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  1. +1 for any campaign DLC especially a French and/or Spanish one. Also could it be possible to give the players and option to display crew & troops to the real scale (1:1) ? I mean, the troop numbers are rather low compared to the previous titles of the Ultimate Generals serie so I am not sure we still need a diminished scale this time. Also thank you for this great game, this is already very enjoyable and i am having a lot of fun with it ! Can't wait to see more of it !
  2. +1 Btw, i didn't played to the end of the British campaign but how are the 2nd rate ship handled at the Trafalgar battle ? Didn't they provide a model to represent the following ships : HMS Temeraire 98 guns HMS Neptune 98 guns HMS Dreadnought 98 guns HMS Prince 98 guns If not i think the easiest way should be to start from the Victory model and to remove the quarterdeck & forecastle guns.
  3. +1 Also could you please give the ability for France to recruit the 80 guns 2 decker ? After all its a French design Btw, another idea i had testing the custom battle mode, could you please think about an option to auto-fill the crew by default when hiring a ship (increasing the default cost if needed) but then give us with the opportunnity to customize the weapons, officiers & modules if we want to ? I think this would be great especially for people who just want to jump to the action directly.
  4. I've been doing a few research on the Battle of the Chesapeake. The model used to represent the HMS Barfleur and the HMS London should actually be on the other side of the battlefield! Indeed, during this battle, the French fleet of the Comte de Grasse included three ships of 80 guns : the Languedoc, 80, Duplessix-Pascaut (Count of Monteil) the Saint Esprit, 80, Marquis de Chabert l'Auguste, 80, de Casteltau (from Bougainville)
  5. Personally I share this wish. Also to answer the previous post, I tested Naval action too but it's definatly not my cup of tea. I think the graphics are great but I'm not interested in the multiplayer aspect (not enough time to invest myself in a long term MMO game). Thus, for the solo player that I am, immersion is quite limited and there is not much that really brings you back to the stakes of the period. Finally I am strategy fan coming from Total War and more recently the incredible game that was Ultimate General: Civil War. By the way, the French "Marine Royale" was THE great rival
  6. That's funny we have the same ship on our profile :D


    1. Epaminondas


      The beautiful Robuste (Tonnant Class) :) ! Louis Garneray, like the one who wrote "Corsaire de la République" ? (then i assume you might be French ?). He sailed on the frigate La Forte and with Surcouf ...

    2. Louis Garneray

      Louis Garneray

      Yes :) I read all his books of course. and when I started playing at the end of 2015 I thought that it would be a good name for the game :D...
      By the way he was also a great naval painter. :D


  7. To begin with I must say that I really appreciate this game and all the work that has been done on the accurate representation of the ships of the time ! I'm now well into the US campaign and I've met those 2nd rate British SOL a few times. It seems that this ship in game model & picture is wrong. I think you used another 2nd rate : the french Tonnant/Bucentaure class. This french 2nd rate was a long 2 decker while the real Barfleur class was a fully fledged 3 decker (picture). Is it a placeholder or a bug ? Thank you for this very exciting game ! Best, Epaminondas
  8. Indeed Arvenski you are right on this, the suffren seems to have a complete third battery : An interesting design but too late for the game indeed + paixhans guns should be pretty op if they had to be represented.
  9. A 86 guns Bucentaure is even better but I like also very much this 4th rate design (and of course the temeraire class which is my avatar). But then we will need the 64 guns Borée class ship of the line to match it properly :
  10. I think we have another one in the timeframe : the 90 guns Suffren class designed in 1824. Then we had the 100 guns Hercule class, some of the biggest two decker ever built.
  11. You mean this temeraire class ? Another beautifull Sané design : It is needed also indeed but we need 2nd rate more imho. We already have a 74 ship of the line.
  12. You mean those plans ? ^^ You will need this book from Jean Boudriot imho :
  13. Indeed, a Tonnant class ship of the line with 86 guns should be the perfect fit between the 74 bellona and a 98 guns second rate (which is also needed).
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