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  1. I feel that it would give captains more choice on the look of there ship. Plus it could allow people to come up with a clan color to help distinguish them selves from other ships for those of who are proud to be in there clans.
  2. I was wondering how hard would it be to add a new section to the Paint DLC pop up that would allow you to change the color of the sails of your ship? If a ship also has paints that do change the colors of the sails you can make those marked as unavailable to make things easier on the team. If need i could use photoshop to make a example for your team if it is possible. @admin
  3. THAT LOOKS AMAZING! god only if i had tons of money to put into that game....
  4. i wasn't in that battle they shared that screenshot on global chat by Kaptain America and i was using it as a example, but they said something afterwards bo=asting about it but i don't remeber what was said and forgot to take a screenshot
  5. First one: is if you bring your alt into a open world battle that your fighting against some players and surrender the ship taking the reps off of it to help you main is that allowed? the second one is if you ask someone to leave a battle and they don't are you allowed to sink the person / help the enemy sink that person? something like this
  6. would we be able to get two battles one for European time zone players and the one for American time zone players?
  7. I have created a print sized poster image of Seeferkel's last log but in English ( can be changed to any other language if requested ) The poem is very touching for whom sounded like a amazing man to be around i wish i had the chance to meet him From the { West India Express } to all who love these fair seas
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