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  1. Glad you keep working on the game ! Can't wait for the first update and the incoming paints (and ships hopefully), even if no sure about how the npc aggression thing will improve the game.. Proper battle sails mechanics could be a game changer, eager to see what you have in mind. New player experience missions and improvements => too bad it didn't came with the release, it may be coming a bit late ^^ it should have been a priority before release. New progression system (including for crew) + Perk system revamp and improvements, weird move to modify such stuff late after release, but better late than never.
  2. No one really said p2w in stats, (even if you forgot le Requin) But p2w as paying $ for unlimited free acces to "rare woods" trim and now ports bonus + bypass the shipyard & productions costs.. When people having paid full price for the game have to face increased building costs, + rely on rng for now hidden permits for quite a number of ships + broken eco + admin telling oak oak ships are viable as the game is not gear based.
  3. Wow, "i do'nt want to take part in the eco or crafting, neither join a clan, but i want the same benefits". Devs really listen to a small population of whiners while everyone complain and make suggestions about RvR, imbalance between nations, ressource trade, the pb max br and 1st rate meta with no positive action taken.. Release a dlc for every single ship model already, at least it will create more diversity on the sea.
  4. lol for the clans bothering to invest, gather, move rare woods, invest in ports bonus to craft their frigates & 4th rates, while anyone paying twice the price for the same game gets a free pass and focus on 1st rates production, weird move. The whole game now will be crafting 1st rates only, as all the rest will be dlc. Wrecker, Téméraire & Montanes DLC when now ? Then 3rd rates could rightfully rule the oceans thx to walletwarriors ..
  5. New paints when ? However, a new 4th rate is good news and the HMS Leopard looks a nice choice, can't wait to see a pic.
  6. Sans système in game d'alliances flexibles, le RvR ne vaut rien. N'importe quelle pb ou tentative de flip est une opportunité pour n'importe quel groupe pvp d'une tierce nation de faire des kills gratos et interférer dans le RvR , bref c est le bordel et quasi seulement les grosses nations sont un peu protégées de ça car le risque de représailles est trop gros pour risquer de les facher. Donc a la fin on en revient au stade de l'époque avec deux nations RvR qui s'affrontent, le reste qui bataille pour survivre ou pour se battre pour les miettes, autant mettre un système pour fixer ça et qu'un joueur ennemi ne puisse pas t'assister une bataille pour te couler juste derrière.
  7. by the logic, they should also get the random ai trim bonus as it's not specified they don't have acces to them ^^ You will answer me "it's ai bonus = for AI" I will answer "it's port crafting bonus = for crafting"
  8. I love them, even if i prefered the rewards from the dev server back when you introduced them. Make pirates able to transform cargo mission into "contrabant goods" & passenger missions into "ransom", so they can make profit of them by selling them in freetowns.
  9. -Rework of hostility -AI firing arc -Deliver the promised paints to the dlc owners -Fix trade goods profits -Town models style & colors for each nations.
  10. Give us access to the rest of the paints already, you worked on them, why hide content in a released game ? i can't understand.. You could have choose to sell paint items via micropayments but you choose to release them as a one time dlc, you will not sell us another paint dlc now so why wait ? I would like to know if you are still working on them due to quality level not ok yet ? ( i think most of the rouge-noir & Brest harbour we have in game looks rushed and lack of details: i mean black is too shiny/ brest too dark) talk to us please.
  11. Don't know if that's me but i think the final exam is much easier now than when we had to do it in a Cerberus. If the difficulty level is a problem for new players, maybe it simply could be renamed as "capitaine de frégate exam" (yes i play for France ^^) and specified that it allow to jump directly to that rank but you can get there by simply proving yourself in unrated vessels..
  12. Maybe humblebundle is considered as prepaid key ordered during EA.
  13. C'est lunaire ces annonces, la com' c'est tellement pas le truc de cette équipe qu'ils réussissent caler des trucs kamoulox et faire zero hype avec l'annonce de la release de leur jeu. Je sais toujours pas si du foutage de gueule, en tout cas je suis certain que c'est pas du génie..
  14. Enfin d'après le sondage il y aura autant de monde chez les prussiens que chez les anglais donc a prendre avec des pincettes. Ceci dit je ne m'attends pas a voir débarquer de nouveaux clans chez les fr du coup la plupart des joueurs RvR fr resteront chez les NN chez les russe ou n'importe quelle nation où iront migrer les clans rvr afin de continuer de profiter du RvR, mais qui sait après tout a quoi ressemblera le jeu a la release.. (bon ok probablement a la même chose que maintenant.)
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