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    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    LOL. So basicly. Keep the Reinforcement Zones but make them even more Useless then they are already ? You guys Really wont give up until you have Killed this Game completely and have driven out even the last few Players will you....
  2. Sunleader

    There is NO such thing as GANKING

    And then People wonder why this Game is Dying....
  3. Well. At least you didnt try to complain about Grammar or Formatting like most other people when they run out of arguments.
  4. 1. Your the one Attempting to Replace Facts with your Opinion. And your making it Horribly Obvious on top of that. Because the Facts are Super Simple. Elite Dangerous Content is 99% PvE. Meaning its PvE Focused. Elite Dangerous PvP is 100% Optional. Meaning that the Game is clearly not catering to PvP Playerbase. Elite Dangerous allows you to Switch Servers any time you want without any Limits or Restrictions. Meaning that there is absolutely no Benefit on Risking PvP. Thats the Facts. And thats why the Game is clearly not Combining PvP and PvE at all. They are Seperating it 100% 2. I am not Expecting anyone to Read my Mind at all. Thats why I am writing such Long and Extensive Posts Explaining every Detail. And I did the same before as well. My Statement was Extremely Detailed and very Specific. Including examples and Explanations. Thing is. It does not Agree with your Opinion so you wanted to claim it wrong anyways and now your Trying to Force your Opinion as a Fact by Muddying the Water. A Cheap Tactic thats unfortunately all too common in Forums like this. 3. Its Funny how you try to Claim that IL-2 is Mixing both but then you yourself relativate the statement making clear that the Game is not just Seperating the Modes and making it 100% optional but also make clear that even in this Optional part the AI plays only a small Side Role. Thing is. You Forget the most Importand Part as usual. Do you really think PvE Players are having Fun and Playing IL-2 in PvP Matches ? The Answer is No and you know it just as well as I do. And pls dont try to compare that to NA. In IL-2 you dont need to do any Leveling. You can Die as much as you want and lose nothing. You need no Grind and the Enemys you meet are always at the same level in terms of Equipment. 4. Thing is Arma remains entirely Seperated on PvP and PvE. You can try and Weasel around all you want. My Statement was so Incredible Detailed that its astonishing that you would even attempt to claim you understood it wrong. What part about """" Then do us a Favor and out of these "plenty" pls name me a few. Because I can Guarantee you. There is not a Single Game which trys to do both and actually Succeeds. Every Single Successful Game will be either Extremely Focused on one Side and have the other merely as an side thingy. Or will be Seperating them entirely by having Seperate Zones either by Complete Block (no PvP allowed at all) or by Mechanics (Extremely Harsh Penalties for PvP) """" is in any way Generic. You just Ignoring my Question and throwing out Random Game Names is your own Fault. And all of your Games can be Denied by just this Statement. Because all of the Games you Name are either Extremely Focused on one Side or have the Sides Seperated. Sorry but Seriously. Now your just being Stubborn. You know your Wrong and dont want to Admit. So as you cant change how Obviously your Wrong your now trying to push the Fault for you being Wrong onto me by claiming that I would have been unclear thus causing you to Misunderstand. 5. As I said above already. Elite Dangerous is not Mixing PvE and PvP at all. PvE is done in Solo and Private Groups. While PvP is done in Open. And People Switch however they want at any time they want. Just like War Zones in WoW where People who want to do PvP go just to do PvP. But more Importand. This (like all other Games you named) can immediately be Denied by the very Post you Answered when you first bought it up. """ Every Single Successful Game will be either Extremely Focused on one Side and have the other merely as an side thingy. Or will be Seperating them entirely by having Seperate Zones either by Complete Block (no PvP allowed at all) or by Mechanics (Extremely Harsh Penalties for PvP) "" Elite Dangerous is 99% PvE Content. PvP is just an Optional Side Thing. Something that has neither any Benefit nor any Relevance to the Game itself. NA could do the same by the way. They could Choose PvE as the main Content of the Game. Simply have all Players Share 1 Character among all Servers which can Join any Server he Wants at any Time he wants. And then Start