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  1. from my experience 80% of the time the loki drop you in an already sinking ship or vs a 1st rate while in a snow, it's only fun when facing same size ships.
  2. Anyone enjoy farming HDF ? It's a serious questions. I don't ask if you enjoy the loot or that it give access to PB, but if any player tell himself "i launch naval action, hope we will do HDF tonight." Too bad the good stuff in this game is locked behind boring stuff.
  3. -That's a fine model you created here ! When can we use it in game ? -Sorry, it will be an hidden event reward, you must have understood wrong.
  4. I think the Pandora could receive all the rattlesnake's paint too (Roux, english blue, red..) And the same diversity in paint choices could also help the cerberus too.
  5. Please reconsider gifting the Trincomalee honestly, at least gift us a model rework "Hébé class" even if same stats. Here you just take an old ship and say it's a gift for having paid full price ? I've heard no positive reaction yet..
  6. Ok pour tester tout ça et cool pour le nouveau tarif+la mission pour les nouveaux, mais le compte est pas bon avec la Trinco dlc (désolé mais là c'est quoi ce pseudo "cadeau" ?)
  7. J'adore la Trincomalee, cependant j’espère qu'il vont nous offrir un autre navire en compensation pour les possesseurs de la version plein tarif car la Trinco c'est un peu la frégate en eau profonde la plus couramment caftée et facilement disponible actuellement. Je m'attendais à quelquechose d'unique, pas ce navire que tout le monde connait depuis des années en jeu.. L'Hébé par exemple aurait été plus cool même. Là ils prennent un vieux navire du jeu et genre tadaa! : "c'eSt un cAdeau pour coMpensEr Que voUs avEz pAyé 40$ de pLus quE le pRix Du jEux acTuel".. 😕
  8. The Trincomalee as compensation makes me sad, it's really the frigate anyone can get crafted super easily, why would any ancient player would ever redeem one ? I was expecting something more unique at least (like a santa cecilia), this is the probably the dlc noone will ever redeem as everyclan & sits on tons of them (pretty good + easy to craft) and the deepwater 5th rates are nearly useless when surounded by lineships dlc, even more now with $Victory$. Even a 3rd rate dlc would have make more sense than this trinco (i love the trincomalee it's a nice ship don't get me wrong, it just don't fit as a gift) even the pandora dlc at least have a place and some uniqueness.. But you don't care now, we already paid the game full price + dlc, now lets milk a new target.. On the positive, a cheaper game is a good move + i will try the new player mission. (+young Victory is pretty) Battle sails rework when ?
  9. Don't know about the state of the game right now but i myself took a little break, but due to not being confined at my home far from my gaming rig ^^ Yet it's no surprise if population decrease, the state of the pvp server have been terrible for months due to the eternal snowball bandwagon effect. -RvR is here only for those willing to loose ships & time with no goal appart creating content for community, -and for noobs, the ship knowledges grind + book/upgrade/guns imbalance/cost is awfully frustrating. Since years admin tell us to not matter about ship quality and go fight, yet this only work if you're on the zerg side, if not, you must use super ship or be prepared to be humiliated. If new players don't join a russian clan, at best they join clans of vet players totally depressed, at worse they create a new clan and get recked then leave without touching the potential of this game. Too many stuff not fixed for years, yet i still have hope on the next patch.
  10. So stronger side players can benefit of the rewards via their alts ? No Thx.
  11. Will we finally have a chance to see town models for each nation ? As you teased us long time ago > here < That would be awesome and unexpected.
  12. WIP posté sur la page fb des future villes prussiennes, j'espère qu'un rework des ville française est également prévu en tous cas c'est top !
  13. Will "control" perk will be reworked too then ? About the screening battles, it was a time they were fun, but as we got bored of the full Ocean pb, and moved toward limited br port battles, we got in a weird stuff where you had to come in smaller groups&ship but pb fitted, but met 25 1st rate screening you in OW, even if they mostly are trash ships, and That will not be missed as it only gave content to griefers / toxic clans interfering with the RvR of other nations, and served the zerg nations.
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