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  1. Please can you stop buffinf the home defense fleets and perhaps nerf them? The 1st rates are sailing faster backwards then our seasoned first rates, they have ridiculous penetration, fire rate and HP, i understand they need to be stronger than standard AI however you have made them a requirement for RvR due to flag drop and added a further 2 santisima's. It seems with 10 players we have to rotate over 300 hull repairs each for 1 HDF. This is far too much, if you need them to be fast then fine, but then nerf some firepower or drop it back to 11 ships. I have seen a huge lack of portbattles since you implemented flags because players dont wana fight a war and have to grind 3 - 4 HDF's every day. up until now pve has been optional as pvp rewards can be as rewarding and allow players to do pvp without so much pve this has now changed. If pve must now be mandatory please can you ease the difficulty slightly on HDF's, we are still able to complete them but its extremely expensive and exhausting and is turning players away from the game, especially as we have to farm over 1500 wooden chests for port investment. i request you nerf HDF's and ease the requirements on port investments maybe even by 30%? you will still achieve what you wanted only it will be less grindy and people will actually be able to see progress.
  2. @admin are you going to put the front line mechanic back where-by only the 2 closest ports can be pulled for conquest mission? Or will you keep the existing system of closest 10 targets? need this answered ASAP.
  3. so.. @admin once this nerf is complete will it be the final result? or do i wait 2 weeks before updating my builds since clearly you cannot make up your mind or even respond and appease your community this is the posiition you put your players in. now i wonder whether we trust the updates you put in are final? Players like myself are forced to hesitate to commit time to the game because you keep moving the goal posts.
  4. @admin Since time has been taken to consider nerfing what has only just been implemented after a delay BECAUSE of balancing... i wonder if you have taken the time to consider compensating the players / clans that have already built fleets of the woods that will now be "nerfed" as well as invested them into ports.. and placed many buildings and upgraded them to level 3? I mean.. seriously??? if your going to delay something..... at least make sure its RIGHT before implementation, you control the attributes, the stats you have released the game.. so stop prematurely implementing updates and using use like lab mice. instead please test these things BEFORE adding them in to avoid wasting dedicated players time. please respond to this, im interested to see whether you care enough to compensate players for your mistakes.
  5. this mechanic is confusing.. not to understand it.. but for players who play together.. when only half or less your group can engage in the content due to bad karma or good karma ... which inevitably forces players to attack specific nations and join specific sides in order to not be affected by the karma mechanic... so if alliances are forged it wont matter because half the fleet cant help the ally.
  6. okay so my alts can be really reaally unr eputable but my main will be reputable and honourable
  7. i dont want a super rare top PB bonus ship i want and many want fleet practice i understand it was removed due to the release of Naval action Legends lobby system game which never really took off, fleet practice is an essential way for players to practice RvR which is more essential now then ever before.. due to the two investment patches first for port bonus and now for additional ponts.. this may require server resources it shouldnt be hard to imlement you had it before.. and lastly it isnt a drastic change and allows ALL nations ALL players to practice RvR before committing ridiculous time, resources and risk port investments. many avoid RvR for these reasons the health of the game will substantially improve with fleet practice and thats my 12k hours experience worth.. but please rethink these latest mechanics bring back vote system to prevent battles with allies altogether... i get you want players to be honorable unfortunately i have yet to meet 1 honorable player as friends / allies / enemies change by the day and by implementing forged papers being honorable left the game. you allow players to change name and nation what does honour buy them?
  8. i didnt know you checked those,, have you seen mine?? would love fleet practice to be returned.. it seems the only pvp content possible with the latest changes you want to make check the top of the list of the link you advised me to check and your problems are my problems.. infact they directly affect me and many other players.. check my steam hours.. ive invested more time in naval action then probably your developer.. so please listen to your community
  9. why not have ai attack you when u get so much negative karma.... or even be able to kill ai to improve karma.. etc dont get me wrong i hate this idea and i hate that we are trying to fix changes being made on a released game.. the mechanics should already be set in stone... or is "released game" mean something else?
  10. i suggest you read what your community wants.. why implement a flag system for RvR when it was never requested.. the game is released and you continue to change mechanics with 1 DEVELOPER the RvR system is fine if its too easy to flip a port.. then make hostility take longer with more battles like you were originally going to do... listen to the community the game is released you dont have resources to continously rework game mechanics... STOP CHANGING YOUR MIND!
  11. it means once at war always at war regardless of what happens internallt or politically across all nations.. its about as forceful as being part of the nation you help...and its a permanent choice... you attack a foreign nation in pvp.. now they have you attacking them everytime.. opportunity to help them?? no can do.. mechanic is about as flexible as a solid oak spoon
  12. ok i will sit outside a battle for an hour just to retag.. an half my clan cant enter it.. excellent off the hip solution to a problem that there are many GOOD solutions offered by the community..that have been ignored.. great work! edit: You have also made the tag circle smaller to force this mechanic! - a mechanic like this you should make the tag circle 3000m wide... why not?? its not as outrageous as the mechanic about to be implemented. final edit: and with AI?? say i want to be allied to sweden (just an example) we cannot join battles on swedish side if we are sinking their AI.. great news.. i will attack russian ai... wait what if we want alliance with them later??? this mechanic is garbage
  13. what about players like me??? I like to pvp all nations depends how i feel when i wake up in the morning, casual players will suffer from this too, imagine due to timezone pop they pvp in specific area during weekdays to weekend.. meaning they are permanently having to pvp that area even if the timezone they play changes? I don think there is anything wrong with current system, bring back voted alliances or something if you give players too much to think about it isn''t as fun.. i dont like the actions of today will affect me in 6 months... national diplomacy changes so rapidly... what about the pooor pooor pirates??? who will honestly get good karma with them?? pirates will die.. because by default they attack everyone!
  14. Posting this here so that it may get addressed.
  15. Please please please can you return the fleet practice lobby system, it is an excellent tool for new and experienced players to practice large scale battles and teach small scale battles too it helps new players to learn how to figth without losing the ship. It helps breed a new era of fleet commanders for port battles. it helps fleet members sharpen their skills.. newer players wanting to get involved in RvR are forced to bend the knee to the veterans because they dont know where to begin when commanding a fleet, fleet practice fills this void with the ability to practice, teach, experiment with builds and most importantly ITS ALSO A LOT OF FUN!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!
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