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  1. thb preventing rage boarding and buddies decrewing is totally fine. elite bots would be totally weak otherwise
  2. Glad the "f11" aka bug report coords are gone for players. There is still the sextant perk tho. No reason to complain just reskill
  3. port bonus should be more like "you are allowed to stack said bonus with books and mods" not add on top Port bonus speed tier 1 = Allows to use copper or navyhull or.... .... Port bonus speed tier 3 = allows to use copper + navyhull + art of ship handling
  4. Yes please make OW speed slower- problem will be solved asap
  5. I like that the people who said "books make no difference" are now saying port bonus is op. Now that almost everyone has all the books and we were finally back to an even gear lvl port bonus got introduced. Now you guys know and experience how a new player felt when he joins the game before and had to face all the ency and stacked books + mods. But that stuff makes really no difference - yes 😉
  6. when we really need to have alliances Ivrather want forced by gamelabs rather than playermade. playermade alliances lead only to rvr ganking like we had back with the alliance voting system.
  7. When trading with a player at sea the message regarding trading is send in the language of the player who started the trade. Its even shown to the other guy. When we get more chinese or even russians it will be hard figure out what this chat is all about. Trade request should be displayed in the language of each user. When I use german localization and I trade someone with the english version, he still should get an english message.
  8. I can tell that all video parts have a different speed. And dont forget you are not looking for the ingame speed one (it may even not be part of it) maybe you can share that link here
  9. Just vote by feelings. I first thought about it to do it in split screen but then it would be very easy to tell which video is faster and which slower etc by video length and movement comparison. I wanted to reduce that bias so voting happens by feelings
  10. Polling, voting to make decisions or determine opinions
  11. Video speed. Its the same video played with different speeds
  12. Thats what it looks like for me
  13. In my opinion that should be exlusive for pvp server
  14. like RNG hurricanes ooooorrrrrrr some better roleplay - some sort of decay
  15. those 3 nations are rated impossible or did it got changed to kindergarten? what should be suggested is an other mechanic in oder to join those 3. 3 clicks like deleting an outpost. are you sure? - really sure? - its impossible
  16. Personally I like the clash when all start at one point. its impossible for a reason and guaranteed action
  17. Ai got penetration buff to compensate their sailing skill nerf. you can now rake them but they can pen you 😉
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