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  1. + knowing the fact that dev priority is two very structured campaigns (US, UK).
  2. LeBoiteux


    NA is indeed made to have newcomers join a clan. However, you can play solo and certainly find quite a few guides in this section or in internet. Before building, you need to earn money by taking missions in the Admiralty (fight and trade one) and fighting/capturing AI traders in the OW. It'll train you and give you money/XP/gold (not to mention the in-game tutorial). Fair wind, captain.
  3. Calm down that's just the flying Dutchm(e)n Perfect idea for April Fools' Day
  4. definitely not all 73% are in another nation than GB...
  5. Unfortunately NA is not made for them. There are the DLC ships...
  6. Fun fact : The 13 nationalities of the crew of USS Bonhomme Richard (former French Duc de Duras) commanded by John Paul Jones during the Battle of Flamborough Head, 1779 (American War of Independence) : French : 159 crew members American : 68 English : 57 Portuguese : 27 Irish : 19 Swedish : 6 Scottish : 5 Norwegian : 3 Swiss : 2 India : 2 "African" : 1 Bengali : 1 Neapolitan : 1 unknown nationality : 19 Sources The crew of the Bonhomme Richard was hired at Lorient (France) where the crew lists can still be read : https://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/_depot_mdh/_depot_images/INDES/SHDLORIENT/TABLESPDF/TABLE2P70-I.1BIS.PDF https://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/_depot_mdh/_depot_images/INDES/SHDLORIENT/TABLESPDF/TABLE2P70-I.1TER.PDF https://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/_depot_mdh/_depot_images/INDES/SHDLORIENT/TABLESPDF/ROLE2P70-I.1.PDF (original documents of 1780 also available on the website)
  7. au passage, possibilité de coop sur le même voilier comme Nassau 1715 + météo, vents... réalistes + régates C'est sûr, l'Hermione, c'est mieux. Et ça fait pas boum, boum.
  8. @ OP, You can post such thread here You can look at ship plans here As for my 'dream' ships, a few of them are in my signature below 🙂
  9. Quelqu'un connait ce sim de voilier ? https://www.sailawaysimulator.com https://store.steampowered.com/app/552920/Sailaway__The_Sailing_Simulator/
  10. Announcement of the teaser of UA : Age of Sail and nice presentation of the game on HIstoriagames.com (in French) : here.
  11. That'll be nice to play UA:AoS, but a single player game or a solo campaign based on NA ships and OW would also be great some day. That's two different levels : leading a fleet and troops vs sailing a ship. Both levels would be nice as single player games. btw sailing one of NA ships with say a little more of realism/navigation/sailing sim would also be nice.
  12. There is what devs can promise at one point and what they dream, consider, foresee, would love developing... Both are interesting to know 🙂 If the game is a success (it will) : National campaigns (Spain, FR, Russia...) during the AWI - Napoleonic wars period would be nice. UA : Age of Sail during the 17-18th centuries would too.
  13. An interesting link I haven't seen on these Forums yet 😉 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1069650/Ultimate_Admiral_Age_of_Sail/
  14. @ sterner :To OP's question about adding Spanish and French campaigns/battles, you answered : Does it mean that France has no chance of being added ?
  15. Un saludo, Compañero, mi Amigo ! Unfortunately, I can't speak Spanish. And google translate is often a poor helper. Your text seems to deal with NA realism and historicity. Un amplio debate... Have fun 🙂
  16. C'est pas l'homme qui prend la mer... C'est la mer qui prend l'homme, Tatatin
  17. 9-pounders is another classification that gathers a rather homogenous group of ships that all carry 9-pdr guns or 32-pdr carro, from the Niagara up to the Surprise. Look at 3 ships, say : LRQ (6th rate, 9-pdr ship, in game 32-pdr carro, 24 guns) Cerberus (5th rate, 9-pdr frigate, in game 32-pdr carro, 26 guns) Trincomalee (5th rate, 18-pdr frigate, in game 32-pdr carro, 50 guns) A Cerberus (5th rate) has more to do with a LRQ or a Niagara (6th rate) than with a Trincomalee (5th rate).
  18. Who cares about rates and national classification ? What matters is her BR among all the 9-pders (from the Niagara up to the Surprise). A so-called "6th rate" carrying 9-pdr guns can have a higher BR than a so-called 9-pdr 'light frigate'. In-game HMS Surprise, our best so-called 'Light frigate', was classified as a Corvette by the French like the Rattlesnake... And La Renommée was not a 'light' frigate either but a plain frigate. French light frigates carried 6-pdr guns when she was built.
  19. That's why her BR shouldn't be lowered... You did not understand what I meant, right ?
  20. less than a LRQ, a Niagara or a Ratlle Heavy ? while the BR of the Cerberus is 100 ? gratitude ?
  21. NA timeframe for ships is 1680-1820. Atm in game : Ingermanland : 1715 Wapen von Hamburg : 1722 La Renommée : 1744 Le Requin : 1750 Cerberus : 1757 ... Le Bucentaure : 1803 ...
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