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  1. Great suggestion, I hope it doesn't fall onto deaf ears. I would love to see every nation being able to jump into RvR without having the fear of losing their crafting ports or everything they've worked to build up.
  2. Your clan isnt on the Friend list of the clan that had the hostility.
  3. What are you talking about? you don't need to be in the same clan as the person placing the flag. All you needed to do was sail with the group and join as the same time, instead of trying to join late.
  4. Based on these figures, upgrades like Navy Planking, should not give a ship a flat +10 thickness. It should have different values for each ship rating tier or work as %.
  5. Honestly the latest changes to ship costs aren't as bad some players make it out to be. I think it was necessary to balance the cost of normal wood with seasoned wood, and this latest patch did that well. But this change needs to be complemented with some economy adjustments, at least in my opinion. Like giving PvP a unique type of reward like we used to have with Combat Marks. Doubloons and Combat Medals are more easily obtainable through PvE; so because of that they don't make good rewards for PvP. PvE/trading should be low risk, low rewards. And PvP should be high risk, high rewards. PvP needs a unique reward that you can only get from PvP, so PvP players can keep up in income with PvE players and so that there is strong motivation to seek PvP. PvP income is decent but loses have to be considered too, there's much higher risk of loss in PvP. In order for players to get kills in PvP others have to lose ships. The PvP economy has to be made for the average PvP players in mind, not the top PvP players. Gear it towards the players that get sunk as often as they sink someone else. Not for the guys that get 20 kills per death. First, I think PvP damage should be rewarded anywhere, regardless of the outcome of the battle. Make people want to get into fights, and reward them for being brave and fighting and risking their ships. Otherwise running is always more appealing when you aren't certain of winning. Running is realistic but boring gameplay. Second, maybe consider adding a unique reward from PvP only. In admiralty in the tab titled 'PvP rewards', everything there can be obtained from doing PvE. Maybe make 2 separate types of combat medals. One for PvP, one for PvE. Or make combat medals only obtainable from PvP as it used to be. There needs to rewards obtainable only through PvP on the PvP server. And they need to be something every player wants.
  6. People only overreact cause they feel like they are never heard. Those same people being referred to as 'assholes' and 'bullies'; many of them spent many hours of their time trying to provide good feedback in a polite and nice way and were basically ignored. Patience is not some eternal thing that never runs out, specially when you are paying to get something. People could for example forgive being brought the wrong order in a restaurant once, maybe twice. But if you had to send back your order cause it's wrong 20 times over, you'd probably be screaming at your waiter too.
  7. The real difference is that you play the PvE server, so you're mostly unaffected by most changes being made. For example, how much ships cost isn't a big deal to you at all cause any ship you build is forever, you will never lose it. It's a bit different on PvP.
  8. Why not add a money chest as loot to ships sunk in pvp? the main reward in pvp right now is doubloons which aren't needed to craft ships anymore. The chest could contain reals up to 1mil reals for a 1st rate and less for smaller ships. But you still have to haul it back to port to claim it, so there's a risk factor involved. Because atm for a PVP game, PVE seems a lot more rewarding for a lot less risk.
  9. No you're dead wrong. What it creates is OW full of DLC ships, even more so than it was already.
  10. I was going to make fun of this at first, but thinking about it, it would actually make sense to make capitals of very easy nations 50 point ports with pre-built ship building upgrades. They are supposed to be 'very easy' after all and any ships crafted without any port bonuses are pointless.
  11. Teak did not need a thickness buff, you're make it unbalanced once again. Speed and thickness are the 2 most important stats by far, you cannot make a wood like teak be superior in both speed and thickness. HP bonuses are almost irrelevant unless you add massive amounts of it. Not all stats are equally valuable, Sabicu having 5% more HP does not equal adding 5% more thickness to teak. You're making woods like White Oak complete useless again. And have you taken notice of the mess the latest patch made? Now all new woods are pointless cause you can make 50 million reals by selling 3k wood as a trade good. Nobody with half a brain is using them for building ships if you make them the most valuable trade good in the game by a massive margin. One log has a net profit of 20k reals an one Lynx can carry hundreds of logs. Not all new woods need to cost 10k reals, what did you even base that change on? 3k was fine. Let the price be set by the demand; not by some artificial arbitrarily set number. Not all new woods are worth the same, some are far better than others.
  12. Remove the need for labor hours from seasoning wood. Currently makes little sense to make the process of seasoning so difficult when people can just claim DLC ships in full S wood every single day. Instead make it so you can just place any amount of wood (up to a max of maybe 500 logs at a time) into a seasoning shed and plus the needed amount of resources needed depending on the amount of logs (doubloons+tools). After 10 days all your wood is seasoned and you can claim it from the shed. And you can obviously have multiple sheds.
  13. The point is to say, every elite should drop some decent loot and lessen the RNG factor slightly. Considering even some elite guns are almost worthless.
  14. You can surrender if not interested in the fight you get.
  15. Another day, another elite NPC tagged, another idiot that Lokis into to grief and troll. Please remove the Loki runes since all that people use them for is for trolling and griefting, while maybe 10% of people actually use them for what they were meant for. Until they can be patched in a way that prevents griefing please remove them from the server. All they do is ruin the experience of the game while making one stupid troll happy.
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