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  1. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    If the goal is to give more pvp opportunities for noobs: Here the result of circle of death + weaker side open : -case 1 : i'm getting attacked by two enemy vets, a noob join my side, he will probably be of little help, and where i would have usually be able to escape , he will serve as food and sink or get boarded while stuck in the wind. ^^ he will not join pvp again. -case 2: The same noob is tagged by the same two players, he ask for help in chat and i leave nearest outpost and join. Each time i've done that, the noob is usually already in bad situation, raked at least once and launched a repair already, the time i join him it's already like i am now facing the two by myself and i'm stuck. I will probably not assist alone again. -case 3&4: replace the 2 pvpers by only one l33t in those two exemples: As there is great chance the lone "l33t" is confident enough to attack superior br ship with his properly fitted pvp ship: case 1 i can't get reinforced (noob don't benefit an opportunity to fight), and can't escape, if the two enemies pvpers pass nearby, they can join him (even if they are not from his nation, maybe only one of them) and my chances are even smaller to survive. if the l33t tag the noob, either the case remain the same as the previous exemple, or the noob is the smaller br, but he will more than likely sink before any reinforcement can help (as instead of focusing on winning he will spend time in chat asking for assistance). Either the l33t tagged him with a much superior ship, or because the noob is far enough from his allies outposts. The "too late reinforcements" will most likely gank the l33t after that (l33t frustration), except if reinforcements are just more noobs = more food for "l33t". -bonus = case 5 : the fight happen in the noob's protection zone (more than likely as noob never seems to fight outside) : if he calls reinforcements, are the attackers the ones to be reinforced only ? And all of this is because noobs don't sail far away from starting region & reinforcement zone and never in hostiles capitals looking for pvp. This result in vets going to farm noobs in their capitals, and noobs as eternal victims. So if you want noob to be eager for pvp, give them pvp mission with proper rewards (not suicidal delivery missions ) in neutral or hostile capital water, make them sail in dangerous waters and don't finding it boring, and give them a dura or enough to buy a ship back if they loose to a superior enemy in the process. Anything else will just mess up things for the vets and not retain much more noobs.
  2. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    As I have said, dura helped people with the idea of loosing. And going back to fight. This was removed to help crafters & the Econ and I was totally with this move. But if the goal is to make everyone going knifes out and pvp, I think the idea could be brought back if done in a manner that all line ships stay unaffected. Or if dura is granted as a compensation for loosing to a supperior enemy. another thing is to incitate players to go sail in dangerous waters even if they meet no other players, reward this or simply make it interesting instead of simply time consuming & boring.
  3. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    i think the statement is good, the answer is not. You want to promote PVP fights ? Speed: 1- Lower the speed hard cap at 13kn (increase ow speed to compensate) 2- Wind force changes in battle instances with 3 wind states, meaning a Victory downwind can outrun a rattlesnake, cutter or an hercule in strong wind, in med winds frigates are the fastest, in calm winds, unrated ones are the fasted 3- Force battle sails as the max sails setting to be able to shoot (boost topsails forces if necessary) . Shooting at full sails rigs create small chance of fire in the sails Durabilities 4- New players gets 2 extra durability with each ship they buy for one month 5- Sinking (not getting catured) when fighting a superior ship or multiple inferior ships in PVP should be compensated by the admiralty with a Durability: This means: if a captain in a surprise sink while in battle vs a player's Belonna get his ship & non-looted upgrades back in outpost + xp for the fight if a Belonna captain sink while in battle vs 3 captains, he get his ship & non-lootedupgrades back in outpost + xp for the fight If a Surprise captain sink in a battle vs 2 Surprise captains, he get his ship & non-looted upgrades back in outpost + xp for the fight Surrendering in such situations only grant you the ship back (dura) if the enemy don't put it in fleet (the enemy get the kill if the battle end with the surrendered ship not put in fleet) 6- Sinking or getting captured when fighting a more or so equal fight gives enought doubloons to redeem a ship note of the inferior class (Hermione note if you loose an agga in pvp for exemple, more notes can be added)+ reals for appropriate med guns. 7- Reward pvp victory in the same spirit: getting a kill as a 3 players group vs 1 enemy give enough doubloon for a ship note of the lesser class, a fair & equal ecounter: a note of the same class, an winning as the weaker side gives the equivalent of a note of a superior class (promotion).
  4. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    Weaker side always open: does that mean that if your agga get caught in battle by an Hercule, the Hercule can be reinforced by a bucc and the agga is stuck ?- If the Hercule was followed by a large group, once the bucc entered, is it the agga side that become open ? But how the reinforcement comes if a part of the hercule's group still sit outside , able to tag any potential reinforcement ? I Know this means more potential pvp in this case, but maybe the side effect will be a new (old) meta were the stronger side will never take the risk to tag in dangerous water, and small taggers will hunt or bait while friends sit hidden in ports waiting to jump in like we've seen before ?
  5. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    @rediii You mean something like basic non-crewspace admiralty ships in shop ? Like an infinite number ot basic-o/o Surprise coming with med 9 and no need for repair kits for ~20000 Reals in each freetown near pz? Only allowed to tag or join in patrol zones ? a kind of pz consumable.
  6. Baptiste Gallouédec