Creating PvE Content. The PvP Server would basicly become the same as the Open Mode in Elite Dangerous. An PvP Arena which Players only join when they want to Play PvP while everyone would be on PvE Server to build up their Ships and Stuff. Of course this will only work if NA also Implements PvE Content to keep People Happy. You can also compare it in the other Direction. If Elite Dangerous would attempt to Enforce both Modes like NA Does. They could make that very Easily. They Simply Bind each Character to one Game Mode. Thus Solo or PG Characters dont being able to Play in Open. Meaning that Suddenly Players in Open would be Forced to actually do PvE Activities in Open Play if they want to Play on the "PvP" Server. Bam they would actually Mix PvE and PvP. Needless to say that just like NA the Game would then Fail Epic and Lose Thousands of Players very Fast. Albeit it would still be better off than NA. Because Elite Dangerous has lots of PvE Content thus Players remaining on the then Pure PvE Servers would still Continue Playing for large Parts. Only the PvP Players would leave in Droves short after because the PvP Server would Starve for Targets as the guys from PvE Server no longer come over when they are in the Mood for it. Sorry Mate. But Seriously. Stop grasping for Straws.
  5. It doesnt. Again in that case the T-Rex is just an Map element. Not real content. Its just an random factor inside a PvP Match. But to begin with Ark is an 100% PvE Game. PvP is just an optional extra and entireky voluntary. The Content is all PvE and set to work in a PvE Design. Look at your example there yourself. An Enemy Player in Lol is always Dangerous regardless of being alone etc. But the Minions are only a threat if left alone. The Minions just serve as Food and as an Delay. They aint any Factor in the Match unless Ignored or used by a Player. Now Imagine this. Every Minion is a Fully Skilled Character like the ones the Players Play. And each got a decent AI. That would be Combining PvE and PvP for that Match. But it would ruin the Game. Because in Lol the Match is supposed to be decided by the 2 Playerteams Fighting each other. So the PvE Aspect becoming an Deciding Factor would be a Death Sentence to the Games Selling Point. You guys dont like Reading do you? My Claim was: *There is no Game that Combines PvE and PvP and Succeeds. All of em either Seperate PvP and PvE or they Focus on one of the two while the other is only a side thing* WoW is the Same. PvP is an Optional thing Seperated from the Remaining Game. And 98% of the Game is PvE. Before throwing any more Random Games out here simply ask yourselves a Simple Question please. Would the Game you Suggest be Fun for PvE Players AND for PvP Players without Seperating them from each other and without placing severe Restrictions on one of them? Because unless you can Answer this Question with Yes. The Game you Suggest is clearly not Succeeding in combining PvP and PvE. But this Question should also tell you obviously that this cannot work. Most PvE Players will never have Fun if they can just be Killed by other Players without Protection. And most PvPers wont enjoy a Game where they have to Play large amounts of PvE Grind. NA currently has both. A large Grind forcing you to Play alot of PvE but little to no Protection from PvP Thanks to that all PvE Players leave because they dont care about being Hunted by annoying PvP constantly and the PvP Players are leaving as well cause they have to bother with boring PvE all the time. Thats why NA needs to decide on one and Focus it.
  6. Nope. He is the one Pedantic there. He uses that term knowing its just a simple trigger program. But then pretends its an real AI which is hard to program. I merely set that straight. And Mate in the past they *improved* AI. It was ridiculous because the AI basicly fired broadside out of their Stern etc. They removed it again after massive complains. You already Answer your own Question. None of them Combine PvE and PvP. All of these Games are 100% PvP Focused. PvE is only an Side thing used to *Supplement* PvP.
  7. Except they dont. Scavs are nothing but a lootsource. They add nothing to the game itself. The Game remains 100% Focused on the PvP aspect the PvE is at best a side thing. In this case its not even that. Its more of an natural hazard protecting some loot that buffs your PvP chances. And yes in Arma. You could command Soldiers in PvP. Which is still 100% PvP. After all PvP is not limited to FPS. PvP can be done in RTS as well. And Wasteland is pretty much the sane as Tarkov. PvE (the little it has) is optional and without aby meaning. No progress no sense. Wasteland is 100% about PvP.
