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  1. RaimundoJoe

    Demasting / dismasting

    Thank you! This made my day! lol
  2. RaimundoJoe

    Pyrat Political Situation

    WTF is a 'pyrat' ? Google says this
  3. RaimundoJoe

    Fireship green on green?

    Maybe, this is the new best way to deal damage in the patrol zone? Does this counts as damage done?
  4. RaimundoJoe

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Give me a medal then!
  5. RaimundoJoe

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    The 'irreparable damage' i have, its caused by Naval Action, then again i don't play as much as u are. So, my slow little srupl, whatever i have, you have much more of it!
  6. RaimundoJoe

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    No man, i just know how youre tiny little mind works, and wanted to spare others from youre stupid tricks. But go ahead, tell us more about youre heroic deeds...
  7. RaimundoJoe

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Are u baiting again, srupl? U prolly have a tinny coloured picture u want us to see, but first u need a reaction to youre shit talk.
  8. LoL. No man, my nation its more like training ground for this lot, its Sweden they are after, allways was.
  9. There are no 'nice people' left in Naval Action.
  10. Do you still have @North (North Viking) in there? If so, better remove his diplo status because his diplomacy ideea is that of a hammer among nails.
  11. RaimundoJoe

    Any new players passing the final exam?

    We are not that manny playing the game.
  12. RaimundoJoe

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    No man! We are sponsors, not testers.
  13. RaimundoJoe

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    What are the empty points about in the description? Removed stuff from the 'hotfix'...
  14. RaimundoJoe

    Mission changes

  15. RaimundoJoe

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Well, i don't like @Batman but, yesterday, at Bonacca out of the rag tag of brittish players that showed up, he managed to organize a full pb fleet and a few screeners. Good job, man! Credit goes to french navy thow, who tagged the russian pb fleet and destroyd it in ow.