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  1. whatever do you mean? AllL PatCHEs HavE bEeN a grReat SucCEes anD thEre's NOthinG WroNg witH anY oF ThEm.
  2. You were offered peace and you demanded 15 or so ports to make any peace deal. Also you still have 3 other fully upgraded ports for ship crafting or no? Losing every battle, the demanding over a dozen ports for peace. Find your logic and sense if you still have any. Switching of your other THREE crafting ports to g4 h4 would be easy. You've been one of the richest nations in terms of taxes for like 1 year straight. And you were literally allowed 2 crafting ports to be kept save from any attack. But yeah bullies... huh? I guess all those other nations without 4 crafting ports should
  3. Great suggestion, I hope it doesn't fall onto deaf ears. I would love to see every nation being able to jump into RvR without having the fear of losing their crafting ports or everything they've worked to build up.
  4. I was going to make fun of this at first, but thinking about it, it would actually make sense to make capitals of very easy nations 50 point ports with pre-built ship building upgrades. They are supposed to be 'very easy' after all and any ships crafted without any port bonuses are pointless.
  5. Remove the need for labor hours from seasoning wood. Currently makes little sense to make the process of seasoning so difficult when people can just claim DLC ships in full S wood every single day. Instead make it so you can just place any amount of wood (up to a max of maybe 500 logs at a time) into a seasoning shed and plus the needed amount of resources needed depending on the amount of logs (doubloons+tools). After 10 days all your wood is seasoned and you can claim it from the shed. And you can obviously have multiple sheds.
  6. Add all the stats from ships to the UI so they are visible in game. https://na-map.netlify.app/ this site plus the spread sheet from the new woods patch show a bunch of stats that are not visible in game. I think it's time to add them in. Many people, specially new players don't know about these resources and have no idea about those additional stats or that ships have different sailing profiles.
  7. Limit the rate of ships allowed in Port Battles. 20K BR Port: Max rate 1st, min rate 3rd rate. 10.6k BR Port: Max rate 2nd, min rate 4th rate. 5.7k BR Port: Max rate 3rd, min rate 5th rate. 1350 BR Port: Max rate 5th rate, min rate 7th rate. 900 BR Port: Max rate 6th rate, min rate 7th rate. Or something along those lines. Reason for the change: To alter the meta of PB fleets and refresh PB compositions. Also to remove small ships from large battles and make some underutilized ships get a chance to be used in PBs.
  8. Russia is also wearing some extremely flared pants from 1977 and seems to have a receding hairline 🧐
  9. Ability to choose woods for masts, separately from frame and planking. Heavier woods give stronger masts but add more heel apart from their other attributes.
  10. PvP ranking system. Everything positive you do in all forms of PvP gives you points. Doing all types of damage, winning a boarding, capturing a ship. Points gained increase your PvP ranking. Points can also be exchanged for rewards from admiralty. Like books, permits, notes, guns, repairs, ships, etc. Fighting higher ranked players gives you more points. Rotating weekly events, give you more points depending on the rating of the ship you sail. For example, sailing a 5th rate gives you 30% more points, and changing it by week to other ship ratings.
  11. Yes because none of us ever have to fight when we don't exactly want to, it's always that there is pvp exactly when and where you want it in NA. You never get tagged when you want to just sail to port. And even if there were 10 russians. 15-20 vs 10 is not a gank. 'No chance for an even battle' again I guess it's impossible to call a few guys from a port 2 mins away. No chance of that. Maybe you are trying to be like GB? If 90% of your side leaves you to die, it's no gank. Next you will tell me that a 10v10 is also a gank if you felt you had no chance to win it huh? The point is, he got h
  12. Yes and he can switch account, or log into both. It's not rocket science is it? You expect there to always be the exact same number of players on both sides at all times at the exact point of the battle? They could've called more players no? Again St Nic was 2 mins away and a lot of russians use it for PZ. It's such a happy coincidence that he happened to be out of group in a capped ship, such a happy accident really. Not like he would drop his group so no one else could get pulled no? But yeah a gank.
  13. Ram Dinark has a russian account no? and there were more than 10 russians. With St Nicolas 2 mins away, a port many russians have for OP. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Could we replace one of the 4th rate Patrol Zones with a 3rd rate patrol zone? In the line ships patrol zones there's always many 1st rates and using 3rd rates doesn't generally pay off unless you are lucky that others also take 3rd rates. But with the new Victory DLC, it will be more rare to see other 3rd rates there, I think.
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