  8. As I said. Conan Exiles is an PvE Game. PvP is an 100% Optional side thing you can do for kicks. But it offers no benefit nor is it in any way required. And no this is Perfectly on Topic. Because as I said above. If NA would go PvE like Elite Dangerous thus allowing people to only do PvP when they want to. And otherwise be completely safe. The Game would attract far more Players. But they would need far more PvE Content for that.
  9. 1. Elite Dangerous is not Mixing PvP and PvE at all. Elite Dangerous can be Played Freely in a Chosen Mode. Meaning you can go with your Character into 100% Solo Mode with no other Players. But can use that very Same Character to go Open if you want to PvP. This means the Game is 100% Seperated and Open Mode is 100% Voluntary PvP mode. The Focus is lying extremely on PvE by the way. Compare that to NA. Basicly for NA to do this. NA would need to have Shared Characters between PvE and PvP Server. Meaning that you can Max out your Character and Buy all Ships etc on PvE Server and then on a weekend if you want just Play on PvP Server before going back to PvE Server on Monday. 2. IL-2 is an Simulation Game with a Multiplayer Feature. The Multiplayer Feature is 100% laid out for PvP while the Solo Play is 100% PvE of course. In the Multiplayer Actions where there is other Players. PvE Content is entirely Neglected. So again. The Game has PvE and PvP entirely Seperated from each other without forcing anyone to even touch the other Mode if they dont want to. Needless to say you dont Unlock or Buy stuff. There is no Grind. Everyone Starts out with stuff for Battle thus nobody having any Equipment Advantage due to playing Longer. This is not even remotely comparable to NA. It would be more Comparable to NA Legends but assuming that everyone Starts with everything Unlocked and Unlimited Money. 3. Tarkov is an PvP Game. There is no real PvE Gameplay and if you consider some parts PvE its at best a sideshow for the PvP Battle. The Game itself is 100% Focused on PvP. It does not combine PvE at all to be Honest. And you get Max Equipment within Minutes based on Luck. So yeah assuming that you just Remove Levels and basicly make it so that any Ship can be Captured and of course give Players Equipment that they start out capable of just killing the Largest Ship in Game. Sure we would be around this. Of course PvE would lose all meaning then. But you would have a Nice PvP Arena like Tarkov. 4. I myself Played alot of Arma even back when it was still called Operation Flashpoint. And Arma does not Combine PvE and PvP at all. All PvP Matches are 99% PvP and the only Mutliplayer PvE is Coop Missions where no PvP happens. This is entirely Logical because the AI in Arma is pretty good but not very Human. And Scenarios need to be Scripted very Accurately. Making it Impossible to have any remotely useful AI Enemies inside an Multiplayer Match. Again a Instanced Multiplayer is not even Comparable to NA and it cannot combine PvP and PvE because its 100% Optional. But yes again if you just removed Levels etc in NA Legends and just Started out everyone on Max level with Unlimited Money. You would get it. 5. Conan Exiles as well has 100% Seperated Modes where PvP is 100% Optional and thus only done by thus Actively Engaging PvP and thus entirely Ignoring PvE Content. The Division is Completely Seperating PvP and PvE as well. 90% of the World is Purely PvE and there is some very Limited PvP Matches and Zones where you can Fight others. This PvP by the way has been slugged down over and over by any Critics because the Level Based PvE System Results in PvP Matches being absolutely unplayable for anyone who is not entirely Maxed out in PvE. Same for Dark Souls. Which is entirely PvE and only offers PvP as an Optional thing. And even then its heavily Restricted by Matchmaking. Needless to say its still fairly Unbalanced and Generally Avoided by most Players due to that. So Sorry. But all of these Games are not Combining PvE and PvP at all. All of them Focus on one of the two Modes or Seperate the Modes entirely. And LOOOL Ok then let me ask you this. Dark Souls is a Hardcore Game. And in Dark Souls. If I stay Hollow I can Finish the entire damn Game without ever meeting any PvP Opponents. Pls tell me how I can do this in NA. Hell even Dark Souls has more Protection for Players than NA Does. But thats not even the Problem. If NA wants to go Full PvP thats completely Fine with me. We can Remove the Protection Zones alltogether. But then we need to Freaking Adjust the Remaining Systems to a PvP Game. Meaning that the Game needs to have 99% less Grinding. So you can actually afford to Lose Ships and Equipment over and over while learning how to Fight. We need to Implement a