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  1. Spam mail is only a problem if you give it attention ...
  2. moderators that are also playing the game will always be biased im some way, thus having an objective opinion is basically impossible (which i think is also why we didnt have chat mods anymore)
  3. In a battle I noticed that the guns on the side I had on F5 (blocked from loading) did not repair with the going hull repair - the guns on the other side, which were also being loaded, no F5, did get repaired Is this a bug? Sent a bug report NAB-103817
  4. wouldn't be able to plant the flag on english harbor on the russians account though right? So would have to be in the swedish alt clan. That scenario seems oddly familiar
  5. dont see much of a difference to grinding a hostility mission for an alt in another nation but yep both sucks
  6. actually GB for some reason thought it was a smart idea to launch a counter attack to then get re counter attacked /curb your sarcasm
  7. somehow BFs and REDS 100 billion reals clan warehouses have to be emptied right
  8. Liq

    RIGG Locked up

    what are these screenshots supposed to show us?
  9. Should have displayed your cpu usage aswell, must have looked like this
  10. whats a powd? pirate of wet dreams?
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