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  1. La survie (touche "8") doit toujours être laissée "ON" (en surbrillance). Les marins iront automatiquement sur ces travaux prioritaires: Pomper l'eau dans la cale Aveugler les voies d'eaux Combattre les incendies. Le joueur peut, s'il le désire, mettre la survie "OFF", s'il désire laisser couler rapidement son navire (ne pas laisser le temps aux ennemis de le capturer) ou s'il désire laisser un incendie aller jusqu'à l'explosion, dans l'espoir d'endommager les ennemis aux alentours immédiats (évidemment, ils vont essayer de s'éloigner quand ils verront
  2. @Skools, there is no known cheat code here, and this is probably not possible, because of some server arrangement (position of ships and fleet composition is in server only, not in user computers). But (there is always a but...) Most of times, players with several medium ships in fleet have traders. So seeing your Trincomalee or (worst) Prince with two mediums in fleet declares your fleet as "probable easy target". With, as a consequence, immediate attack. Few players can resist to an attack on traders, even if these fights are not the most fun. Easy means fast earn of doubloo
  3. Hi Felix, This is just a detail, but in the perk list, the Seeferkel book is not listed.
  4. The announcement and discussion about the Naval Action User Guide is now in: https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/11/2924479876993613970/
  5. You can check in User Guide, chapter 7
  6. Les "Navy Guns" sont en jeu. Un joueur Danois a récupéré un certain nombre de 24 livres. Récupérés sur des "Élite NPC" (1er et 2e rangs). Sur des "Élite NPC" plus petits, j'ai ramassé des obusiers. Le reste, jamais vu.
  7. For me, confirmed. I won't have left GB staying with Jamaica only. I left France faction, two years ago, because of alliances. I chose GB because there were no alliance there at that moment. I left GB for being annoyed by alliances with either Russia or Sweden (knowing that none would work) and by the hell of mess around it. I could have chosen France back, I checked situation with my French "secret" account, but alliances...
  8. Could be a good mechanics. But: 1) Why limiting this to pirate (Corsair) nation? Why couldn't GB hire some DK players for example? Or even French captains? 2) Same faction (even from different clans) in both sides of a battle would be soon exploited by usual cheaters. This is to be avoided.
  9. I always bet that players hiding behind unknown pseudos in-game are, in fact not players (i.e. 'lost players'). Maybe, this one did not reconnect since release... Just a forum troll.
  10. Preview of new French beatches. France is going to be the next Zerg.
  11. Felix Victor est d'accord pour qu'on reprenne les données de son site (ce qui est largement fait, avec son autorisation formelle, dans le User Guide). Il est de mon clan au Danemark. Il est toutefois normal de citer ses sources, surtout celles qui sont susceptibles d'être mises à jour. @Citoyen, merci!
  12. I don't know if this should be easy or not to code an area on ships to place a player customized ship bow art... or even...
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