Proper Matchmaking so you dont end up Ganked or Fighting Ships that have so much Armor in their Stern that you cant Penetrate it Point Blank. And most of all so that Players will at least now and then Win some Fights by Fighting People of their own Experience and Equipment level. Sorry Mate. But none of the Games you Listed are Combining PvE and PvP. None of them try to do both. All of them Focus entirely on One Mode. And have the other Mode as an 100% Optional side thing that you dont need to do at all. To be more Precise. ALL of the Games except for One you Named. Are entirely PvE and only Offer PvP modes as an 100% Optional Thing that is entirely outside the normal Game. The one Exception is Tarkov which is 100% PvP and requires absolutely no PvE to be done at all. Honestly said it doesnt really contain any PvE.
  10. Then do us a Favor and out of these "plenty" pls name me a few. Because I can Guarantee you. There is not a Single Game which trys to do both and actually Succeeds. Every Single Successful Game will be either Extremely Focused on one Side and have the other merely as an side thingy. Or will be Seperating them entirely by having Seperate Zones either by Complete Block (no PvP allowed at all) or by Mechanics (Extremely Harsh Penalties for PvP)
  11. 1. Pls do not Distort other Peoples Statements by Changing and or leaving out Critical Parts of the Statement. "" Players make super Fun and Challenging Enemies if you can actually make Players Fight each other on an halfwat equal Matchmaking where it doesnt result in one side just Roflstomping the other Player "" You leaving out my comment on having halfwat Fair Fights and then denying my Statement and Demanding Fair Fights is a very Cheap Move and Adds nothing to the Discussion. 2. Thats Factually Wrong. There is not a Single Game out there that Successfully does PvP and PvE at the same Time. All Games that do PvP and PvE work by either giving Massive Priority to one of both. For example by adding Harsh Penalties and Restrictions to PvP or by simply having Seperated PvP and Warzones. Or by Completely Focusing PvP and allowing to basicly do everything in PvP having PvE Mostly just to Spend Time when there is no PvP going on. 3. Ok I call Double Bullcrab on this. A. No. Grinding Adds only Grind to the Game. What does Add Volume and Gameplay to a Game is Content. Grinding is Defined by Repeating the same Actions over and over and over and over. Playing through Content which goes through changes here and there is not Grind. Its Gameplay. But this Game has no Content. This Game has Grind. Where you Repeat the same Actions over and over and over. Where you kill the same few Ships 200 times to get to the next few Ships you have to Kill 200 times. And when you reached the last of the 6 Steps of new Ships to Kill 200 times you have to kill the same Ships 2000 times to Build up Money and Equipment to actually be allowed to Fight Enemies. B. NOOOO. Sorry but Seriously No. This Game has one of the most Horrible Sailing AIs in the Gaming Industry. Which is not Surprising because this Game is the only one which Expects the AI to actually Sail the Ship with Controls given to the Players instead of just Limiting the AI to the Maneuvers a Player can do while allowing the AI to just move the Ship. Now this is a Grandiose Undertaking. But its worthless if it doesnt work. And right now it does not work... The NPCs get Stuck on Beaches or against the Wind. They are almost 100% Predicable and they have the always same Tactical Patterns with no Variation Whatsoever. Thanks to that almost EVERY SINGLE FIGHT GOES EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. C. AI is not Easy to Program. Very True. But this current System is not an Actual AI to begin with. Currently its actually not an AI at all to be Honest. Because right now what your Fighting has no Intelligence. What your Fighting is an Preset Program which takes action based on Triggers. If Enemy has "X" Number less Crew than Yourself you Try to Close in and Board. If Enemy Passes Firing Arc Fire at Enemy. etc etc etc. Right now there is no Decision making on the AIs part. The AI is basicly just Executing a Row of Triggers. Hell. Currently There dont even seem to be any actual Random Factors that would Change the Actions of these Triggers in a certain Percentage of cases to keep it Challenging. Instead the Action is a 100% Guaranteed Reaction to the Triggers Set. And Improving that would be Fairly Easy to be Honest. Because as I said above. You could for example just Set a Certain Random Chance of 2 or 3 Actions for each Trigger. If the Enemy has Less Crew. You could have 50% Chance to Close in and Attempt to Board. You could have 30% Chance to Attempt an Attack with Anti