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  1. Aquillas

    Little things you'd like to see

    I want to see rats jumping out of sinking ships
  2. In addition to adapted rules of engagement, we need Battle Ratings based on a calculation, from additions, multiplications of speed, HP, thickness, masts, broadside weights and so on. The BR of some ships (bello, herc, bucentaure) should be reviewed according to factual data, anf updated when ship characteristics are modified, otherwise no ROE can be set properly, all proposition will create exploits.
  3. Aquillas

    Port Battle Risk vs Rewards

    One of the concern is loot sunk enemy: For the winning side: Loot is often lost when the sunk ship sinks in the middle of enemy, or sinks upwind, or sinks while you presence is necessary elsewhere. In this cases: no reward Loot can be stolen by "so-called-friendly-players", that you can't green-on-green sink with the necessary warning if the battle is going to the end: they stole the loot and escape. For the "losing" side: Very often, no loot, no reward, no compensation. And often, the losing side is the one you made the effort to come in enemy waters. Changes of the ROE seem more and more necessary here, for not discouraging attackers to come in enemy waters (loot can be taken only by the player who got the kill or loot given by the admiralty at the end of the fight to successful players). Compensation for players who honorably lost the fight (can be checked by hit records) to be defined, and granted.
  4. Aquillas

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    With respects due to one of our well know players... I know "vito corleone", who is an old French player, who unfortunately can't speak English at all, not a single word. I'll speak for him. For him, this action was just a screening action, just legitimate for protecting big ships with small ones, either during hostility grinding or just before Port Battles. He did not push the action to griefing, letting you escape as soon as the French valuable ship was safe, without over tagging you or keeping you in battle for 90 mins. He would not have done that. Yes, screens are annoying for attackers, I know that too mush when attacking... Yes, in battles between big ships, small ships are annoying (i.e. useful), I know how to do that too much If you need to be free of attacking big ships, you need escorts to counter screen smaller enemy ships (so that both have fun). A big ship alone is just a sitting duck. The last Bellona who crossed my way lost 200 crews, 15 canons to my Bermuda/Bermuda very fast cutter, and was soon later easily scrapped by my bigger friends. Tiny ship do not always deny fighting(*), but this was another subject of complain for the Bello (*) Hope to show you that soon.
  5. Aquillas

    blame prussia

    And overall, blame Prussia because they have the most beautiful flag in game!
  6. Aquillas

    blame prussia

    Blame @rediii because all that makes me be more and more jealous. Now, I’d like to move an account to Prussia.
  7. Aquillas

    blame prussia

    Prussia is using chemical weaponry. They are using hot air balloons (design stolen to the Montgolfier brothers) to deliver goods to Fort-Royal over the Swedes. As a consequence, beer is arriving there too warm to be safely consumed. This creates a lot of missing crew in the Marine Royale. For instance, this is the main reason why the CBC and VCA clans (often first in fights) were strongly injured and obliged to move to Russia for cooling back, by an extensive use of caviar and iced vodka. Hope they’ll recover soon from injuries.
  8. Aquillas

    blame prussia

    Prussian players have beer only in their veins instead of blood, because they know that sharks do not like beer. This is a reportable exploit
  9. Aquillas

    blame prussia

    Blame Prussia because they think luck is something worth in Naval Action
  10. Aquillas

    blame prussia

    Prussia is daily ganking the Belgium player base and are secretly pushing developers to transform Abbaye de Leffe (*) in DLC. (*) Belgium magic potion.
  11. Aquillas

    Lettre aux développeurs

    Pour attaquer un port, il faut monter l'hostilité par des "Hostility Missions". Ce sont des missions PVE contre un maximum de 10 IA. On choisit quelle ville attaque, les missions apparaissent plus ou moins près. Ces missions restent ouvertes en permanence, pour permettre à la nation défenderesse de réagir à l'attaque, en entrant dans bataille. Il faut 4 ou 5 "hostility missions" pour monter la contention à 100%. La bataille de port aura lieu 22h après la fin de la dernière mission, ou plus tard si cette heure est en dehors des timers definis par le clan possesseur du port (ces timers servent à éviter d'avoir des attaques de nuit). On peut attaquer les ports seulement aux heures où il devrait être défendus.
  12. Aquillas

    Next patch?

    Sink him! Don't board him! @Licinio Chiavari:
  13. Aquillas

    It's Time to Sail

    Simply, the double currency system (doubloons/reals) should be questioned. Simply, why? XP system too could be replaced by a reputation system that should grow if you win and decrease if you loose. Grow more rapidly in PvP than I PVE, grow more when killing a big ship from a smaller, and so on. And the loot of a ship should be accessible only for rhe player who got the kill.
  14. Aquillas

    La taverne du corsaire

    En fait, les artilleurs de l'époque réduisaient la charge de poudre au fur et à mesure que le canon chauffait. Une tonne de bronze à 60° apporte en soi pas mal d'énergie. S'ils n'avaient pas réduit la charge, l'usure des canons aurait été trop importante, sans compter les risques d'explosion. La charge normale d'un canon était la demi-charge. Le modèle de naval action est donc exact. La possibilité de charger plusieurs boulets était aussi utilisée, en particulier pour les carronades qui étaient parfois chargées avec un boulet plus de la mitraille, ou avec de la mitraille jusqu'à la gueule, ou en fin de combat perdu, avec l'argenterie du capitaine. Ce qui permettait de souhaiter un joyeux Noël à tout le monde!
  15. So, either traders have 4 ships, or they know where they are…