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  1. carros would be fine with dmg reduction indef should stay as 4th rate because its ruining pvp zones (and thats why they moved it) connies should go back to 4th rates cerberus could be 6th rate aga is fine as 4th rate speed decrease would be really welcome as mentioned above because frigates should be much faster then bellona
  2. @admin Please make it simple for new players so they can craft ships by themselves (at least up to 5th rates, these ships should be expandable) In current system, its impossible because EU trader was removed and resources are crazy expensive so new players are usually just robbed in capitals.
  3. Rest of the map is empty every day and if you've ever tried a Deadmans Cay you would know its empty too.
  4. Lets make it red vs blue, who would ever farm alt in zone, its just boring. And prob easier to do with current mechanic.
  5. made by @Roronoa Sensei
  6. Hello can you maybe consider adding some sliding multiplier from previous crafting system, because as you can see on picture Im forced to click 160 times to change ingots into upgrade and it's a little annoying.
  7. Its 3rd rate against 3rd rate 1770 muskets+marines opponent without marines/muskets, it was like 300 vs 180 muskets same setup 3rd rate vs indef
  8. That aloha guy just wasting time of others for no reason. Guys like this one shouldn't be part of this game.
  9. nice, finally something to support pvp. mods shoudnt be part of refund, but guns and repairs would be nice, also refunding base price for teak/wo/lo is joke.
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