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  1. In NAL players only had to fight bots when there were not enough players. You cannot claim it failed because of bots and pve. Bots are just there when there are not enough humans. It failed because NA player Grp that like this slow paced moba is to small.
  2. Someone with no knowledge about steam could assume so. A new player has no knowledge.
  3. Player assumption. Maybe the structure of tutorial and Exam (book) can be improved. Exam and Tutorial can both be accessed by pressing "ESC" in port and clicking "Tutorial"
  4. Most of the ship parts (later raw mats) that we used for our ships are enemy player contribution^^. Will breaking up ships in ship production specialized towns give more parts? Might be a useful feature with limited rare woods.
  5. I always keep my catch or take as much I can carry. Trade goods are just odd. When I get those I am not as happy as when I get one with mats.
  6. Tbh it's almost always useless trading goods. Only when ports switched hands player transported raw mats and guns. Exceptions are mats like Cooper and rare woods so far they were always transported and made a big chunk of our catches.
  7. But weather like fog banks or complete fog battles are a thing. At least we had/have it. Only minimap is spoiling the fun there because everyone can see with it trough the fog. What you can see should only be visual on minimap.
  8. Strange that no-one blamed rover so far. When first rates and ship notes that have all woods available are accessible by pve then there is no pressure to do rvr/pvp.
  9. Still font get it Do we got all RvR changes or are more about to come @admin? Anolytic is maybe right. RvR reward should be tied to RvR activities like portbattles. The lowest accessible rate through OW pvp should be 4rd rate.
  10. Now I really want to buy this game. Looks really nice!
  11. Yes mission item should be unique. No duplicates of the same person in the same hold should be allowed.
  12. Stern guns are carros, yours as well
  13. Zu a) was zur Zeit aber noch erhalten bleibt sind deine Bücher. Solltest du also irgendwelche seltenen haben gehen die natürlich verloren wenn du deinen char löschst.
  14. We got "Tips" when using "ESC" in port screen. Can we get access to "tips" when we are in ow too. Would like to read stuff while sailing. Gambling and praying are gone
  15. The trick is to board the ship that is upwind to the other one. Luckily AI isn't good in tacking so 9 out of 10 AI will not be able to shoot you.
  16. place them in your warehouse (still keep a few in your money chest for teleports)
  17. new dmg model got added later on testbed. If he did the 25kills early he never noticed the testbed change
  18. That means when raking fire cant sink ships (what you are advertising) then raking must be a disabling feature. I said raking in its current state is not a disabling feature (when it only has a dmg hardcap) and no other changes. Player couldnt care less and sterntank again. There is no shock feature for raking which would make it a true disabling feature.
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