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  1. Shit plot, one fleshed out character, sold on name brand recognition. Might as well quote COD as excellent games on that merit.
  2. As someone who does not involve himself in RvR, thank you for this gift. I expect that the salt in global will flow like never before.
  3. “A” snow. By all means show screen of you defending a trinc against 2-4 snows without dismasting, or a 14+kn ship and a good upwind tag. Or against hercs, same proviso. 1v1 is a far different scenario than any group fight, and we both know how frequently you find 1v1 fights these days. In order to kill a single snow, you are correct generally. A group a different prospect. Almost impossible to guard from repeated rakes by a small number of fast snows. Back to actual topic, Dismasting vs raking. Carros trinc vs mixed deck endy. Endy will almost certainly need to dismast, or will be raked, bow-graped, etc. to death quite quickly, ranged gunnery duel is of little help to endy except under very specific circumstances. Your proclivity to defend your preferred ships is noted. By all means respond to the rest of the post.
  4. Bunch of noobs who never had an original thought. BWITC/SINK and DAS, maybe some DMENT but can’t remember, multifiped the Spanish out of panama back in the day
  5. We know you love your baby. But for most of us the thing is just screaming in a restaurant. It’s not dangerous, just extremely annoying
  6. My ancestors didn’t have to pay $7 for a twenty deck, I’m being repressed
  7. A hoonter of hoonters? you should stick to hunting beasts.
  8. So is having a snow raking away and being unable to get decent damage on hull due to its turn rate and acceleration. The sailing model and raking damage that completely negates any need to engage side to side at any point NECESSITATE demasting. Because of this, ships like the Trinco are excellent against ships like Endy or Indef, which by conventional logic should have a distinct advantage. Turn rate, maneuverability, raking damage. Demasting levels that field, or at least it can. Youre right. If you have no masts you’re dead 90% of the time. And raking hull achieves this while also inflicting hull cannon and crew damage. Watch Moscalb’s streams. See him sniping masts as a default option very often? Not so much. But he will take EVERY opportunity to fire raking shots. It is hands down the most effective option in the vast majority of fights. You’ve fought my trinc in your snow, as an example. I believe you said I “raped [your] snow quite nicely.” First broadside hull since you gave it to me, second broadside chain since you let me, you repaired hull, so I cut your masts. biggest reason people snipe masts is because the target sails in a way which allows it. You allowed it by proximity and sailing pattern. People sail side to side like idiots and try to out DPS because they’ve learned to think in terms of reload speed and damage. Bring carros and poods and British sergeant and you’re good to go. Or they try to stern camp to kill quickly. If you choose a tactic that lets you kill quick, you can get killed quick yourself. Boom and zoom has been forgotten because sailing has been simplified so much. Pick it up again and you’ll get mast sniped less. It’s called learning to play rather than relying on mods to hold your hand. If that’s too complicated, buy ships with heavy rig instead of very fast trim and slap some mast bands on there.
  9. It’s going to get worse on that front for a week or so. For context I’m a trade butcher. Warehouses and packing companies are struggling to resupply at this point because so many things have oversold. You can’t keep a months worth of meat hanging around just in case, case life on suspension primals caps out at around 45 days, and needs to get moved out well before that. Three days in a row we’ve sold 4 and 5 times our projected numbers with trucks running around the clock. Drivers need sleep and the warehouses around here are basically empty. Meatbuyers are scrounging at this point.
  10. World health organization. I’m not link fishing this late at night
  11. He’s right you know. It has been confirmed airborne with a 14 day survival period outside the human body. Not just aerosolized, AIRBORNE.
  12. are you lecturing me on the wide applications of the indiaman? i feel like you're lecturing me. Ok you carebearing dutch let me tell you about ships and cannons. if you stopped building your ships fir/fir and trying to rageboard rather than learn to fight, you might discover that most "war ships" are just fancy painted indiamen with a slightly better weather deck and vastly inferior stern chasers. and most of them are piloted by people like you. The virtues of the illustrious Indiaman are vast and shall be enumerated forthwith. Firstly, she is posessed of a battery of 18lb long guns. Much maligned by the feebleminded, these cannons are, with the judicious application of double or charge shot, more than sufficient to deal with any fifth rated or lower vessel. Secondly, her sailing profile lends itself well to spanish and elite spanish rig. No upwind ship this, but with decent mods she turns admirably and can kite many a warship downwind Third, her 68lb stern guns are like unto the German guns at Anzio, and any ill prepared mast which stands against them will be smashed to flinders. Note that i did not say shit about her crew numbers. Rageboarding is an excellent tactic against new players, and the dutch, but against any competent player you will almost certainly find them disengaging. Unless you have a dramatic advantage or are at risk of losing the fight, rageboarding will more often than not give your adversary time to repair and may well cost you the battle. exibit C - Indiaman vs @rediii's Endy, battle lost because of a poorly concieved rageboard after his foremast was cut, when the advantage should have been pressed with gunnery. Now you were saying?
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