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  1. At least, 2 more outposts. Four more would be better. Tired to move reps and/or other stuff from place to place because of some RvR planned. Not enough outposts for going to PZ's. No fun in afk sailing for moving reps in trader lynxs...
  2. Allow friendly clans in foreign nations. Friendly clan players will be allied in all spaces of the game, including port battles.
  3. On battle group, make possible to change the flag color in OW. This would create the possibility to form a yellow squadron, red squadron and blue squadron, easily identified by friendly players, with an easier command for the leader.
  4. Start all battles with "fire from bow" and convergence on water.
  5. No X? Oh sorry, not yet probably!
  6. I fought against a Hermione with a Cerberus. The Hermione was saved by the intrusion of a Trinconmalee, with backboard side very low and structure impacted. I fought your pirate frigate yesterday. You killed my Pandora in no time. So yes, the Cerberus is way better than the Pandora: 0.7 knots faster without port bonus, same turn rate, way better aiming, 4 more 32pd carronades. Only the 15 more crews are for the Pandora. And Cerberus can be improved by port bonuses.
  7. Taking into account the drawbacks of Pandora, compared to Hercules for example (1 knot slower, larger turn radius, less fire power) and taking into account the BR 110 of the Hercules, I suggest Pandora's BR to be reduced from 100 to 80.
  8. Fortifications are quite well placed in la Nouvelle Orleans to protect such fishing. The dance is nice on the video. I never tested, not fishing or fisher hunting. Don't know the fun to do so, neither afk fishing or sinking afk players...
  9. The skill of veterans should rapidly be recognized, including my elite pumping refit. Vets will not be obliged to change pseudo... And if a new 'ace' can emerge from a wipe, why not? Anyways, new (more) ranks will be created soon, so that rank wipe is almost unavoidable.
  10. The permit mechanic is not a good idea: - adding no fun (adding no player) - adding no challenge (especially if randomized permits) - adding frustration (removing players) I do not know a single player who told us here that he is coming back to Naval Action, attired again by the permits and rng...
  11. Having the capability to save the daily log: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26876-captain-log/
  12. Un système d'alliances ou une diplomatie organisée "in game" pourraient peut-être apporter quelque chose, en évitant les super-blocs. Des coalitions figées auront l'effet inverse. Aucun effet de rééquilibrage si une faction du jeu devient hégémonique. Les joueurs rejoindront et renforceront cette faction encore plus facilement.
  13. This cheat result is the unbalance of the game, and this unbalance is durable, written in the code, unavoidable by game rules. Cheat would be removed, developers wrote that the known issues will be corrected ASAP (this means, we don't know when). But whatever the wipe, whenever the wipe, there will always be a strong faction. We knew Brits + US at server merge, then SWE, now Russia. Whatever this faction will be next time, the strong faction is deemed to be stronger, the weak factions are deemed to be weaker, down to game over. This unbalance should be reversed if developers want game durability. It seems that this is not the plan. We are, by now, at the game over point. We reached that point more rapidly, because of the cheat, but this is unavoidable that we would have reached it. Yesterday evening, a Russian squad camped in front of KPR. No one came to fight them. This is pointless. However, I tried to test a fight, with a useless Cerberus I got. I did not do the fight for win, or for fun, just for test.. According to Developers advices, my Cerberux was a oak/oak one, we all know that rare woods must be rare. My 32pd carronades did not penetrate the Wasa. At touching range, during boarding, I got “7 hull” from a broadside of 13 (50%), meaning that half bumped at touching range These hull shots got no impact on the side bar… By the way, the do not mean that VCO, WO, RED, NN or other clans having used exploits must be banned or punished. This kind of cheating is accepted atm.
  14. And also a mention in "combat news", when the no.1 in a category changes: "Xxxxxx is now leader of the Trinconmalee challenge". Just to add some emulation...
  15. Another way to protect small nations is to limit the loot for raiders: 1- More ports a nation has, more enrichment these ports will make each others by domestic trading (which is the case in real life). So it should be more lucrative to raid ports of big nations. 2- The maximum amount of loot that can be taken from a port should be visible in this port, to enemy players only (alt prevention), by introducing a smuggler in the port.
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