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  1. John Cavanaugh

    Suspect alt/friend farming

    What if, for the sake of argument, and this is probably not the best part of the forum but it is on topic to subject at hand, a group of SOL and one privateer with 12lb caronade tagged an AI fleet. The SOLs were tasked with boarding the SOLs while the privateer dealt hull damage. The privateer would in most instances get the kill at minimal risk. An exploit yes but not outside of the rules such as they exist
  2. John Cavanaugh

    Disappearing ship - Serious bug!

    Ghost of ships ganked in past returns to haunt who sank them 😧
  3. John Cavanaugh

    Suspect alt/friend farming

    Yesterday I want down to Jamaica in a prince, wound up boarding and swapping to a ship I had badly damaged, and was sunk in that ship. I wound up getting the kill on myself. Probably supports the theory
  4. John Cavanaugh

    Crafting question/discussion

    I might then recommend eliminating either resource production or trading. I for example do not trade, so most of my time in game is spent in a prince or Requin. My income is exclusively through the sale of modules and ships taken near trade hubs, which is enough to comfortably support my little crafting. If you focus on trading and choose to buy your resources, I can recommend a trade route very profitable which I no longer use.
  5. John Cavanaugh

    Crafting question/discussion

    Break up the routine a bit into a day for missions, a day for doing your trade runs, etc. if you take one day a week to do the patrol zone and focus on getting to that 2000 doubloon mark(if you have no players in the zone at your time zone, take a basic cutter and just hug an ai for damage) you will be able to use those doubloons to pay for all your teleport fees for the week. Have one outpost set up where you buy your trade good of choice, and just check once a day to buy what you can of it. Once a week do your trade run in a fleet of the appropriate ships, escorting them however you find prudent, rather than doing several smaller trade runs. Do the same with your resource collection. Teleport outpost to outpost to collect from buildings, then consolidate on the one day a week. 15-20 minutes a day of outpost checking, 1 day dedicated to trade routes, 1 day dedicated to patrol, 1 day dedicated to crafting, and you’re free 4 days out of 7. Raid some AI trade for doubloons if you like, or go do some pvp. All about time management. alternatively, if you enjoy sailing sloops and light corvettes, you can do just fine with such small vessels and they are largely self sufficient.
  6. John Cavanaugh

    Bad John PayPal

    The user Bad John is attempting to sell assets within the game in exchange for a fee paid on PayPal. This violates the Steam online conduct agreement by soliciting user personal information, in this case PayPal information. I am not familiar with the Naval Action game licensing agreement, but I can only assume that it does not allow users to attempt to profit financially using their game.
  7. I agree with every point you’ve made but this one. Woods are a finicky thing, and certain ships do well with different woods. Anecdotal evidence following, I’ve been playing with Indiamen recently. Testing a Teak/Teak in the zone, and a fir/mahog with floatingbattery outside tortue. In the former I wound up dueling if I recall Palatinose or pellew ina BP, I lack a screenshot but perhaps they can attest. It handled horribly and was an easy kill. In the latter I dueled Rediii, and it was a very near loss, him dismasted, boarded once but repelled, and opened fully on one side. I will attach a screen when off work.
  8. John Cavanaugh

    Remove cutters/lower rates, from higher rate patrols

    WWE ladder match style. Make the zone a free for all, the higher the BR total the bigger the chest, ship with the most kills gets it as a redeemable when they cash in the event.
  9. John Cavanaugh

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    This is true of many shallow water ships. LRQ, Prince, Niagara, Privateer, etc. pictures related. The option has always been to 1) create distance at a point of sail that your enemy cant easily follow on so that you can kite while shooting masts and sails. rarely works. 2) reverse sails and depower, reverse ship and slip them off of you. often works when being hugged by ships of a similar weight, rarely works on ships that are significantly faster and more maneuverable. 3) stop ship and prep boarding to either defeat a smaller more lightly crewed ship through boarding, or force it to disengage from your hull. 1) doesnt work with Requin, prince, or niagara as all can keep up on nearly any point of sail against nearly any ship 2) doesnt work with requin or niagara as both have sails easily configured to reversing course, rarely works on prince, if and only if the ship in question has little enough mass to quickly stop itself. 3) works for most ships against Prince and niagara due to crew count, unless the ship has been raked down. in screenshot below of fight vs Consti, he succeeded in boarding me near the end of the fight, but I was able to disengage because he was already severely de crewed. still, even boarding fit I very nearly lost due to his large crew. This approach does not work against LRQ due to its crew numbers. IMHO the best approach would be to reduce LRQ's crew to around 170. It already has a severely vulnerable hull and masts. protect your stern from raking, go to battle sails, and a requin will have a very difficult time with you. Also, someone complaining that they lost a boarding when they had no boarding mods is a bit like complaining that you lost a shooting battle with a fir/fir ship and no repair/reload mods. A good build answers many questions, and Marines 5 or Barricades will answer many problems.
  10. John Cavanaugh

    We want outlaw battles!

    Vague appeal to authority, then moving of goal posts. This is your opinion, do not deflect by claiming to be the mouthpiece of the greater community. Edit: Is this the sort of poster you're talking about? By which I mean the sort who harassed new players until they quit the game, bragged of doing so, and demanded that other players conform to his own vision of what their gameplay should resemble?
  11. John Cavanaugh

    We want outlaw battles!

    1) Action to turn into pirate existed at beginning of OW. It failed spectacularly and was removed, as many new players became confused as to how they had become pirate, and how to leave pirates. Without a clearly defined set of parameters, and a way to return to your initial country, this idea is simply doomed from its conception. 2) Whether or not a faction is best suited to new players is utterly irrelevant. A new player is able, and has always been able, to select pirates at character creation. For many this has worked out fine, for others not so much. But it is the choice of the player. as @Angus MacDuff has said, many simply wish to fly the black, and many of these are new players. You have no right to impose upon them your own mental model of what the game should be.
  12. John Cavanaugh

    We want outlaw battles!

    I remember when NSANE made dedicated attempts to drive all pirates they considered care bears out of the faction, bragged of this in nation chat, and ganked noobs until they quit. I remember dumping their discord chat logs into global for all to see. This mechanic was used to farm new players, and to harass those not well liked enough, or without clans to support them. As enjoyable as outlaw mechanics are, and as fun as clan wars was in pirate nation, protections must exist for the new player and the casual gamer. Disabling outlaw tags within the reinforcement zone and for especially low ranked players would essentially fix this IMO
  13. John Cavanaugh

    2018 Duel room thread!

    You want to duel the devs?
  14. John Cavanaugh

    Reinforcements update

    Firstly, if you are unwilling to fight without some perfect build ship, that's your problem, not the rest of the server's. Plenty of people have pointed this out already, and when I used to craft ships for sale in the old days of crafting notes I had dedicated customers who exclusively ordered purple ships rather than gold, because an extra slot meant less to them than having a moderately good ship they can sink for cheap. second you say "forcing people to have your fun when it isn't their fun causes people to stop playing." Obviously we don't need reinforcements, but rather a "do you consent to this battle Yes/No" screen every time someone tags.
  15. When resources were scarce, not just rare woods but basic crafting materials, and had to be bought by contract, many clans spread out all across the map, and there were dozens of hotspots for pvp, as well as rvr for basic needs. If building production is drastically reduced in safe zone and natural port production increased map wide, this incentive would likely return and bring many out of the safe zones. It is good to have a hub to return to, but an economic incentive is probably more of an effective means for getting people to sail out, as it was once.