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  1. By the way, I am not sure that long guns in broadsides was historically correct (or even possible, due to weight and lenght of the guns compared to ship width). On photographs and videos of the Victory, the 32pd guns seem to be medium lenght.
  2. La question n'est pas autour d'une nation, russe ou autre. La question est plutôt de savoir si le RVR est ou non l'unique activité du jeu. Quelle est l'activité des screeners (a priori bientôt réduite à rien quand les flottes de PB pourront directement "téléporter" au port attaqué). Quelle autre activité que les PB? Crafting et commerce ont été cassés par le patch 27. Pour ceux qui veulent absolument progresser vite, PVE ad nauseam. Les autres, PVP, c'est possible dans toutes les nations. A part les Polonais, il reste à tout le monde au moins un port à peu près potable.
  3. But, and as a consequence, the number of traders you can find in the open world is decreasing. I am not sure that this is really a step in the right direction.
  4. I don't like them. None of them. I have zero slot on them, in fact zero XP on any of these ships. And not at all interested in developing XP on them. People and developers have to admit the fact that some players will never be found of using big tanks, otherwise I would play World of Tanks. Some players have stats similar to mine: I have presently 4000+ hours in game on my main account. I have zero XP in any 1st rate. I have no 1st rate on my docks. I have zero XP in any 2nd rate. I have no 2nd rate on my docks. I have zero XP in any 3rd rate. I have one Wasa on my docks, a gift by a mate. I never used it. I have 2 slots free on one 4th rate (Ruattvisan), mainly due to screen battles, otherwise I almost don't use it. I unslotted completely the Xebec, for participation to PB. Useless development, because PB's are for 1st rates only at the moment. I have 1 or 2 slots on the Pandora and the Hermione, the only 5th rates I used since wipe. I tried the Trinc and scrapped it. And I pretend to play Naval Action, in spite of regular "irony" (and even insults) from capital gankers: "Aquillas, when will you come in fight in a real ship?". @admin, is my Navy Brig a real ship?
  5. I never understood really the reason for permit wall. I read that this is for limiting the number of big ships in the open world. As a result, only 1st rates, Christians, Wasas ans Trincs can be seen. Great variety! Great achievement of permitting... But this is absolutely normal, and players can't be blamed, because all recent content is made for big ships only, preferably 1st rates: PB's in which 1st rates only can come in (for max BR reasons), raids, NPC PB's are for 1st rates only. All new content is for 1st rates only. Smaller ships are all sentenced to death. Nerfing trade missions, nerfing mortars, just removed smaller ships out of the game and out of PBs. Because they have no content, except one: new players in small ship or in undercrewed medium ship must be and stay easy victims for veterans in charge of the leaderboard kikimeter. So that, in fact, veterans in small and medium ships are just to try and help new players starting in game. This is a fact, and this will stay like that because nothing is announced in the development plan to change that fact. Veterans in small ships are just baby-keepers. Hardly recruiting function, but in fact, baby killers are more rewarded in game than baby keepers, maybe one of the reasons of the poor player retention in this game. Permits do not help. Permits are all toxic.
  6. I like the way @admin is severely defending developer. We all wish to see faster "adjustments" in gameplay. @rediii, I am one of your best supporters, even if I never joined HAVOC (and I won't, I am a pure race BASTARD, sorry for inconvenience), and you moderated in fact so often my bad temper... May be, the change you were initially requesting would consume too much coding time to check location of hostility missions taken by different players. I don't know (and I post anyway, LOL). Like many of us, except you, my dear. No offense here! And no irony. You posted so many good ideas!
  7. Exemple in Traders Cutter: Tips here are: focus on enemy masts (yes even with carronades like in this fight), don't forget that manual sailing is possible and very efficient in all cutters.
  8. I made all the "Russian Gulf" (Belize - Tumbado - Vera-Cruz - La Nouvelle Orleans - Mobile - West Florida, return by Mortimer Town to Kingston Port Royal) in a Traders Lynx. With the advantage to be able to enter in any enemy port for repairing after each fight! This one came back with 5 slots... Edit to give details on the ship: Bermuda/Bermuda, very sturdy, 3/3, bow rattlesnake, navy hull refit, pirate rig refit, knowkedge ballast tuning, treatise on staysails, instruction aux canonniers, old flag officer, reloading). Nothing exceptional, even the captain!
  9. There is a tip! I have the 5 slots open for Traders Lynx, Traders Snow. I should have 5 for the traders cutter but a bug (reported F11) limits it to 3. First way to go: use them in PvP. Grinding is faster. I have 2 kills in a traders Lynx, and 2 in a traders cutter. In both case, I attacked enemy players sailing in traders brigs (and not only those without canon). This is a challenge that you don't win every times, but every times you can run if battle goes wrong. Second way, go in Open World, find a LGV (IA), start to rake-chain your four broadsides to reduce speed, then rake and rake again to hit canons and the structure. When one side has no more canon (this can be seen in battle instance), go to this side and sink the LGV. This takes 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your hability in manual sailing and on the LGV built. One LGV is enough for having the 5 slots of 7th rate traders. Probably 2 or 3 for the traders snow (I don't know exactly, I farmed her in PVP).
  10. @Ferdinand de LaSalle, this message is for you! @beall2022 You can contact in game "Ferdinand de Lasalle", he is in FROG clan, an English speaking clan in France.
  11. And people doing that finish in a first rate that their are unable to handle. Sitting ducks.
  12. This won't be exploited if BR are calculated from actual ship data, instead of being fixed for once with rare adjusment when ship data updated. Having the same BR for USS United States, Wasa, Constitution, Ruattvisan and Leopard is just a fantasy. Just tell a PB leader that you want to enter in with a Ruattvisan instead of a Wasa and listen the answer! LOL. Christian lower than Bucentaure! Hermione higher than Pirate Frig! Snow lower than Niagara could also be put in question taking into account the turn rate of a properly manual sailed Snow. Calculated BRs should also include the effect of upgrades and knowledges.
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