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    Duel/Small Battles

    This battle is not an exceptional one, but it was fun and it puts some push-up on this topic! 🙂
  2. Most of contracts do not work. I know that this is due to new delivery mechanism to ports.I agree but this do not wotk at all. Most of my prepatch trading routes are now inoperative, either because producing port do not produce anything anymore, or because consuming ports stopped consuming. In addition (or should I write in subtraction) margins are nothing worth.
  3. [Diplomatic mode: ON] Many thanks to Game-Labs for making this proposal, which shows that the problem raised up for rewarding PvP is taken into consideration. But I think that the proposed solution will create either a bunch of tribunal instances (from looters who did not read this post, from some pirates who are stuck to non-ruled behaviours, etc.), and a lot of discouragement by PvP players, who will simply never recover the loots (because of three warning, because when the battle is over, every one can escape, because of loot sinking in the middle of enemy fleets, etc.) The proposition that "Loot can be rewarded to the player who gets the kill" is a progress, but what about players who want to recover the repairs from a sunk friend during a PB? This would work, but very partially and very unsatisfactorily. Taking into account that rewards were given by Admiralties after the battle, please go back to doubloons given like PvP marks before patch 27.
  4. Just a new broken mechanic, putting: More RNG in game: just be lucky enough to put the right contract at the right moment and on the right place… Do no more search for a strategy, this is old fashion. Just luck is the rule. More PVE necessity. I did not unerstand yet that the "war server" is the previous PVE server (PVE missions mandatory for everything, PvP no more rewarded, doubloons sinking with targets is the rule in PvP, etc.). When will we get back a PvP server? Just angry...
  5. I noticed that too. And also the new tremendous prices of some stuff (rum price multiplied by 3)
  6. If the battle is over, the guy can steal the loot and doubloons, then escape before you can sink him.
  7. As a feed-back, my day in Naval Action, patch 27… (I write it after the night, with hanger out, or supposed so) Log-on in KPR. Nothing to do after placing and grouping stuff in the ware house. Took a mission, the first one since months, but now we are obliged to do so. Go the highest level, 6th rate. Did the boring mission. Some PvP after that, enemy players attacked. I ran after a couple of Requins, which escaped upwind, as usual. Checked then my trading contracts, for an overall cost of a few dozens of doubloons. The contracts did nothing. Overall loss of time and resources. Went to an enemy capital (la Habana). Saw a few enemy NPC (as big as a trader snow!) and jumped into a Spanish mission. My Hercules and 2 Prussian xebecs vs a Spanish Diana and a Xebec. I was far from the Diana, the Prussian xebecs were far from the Spanish xebec. The Diana ran downwind and the xebec upwind. Attacked then an Endymion with 2 ships in fleet (2 Indianmen). A Spanish Indefatigable and a pirate frigate went in. Useless to go on, because even killing the Endymion rapidly, I would have been killed the the two others, for no reward. I ran safely to outpost. I crossed the way of another spanish frigate, that I saw too latte because I was afk. He was probably too, because he did not attack me. Bored off by capital waters, I came back to KPR (10 doubloons again), and went full east in the direction of enemy open world. Found nothing around la Navasse, went on Tiburon, etc. in the general direction of la Mona, along the coast. Nothing to report again. On the way back, I found a trader snow (great!) that I attacked and sunk for no reward. Then I saved my day. My second account was sailing afk from Aves to KPR (4 traders). As I did not find so much valuable things for sale in Aves, the main ship was off cargo, fishing. That way, I got a bottle. I used it from KPR, went for the wreck near la Navasse and got, at last 1068 doubloons. That was a day. I don’t was to live such day anymore.
  8. Yes, my opinion is different. PVE: I hate making missions (previous fleet or combat orders, or now kill missions). I prefer to sail out and see what I can do, either PVE or PvP, not some things prepared in advance without any kind of surprise. I won't do missions, my play style can't be dictated by others, I like what I like, I don't like what I don't like. PvP rewards were, in real life, give in ports by Admiralty… The mechanics you are defending is just pushing me out of PvP. But this is just my opinion, no more.
  9. There is another concern in the game mechanics. Let's put in situation: A ship of the lines goes out for farming. He is tagged in OW by 3 enemy frigates. A pickle enters in te fight too, in the frigate side. The frigates do the job and sink the SOL, while the pickle stays far, shooting sails from distance only. At the last moment, the pickle sails to the SOL, sticking to its sides (SOL canons are far over the pickle hull). When the SOL sinks, the pickle takes the loot and the dooblons. yeah! With previous mechanics, the pickle would have taken the loot, but not the PVP marks… Present mechanic is a error: with the pickle, who can deny any kind of reward to the frigates who did the job, without the pickle, because only one of the frigates would have been rewarded.
  10. PVE players need to fing easily PVE ==> This is lost PvP players need to find enough rewards in PvP ==> This is lost. Sent by afternoon in Naval Action. ==> Bored, totally bored, earned nothing, lost 100 dooblons trying to transport to find some playable area... Lost my optimism. A game like naval action needs some simple economy, based on a single money (call it dooblons, reals, escudos, or something else, no matter) provided this is simple. From the invention of money, 3000 BC to the end of the XVIII century, all moneys were exchangable eachothers, because they were based on the weight and the metal of pieces (gold, silver, copper)… In Naval Action everything is locked, fragmented...
  11. Trade contract seem not to work
  12. Agreed, but why obliging us, again, to an obligation to do PVE, in an ocean empty of enemy NPC's, for being allowed to have a few PvP ?... (I hate missions, i do as few as possible of that)
  13. When you add Something in hold (repairs or trade cargo), you don't see anymore the speed reduction corresponding to the weight. or I did not find where to see it… 😎
  14. Teleport cost is 10 PvP marks ? Trading is killed.
  15. WO, BLANC are is US Timezone MRF in the EU time. Also, see ANCRE ( @REPUBLIQUE), I think they can guide you, in France faction.