Personnel Ammunition into the Stern of the Ship to Widen the Advantage and a 20% Chance to Simply Ignore the Manpower Advantage and go for a Broadside Fight anyways. You could Change the Trigger Setup depending on the Rank of the NPC For example. An Vice Admiral Commanding an 3rd Rate Ship of the Line would only get Triggers for Decisions that are Expected to Improve his Chances in Battle. While an Small Lieutenant might have Several Triggers that will actually cause him to make Bad Decisions. You could give NPCs Personality by Simply Disabling Certain Triggers for them. For example. There could be some NPCs which are very Honorable and thus will almost Always Attempt to Drive Parallel Broadside Combat. While others might be very Evasive and constantly attempt to let themselves fall back in a Broadside Battle to then Suddenly Turn in and get into your Stern. Some might be very Cowardly and Prefer to have Long Distance Fights. While others might be very Eager to Close in on you and have a Fast Brutal Close Quarters Battle. These aint very Hard to do things. Because non of em are Actually AIs either. They merely Simulate a Certain Intelligence and offer some Challenge by Random Elements.
  12. Your Absolutely Correct there. With which we are back to my Original Topic. The Game needs to Decide if it wants to be PvP or PvE Oriented. Because right now its trying to do both thus doing Both Super Badly. 1. Players make super Fun and Challenging Enemies if you can actually make Players Fight each other on an halfwat equal Matchmaking where it doesnt result in one side just Roflstomping the other Player due to having Ship thats 3 times the Size 2 times the Speed and still so Thickly Armored that its basicly Immune to the other Players Cannons. Needless to say that this is absolutely not the case right now. Thanks to which right now if your New to the Game you have absolutely no Choice but to do PvE because you will never learn anything or get anything by doing PvP. 2. Players make super Fun and Challenging Enemies. But they hate Losing. And in PvP one Player MUST Lose. Which is why usually PvP Games will make the Rewards for PvP so High that even the Losing Player will usually make Profit even if he was Utterly Defeated. Now take a Guess how it works in this Game. Yeah.... In this Game doing PvP is a Loss Business unless you Win and keep Winning. Worse when you mix it with Point 1 above. You can basicly Guarantee that any New Player Trying to go for PvP in this Game is Effectively Punished over and over for even trying. Making him feel like the Game tells him DO NOT PVP!!! 3. And Finally. Its nice that PvP Enemies make for a Challenge thats Interesting. But you see. PvPers hate boring NPCs like the Pest. And guess what. PvP Players you kill dont tend to really Drop good Loot. Especially not Money and Upgrades etc. So these PvPers for each PvP Fight need to have 10 Boring Fights against NPCs. This Game needs to Decide to either go PvP or PvE. I dont care either ways. But they need to stop trying to be both. Because with the current PvP Heavy World and the Removal of almost all PvP Restrictions thanks to which any New Player is just Bashed out of the Game anyways. This Game is never going to be any Hit as PvE Game. And with the Grind against Boring NPCs as well as the Grind in General where you cant really Earn your Pay with PvP Only. Needless to say with absolutely no Incentives to Fight Players at your Level thanks to which the main PvP in this Game is Ganking and Sealclubbing. This Game is never going to be a Hit as PvP Game either.... In the End we are back to my First Post. Either they say. Ok we are PvP. Then they need to Introduce Rewards for PvP Fights which are Profitable even when Losing. They need to Implement a proper system of Incentive Matchmaking so that Killing Enemy 3 on 1 or Killing Enemys which got a much weaker Ship Pays nothing and only Costs you Repair and Risks your Ship while Fighting an Enemy at your level or Above gives you Proper Rewards that Outweigh your Cost even when you lose. They need to get Rid of the Grinding of the Boring NPCs. Or make NPCs far more Interesting to Liken them to PvP Fights. Or they say. OK we go PvE. Then they need to Implement PvP Warzones where Factions Fight Actively thus the PvPers having an Concentrated Area where they find each other. They need to make NPCs much more Interesting having them Employ Tactics etc. And they need to Remove any Force towards PvP so that PvP is Optional for Fast Rewards like Free Ships etc. But is not Necessary as everything can be Earned by PvE. Dont get me wrong. I dont care either way. But the current variant where they try to do both and do them Badly is just not worth the Time it costs to do anything.
