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  1. Exponential penalties for owning too many ports is a great idea.
  2. Haha, jealous? You're not getting the point here. Why would anyone be jealous? If I started in Russia, I would've left by now. I didn't complain about the gulf being a safe haven, pretty sure no one did. You are care bear nation now, what you were a year ago is irrelevant.
  3. I agree it's a complicated problem to solve, but nothing at all is being done about it. Even an attempt to address it would be an improvement, at least an acknowledgement of the issue would be a start.
  4. No one that continues to play for Russia knowing they have 50% of the server pop has any right to call anyone a care bear. As soon as the ports opened up around Vera Cruz the vast majority of russians started crying about too much PvP in their nice safe zone away from meanie hunters. Who ever is in russia needs to wake and realize they are part of the biggest care bear nation to ever live. People literally run from other nations into the safety of big mama care bear Russia
  5. Every single NA player should switch nation and join Russia. When we have 90% of the population in the Russian nation and the PvP server becomes PvE only then maybe Devs will actually realize something isn't quite right with their nations system. 😎
  6. "Solution" everyone in any battle turn your guns on any member of WTF clan as soon as they join any battle, no matter which side they join (?) I mean if this makes them pirates... Pretty sure all of us civilized nations would in reality turn our guns on them on sight and after they are dealt with, get back to our own affairs.
  7. I have a really bad latency due being located in America and this happens to me too though. (200ms)
  8. I think a lot of players already agree, smaller ports should have to be capped first, before attacking the capital. That plus a BR adjustment would be a great first step. The addition of a time frame is something that should be left to be considered later on, if the first two changes aren't enough.
  9. But the game has been in development in open beta for 3 years...? and it's been officially released. There really should be no room for such things anymore. That belongs in beta.
  10. Just have your clan assign 1 or 2 people to craft repairs.
  11. All this information should be in the tips section of the game though, no one should have to learn this by playing or having to come into the forums to ask such basic stuff. Also there's no way to learn this by playing since the game doesn't show notifications for so many basic things. It would be nice to see all these timers in game during battle, why are not placed on the screen somewhere? Same for when a new players joins a battle. A little pop up that disappears after 5 seconds when a new player joins would be nice. These features are basic in any game.
  12. Alts wouldn't be able to get around clan alliances, nation alliances would not work and could be exploited by alts. But you can't get some random alt into a clan to exploit joining battles with underhanded tactics.
  13. What about when someone joins your side of the battle to 'help you' just so they can see exactly when you leave the battle so they can tag you right after. We need clan alliances (from different nations) so players can only join a battle if there's at least one players belonging to an allied clan in that side of the battle...
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