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  1. Probably because the Rules Of Engagement of Naval Action are more close to cricket than to Brazilian football. i. e.: Rules are impossible to understand, except for a few persons very close to arbitration. And you find no clear explanation (from a French point of view) in any available document. This is about cricket isn't it?
  2. N'insiste pas, c'est incurable. En pratique: Moi y en a dire à la bank de Kingston Port Royal: ji veux des g'os billets. Eux donné moi un bassin...
  3. There might be a form of reaction when some"big" nation will take a really important port to another one, leaving the smaller nation without practical solution. Santiago, George Town are not really important. Losing them hurts, but this will not wipe a nation out of the game. But the loss of some particular port in game could do it. Are we ready to see several dozens of players going out in a day? Are developers ready to take this risk without anticipation and without mitigating the risk? Mode SURVIVAL ON, or OFF? Why is this game based on this risky RVR only? Why is the possession of one of this ridiculous handful of port necessary to play Naval Action with some chance of success? Why are these rules of the game, which proved to be toxic, still in force? Why is all other content than RVR so reduced to almost nothing? Where are crafting, trading, training PVP features?
  4. This"gank" is far from being the worst one in this game (BR 250/270). But that's true that BR values should be reviewed totally. For instance, how to explain the BR 180 of the pirate frigate, vs 215 for the Hermione (which allows a quasi permanent reinforcement of the pirate frigate side in case of 1v1, denying 1v1)
  5. Another fun content vanished in Naval Action haze... Just sad.
  6. We need defences that can be destroyed or boarded during PB's. We need cheaper defenses, which can be more easily replaced when scratched down. We need defenses for all ports, including those which are developed for economy or crafting. In fact, these ones should be the most defended ones.
  7. Mortar brig became voluntarily useless by developing team, to justify the incredible high price of the fortifications. It is just one of these consequences of the RVR rules, of the promotion that only BIG clans are allowed in game. Other sad rules being the incredible BR of all port battles. Incredible high prices of buildings removed small clans and independent players from port development. But even big clans won't pay such prices for defenses that can be easily destroyed. As another consequence of this game development strategy, mortar brigs must be set out of battles. If you find a way to use them, they will be nerfed again...
  8. Agree for that, if really developers want to keep on port bonus. In addition, a completely developed port should be defended by fortresses. Having fortress is not limited by the deep of the port or by the local crafmanship / industries. When you develop a port IRL, you defend it by fortifications, like Brest in France, Plymouth in GB, Scapa Flow or Pearl Arbor. Please give freedom to players! This will give players to game!
  9. Nice to see this battle, especially for captains who are desperately searching for some motivation to come back in game... Thanks. Next time, can you please register too the instructions given on the Team Speak by the PB commander. This, and combat maps, are the post interesting parts of Port Battles. Thanks in advance!
  10. LOL! Please remove any kind of protection for new players in capital areas. We have too many of these in game.
  11. They will know it, either before the raid or during it. Otherwise, no PVP out of the raid. The will have at least 30 mins to organize the interception of raiders on their return way, and probably more. But I wonder how a small group of players can get out of a big nation main port (in terms of tax income) without being scrapped out, losing the Indianman and all their ships. In other terms, I wonder how the raid cannot be made for the only benefit of the big nation, which was initially the raided one. Want to see that on YouTube...
  12. My reason is simple. Only Wasas, Trincomalees and DLC ships can be seen in OW. Along with Surprises in shallow water area. Remove permits to allow diversity. Maybe rebalance of some ships will be necessary too.
  13. Remove permits for all ships below and including 4th rates. Add systematic permits, but not linked to any form of rng system, for all ships above and including 3rd rates.
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