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  1. @admin any answer to this question? its been over a month since i asked the question and this has many votes, appreciate hearing your response soon
  2. this is nonsense... you expect clan members to delete level 3 shipyards, level 3 buildings, purchase additional DLC and then coordinate with clan to fight eachother to improve? how will the clan sustain that, if half of it has moved then materials are not being deposited, members lose interaction with one another, other clans fail to trust clans that have 50% in another nation i dont want to delve deeper into this unimaginable idea.. wouldnt it be easier, more effective and to be honest with you less hassle to just implement the lobby system fleet practice that was already previously in t
  3. @admin plrease can you comment on this?? right now RvR in Naval action consists of Russia and Sweden.. experienced players looking for RvR move to either of these nations to be with experienced players, meaning nations such as Great Britain, Spain, USA, Pirates, Dutch, Poland, China, Prussia are somewhat at a dead end, its impossible to teach players without losing something and then players you train may just end up moving to one of the two RvR nations. Please comment on this question, preferably return fleet practice! so the majority of nations can train a fleet work together and f
  4. the simplest solution would be to make charleston and KPR investable... this way no one clan has ownership (admiralty can own it) - easy nations and no one clan profits from the port other than the abiltity to invest and to craft ships in that port.. KPR is already a 55 point port.. but just needs the ability to invest into it... in order for shipyards to be placed... in the old days everyone crafted in KPR as it was uncapturable and there was no down side except tax income... give easy nations this ability back
  5. lol haha.. but regarding my question with implac's redouts??? rank 3?? or wasa rank 4? connie rank 4?... idk getting more retarded by the day
  6. hello devs, Sorry if this question pains you but seeing a ship existing in the game files but not in the base game pains me.. you can clearly see the HMS Temeraire exists in the game files and the design has already been completed and balanced and fits the time period of Naval Action. What pains me more is you have added in the christian and 2 3rd rates which should be 2nd rates (redoutable, implacable) going by your balancing of wasa (which if you dont update the redout and implacable to 2nd rate then wasa and constitution should be 4th rates again.. but why isnt this ship i
  7. The reason why the players did not want to attack the NOTO player is because we were hunting together on open world, i was not in the battle but i warned Salladin several times in open world not to tag him we are playing together, this battle took place on the US coastline where we were grouping up to pvp against US players - if your saying that if 8 players want to work with someone and 1 player doesnt and just wants to attack him even though he has been for-warned before, and during the battle then it means that your system of "player driven diplomacy" is broken. as one rogue player ca
  8. hi devs, as you have ranked several nations in terms of difficulty, a lot has changed since those difficulties were set. if GB, USA are deemed easy perhaps they should have a 55 point unconquerable port? then at least new players are on the same footing as nations deemed hard, since currently on the map the nation ranked "impossible" is currently the easiest as they own 2/3 of the entire map.
  9. this mechanic is confusing.. not to understand it.. but for players who play together.. when only half or less your group can engage in the content due to bad karma or good karma ... which inevitably forces players to attack specific nations and join specific sides in order to not be affected by the karma mechanic... so if alliances are forged it wont matter because half the fleet cant help the ally.
  10. okay so my alts can be really reaally unr eputable but my main will be reputable and honourable
  11. i dont want a super rare top PB bonus ship i want and many want fleet practice i understand it was removed due to the release of Naval action Legends lobby system game which never really took off, fleet practice is an essential way for players to practice RvR which is more essential now then ever before.. due to the two investment patches first for port bonus and now for additional ponts.. this may require server resources it shouldnt be hard to imlement you had it before.. and lastly it isnt a drastic change and allows ALL nations ALL players to practice RvR before committing ridiculous time,
  12. i didnt know you checked those,, have you seen mine?? would love fleet practice to be returned.. it seems the only pvp content possible with the latest changes you want to make check the top of the list of the link you advised me to check and your problems are my problems.. infact they directly affect me and many other players.. check my steam hours.. ive invested more time in naval action then probably your developer.. so please listen to your community
  13. why not have ai attack you when u get so much negative karma.... or even be able to kill ai to improve karma.. etc dont get me wrong i hate this idea and i hate that we are trying to fix changes being made on a released game.. the mechanics should already be set in stone... or is "released game" mean something else?
  14. i suggest you read what your community wants.. why implement a flag system for RvR when it was never requested.. the game is released and you continue to change mechanics with 1 DEVELOPER the RvR system is fine if its too easy to flip a port.. then make hostility take longer with more battles like you were originally going to do... listen to the community the game is released you dont have resources to continously rework game mechanics... STOP CHANGING YOUR MIND!
  15. it means once at war always at war regardless of what happens internallt or politically across all nations.. its about as forceful as being part of the nation you help...and its a permanent choice... you attack a foreign nation in pvp.. now they have you attacking them everytime.. opportunity to help them?? no can do.. mechanic is about as flexible as a solid oak spoon
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