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  1. If i recall well, admin said carronades were historically superior so they will not balance them in game. Fact is this make carronade the golden gun, while it remain a common craftable item without permit or limited access while historically this technology was not that common.
  2. Why some receive 9/42 while some gets the more usual 9/32 and others have 6/32 ? larger carro on snow lol ^^ Thx for the list !
  3. Nice post ! I would support : - An update for better looking town models. (maybe more diverse forts & towers too ! ) - Access to santa Cecilia & Diana too - Fixthe 2pd swivels firing arch - Ability to operate lynx/cutter/privateer/pickle from enemy ports &/or use false flags to give them something. - Rework lineships thickness disparity so hp pool & firepower is the main difference not artificially boosted "armor"
  4. My point is you suggest the one who surrender manage to keep his ship, while the one who won the fight can't take control of the ship he defeated, only sink it, there i think the winner should have the choice to cap it of sink it (i even don't like not being able to cap dlc ships). With you suggestion a dream build ship would never be lost or get captured anymore, you surrender and you get to keep it for your next fight.
  5. I m against anything preventing the winning side to keep a defeated ship. Sinking or surrendering should mean you loose the ship. But i would like surrendering to get some use, same as i would prefer that most battles end in ship surrendering instead of sinking. Maybe make it availlable only when taking leaks (all crew go to stop leaks and the ship can't sink anymore) or in shock (so you can't surrender without even giving a fight and deprive the opponent from getting medals.) In return you could get a random note for a ship of the same class you were sailing or some compensation like the doublons & reals cost of your ship, or few combat medals, idk .
  6. As seen on the facebook page : legend is: "Admiraal de Ruyter" Bow FigureWrecker class - Ship of the line80 guns (36 Pounder gun deck)
  7. Why levelling on pvp server if you don't want to confront enemy players ? You want to be admiral without a single pvp fight ? From my understanding loki runes have been removed from peace server.
  8. From my understanding one will be regular and one dlc ( either Redoutable or HMS Implacable )
  9. Could very well be balanced by adjusting hardcaps, If a seasonned LW ship + can t gain more thickness than a regular LW with carta upgrade for exemple. or a (s)Fir fir can t go faster no matter what upgrades, than a regular Ff pimped with copper, navy hull etc. Then cost of the seasoned woods would just be justified to pass on the upgrades cost ?
  10. Exactly what i thought reading this, wasn't retaining new players the official objective at short term ? Instead of giving new shinny toys for the top clans to stomp anything else.. +What about DLC ships ? Do they have access to seasonned woods ?
  11. Nominated it too. Isn't it weird to see the full game cheaper than the rattisvan DLC ?
  12. I think he say it's wrong due to the ability to chain someone with more than 2 volley of bow/stern guns..
  13. I remember when we were told to buy cheap medium cannons, and have fun in shallow patrols with any ai ship or redeemabable => that would be a great way to make shallow great again. To me shallow patrol were probably the most fun games i've been in, but as i said, now nobody use anything but 32pd carro: le Requin, Niagara, Surprise or Hercule + repair meta. Whith the anemic dmg output of a medium 9pd even at 1meters compared to carronades, they are simply pure trash. At it's been said, carronades are supposed to be terrifying in shallow for their ability to drop huge amount of grape shots and wash the enemy deck at close range, not for dealing hull damages as if we used atomic shells. The gap between 9pd cannon & 32pd carro is insane.
  14. The carro meta killed it for me..
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