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  1. This game is not designed for solo players. They can't have access to all necessary currencies of the game (reals, doublons, medals and victory marks). If they spend time in trade missions, they won't get medals and VM's. If they spend time in patrols, they'll get medals and be short of everything else. They can buy VM's at a tremendous high price, and they will never get port bonuses. The only thing for them are DLC ships.
  2. So, do not remove the trading missions, but implement some trading activities that would worth even more, if they are made in Indianmen... We can see only Traders Brigs in OW, and most of them are captured ones.
  3. @furyGer, some keys for IA's. They will attack only if they have a larger crew left. They will set a "fire deck gun" every 4 rounds (as you can) They will set a fire grenades every 3 rounds. When you know that they will place a grenade attack (deck guns not yet loaded and grenades loaded), place an attack at the last second. You need 59 preparation for that. If at the first second, you place an attack, the IA will go to defend. At the last second of this round, go to fire deck guns, to make a lot of crew kills. You can also have a look here for more step by step details:
  4. The only easy solution would be to remove the "free for all" option. Not sure that the solution is better than the problem.
  5. A DLC ship attacking a trader brig transporting a free of charge cargo mission, sailing afk while the player is using another account elsewhere on the map (maybe, hunting enemy traders). This gives: Few fun for all The DLC player will have a glorious kill (50% of times, the trader will immediately surrender, which is not the best to do, see below). At the 25th trader kill, the hunter will have his glorious name on the laederboard. The trader lost almost nothing (he was risking nothing) The hunter earns almost nothing This is not really PVP, and DLC ship value decreases because of the development of port bonus ships (stronger, faster). But some players like to do so and this not against any rule of the game. I don’t see above any good reason to prevent any ship to hunt traders. Historically, this was a valuable activity for all frigates and the only activity for corsairs. And in game, hunting NPC traders give more benefit than hunting players (but not the name in the combat news). From times to times, this gives funny opportunities to counter-hunt these corsairs. Funny also to read their posts in battle chats when they are at last killed, and their pathetic complains about unbalanced fights... Obviously, really precious cargos must be transported in escorted convoys. Almost every evening, I have an afk sailing account for financing my losses on the main one. I never complain when a trader is sunk, after 4 or 5 deliveries which pays for the losses (a single delivery is enough to give benefit). And I almost never surrender at once, for getting more free slots in traders (only exception when I am fighting on the main account). A Traders Brig can make 70 XP per fight easily, and a LGV 120. I have at least one example of an Hercules finally killed by a Traders Brig (before wipe). Oh, by the way, XP can be made XP in traders only if they are equipped with cannons. Having at least medium guns and one set of repairs is mandatory. No use to have more than one set of repairs in a trader, the aim is not to prepare a present for hunters. By the damage you make to the hunter, he should end the fight with less repairs than he started it!
  6. Je confirme qu'ils sont nombreux, et au moins hier devant Santiago, très amis avec les Ruskofs. Ils ont réussi à me faire boire de l'eau... C'est pour quand le DLC pastis?
  7. T'aurais pas comme oublié les Grands Bretons? Enfin, p'tet plus si grands que ça depuis qu'ils ont perdu 3 clans et demie de joueurs PVP au profit des Flamands et des Danois. Une faction du jeu toujours forte en nombre (la langue anglaise), mais pas très"skillée" au niveau PvP. Mais il y a quelques étoiles montantes!
  8. It was ever proposed to link the port battle max BR to the port taxes. Cartagena would have a max battle rating, Ays for example would have a lower BR. Some ports in the gulf would be low rated, giving content for small nations. But this means first to reset a viable trading gameplay. Otherwise too many port will be defended by a couple of Lynx...
  9. Bah! Ils finiront bien par être attaqués, t'inquiètes... Il faut juste espérer que ce soit avant que le serveur ne se vide. Les petits clans qui ne veulent pas grossir, les joueurs qui préfèrent rester entre copains et les indeps n'ont pas la vie facile dans N/A. Ils mettront un temps infini avant d'avoir des bateaux potables ou devront renoncer, soit au RVR, soit à leur choix de jeu, soit au jeu Naval Action. Il en restera quelques-uns. La remarque de Loulou reste valable à mon avis.
  10. May be... I noticed that hits placed too high make a lower damage than hits at gun deck level. Too high shots are recorded as hull hits, but they only kill crew. Those could be checked if you recorded the battle. The hull of a Trinc is higher than the hull of a snow, but not of the hull of a Hercules. At short range, this can be a part of explanation.
  11. Not all the fights are thay way. Not all players do that way. Not all Heavy frigates refuse fight and there might be some reasons to do so (IRL, being out of repairs, or simply being sure to be outskilled by the opponent, this last one not being a good reason imo). So, I personally never blame any player for running, I only blame for running and insulting, or insulting without running.
  12. Salut @fofopicote C'est vrai que ta prose inimitable me manquait un peu (non, aucune hypocrisie ici). Dans la prose à Fofo, c'est pas les virgules qui nous apostrophent, mais ça sent les vacances! A quand ton premier post, en vrais alexandrins? Qui seul imposera "Silence aux malandrins!" Je suis sûr, mon bon Fofo, que tu as repéré la césure à l'hémistiche dès la première lecture!
  13. Il faudrait que jouer dans une nation forte pénalise le joueur. Par exemple, plus la nation possède de ports, plus les taxes sont élevées. (Vrai IRL) Plus la nation possède de ports, plus la qualité des navires craftés diminue. Vrai IRL, car les grosses nations qui passaient de gros appels d'offres favorisaient la corruption, à commencer par les dysfonctionnements notoires des fournisseurs de la Royal Navy.
  14. WE NEED PATCH NOTES !!!!!!!!..........
  15. The price of level 3 ship-yards is pushing clans to organize, having a few ship builders for the clan, and all other clan members supplying in cooperation all necessary to the clan warehouse, including stuff, medals, doubloons, Victory Marks, and reals. With only ship builders making craft XP, the game tends to be in contradiction with its own cooperation and team work rules, forcing players not to cooperate if they want to make progress... Something very very strange in the Naval Action world...
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