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  1. You'd think the risk would be the enemy ships, or something like that.
  2. Logically it makes sense for only ship crafting to give crafting xp, because higher crafting levels leads to crafting better ships. Why would crafting repairs make you better at crafting ships? Problem is that craft level is tied to higher labor hours. Ship crafting level and labor hours level should be separated.
  3. How does someone even get accidentally sunk by a friendly?
  4. Telling players they are on the wrong server is just a bad attitude to take. We all want more players to get involved in RvR not less. Even without any attrition, a lot haven't even touched RvR.
  5. Some patches and changes to the game which are announced to be on their way will have an effect on balance, so maybe wait for those?
  6. Loses in RvR are only bad because the gains from it are not directly perceivable, but the loss of a expensive ship is. That could be changed by making the game completely separate OW PvP and RvR PvP. The rewards for taking part in RvR PvP could be unique to it and players could be rewarded even just for participation, similar to PZ. Screening battles could also be recognized by the game as RvR rewarded content. Simply by putting a PZ-like area of screening around the PB port in question. All battles within it involving the nations in the PB could be considered RvR battles. I would compare RvR in NA to other MMOs having World Bosses. Anyone can show up during the spawn time of a world Boss and most games give rewards to anyone that even just participates in killing the boss. Give players easily tangible reasons to show up to RvR and they most likely will do so.
  7. Ask in a proper thread, probably. He just said to try to stay on topic here.
  8. I see you don't use fleet AI, cause that sounds pretty much exactly like AI the player side gets. I've seen AI sit into the wind and do that even while being given multiple different orders. D/Cs don't always happen right away either, many times I get a D/C it's not immediate. Just lag spikes that never end until I even have to disconnect it myself. If his connection was just terrible but didn't fully cut off then odd behavior can happen as well.
  9. So what exactly is the argument of the Poles? Nobody should touch your port even though you don't engage in RvR, and your port is in the way of a nation that is trying to play the game and do RvR? Everyone should leave you alone forever and ever? A port was offered to you and even more could've been offered to you if you at least tried to understand the other perspective instead of taking this path.
  10. A new port has been offered to you in this very thread by OP. You know for a fact your port was in the way of Prussia being able to attack VP ports. Blame the new front line system, there is no way to bypass your port to keep going in that direction. You think VP helps you out of the goodness of their heart? Maybe, but it's also in their benefit that your port kept blocking theirs from attack. Wasn't it Sweden that took your ports before you needed other ports down south by Guayaguayare? And which nation is that one that currently is sucking up to Sweden super hard? Oh yeah, your best friends, VP.
  11. Yeah but his idea might help you stay out in OW for longer without having to go and sail back to port all the time.
  12. I don't disagree with it, it's simply made up 'facts'
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