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  1. Entering in a battle means fighting in the battle, not supplying ships to the other side...
  2. Latin sails are way less effective to sail upwind than schooner rigging, simply because fore and aft rigging is more flat than triangular sails. Just look at photographs of present small ships on the Nile River, compared to present race ships... Flatter the sails are, more efficient they are upwind. Xebec rigging was more efficient than square rigs, less efficient than schooner. This is also the reason why last square rig ships (i.e. clippers) has multiple smaller sails instead of less bigger sails. Physics is physics.
  3. Just after the server merge (EU/US), there was a rule imposing no more than 3 PB's per day to any nation. This rule was over exploited. I was playing French at that moment, and players exploited this rule to impose 3 night flips to France a day (or a night), giving to this nation no possibility to set hostility when they had most players connected... So this rule wasn't completely correct. It is removed now. The present status of no rule at all... Might seem correct in a sandbox game, might be not. Previous rules were exploited, the present no rule is exploited... May be a limitation of the number of defensive PB's to 2, offensive PB's to 2, offensive + defensive to 3, during a period of time (6 hour time window)? PB's being pushed to the day after if out of limits...
  4. You get such answers in the user guide, chapter 10.
  5. Aquillas

    Quarantine Stories

    In France (and elsewhere in the world), people are organizing a self made penury of pasta, toilet paper, salad oïl, etc... May-be, @admin, we can help you boosting sales of DLC: Due to Corona virus, there might be some shortage of several products, including but not limited to: Le Redoutable (made in France) Rättvisan (linked to some infested countries in Scandinavia, which have connections to Germany) L'Hermione (made in France) Flags (could be impacted by controls on frontiers) Admiralty Connection could be soon impacted if to many officers are obliged to work from home. It is recommended to purchase these items immediatly to anticipate shortage of such DLC's. This (fake) message can be modified later by Authorities. Please cascade to players who are confined at home and who stay far from this forum.
  6. Aquillas

    Quarantine Stories

    I bought some Corona beers in Belgium to get immunity. I am a fair user Abbaye de Leffe, they will pray for me to avoid buying Mort Subite. In case of emergency, man can also use Pils, available without medical prescription.
  7. Agreed. I was about to add to my previous post that an increase of masts HP is necessary, otherwise all battles will turn in mast aiming only.
  8. My bigger concern about that is: why an armour for masts? For hull, I can understand that a cannon ball can go through (making damages and leaks) or not (making no damage). But for masts? A ball or a chain that hits a mast should make damages.
  9. J'ai croisé hier un joueur russe dont j'avais réussi à tagger l'Indien avec mon Lynx. Stupide undercrew. J'ai du mal avec Cyrille Hick, mais quand j'ai demandé a Google de traduire, ça a pas marché de RU en FR, mais de RU en GB, ça a donné "Fück you". Conclusion: meme Sir Google est plus poli en Français qu'en Anglais ou en Russe. 😝
  10. C'est quoi, la liste des clans actifs français. Quelqu'un peut poster le leaderboard?
  11. Ce genre de comportement n'est pas une spécificité française, loin s'en faut. Je l'ai vu et parfois vécu dans au moins quatre nations... Je ne vous donne pas de détails sur le "BASTD bashing" qui a conduit au passage de ce clan chez les Danois. Tout en douceur, évidemment. Ou pas. Je ne suis pas parti chez les Anglais parce que tout allait bien. Je suis parti sans attendre que tout aille mal. La forte tendance dictatoriale des Suédois n'arrange rien actuellement pour la nation France. Si un Suédois attaque un Français, c'est du PVP. L'inverse est une rupture des conventions, surtout si le Français gagne. Jouer seul est une solution, temporaire ou non selon le caractère. Jouer tout seul est un style de jeu dangereux. Âmes sensibles aux pertes de pixels s'abstenir... Dans le chat, on peut masquer les joueurs "toxiques" voire masquer le chat, le temps d'aller faire un raid chez les VP, les Suédois ou autres à partir des villes libres. Shroud Cay est pas mal, Tumbado non plus. Honnêtement, couler un "Enemy Player" ou deux, ça remonte le moral. Plus que de ganker un Cerberus avec 5 ou 6 Trincs ou Redouts. On signale des embouteillages d'Indianmen autour de Vera Cruz... 😉😀
  12. Please register and upload video! 🙂
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