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  1. HoneyBaddger


    Where did you read this?
  2. WO dont even play the game anymore...they are playing other games and laughing at you guys, because they scared you into another Nation. Havic is ok, but you will never fight them cuz your scared. So dont even bring this in here bruh! "I gain so much knowledge and experience facing these tough clans'....blah blah blah. You guys are the laughing stock of the game, when people say VCO, VSC, VSCO, ro what ever you call yourselves these days, they laugh at you guys, every time!
  3. Whachu mean??? I have always been in pirates
  4. Lol...you ran from the Dutch, hahahaha you so funny. After you lost Gtown, they had their sight set on Morgans...then you lucked out that you had a superior screening force. If not then you would have for sure had 2 loses to WO. Why have you not taken Isla yet? Scared?
  5. Bro...chill out, you act like you dont like it very much over in Russia and and missing the Pirate Islands and the recent success in Cuba. VCO will always be nation hoppers, get used to it. BL4CK will always be pirates.
  6. Wow...so mis-informed...you must watch CNN, like the rest of your kind
  7. 1. You guys never took any ports when BL4CK was waiting on the release. 2. Why should you care what port time is set to? Most of us are US players, so we will set it how we see fit! 3. You nuked a port???and you are showing remorse for Ed, lol. 4. We dont want Isla, maybe you guys should take it... 5. Sinking Dutch traders dont count.
  8. Who is to blame here. If VCO wouldn't have gotten scared and nation hopped, then all would have been ok. Noone will ever forget about their treachery! The ultimate fix would be to get rid of forged papers like back in the day. If you want to nation hop...ACCOUNT RESET!!!!!
  9. Do you think we brought our best ships to a screening battle against HAVOC. You guys wouldn't even have fought there if Havoc didn't bring 1st rates.
  10. You actually think I was there because I liked you guys, lol. And where are these said screen shots of you guys sinking Dutch?
  11. You cant depend or hope that other clans will screen out others so you dont have to fight.
  12. Yeah their former alts from pirates are starting to migrate from pirates to Russia
  13. You cut a deal with WO to not take your golden crafting port! Let's not get it twisted. WO whooped you in one PB and was screened outta Morgans by BL4CK. You got scared and ran into the Gulf, like the cowards you are!
  14. I'm talking about how BLACK treated you before you came to pirates! You guys got stomped when you were in the US and when you were in GB. Things havent changed. You still suck!
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