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  1. Raxius

    first HAVOC Empire

    FR has pb with jacmel
  2. Raxius

    first HAVOC Empire

    For a long time sweden have lived in shadows of diplomacy refusing to ally with anyone but instigate wars and pull strings in conflicts that has nothing to do with them. HAVOC has overcome treacherous times as have UWS and alongside HAVOC we stand. both clans are Pure and begin true friendship looking forward. congrats on santo domingo campaign look forward to working with you. Raxius
  3. shouting the game will die every time something does not go your way is not the answer if you lose a ship in an hour does that contribute to the gaming dying? you should be happy you have a capturable port in centre of safe zone infact this should mean its your SAFEST and most VALUABLE port because of the benefits. but you dont own the port now.. an all a sudden its NOT fair. why wasn't this issue raised prior to france taking it? perhaps when it was lost before by russia? the game is more likely to die by players making excuses and request intervention from devs rather then enjoying the game and looking at achieving a victorious retake. infact you can join the portbattle from the safezone which already creates advantage since we cannot screen u. so please enough with useless excuses and requesting handicaps, rally up an fight for it.
  4. so why have u not ginded san agustin yet?
  5. nations rating be it easy or hard depends on the safezones. sweden have one safezone and is rated hard. US has 2 large safezones (1 either side of little river) and is rated easy. little river was not intended to be a uncapturable port it only belonged to US recently.. because it used to be a freetown hence the trading capability and all capitals have a relative close freetown nearby gustavia and christiansted and fort royal have ays/ la mona habana has tumbado kpr had navasse (which is now french used to be free town). so all capitals needed a freetown before that had changed an now your requested a previous freetown to become uncapturable meaning there is no means of latching to US coast in conflict if say for example US held all ports on US coast there is nowhere to stage from or come from which is why little river was sought after since the day it lost freetown status
  6. so childish comments are your points against this rumor? dont troll a thread for the sake of it please. grow up and have some respect for others who are placing a legitimate discussion
  7. thank you - so please keep comments relevant or if not then to yourself. @moderator please can you clean irrelevant comments ?
  8. what does this have to do with this thread?
  9. which bug??? france grinded the port during the port battle window - thats called fair play but i guess the US shout bug everytime they lose or something does not go there way. its irritating to say the least furthermore its embarrasing for your nation
  10. no other nation has such a large focused safe zone either - if the devs intend to make LR uncapturable and join the line between the two zones then they need to reduce its length (larger then any on equivalent safe zone but not as large as it would become) eg Brunswick & Sunbury should then be capturable and made neutral. either way it hurts the US they wont have any benefits of capturable ports and all the trade goods should be removed from little river (the consumed goods, no other safezone has such a port that consumes so many trade goods) which will mess up the entire trading on that coast
  11. Hello, I have heard a rumor thats quite disturbing and pray it is not true. the rumour was that @lord Drax has requested to the devs that little river should be uncapturable and have its own green zone and that admin will go ahead and make this change. please confirm this is just a rumor and completely false? my personal opinion on this is that intervening with gameplay because some players are upset that they cannot take a port and use developers to intervene is an absolute game breaker, which would likely cause many players to stop playing. Lots of players put in a lot of effort to obtain Little River and hope to reap the rewards of having an outpost in this territory. so please lay down your opinions on this and please dev's i would like an official response to this rumor. Raxius
  12. Raxius

    The Free State of VCO

    your clearly delusional. i helped in coastguard so i could pvp and because you wouldnt. you never commanded a single portbattle that i was in infact there wasn't one. i was trolling US players regarding charged escort because they ask for help when attacked and do not adapt nor help other traders when attacked so i found a market - i thought US was a free economy. what you dont know is before u were ever in US on EU after the server merge i had retaken saint mary's from the brits i had pushed int the bahama;s and tried to help a fair amount of players i am no saint but i went above and beyond to help the US. and i DO NOT want fame fortune or anything from the US other than to be left alone from drama. speak with broadsides not with words.. this type of vocal warfare is boring.
  13. Raxius

    The Free State of VCO

    i dont blame anyone for me leavin the US nation - it was a clan decision and hold nothing personal to US other than insults directed at me and my clan. its a sore way to treat a player leaving nation. it allows me to understand why some players quit the game instead of changing nation.
  14. Raxius

    The Free State of VCO

    i get that - we did want to attack san mateo and san agustin but the US was obsessed with the bahama's and empty pb's. - as for own teamspeak. we have learned that and now use our own discord in french nation. the problem with attacking san agustin and san mateo was the BR limit our clan would have to rely on others - and san sebastion (whilst US) and ays and any encounter with large BR proved difficult for our clan to work with others, either others couldnt keep up with us or we couldnt adapt to others play style so i see the perception and understand it. so i understand the frustration but we are only attacking ports to generate a fight. we will keep grinding until we get a good one or two. then we will move on i dont want to render US without any capurable ports but that is up to the US. i like fighting the US because yes we have experience and skill but US has numbers and fighting a group 3x your number is a good challenge regardless of player skill and thats why we do it.
  15. Raxius

    The Free State of VCO

    at the moment france is drama free - christendom if you plan to come to france- keep me out of all drama please. genuine request.