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  1. I very eager to see how this game develops. My suggestion would be to consider possibility of sailing in a squadron with friends. That is of course if multiplayer is implemented. Most fun I have had in Naval Action has been out on the sea hunting with a friends, and that has been both pvp and pve. I also hope that one day we will see the coast on Skagerrak and Kattegat in the game and sail our ship in the same waters as Peter Tordenskjold and Lars Gathenhielm. Swedish fort Karlsten and lighthouse at Marstrand on the Bohuslän coast in the 18th century
  2. I would like to propose af Chapmans Bellona class frigate as a DLC. It’s a fast frigate with 24 pounders, and would fill a gap in the DLC-ship tree. The most famous of the Bellona class frigate, which saw service in the Swedish, Russian and Naples navy. The ships have been suggested earlier in the player ship poll, and has a thread in the shipwright forum: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/5620-venus-frigate-by-chapman-with-plans/?tab=comments#comment-107296
  3. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but, Isn't i the Yacht also from af Chapmans plans? And the frigate, isn't a real ship, but if I recall correctly was partially af Chapmans plans as well. But then again, Fredrik Henrik af Chapman took a lot of inspiration from his time outside Sweden. As did all nations shipwrights back then.
  4. I for one like that NA stays true to history with mostly white sails. There are a lot of disney-pirate-fantasy games out there and not a lot of games for history buffs. Maybe more colour options for the hull, but as for the sails I like that they look historical. If they implement anything like custom emblems, and fantasy colours, I just wish for a button to turn it off. Or maybe not have it on the server side.
  5. Actually there’s no historical evidence of emblems on sails in the 17th, 18th centuries. In the late 19th century, some trading companies started having an emblem on the main sail. And 16th century ships often get depicted having some sort of pattern or emblem, but to my knowledge this is not often seen on contemporary paintings. I for one, like Naval Action as a game that don’t have the Disney Hollywood-pirate look. But each to his own I guess. Maybe a dlc to keep the sails historical accurate?
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