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  1. "Solution" everyone in any battle turn your guns on any member of WTF clan as soon as they join any battle, no matter which side they join (?) I mean if this makes them pirates... Pretty sure all of us civilized nations would in reality turn our guns on them on sight and after they are dealt with, get back to our own affairs.
  2. I have a really bad latency due being located in America and this happens to me too though. (200ms)
  3. I think a lot of players already agree, smaller ports should have to be capped first, before attacking the capital. That plus a BR adjustment would be a great first step. The addition of a time frame is something that should be left to be considered later on, if the first two changes aren't enough.
  4. But the game has been in development in open beta for 3 years...? and it's been officially released. There really should be no room for such things anymore. That belongs in beta.
  5. It would seem obvious that with a 'ports should matter patch' should also come along a 'the more a port matters, the more layers of defense it has patch'. It also seems obvious that the capital of a county should not be open to attack so easily, not until at least one or up to 50% of the smaller ports are taken from the defender. BR is way too high even for small almost irrelevant ports, why can't we have dynamic BR? BR that changes with the actual importance/use of the port. Every single port could have different BR. I would even throw in that defenders should get more BR in the capital if they own more ports in the county. If you want fully balanced BR in the capital PB as an attacker, then you have to take every smaller port in the county. If ports matter a lot, then they should be hard to take from a defender. There's really no reason why any port should have even 20k BR.
  6. Just have your clan assign 1 or 2 people to craft repairs.
  7. All this information should be in the tips section of the game though, no one should have to learn this by playing or having to come into the forums to ask such basic stuff. Also there's no way to learn this by playing since the game doesn't show notifications for so many basic things. It would be nice to see all these timers in game during battle, why are not placed on the screen somewhere? Same for when a new players joins a battle. A little pop up that disappears after 5 seconds when a new player joins would be nice. These features are basic in any game.
  8. Alts wouldn't be able to get around clan alliances, nation alliances would not work and could be exploited by alts. But you can't get some random alt into a clan to exploit joining battles with underhanded tactics.
  9. What about when someone joins your side of the battle to 'help you' just so they can see exactly when you leave the battle so they can tag you right after. We need clan alliances (from different nations) so players can only join a battle if there's at least one players belonging to an allied clan in that side of the battle...
  10. Never

    Port BR

    This is so desperately needed not just to make things more balanced but also more fun. As far as screen fleets go, I think we'd need even some crude solution, like just outright limiting the number of 1st rates allowed in an OW battle instance. Also limiting the number of the allowed in the same battle group. As it's already been mentioned, the BR of the ships needs to be adjusted too. There wasn't much of an adjustment of ship BR to go along with the completely new battle stats. Currently ships' BR does not reflect their capability in relation to each other. I would like to know how exactly the BR of each ship is determined.
  11. My suggestion is to please add fleet missions (instead or additionally to group missions). Why are missions limited to specifically 3 or 6 players? Can we please have fleet missions, simply an specified fleet (i.e. 4 5th rates, 6 4th rates, 3 3rd rates, 1 2nd rate, or any random composition). The 'fleet mission' would be open to be completed alone or with any number of players in a group. The loot would be shared at the players discretion. Going from small fleets of 3 to 5 ships, medium sized fleets of 6 to 10 ships, large sized fleets of 11 to 18, and massive sized fleets of 19 to 25 ships. All with varied rates among the fleet.
  12. If we are getting aggressive AI... can something at least be done about their overpowered damage and HP bonuses? Could they actually have the stats of the ship they actually are sailing? Give them skill books according to the rank of their captain, modules according to their ship class and let them fight with their real stats same as any player. Same in boarding, and please make AI have to manage crew. Marines should be on some AI, randomly, and they should have the penalties for having them as well as the benefits like any player would too. There's no need for every AI ship to behave like a floating woody terminator, please. We already have elites for extreme PVE challenge, and those need to be toned down too, give elites, the best of everything. Best wood, best modules, best books, max port bonuses but no magic powers please.
  13. Y i k e s, you're criticizing the suggestion without providing any suggestion of your own that might be better. First, you're mentioning payments for timers which I never mentioned. Timer costs can also be changed for smaller ports, the smaller the port BR, the cheaper the timer. So even a small nation, can hold their ports without much 'pressure'. Second, you're contradicting yourself a little bit there, you say there's a need to reduce the requirement of a 1st rate for RvR participation but then you say 1st rates should be harder to get? If 1st rates are not hard to get then why can't people get them for RvR? I don't understand your points. I think 1st rates are hard enough to get, the issue in that regard, at least in my opinion is that so little RvR happens that more 1st rates get produced than are being sunk. Encouraging players to get their rates out more can lessen that problem.
  14. How would they not be able to catch up to you or 'reach you' if they were in princes? If you are running and they can't catch you, it's not griefing. They wanted to fight, not being able to reach you doesn't make it griefing. It's only griefing if they stay at distance and refuse to fight on purpose.
  15. I would like to propose the simple suggestion of making it so a nation has to have a dominant presence in a county, before being able to launch an attack on the county capital port. Basically the attacking nation would need to have conquered more than 50% of the smaller ports in the county before they are allowed to do a hostility mission on the capital. I think it would help nations protect their ship building ports, instead of losing their most important port from a single battle. It would also would add importance to those smaller ports, which are sometimes even abandoned after the capital falls. Plus we'd get more varied port battles as well and just more RvR battles in general. And I know it's been suggested before, but how about more interesting rewards for winning ports battles? Conquering a capital port could give an admiral chest to every player that participated in the port battle. Every player in the nation should get something too, just a lesser reward, maybe a gold chest. So that screeners from the nation can get something too. Smaller port battles could give a captain's chest to the port battle participants and silver chests to the rest of the nation. A single victory mark is just not enough to motivate more port battles and get more players involved in RvR. Maybe players wouldn't get so upset over losing a capital port if they at least have more of a chance to defend it and have a chance to counter attack and take back the smaller ports before an attack on their capital becomes possible. Also could make it so nations can't flip more than 1 port in a county in the same day (unless the ports are neutral). More rewards just for taking a port, even if it is a 'useless' port; I think would bring more RvR. Specially if nations don't have to worry about destroying another nation to get those rewards.
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