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  1. So. I got the Game in March 2016. The Caribic Update Number 3 Said. That all Owners of the Game would get a Redeemable for Trincomalee once a Day. Yet. I did not get it. It says DLC Required. Am I doing something wrong ? Did I miss something ?
  2. Given the way he Wrote his Response I would assume that his message is pretty Simple. You dont wanna Buy DLC so hello kitty You. We already got your Money for the Base Game. And if you dont intend to Spend further Money we could not care less about you. To that End a further Explanation of the Consequences of Deleting a Character is not Necessary. As Honestly said I think that Deleting a Character and Starting a New Character does Sufficiently Imply that you Start a "New Character" at Rank 0"
  3. So. I came back to Check out what has Changed in the Game Today. Upon trying to Change my Perks and not being able to. Because I lack an Item for it. I Asked in the Forums on how this works. There I was told that you can Buy the Item in the Admirality Store. Thing is. I do not have a Admirality Store. When I left the Game I was in Prussia on the PvE Server. Which was not a Problem. Because I had like 6 or so Forged Papers. So assuming the Devs really never come around to Fix the PvE Server and give Prussia etc some Default Ports there. if I
  4. Well too bad then. I am Prussia on PvE Server. So I cannot Access Admirality Store ^^ I used to have like 6 or so Forged Papers to Change Nations. But it seems they got Wiped somewhere in between while I was gone. So Basicly I am hello kittyed and cant do anything. Guess so much for me giving the Game another Chance.
  5. If I try to Reset my Perks. It says I need an Item for that. So where do I get such an Item ? I have not yet actually Found any way to get such an Item. I wanted to take a look at what they changed in the Game in the Months after I left. One such thing is the New Map Skill.
  6. LOL. So basicly. Keep the Reinforcement Zones but make them even more Useless then they are already ? You guys Really wont give up until you have Killed this Game completely and have driven out even the last few Players will you....
  7. The Answer to that is rather Simple. Because RPK and Ganking is not PvP What most Normal Players think of when Joining a PvP Game. Is Epic Battles and Duels. Which in Open World might not be entirely Fair at all times. But will be Fair in at least half the cases. There is a Two Choices 1. Simply Remove all Grinding and Leveling. Everyone Immediately has Access to Competetive Equipment. This way everyone can Fight and will have a Chance in a Fight. PvE Players will Stay away from the Start and you will get PvP Players. 2. Divide the
  8. Too Late anyways. The Game is Dead. Even if they Changed it back now. Everyone who Left will stay away. And the Few People who are left is for most part just the Gankers and Griefers anyways. So they would throw a Tantrum if it got Changed. Face it. This Game has gone into the usual Spiral of Death. Due to weak PvP Protection the Population Dies. PvE Players demand Stronger PvP Protection. With Stronger Protection but less Players the RPKs and Gankers no longer find Targets and demand less PvP Protection. Due to weak PvP Protection the Popu
  9. Nah they never Happened. Currently we got about 400 People Online in Average. Back then we had over 1200 People. If they did not come True. Would you mind telling me where the other 800 People Disappeared to ? Let me Guess. They were PvPers. And because they hated the Removal of all Safezones so much. They left ? Yeah nice Try. Well. As I said. I dont expect you to believe it this time. Lets talk again in a Year when the Server will be sitting at like 200-300 People...
  10. Mate. 200 Miles. Not 200 Square Miles. In the Game you easily Spot any Ship within like 50 Miles In Reality. Even the HMS Victory with its over 60m High Mast would barely be able to See Ships at about 25 Miles And that was assuming 100% Clear and Calm Weather and a very Good Spotter which happens to actually Notice the Ship sticking out behind the Horizon and the Waves. Pair that with the Surreal Speed at which we move. And you notice. That a Raider is easily able to completely Lock Off entire Trade Routes without any Chance to go around him or make a Run for it
  11. 1. Thats Bullcrab. As inside the Safezones there is Barely any Good Trade Lanes. In General Tradelanes in this Game consist of Shipping Goods from Producing Ports to the Capitols. The Capitol is in a Safezone. But the Producing Ports are not. And anything beyond small Profit Trade Goods are outside the Range of your Capitols Safezone. But since Trading outside the Safezone is Suicide. People simply dont use these much better Tradelanes. 2. I expect Raiding, Trading etc. Thing is. In this Game Trading outside a Safezone is near Impossible. Because you n
  12. OK. OoooooK. Mate. I will be a bit Rude here. But I ask you to Calmly Read the Post out. As I will be giving you an Honest Opinion. 1. I would ask you not to Run Threats like this. Most PvE Players are gone anyways. So it wont be the staggering 50% loss this time. But I am fairly Sure there will still be a Considerable Loss. And when the few Traders that are Left. Leave as well. The RPKs will Follow soon as they Run out of Targets. And when Players Leave in large Numbers. You will likely break down again and Add back Protection.
  13. I havnt tested it yet. Cause well too far away lol But this is actualy what I tought as well. I think the PvP Patrols are not so much to cause Duels. But to Create a PvP Hotspot. Where People gather and do PvP. PvE Players can get PvP Marks by being in that Hotspot and have a way to get Rewards even if they never Win a Single PvP Fight. PvPers got an Area where they have a higher Chance of Finding Fights and Targets. At the same time as other PvPers will be there they will also find more actual PvP Targets In General its an attempt to recre
  14. As Title says lol Seriously. I take a Patrol Mission. Want to go to the Patrol. And its Half the Map away. Its going to take me like an Hour or something just to get there assuming I wont be Intercepted. This aint going to Work. How am I supposed to get any Reward out of PvP if I first have to Drive an Hour to the Patrol Area which I will likely never even Reach lol
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