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  1. HoneyBaddger

    The Free State of VCO

    Me as well. I remember when the Black Flag was feared, and the devs ruined it, and everyone quit playing.
  2. HoneyBaddger

    US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Well considering that the BLACK Clan Is responsible for kicking the teeth out of every enemy nation in the game and making them quit the server and the game because you don't know how to fight proper and are more than willing to hand us your holdings...then yeah...it matters!
  3. HoneyBaddger

    Travel Advisory for the Lesser Antilles

    Nah...he spelled it right
  4. HoneyBaddger

    US Victories General

    So far..not very impressed. But keep it up, maybe at some point you can justify your existence.
  5. HoneyBaddger

    Travel Advisory for the Lesser Antilles

    Wow this sounds familiar like dejavu. Seems the Frenchies did this tactic around Mort, only with 2 other factions. Hypocrites!
  6. HoneyBaddger

    Travel Advisory for the Lesser Antilles

    I profit every time I take a port...VICTORY MARKS FTW!
  7. HoneyBaddger

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    I totally agree with you, but this is Alpha and there are going to be many more changes that that we are not going to like before this thing is released. This star power thing ridiculous but I can put up with it. Player kills is also wack. Players sinking their alts, ridiculous!
  8. HoneyBaddger

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    You speak as if this is a fully released game. Aren't we testers afterall? Aren't we supposed to kill the server as much as possible to point out to the devs what they need to fix and prioritize them? Wipe the server again after the next patch drops and test these things on a fresh start?
  9. HoneyBaddger

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    We longer care about these things. We have a massive fleet going to the port battles and the devs have fixed it to where you can't tag a fleet like this with snows or frigates. Bring the BR bro. Seems the whining is coming from the other nations, not the pirates. We are defending our assets and will continue until the US, GB and France learns their lesson. You guys can gloat all you want about ship sinking in OW. You called us out last night and then ran back to the free port. Talking about OW PvP and you guys didn't put a single ship in the PB or attack our fleet when we left
  10. HoneyBaddger

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    The only reason to have a 10 minute head start is that the opposition gives it to them. You can join at any time, no one is stopping you. If you bring a proper BR fleet then you will have no trouble screening. But if you think that you can draw in a fleet with only a surprise or two, those days are long gone. Which is why their hasn't been a PB fight since the implementation of the new BR fleet mechanic. Guess GB and US can't fight a proper PB.
  11. HoneyBaddger

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Can you name them please, just a few.
  12. HoneyBaddger

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Are you talking about me? Do you have any proof of this? More accusations from a dying nation! I find this simply offensive and I am going to report you for this abuse! You have no evidence to back up what you are saying. I think that is a punishable offence. I am flattered that the US still thinks I can repeatedly control them through my words, but I have been in US nation chat since I left. I guess I am still a legend over there ehh? You guys still talk about me no-stop it seems, but I don't give a flying rats ass about the US nation. We are now focused on other people that WILL give us fights. Have you been attacked by BLACK or BLOOD since this "so called alt" has been around? NO!!!! NO!!! You havent, it could be an alt from another nation for all you know.!Your words and no evidence to back it up about this guy reporting US positions is just a way of you and the rest of the Nation to sleep better at night. No one cares about the East coast anymore! Get a life!
  13. HoneyBaddger

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Your still not getting Savannah back