    Il me semble que dans les ports non capturables tu as quand même des chances d'avoir un bonus refit ainsi que des navire 4/5 ou 5/5, les ports capturables offrent simplement de meilleures chances, enfin j'ai jamais vu de chiffres précis.
  7. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Hostility Reset every 7 days instead of 1

    Hostility missions are crap and uninteresting, everyone prefer fighting a defensive pb + screening than counter hostility, so that 24h hostility is a failure, a longer hostility build would at least make focusing pve+pvp activity on a certain zone more noticeable over the time and interesting + creating a real link between ow & rvr.
  8. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Tow request

    Le navire que tu veux tow ne doit pas être celui actuellement sélectionné dans ton port Tu dois être dans le même port que lui Il ne doit rien avoir dans la cale Dans ta liste de navire fais clic droit sur son nom et tu verra apparaître "send to port" ou "tow request" je ne sais plus, puis tu choisi dans lequel de tes outposts tu veux l'envoyer (moyennant une somme en reals) Tu as droit a un seul Tow par maintenance (/jour)
  9. Baptiste Gallouédec

    A Suggestion to Reduce the Number of Factions

    Just bring back diplomacy vote with a better system taking playerbase & activity in account, we had much more fun and RvR when it existed.
  10. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Preuves d'agression Hollandais à Willmstadt

    Il n'y a plus de mécanisme d'alliance dans le jeu donc rien pour faire respecter les accords ni même les signaler aux joueurs quand ils se connectent après un certain temps loin du jeu, alors a part pour les batailles de ports, ces accords n'engagent que ceux qui les respectent, cela ne signifie donc pas grand chose.. Mais point important pour toi, lorsqu'en bataille tu écrit sur le chat et que les messages s'affichent en bleu, cela signifie que tu écris à tes équipiers, ici aucun Hollandais en bataille n'a pu lire tes messages, peut être qu'ils auraient renoncé et t'auraient laissés tranquille si ils avaient pu te lire, on ne le saura jamais. Pour écrire a tes adversaires, switch le chat vers global avec la touche Tab. Aussi, en apartée, pour les prochaines fois, sache qu'avoir un gros ventre en flotte t'handicape car il annule tes bonus de vitesse au près lorsque tu remonte le vent en ow avec ton trader Lynx (Tu navigue toujours à la vitesse du plus lent de tes navires en OW) Du coup il est préférable de prendre soit trois T-Lynx, soit 3 Gros ventre. Si tu avais contrôlé le gros ventre plutôt que le trader Lynx tu aurais peut être disposé d'une meilleure capacité de combat le temps pour tes Lynx de s'échapper, les AI sont particulièrement inutiles en fleet. Aussi, lorsque tu vois qu'un adversaire te tag ou cherche a le faire, n'hésites pas a le contre-tagger et maintenir le plus de distance possible entre toi et lui, ainsi en bataille il sera plus loin de toi et ça te laisse plus de chance d'y échapper. Remets toi bien vite de cette déconvenue, tu en vivra d'autres
  11. Baptiste Gallouédec

    conversion doublons

    place des contrats de vente de doublons si veux des reals en échange, ou regarde si il n'y aurait pas des contrats d'achats dans ta capitale.
  12. Baptiste Gallouédec

    DLC Naval Action

    Prolific forger ? Oui bien sur.
  13. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    I agree for that, i was thinking the 4 friends vs one ai, sorry, but four friends in 7th rate players could do it and cap a surp, niag, cerb or reno, or at least be told they can achieve it as a group effort, even if this require a little practice, moreover it can be fun. Ask you nation for ship or money idk, even simple tips, it's a mmo game. One of my best memories in game is still my first week battle next to 7 friends in 6-7th rate vs one ai constitution, our flagship was a mercury , and the constit looked like a Titan, we lost but had fun. But maybe new players could get 3 to 5 dura for any of their ships during their first week or 2, i don't think it's technically doable but for sure that would help, everyone hate the basic cutter.
  14. Baptiste Gallouédec

    look out perk

    Really, fleet composition should be displayed if not modeled on ow, at least from a certain distance, even more if ai become aggresive again.. Hiding enemy captain's name from OW don't bother me, that was just to please the top 5 solo pvper bored that everyone was running from them. But we should be able to send message to enemy players, if not chat, at least some quick message (flag signal) like "friend or foe ?" "fair winds" "no mercy" "salute" "trade ?" A Perk for sound signal when a foreign sail appear at horizon could be popular.
  15. Baptiste Gallouédec

    Are Doubloons only loaded once per day?

    Also you can place buy contrats to buy some doubloons from other players in shop eventually if you are the unluckiest guy with no dbl drop from ai. For me, i often get 600 to ~1000 dbl from simple trader brigs for exemple, lgv from my experience drop nearly similar amount, but as it's been said it's random.