals. And why do we keep the uss united states next to the constitution ? as the first is nothing but a bad model for the second ?
  2. How about no. Any ship can sent price crew on board of a surrendered one, why would we have to be forced to scuttle our prize ?
  3. Lineships sinking from a single broadside doing multiple leaks still happens right now. It's not broken as it was by the time but it still make the pumps looks useless i admit.. Structure reaching zero without any leak should simply force a surrender, not sink. Then the winner would have the choice to scuttle or keep. I think that would compensate to high price & rare permits state.
  4. A la limite le rattle heavy je peux comprendre vu qu'il n'a jamais existé, mais le rattlesnake et le niagara... j'espere que ce sera via des medailles ou doublons dans l’amirauté pas uniquement dans des chests.
  5. still my point was that : carro > long gun to sink enemy ship (the only thing you get rewards for), as long cannon damages outside carronade range will be outrepaired (and the other way is not true). Carronades are as accessible as long cannon and cheap to craft. I don't say to change anything into the balance, carronade was a great innovation and considered fearsome by the time, they just could be a rarer sight.
  6. Is this list only for rng permits ? Or will those be availlable from admiralty too? No more CM or VM required for Ocean ? Victory ? Bucc ? Pavel ? Where are the Santa Cecilia and the Diana ? So you make the rattlesnake (already quite useless right now) even more difficult to get than now !! Why ? The rattle heavy i can understand, but the real one... I'm sad for the Niagara too, only her 32pd deck make her ok, at least let ai sails some so we can cap some crew space version, it was one of my favorite ship... and my paints for it are useless now. As planned it's the Surprise & Trinco that gets a free pass.. but do making them more available than rattlesnake & niag make sense ?
  7. And i'm not the Baptiste behind one of those reviews (just to be clear)
  8. but if he is fitted right too he will outrepair any damage you deal on him and you will never get the kill.
  9. I don't say getting close and dealing maximum damages should not be the most efficient way to go, i just say carronades in this situation is superior by a huge margin (and they probably should be (appart for accurate mast sniping)), but as they are as easily accessible as any other long cannon, the later dissapeared, same for ships not able to use carro for main deck. The fact you can outrepair damages dealt from distance is also symptomatic of something broken. Kiting is boring but what to do when closing in vs a carro ship is suicide ?
  10. On demasting: Damage to sails could affect masts strength in a same way structure do right now : when a chain shot make a hole in a sail, in fact it would cut some rope too most of the time. Also i think reducing the number of sails should increase the strengh of the masts, as sails force exerce some tension over masts (during strong winds, captains used the minimum number of sails to prevent masts to brake) In a same manner, captains used battle sails when exchanging broadsides for different reasons, but protecting masts integrity was one of them. On damage model: I think the damage model at the moment feel allright in general (masts dmg could be improved) but something generally overlooked as we got used to it for a long time, is how easy access to carronade break nearly everything. All in the damage model push in favor of close range broadsides: -shooting masts with precision + penetrating = you need to get close, -penetrating hull = the closer the better, -dmg per penetrating shot = huge increase at close range, -agile & fast ship able to bounce from fast angling & close-in with impunity -multiple repairs favor being able to deal the maximum damage in short period of time, instead of dominating from distance. At a point where there is nearly no reason for using medium or long cannon where you can use carronades. 6 & 7th rates needs these 12pd- 18pd carronade to survive, but i think 32pd carronade and larger should be rarer. Make them cost dbl or cm or watever (rare blueprint etc..), they are supposed to be powerfull, but show me someone prefering 9pd cannon instead of 32pd carronade, the whole balance between ships/ woods / guns is impacted by these large carronades and they are easy so easy to craft. Fight a same ship as you equiped in carro while sailing in a fir or oak ship + cannons, either you can kite & chain & escape or you will probably loose fast => everyone looking for mandatory teak wo.
  11. Swivels decks should not count for deck difference but instead should give firedeckgun bonus + being able to depress when aimed downward. Until that, it's better not equip them at all imo.
  12. Trincomalee lobbying group will again end victorious and get their favorite op frigate without medals and strong enough to wreck lineships ? My opinion on the matter : -Remove combat medals for permits appart rattleheavy, lgv refit, endymion, christian, bellona, constitution (remove entirely rng only permits) -Add medals for carronades larger or equal to 32pd recipes => niagara, surprise, trinco, indef, as very popular ships become much more accessible, and only cost medals on their op carro setup.
  13. We have came back nearly to the pre patch state, and carro are still op..
  14. USS United states is a frigate and should feel so, her force should be speed (sails surface ratio) in line with the 5th rates & thickness (ironside), her current hp buff feels super artificial. None of the US superfrigates would fight a lineship, but they could escape from them while they should bully smaller 5th rates with is broadsides weight & thickness+structure even if less manoeuverable.
  15. So by camping in front of a port and sinking every ship of the port's nation around it, it is still possible to bypass the whole hostility missions stuff + frontline ? I hope so. Is the hostility gained from ow sinking will be tweaked so this can happen for real? As right now the maintenance reduce too much of the hostility gained the previous 24h or the ow kills raise too few of the hostility levels IMO to flip in time. Do hostility by blocading & supply cut will be a thing too ?
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