  13. Thats not really True. I still remember when you Buffed the AI Fleets. And that was not Challenging. It was simply a mess. The NPCs basicly ignored Wind and Waves and could Shoot Full Broadsides out of their Front or Rear because their Cannon Shooting Arcs where basicly 170 Degree instead of the like 90 Degree a Player gets. The NPCs were just as stupid and boring as before. Instead of having any improvement on constantly sailing straight into the Wind and getting stuck they simply Cheated and kept Broadsiding you out of their Arses.... And this is not Challenging. Because Skill doesnt help here. After all what good does it do to you when you can Maneuver as you want and still will be inside the Enemies Broadside Arc simply due to him having Arcs so wide that they can shoot Broadside out of their Rear lol The Problem with NPCs is that they are Boring. All of them Sail almost exactly the same. They are 100% Predictable and constantly get Stuck on Beaches or against the Wind unable to do anything to you because they need an hour to get around. All of em can be Manipulated because if you Turn in on them they will turn around as well showing you their Rear and allowing you to just shoot into it. What we wanted you to Fix was that the NPCs become somewhat Smarter and more Varied. So they Employ different Tactics and dont constantly get stuck. Instead you simply went ahead giving them such wide firing Arcs that they could get Stuck but just Shoot you anyways. Its the same as with Strategy Games. Turn Civilization on Godlike and the NPC will be just as stupid as before. The only difference is he gets like 100 times ressources and research thus having an Army 10 times as big and 2 ages ahead of you. Challenging would be if after a Maneuver I would not know how the NPC Reacts. Challenging would be if the NPC would not Shoot each Cannon as it goes into the Arc thus allowing me to just Deflect his First Salvo by Angling. And would instead wait for a Good Chance to Shoot. Challenging would be if the NPC would be able to Sail Properly and would not constantly end up Stuck on Beaches or against the Wind and then needing long to get around again. Challenging would be if the NPCs would have Different Classes and Tactics. Each Rank of Captain should have a Set of at least 3-5 Tactical Behaviors for each Ship Class he is usually using. So that an Admiral with a Ship of the Line will attempt to stay at Range and in its Fleet Formation. Instead of instantly closing in due to the "I have higher Crew so I try to Board" programming.... While a low level Commander with a Small Frigate might be more stupid and try to go for a Close Combat Fight Maneuver Fight. The entire Programming based on Stats is Bullcrab anyways. In Reality you did not know the Enemy Crew Strength and while you could classify a Frigate from a Ship of the Line. Anything more Accurate like Class or Armament etc was something you would not know till your much closer. And you would never know how fast or agile that ship is and how much Firepower it has. Having the NPC Programmend to line out its entire behavior based on such Stats is not only unrealistic but also makes the Game super Boring because the NPC always does the same. The NPC Should decide a Strategy based on Raw Size/Class and should have a Chance to Alter this Strategy during Battle. For example if both the NPC and the Player have a Frigate. The NPC could decide to go for a Straight on Broadside Battle. Then if he takes 2 Broadsides where he takes Significant Damage while not causing much Damage to the Enemy he could have a certain Chance to Disengage from Broadside Battle and Change to Maneuver Combat. There should be Variations here as well. One NPC Should try to Match Speed in Broadside Combat trying to stay on Middle Range. Another might try to be Faster while Closing in on Parallel. A Third Strategy might always run faster or slower but staying distance to try and force the Enemy into Bad Wind. If you want to make NPCs Challenging just Buffing their Stats and allowing them to Cheat is not going to make any Player have more Fun. Do you know why Dark Souls was so Successful despite being super hard ??? Because it was FAIR. Enemies where not Dangerous due to being Cheating or Overpowered. But because they had Behavior Sets and Attacks which changed with each Enemy thus keeping the Game super Interesting as you constantly had to Update your Tactics but never had the Feeling that you only lost or died due to the Enemy Cheating you.
