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  1. They should populate the map with more AIs for sure I agree with that
  2. Any update when HMS Leopard is releasing? 😁
  3. Dont qq about that it is not bad it will encourage ppl to go for Port Battles again even vs crafted ship will be a fleet with zero costs vs a expensive fleet if the zero cost fleet sink half of the enemy fleet it is a win so far. Cheers! Sail Safe.
  4. Meaning the hunt in front of capitals will end and the new players will finally start to play the game thats nice
  5. Books should be removed nerf a bit more the port bonuses and just keep the upgrades with 3,4 or 5 slots
  6. Maybe the plain british union flag for the british nation?
  7. I agree with old npc system just let they spawn around so ppl dont need to sail hours and hours after a cutter somewhere for get 8 xp!
  8. Or simple remove ship upgrades and books and keep everything vanilla only with the wood stats besides this nothing else so no grinding needed for "special upgrades" for pvp
  9. The doubloon flag is a special flag or it is a DLC flag for ppl buy with doubloons for the ones that do not have the dlc? If it is a special flag we can have a picture of every special flag of all nations? So we can be aware of what we are buying for 50k dubs
  10. Way to fix the PvP and PvE server problem is simple make a single server for both and make a system close of the Potbs ports under attack have a red bubble (pvp area) besides this it is optional if you want to sail around with a pvp flag activated or non flagged meaning u cant be tagged (only if you are in a bubble that is caused by putting contention in a port) so pvpers will attack the most important ports for get the (easy kills) that would sort the trading too since ppl would sail around for craft without be afraid to get ganked
  11. The xp is fine with the patch they should buff a bit the reals reward on my opinion
  12. Im not very good with Napoleonic Era history but if im not wrong Napoleon Invaded Portugal and the Brits escorted the royal family away for Brazil so actually the portuguese navy sailed with brits too since the game is under napoleonic time i dont see a real problem to add portuguese flags on british faction..ppl will understand that
  13. I agree with the point to add Portuguese flags for British Empire I support this 🤙
  14. Im sure every player asking a change in tow is a player that is tired to sail hours and hours...what we can do is ask devs for make the OW speed more faster/Arcade and the battles remain realistic...nothing change in combat mechanics or whatever just the OW speed..it will make ppl sail more often and we will have more engagements on OW
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