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  1. Thanks, I got trapped twice. First time, two weeks ago, when "cleaning" some locust ships , too slow for PVP. Then I replaced teak/WO by Bermuda/WO, more efficient for small ships in PVP. I suicided some Burmu/Bermu ships to get space on my docks, attacking any target (my prince vs Panda + Prince + LGV). Pixel suicide is fun! I hope that my present meta for small ships (Bermu/WO) seasoned will stay usable. 😉
  2. Shit! I just scrapped all my teak /WO ships...
  3. Here, I must say that I disagree. In Denmark / Norway, nation in reconstruction, we (BSTD clan) cannot invest in practical in every port (too many ports for too few players), and there is no other clan that would take over us. Do we have to resign and make no more RVR? The result of present mechanic is a focus on our reconstructing nation (5 Raids so far including the one planned for tomorrow, one port ever lost because not possible to place timers in all ports). I really think that 2 Raider Port Battles per days is too much (this gives 5 raids on DK/NO per week), more foresseen from now with the new rules of focus on the 5 first nations. Or may be, we have to voluntarily surrender several port to go back to position 6? By the way (@Mannow) this answer is not possible in this poll. Sorry, but I can't anwer most of the questions.
  4. It should be easily possible to limit Deadman's Cay to ships with BR limit 99. Nassau is very popular. Let's make no change to something that works!
  5. I don't remember exactly the numbers but Raider Pickles had around 115 crews and Raider Traders more than 120. Taking into account Raider perks and upgrades (eg. Elite), they could rage board any player easily if this player loses a few crews
  6. I am sailing intensively Privateers. If I am close enough to have 'control', I am close enough to receive broadsides. Privateers are not that fast downwinds. This gives opportunity to break the fight when properly made. The only ships that cannot get rid of a privateer are Prince de Neufchâtel and Requin. But they can fight.
  7. I've no answer to questions 4,5,8. So that my vote is refused for others.
  8. Maybe, the only problems with this coming back of raids are: the frequency: 2 per day might be too much, especially because raids, attacking undeveloped ports, are presently focusing on Nations in redevelopment. To be noted that Denmark/Norge suffered more raids since implementation than RU, more than SWE, more than GB, and this is a real pain for this small nation compared to the 3 biggest ones, because this almost cancelled DK/N efforts to make RVR. If players fight NPC's, they can't fight Players. Energy, time and resources placed in NPC Raid defense is lost for port development. And if a port is taken, it has to be redeveloped from grass-root. NPC raids are attacking undeveloped ports. Nations with big populations will easily develop ports on the frontiers. The other ones can stay undeveloped and even undefended when attacked, because they cannot be taken by any other faction. As a recent example, Arcas, but any of the dozens of port from Selam to Vera-Cruz, La Nouvelle-Orléans down to Gasparilla (except the four ones around El Rancho) would give similar result. To be compared to Bimini, attacked this morning at a time when almost no DK player is in game, and on the frontier with RU and US. If a rule is set to prevent repetitive attacks on the same nation (I know that this is not announced), this will lead to more pressure on smaller nations: the number of ports that can be attacked by Raiders would be devided by two as soon as RU was attacked the day before, increasing pressure on smaller factions. Bigger BR by NPC's, tremendously high crew on raiders are no problems as soon as defenders can sink traders first. But yes, this makes raids really dangerous for small factions who cannot lose ports (the biggest can lose most ports at no risk). However and up to now, I feel more concerned by "oblligation" to attack HDF Fleets for flags and loot than by return of NPC raids. Clearly, the addition of these two obligations reduced my PVP time to almost zero. Not a single PVP kill in July so far. I spend all my playing time in PVE (Raids and HDF). In last HDF battle I made, I was obliged to go afk during some time during the battle: I was so bored that I was about to surrender to NPC, to shorten my suffering . I stayed afk some time, making something fun out of the game for some minutes, then I could go back and finish this over-boring-pseudo-battle. To be noted that we were originally planning to make 2 HDF hunts, but after the 1st one, all players decided to go back to port: HDF did reach the "ad nauseam" level. To increase our de-motivation, we got no flag in spite of having successfully sunk all HDF ships. Another player went afk as soon as we went on Open World, even not noticing that he got re attacked by another HDF on the way back. Other players around did not enter in this second fight. Only the 3 ones in this battle stayed in, up to the moment when every one can safely leave (the afk player came back after 10 mins). As a resume, we were in battle with enough players around to fight this HDF fleet, but the consensual decision (just everyone agreeing on this), was just to run out, in spite of having the numbers and the ships to do the fight. We were all totally demotivated. So maybe, two battles per day, that would preferably spawn on the same reconstructing nation are too much. Taking into account my personal experience in Denmark/Norway, I can't see how Spain (as an example) can come back from the poor present status (with regards to Spanish players who tried "something" that did not give proper results, this is another question).
  9. Thanks for this remark. It will be corrected.
  10. So impatient for this upgrade... I do hope that this re-balance will help Frigates and smaller ships than 3rd rates because at the moment there is no room below Ingermanland. I spent the entire last evening searching for something to do in Prince or Niagara... Nothing. Even the Swedish Wappen I tagged in my Prince ran to his fortress... @rediii, please send even your Grand'ma to help Swedes! And this can have a huge impact on player retention if you can't do a anything else being a victim during your first three weeks of game-play.
  11. Light Fleets will attack all players between and including BR30 and BR100.A group in which all ships are out of this range won't be attacked. If a single ship has BR in this range, she will be attacked. What is important is the BR of each ship. A group including a Privateer and an Hercules will be attacked by Light Fleets and by Home Defense Fleets.
  12. Also, it is good that everyone don't have a gold very fast ship at each craft.
  13. Anyway, Nassau won't be attacked anymore. The implicit good news here is that only ports on which a timer was added by owner will be in the "Possible Raid List". At least, the battle will be planned in a time window when players are present.
  14. This is not the main concern I see. When I attack a trader with fleet, I never sink (up to now) the NPC fleet, because most traders immediately order them to retreat and do not use them in fight. And whatever the result of the fight, I don't reattack the survivors. But sometimes the trader can escape, but some do not check that the fleet did escape before them. And all the NPC fleet is lost. Useless for the hunter and hurting the trader for no reason.
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