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Found 3 results

  1. ... make the leap of faith and lets end this once and for all. If people want to live in the capitals all the time, let them. I suggest the following changes to how the Zones work - remove the extra zones. One nation one zone, not two separate ones. So no Belize, New Orleans, Campeche. - end the separation between Reinforcement and Capital zones. Make them all the same. - no fishing possible in the Zone - enemy players can press Attack against any ship in the zone - enemy ships cannot enter any ongoing battle happening in the enemy Zone - raiders must stick together and get pulled together, declaration of intent. Press Attack, stick together, no more OW battle invasion easy farming. - zone nation players can call reinforcements as normal when they are attacked - keep as it is now. - player of the Nation zone can enter at any time.
  2. TL:DR- Just read the numbered bits you lazy buggers @Banished Privateer Just gonna chuck this out there. I think the 3 combat mission limit isn't great for the game. Admittedly its broken in regards to hostility missions not being separate from combat missions but the current capital gank fest is silly. I feel sorry for any new player who ventures out in there brand new herc just to get smashed by camping "vets" looking for "fair" fights. The mission cancelling needs proper explanation for new players. The game really needs a hard look at what it wants to do with the New player/Capital area problem. I think the safe zone is good but badly implemented with to much attempt at pleasing both sides (new players- hardcore pvpers) and trying to strike a balance between the two is potentially impossible. My suggestion would be to force PVP away from capitals completely by increasing OW risk vs reward allowing the capital areas to be locked down correctly as they should be for new players. The problems that need addressing: 1:AI fleets tagged in capital zone create open battles but missions in zone don't. That's just confusing for new players and is causing many a seal to lose there shit as its not explained. 2:Missions for new guys (people with less than 50hours gameplay) can spawn outside the zone. Again new guys don't no what the "zone" is and that there about to get jumped by "vet" pvpers. 3:Capital missions provide the same rewards as missions anywhere else. Causes people to just work from caps which is shit. More risk more reward needs to be implemented drastically. 4:High level players still get the same rewards for kills at capital zones as they do anywhere else. (controversial comment I know) 5: RVR is lacking (we all know that and I wont touch on that) My suggestions/ ideas (open for discussion): 1: Any battle in the zone VS AI should close immediately. None of this confusing meta that looks terrible and illogical for a new player. Lock the zone down. 2: New players IE players that haven't completed the tutorial or passed arbitrary play time say 50hours only get missions inside the zone. They can still leave the zone and tag AI like normal and get killed by "vets" to there hearts content. 3:Capital missions and OW fleets inside the zones rewards should be massively reduced and I mean massively. It should be 2x-4x more money and XP for missioning from port outside the zone and loot should be better also. Force the players to move on by making it slow and painful to level in a capital. This could be done hard like mentioned prior or soft. Soft being once a certain rank is reached the reward reduction takes place thus allowing the new players a bit of monetary income until a certain point. 4: For those pvpers that go and sit in the zone waiting to be tagged the pvp rewards for both parties should be reduced. Kill the rewards force people out of the cap zones. 5: Fix RVR and PVP will shift again. See other suggestions for this Now all of this comes from a player who levelled up without safe zones and without doing missions (because they were shit). I see the benefit of the zone for new players. It gives them time to build. To get immersed and to dream of where to take themselves in the game. It is necessary for new player retention and it should be a area that captivates players. It should however not be a place for players to hide after a certain point, the balance needs to be struck. PS The tutorial is a bloody good start and has done wonders for new players and is genuinely impressive what it can do for a new player. We had a new guy join us last week and he's rocketing up through the ranks and really enjoying the game partly due to the fact we forced him to leave MT and because the tutorial was a challenge for him.
  3. With the addition of Capital "Safe Zones" if a player is tagged inside of the zone he can call for reinforcements. Not too shabby of an Idea right? The problem lies with the reinforcements being composed of 2 first rates for every enemy player. Kinda overkill. In the current iteration there is no point in even tagging a player inside their safe zone. Why allow tagging at all? I would personally like to see the reinforcements reduced to maybe 2-3 ships ranging from 5th rates to 3rd rates. Obviously these numbers could be adjusted to fit how many enemies you find yourself facing but as it stands now OW PVP has taken a serious hit since max level players tend to never leave the safe zone unless they have to. I understand that Capital camping was a serious problem in previous patches but I would like to see a happy medium reached. Make gank fleets less effective by allowing reinforcements. But don't make the reinforcements unbeatable. TL;DR Reinforcements OP either remove tagging in safe zone or give the tagger(s) a fighting chance. EDIT: I'm happy to see so many people care about the game still. Hopefully the devs still have a vision for the game.
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