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  1. The xp is fine with the patch they should buff a bit the reals reward on my opinion
  2. Im not very good with Napoleonic Era history but if im not wrong Napoleon Invaded Portugal and the Brits escorted the royal family away for Brazil so actually the portuguese navy sailed with brits too since the game is under napoleonic time i dont see a real problem to add portuguese flags on british faction..ppl will understand that
  3. I agree with the point to add Portuguese flags for British Empire I support this 🤙
  4. Im sure every player asking a change in tow is a player that is tired to sail hours and hours...what we can do is ask devs for make the OW speed more faster/Arcade and the battles remain realistic...nothing change in combat mechanics or whatever just the OW speed..it will make ppl sail more often and we will have more engagements on OW
  5. I agree with a tow timing reduction or at least 2 tows per day
  6. Just edited it hehe meaning these sveriges,dans and russians will move for historical factions like Spain,France,Brits..making nations more active and things will engage with time..we have to many nations on NA it is a problem..ppl asking for Portugal faction for a good while they should remove these ridiculous factions from the caribbean and add Portugal make the Sverige capital region capturable and give Portugal the Barbados Island as capital
  7. Add Portugal as a faction and remove Poland,Dans,Sveriges and Russia these nations are ridiculous to have around the caribbean
  8. Both ways must be lucrative..if you like eco do that it can be lucrative for you..on my case im a fighter i just want log in and fight something and get some money for support my loses without bother with long sailing for trading im supporting that patch for real ty admin i love you! 😁
  9. Better Ping for South America..we brazilians suffer with 200-260 Ping for play NA if something can be done about it would be cool! 😁🤙
  10. Well ok i can agree with you there is Hermione as a 5th dlc on my mind they should add a 3rd 2nd and 1st now 1 dlc ship for each class balanced like ratt and hermione not big thing...Christian is nice but the rates that can be craftable are better so i dont see a big problem specially for the class of players that cant play for long..like me 🤙
  11. I support the idea of Christian and Diana DLC like they did with Rattwisan and Herc..
  12. To much qq cause of a 4th rate ship that is actually worse than the other ones..but on my mind make the crafting easier will solve the problem... if they make dlc ships..who cares? There is way different situations...look..i have like 3 hours every day for play NA im not going spend 2h sailing for craft a single ship i just bought the 4th dlc and im having my fun around without bother...we had a thread before about OW Speed some complained for make OW travelling faster others said for dont make OW speed faster but reduce its travelling speed ..now the dudes complaining about 2-3h sailing for craft a ship were the ones crying about OS travelling speed buff i will keep what i posted before change OW speed..make things faster NA dont have much players more speed on OW will make players hunt around the map lets say if brits are fliping Puerto Espana and you are a pirate pvper your closer free town is La Mona..you wont bother to sail there for 1 hour or more for thing about a fighting...more OW speed will bring more action and crafting will be seriously faster not sure what is the community opinion over that again..for me the game would be perfect if these changes happen 😉😁
  13. Faster OW Speed i dont want to take hours for travel and more dlc ships maybe a special 2nd or 1st rate would be nice
  14. Hello Gentleman! Since it is a suggestion topic I would like to suggest for devs for make the Open World sailing faster something close to Potbs sea Speed for the reason that who have to work every day have like 4h for play during weeks on the current game stats 4h is only the time that i take sailing somewhere i think if u make the OW Speed faster would make ppl explore more we would get more players back and more fights/more port battles at all way more action i love the game but the sailing time make ppl get bored and quit i believe we will see some improvement on this in future 🙂
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