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  1. Prussians can do that really good aswell. And you are just proving my point, that a battle like that doesnt belong here.
  2. "Great battle results" pretty pathetic that you post a battle like that here. Thx for proving that HAVOC makes you salty af
  3. Wasnt Prussia introduced as an hardcore nation, which players should chose wisely because of the needed skill?
  4. You had my respect and you lost it and you are showing right now, that you didnt learn from that.
  5. It just shows that you didnt know HAVOC at all.
  6. Same for us. EU and US can only fight on weekends, but we have to get up at 3-5 AM for that. The 7 day cooldown starts after you set the timer. Should work that way at least.
  7. HAVOC lives by salt, doesnt matter where it comes from. i am angry bored
  8. valid point EU primetime is mid day for the US, which is easier to manage than getting up in the middle of the night (we tried it) In addition the timer resets after a port got captured so you can set your own timer when the port can gain hostility again.
  9. Please attack HAVOC as hard as you can. We dont have a problem to lose Portbattles. Unlike Prussia
  10. To be fair Pit, you can get pretty salty and offensive in a TS aswell.
  11. Prussia voted Trump
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