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  1. Do you mean any combination of Heavy Rig, Elite French, Kiritimati, and navy mast bands? Short of that, 32lb+ long guns are still perfectly able to penetrate in equal rate fights keeping in mind that most mast sniping is done at 50 meters, or at 100-150 with the addition of charged shot.
  2. 2 tickets punched at work, still open for business. Good old U S of A
  3. My ancestors didn’t have to pay $7 for a twenty deck, I’m being repressed
  4. A hoonter of hoonters? you should stick to hunting beasts.
  5. It’s going to get worse on that front for a week or so. For context I’m a trade butcher. Warehouses and packing companies are struggling to resupply at this point because so many things have oversold. You can’t keep a months worth of meat hanging around just in case, case life on suspension primals caps out at around 45 days, and needs to get moved out well before that. Three days in a row we’ve sold 4 and 5 times our projected numbers with trucks running around the clock. Drivers need sleep and the warehouses around here are basically empty. Meatbuyers are scrounging at this point.
  6. World health organization. I’m not link fishing this late at night
  7. He’s right you know. It has been confirmed airborne with a 14 day survival period outside the human body. Not just aerosolized, AIRBORNE.
  8. If you take away Poland please give outlaw faction serious consideration
  9. Demasting is a necessary evil at the moment, due in a large part to the sailing model. Snow or other such small ship riding the stern of a larger ship, able to regain lost speed at a moment’s notice and thus maintain relative positioning despite turning into the eye of the wind repeatedly? Unless they let you board them or hand you the battle in some other way, dismasting is frequently the only answer left. Making sternway can shake some ships, but any good snow captain has dealt with that trick before. And most people don’t understand how demasting works anyway. Plenty of people c
  10. Careful what you wish for. Due to raking being able to kill ships without needing to board/fight the side at all, some ships are able to punch far above their weight class. How many snows have you lost in a 1v1 when you still had both your masts?
  11. The sail force/acceleration/deceleration of the Snow specifically, and the sail force/acceleration model generally. #makeSailingGreatAgain #nerfTheSnow
  12. Subscription access to a server that has no DLCs
  13. Still less biased than Jeheil’s pro-SLRN circle jerk.
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