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  1. Does this game have mulitplayer?
  2. Noone really cares about money atm due to good cargo and passenger runs. You can easily get 500k in an hour with a good trade cargo route. Simple, this is nothing to brag about or feel guilty about.
  3. I disagree, people don't feel like taking ports over again with an imminent wipe inbound. This is why the Pirates Rome so freely. Loads of Captains will come back on release, justnlikemeverynother wipe
  4. Rare wood types are hurting the economy, not DLC. Sooner or later, people will get tired of taking out their ratt or Pandora, simply cuz it cant perform to other 4th rates and so on.its not the DLC, it's the wood.
  5. I would just like it to be the way it was 18 months ago. Bring in Region Trim and let people duke it out. Wood is so scarce right now, the only way to get it is to get lucky with a sealed bottle or from AI traders. Are we doing away with the crating system now. If people cant craft good ships then they will not play anymore, and they surely wont buy the DLC knowing that the Ratt isnt the best 4th rate. This game is the only of its kind on the market, listen tho the community and let them help make it great again, then the players will come back and the game will be he greatest hit since sliced bread, or am I missing something?
  6. Yesbut there is a wait timer...they wouldn't have appeared right when the game started. Thats what you guys are not getting
  7. I did bring a throw away, Oak/Crew Essex but Im not mad about losing the ship. There is an obvious issue with these individuals and doesnt smell right. Im sure the devs will find the issue and deal with it
  8. Nah thats too random. I have been playing this game for a while now and have never sen this.
  9. I wish I did, I know it seems a little odd, but that really did happen. Names ar in OP
  10. YOU DONT UNDERSTAND...the battle loaded and as soon as it loaded they were there. Come on
  11. So they just happen to log off where I was going to be? The PZ is pretty big. Im not buying that
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