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  1. It is worth the Tribunal when he keeps you in battle by tagging you over and over again or tags you on open world several times without the intend to fight. If that isnt the case it isnt a case for the Tribunal.
  2. Abram Svensson

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    sadly no video, but it was very close battle. i lost 2 masts and pellew nearly sank in that battle, gladly it was over pretty soon after that. ah yea and the battle was uncontested. just as a side note.
  3. Abram Svensson

    Rethinking ship DLCs

    Greetings Captains, i would like to make a suggestions regarding ship DLCs. The big plus i give these DLCs is the fast acces to a ship i can sail out and use in fights. Redeem it -> put repairs on it -> get medium cannons -> sail out. And that is in my opninion the biggest plus in DLCs, when you balance them right (Requin and Herc are still way to strong). So my suggestion: Make Hercules, Requin and future DLC ships craftable and available for all, with the DLC players can redeem these ships once in a certain time without the need to craft them. That way already existent ships can be added as DLCs aswell. You could add the Surprise as a DLC, it is still available for all, but with it you dont need to afford the crafting and can use it for fast PVP. I hope i made my idea clear. Make the fast and easy availabilty DLC exclusive and not the ships. Have a good wind.
  4. Abram Svensson

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

  5. Abram Svensson

    predator of the requin needed

    Not to mention, that Princes are way easier to chain than Requins
  6. Abram Svensson

    predator of the requin needed

    Yeah, bring all that into a Portbattle and show me how you win the main fight. Requin cant catch a Requin alone, everything smaller just gets boarded.
  7. Abram Svensson

    predator of the requin needed

    Requins BR got increased by 100%. 1st rates BR increased around 50% 1st rates vanished from medium to small Portbattles, but the Requin appears like nothing happened. Tells a story in my opinion.
  8. Abram Svensson


    I would like to see my mission progress in open world aswell. Maybe on the map?
  9. Abram Svensson

    Flags Flags Flags

    who do i need to pay, to get a HAVOC-Flag withim the DLC?
  10. VOLVO is a chinese clan. I think it is afternoon/early evening for them right now.
  11. Abram Svensson


    When rediii and me were in Sweden and the war against Denmark with RUS and RDNN started, people saked us what we do when they shoot us to the safezone. We said we gonna sail Fir and Oak ships then and board us a Portbattlefleet.
  12. Abram Svensson


    What enemies? No nation is in a serious war with sweden right now.
  13. How does AI behave in these scenarios? Will they board the player right away when he is right besides them?