  14. The Last Point is the Critical thing. There is no real Protection left. Thanks to the Update you can now even Gank Players in the Capital Reinforcement Zones. So New Players come in. Get Raped and then leave saying yeah Screw you, I am out. Leaving a Negative Review making a Negative Review and if Possible Return the Game. But a Fair Go is Impossible right now. The Entire Game System is laid out so that you are absolutely useless in a Fight unless you already got High Grade Ships to Farm for Equipment and Upgrades of PvP Ships. New Players right now dont even get to the Point where they would actually have a Chance to Learn something from a Fight. Because they just get Bashed by Ships 3 times as Strong and 3 times as Fast with Armor that they cant even Hurt when Sterncamping.... But thats not all. The main Problem remains. Because the PvPers HATE the Constant Grind for new Upgrades and Stuff. And the PvEers dont want to be Constantly Fighting. This Game cannot possibly get anywhere unless it decides on One Group and Adjusts the Gameplay Accordingly. Actually there is only 100-200 Thousand Owners Listed. Not 300... Pls note that not all of these were Full Price Purchases. There is Events and Sales in this as well. By now the Game only Costs 37 Euros. I think it was about 50 at Start. But hey lets assume 50. That would be 10 Million. Take off Steam Shares and your down to 7 Million. Take off Development cost like Salary for the Devs and Equipment to Start as well as Rent and Building Maintenance and Servers etc etc and your likely down to less than 2 Million. And here is the Catch. The Game is still Costing Money. If the Servers and Maintenance would cost less than 10.000 per Month I would be Really Surprised. And the Dev Team needs to be Equipped and Fed as well. Meaning that you can likely assume at least 30-40k per Month on just keeping the Lights on. This means the 2 Million of actual Profit they made is being Eaten away at a good Pace. And the Main Sales are done. The Sales will likely only Drop from now on. Needless to say less Money per Sold Copy comes in due to Price Drops. Long Story Short. Not even 2 Years after the Game is out. They are likely at a Point where each Month their Stockpile of Money is Dropping rather than Rising. Now gladly the Devs are not just Stubborn on their Game when its about how they make it. They are just as Stubborn about making it. Meaning that they will likely keep the Lights and Servers on till the Bitter End. But at this Rate right now. This Bitter End might come in 3-4 Years. And unless they change something Tremendously this might be faster than the Game leaves Early Access Now who knows. Maybe they got an Ace up their Sleeves and will Suddenly bring out a Super Big Update that will actually change the Game. They said in the Past that they were Planning to Add much more PvE Content for the Players to Play with. Which would Run the Game more into PvE Direction by Providing actual Content and thus might give some new Momentum. But so far unfortunately little to nothing happens.
  15. Well this would in a Sense get rid of the Grind. Because most if the Grind for PvPers is about stockpiling Equipment. So yes. This would work as well. Actually nope. It happens for the Countless Early Access Titles which Failed. It doesnt happen for the ones that Succeeded.