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  1. Would be nice if NA actually had any of those millions of brazilians playing but we don't. We're getting China because we already have a large % of chinese players. Do we prefer historical accuracy or a busier server? 🤨
  2. Might I suggest the PvE server then? Smaller groups of privateers or even single ships are announced for a future patch as I understood correctly from announcements.
  3. Please implement ANY attempt at a solution before removing the cooldowns. Unless you're offering to pay us for a full-time job playing NA?
  4. Never

    Quarantine Stories

    Wrong my dude, touching anything that is infected and then touching your face for example is common way to catch this or most common viruses.
  5. The russians were not helping us, they attacked our guys too. You took a port that you knew was Prussian and was being handed over. The flip against Prussia at Higuey was lead by SNOW not LIONS. Last time I checked SNOW owns Pampatar right? so what's the problem. Nobody in KRAKE is getting mad haha, if anything it's some Dutch acting butthurt cause we attacked them 'in a war server'. Maybe you need to go back to your trading so you don't get upset? We are simply attacking someone that attacked us, but some dutchies are crying that we attack them after they attacked multiple Prussian ports. Wanting to call us out for hitting them back and not being 'neutral'. Neutrality ended when dutch decided to attack. It's funny really, so reason to be mad for us. We're enjoying it.
  6. While Prussia had stopped attacks on VP, VP in the last couple days went ahead and decided to try to multiflip Prussian ports. Or are you incapable of reading? or just have selective memory? Maybe ask Greggy why? He was at the front of the failed VP flip on Higuey.
  7. No, people want more control over their own battles, not others. Voting in diplomacy is a completely different issue tbh; apples and oranges.
  8. Never

    Nice crash

    You should ask for a 5/5 for your troubles.
  9. Simple solution, most online games have an active voting system. Player A selects to close the battle, all other players get a small pop up somewhere non-intrusive 'XXX player selected to close the battle' vote yes or no. If most vote 'yes' then the battle closes, it has a timer and not voting count as 'no'. If it was a non-existing problem then you would not be seeing the majority voting yes in the poll.
  10. Would Wind Boosts fit into this thread? I think they should be changed to work like zones in the map instead of clickable icons. Something similar to Patrol Zones so when you enter you get the boost immediately and keep it as long as you remain inside the wind boost zone. Two ships sailing through the exact same course should have the same wind.
  11. I don't understand, If the clan is so small to do the hostility; how would they defend the port?
  12. Really? I heard redii had a big fat crush on Basteyy, and when Basteyy rejected him redii kicked him from the clan.
  13. I never said it was LAMA alone. I was talking to you specifically, where you at the battles? not just for SDC but for Les Cayes, Saint Nic, PoP? Where you there? did you put money into it? cause it's you here complaining about it like you are owed something.
  14. The people trading into are able to do so because LAMA was there to take the ports around it to make that possible. Tax is 10%, the ones getting really rich are the traders. Where those players there to build SDC or defend it or help take ports that allow rich trade in SDC? I don't think so.
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