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  1. Not at all, fireships aren't exclusive to the british nation.
  2. Yay for people with 10 alts. But that's nice. Thank you Admin.
  3. Just being unable to turn off survival on non-fireships would probably lessen the issue by a lot.
  4. Isn't the whole point of a server wipe that everyone starts from zero?
  5. Can we have bigger explosion effects? Explosions are so powerful but the visual effect is so small. it's a bit disappointing. Also please, the sounds of explosions are so weak, I would like some big BOOMS. Sometimes you can't even tell someone exploded other than by looking at the aftermath of the explosion. Thank you.
  6. The fireship refit is rare though. There aren't infinite amounts of it to use.
  7. The players above gave some good advice, pvp gives you more exp than pve, even if you lose. If you wanted to stick to pve though; fastest way in my experience is kill missions. Try to look for missions that have you fight a single ship of 1 rank higher than the biggest ship you can crew. You can try 2 ranks higher than yours too, it's even more experience. Just make sure it's vs a single enemy ship. You can just stern camp the enemy ship to sink it. If you can get into a clan that can help you get a crafted ship if you can't get one yourself; that makes it easier and the buffs of the AI are less overwhelming. A ship 2 ranks higher than yours can be even easier to kill because it's slower in every way. It reloads slower and turns slower too. So you can have an easier time avoiding damage.
  8. I think it would it amazing to have such things in the combat model. I hope that we can see that in NA, if not possible then in a future game. I love this, it's very interesting. Thank you for sharing this info @admin
  9. Because when you don't have a simulation or want to preserve something for the sake of gameplay or quality of life, you have to compromise. But of course it depends on personal preference which part is realistic and which part is compromise. I don't know if I would refer to demasting with single shot sniping as a major issue, but I just never liked it. Implement proper rigging damage that is tied to variable wind strength, remove mast repairs, increase penetration values for all guns, decrease mast thickness to almost zero (because pine masts don't bounce much), and decrease accuracy a bunch if you want historical accuracy. But it won't be fun to play that when the majority of your cannonballs miss, and then most battles are decided with a few broadsides that do hit. I understand I might in the minority but I would like all the above things you mentioned.
  10. True, but then I hate/dislike most of these things too lol
  11. Can't we all just be happy if there's 900 players instead of 600? Even if they are alts or some of them are. It at the very least means old players are even more active. There's no real negative.
  12. Since realism, but also more importantly historical references are considered to be so important in the discussion of other game features and mechanics... I would say single shot sniping falls directly as one of the biggest offenders in breaking immersion and going against any historical reference. I would like to know if anyone can produce any reference to when a lineship fired it's guns in single shot to snipe away at any enemy ship. You should have to fire a whole broadside or 1 full deck of guns, nothing else. Tracking shots are okay but they should have a cooldown or do reduced damaged as someone else already suggested. If ball did rigging damage and chain also did rigging damage and some mast damage then more people might fire broadsides at masts like it was in history. I'm also of the probably unpopular opinion that a lost mast should stay lost during battle but some things would have to be changed for that to work. Starting with single shot sniping.
  13. @Sir Texas Sir Thank you for posting that. I was seriously doubting that conversion between black powder and TNT, as it seemed completely wrong. But I didn't have the research to back it up.
  14. I think 1 is overdue, there's only so such we should be able to make crewmen do, telling them to let the ship sink or go up in flames and that they should just keep working the guns seems a little much. Survival should not be an option you can click off. 2 is also a good suggestion. 3 I disagree with cause then you're just making fireships pointless. I would add that we also need some adjustment to bracing. If explosions are going to be so common place, the current cooldown is way too long.
  15. I also have to say that I like it cause it's a change from the same battles we've had since I started playing over a year ago or more. It just requires a few tweaks.
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