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  1. Just prepare for Temeraire, Montanes & Wrecker as DLC. Why not ? Now everyone can get an admiralty Ocean for free from ow. At this point that will be even more easy access "fun" for all. At this point better have them as DLC than behind rng permits. Game will still be dead by christmas though without gameplay for noobs & low tiers + alliance +durable gameplay making each aspect interesting on the long time instead of a one time supergrind (like the port investments, knowledges slots or the player ranks right now)
  2. Not at all, game is not entirely dead only because russian clans don't push too hard on RvR to limit the whinning that's all.
  3. Lol even the chinese clan play for russia lol, the game is so dead ^^ Celtiberofrog sorry but your post looks like:
  4. Don't know if it's the langage barrier but the explanation of what ports will be availlable to be raided is obscure to me, will this only concern a few richest ports of the map of the richest ports of each region ? Anyway this seems of very little interest gameplaywise, quite like the treasure fleets, this will only serve the same few group of players that comes first. Any new player or casual will never even understand the rule..
  5. If you want to balance 1st rates, balance them regarding to 2nd & 3rd rates too please. maybe keep 42pd for victory only (historical) an 36pd for anything else nerf santi accel / turn rate / max speed Increase 64 to 90 guns lineships thickness (maybe structure too) so they get more competitives in lineship battles. About the captain navigation skill, i don't know if that can be made into NA at this stage, if this simply translate into gear & magic items or knowledges ala loodsman, that would be nearly pointless as everyone will simply grind the op ones as it is now. But a more player skill based sail & navigation would be rad. Gun stabilisation & turrets-like sniper feeling could also be reworked if we go the more simulation path. Still the overall gameplay is a priority, eco/rvr, everything must hold & work together first, and i'm not talking about more ai ship.
  6. Was it a gank or 7th rate missions farming ?
  7. AI lineships available for capture don't promote pvp, it's just a gift for pvers & carebears + the final nail on the coffin for anything smaller than a 1st rate... If, even worse than all, you reduce max br for port battles after that, we will be back at the trash ai 1st rates screening fleets denying access to pb vs forced inferiors pb groups (=> Again a gift for zerg nation that can align more screeners) ... We had that and that was lame, 1st rates should be less represented, not the every day man's ship.. With such changes any player under full rank will be nothing but useless and kept away from most of the interest left in the game. Planking woods for admiralty crafted ships is a superb move in the other hand i think.
  8. Do admiralty ship notes & tutorial rewards ship notes also benefit from this ? And do they also benefit from the rng port bonuses ?
  9. What impress me the most is the number of russians active in the Shroudcay patrol zone yesterday. It was like if they were attracted by the ghost gank-roe change ^^
  10. Do it ! (but before, priority on alliance or any good idea for RvR) I also can't wait your announced patch about battle sails.
  11. Removing unlimited ressources & crew is an interesting concept and would totally change the game dynamic, but at this stage post release i might be dangerous and unproductive as i fail to see how anouncing increased limitations would make players try again the game, i'm all for limiting 1st rates even more (and your proposal could work in that sense), but it also affect the newbies in basic cutter so... How will that prevent the top 5 RvR/PvP clans to team-up in an empty nation (like poland) and still stomp every other nation counting zero or few good RvR/PvP clans but having to manage tons of noobs sinking a lot ? If they are good clans alliance, they will conquer more ports so more ress access, and sunk less in 25 1st rates when facing 25 wasa, so the change will not hurt them more than the others i think, but devs must have better data than me. I can't see anything else than allowing alliance between the worse nation in the rvr ranking. Except maybe forcing civil war when top 3 clans are in a same nation (but how to force them to fight each others ? + game should not force you into doing stuff you disagree with, or else you will simply stop playing or trick the system, not counting that it could be bypassed by all joining a super clan.)
  12. Tromb was nearly a one man clan, and in the hand of someone presently examined in tribunal for insults & threat, i was at work during the whole BasseTerre case so can't tell how it happened, and players from different guilds, but from the ER perspective, i ve heard the same things than Guillaume de Longueheuse, that we came and tookback basseterre at the request of the few last active polish players from the owning clan that were not enough and too poor to keep it or taking it back. While swedish came for flip as soon as the port turned to neutral. I deeply regret the behaviour of some of the french players in chat, (and on the forum too). Most of this seems due to a lack of diplomats on french nation to talk to. See you in Pointe a pitre.
  13. You mean they won't have enough hold to bring it back ? And the wreck will be empty when they will come back in a trader
  14. From my experience in the past I ve read a lot of low level renouncing in participating in a group action bc they had no outpost far from capital and no time to sail there in time. But i agree this would be quality of life for everyone.
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