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  1. Liq

    Explosions feedback

    My POV from yesterday Booms @ 0:57 2:28 2:56 4:36 7:06 7:26 8:18 11:35 15:35 25:48
  2. Agree with @Gregory Rainsborough here, dont rush levelling up or you might quickly get burned out by the Game To answer the question, a quick way is taking a small manouverable ship (eg herc) and tagging solo npc 1dt rates. Sterncamp it and sternrake, proceed to sink it by raking damage (structure)
  3. Liq

    Explosions feedback

    Im not a fan of this as big battles are decided within minutes; get a decent fireship in and the competetive battle is done - feels just like either ganking or being ganked afterwards, depending on how lucky you get / if RNG is on your side or not... Basically a gamble.. You should make a poll on this.. Prerty sure most players, all nations, prefer the original fireship Mechanics
  4. Lol J'ai joué ce jeu pour 6000+ heures mais n'a jamais eu un reve de NA Fais une pause 😂
  5. Liq

    port battle vs IA?

    why not use surprises and just demast the brigs?
  6. Liq

    Explosions feedback

    An 1st rate blew up about 5-6 ship lengths away from me; I was in brace, Crew shock (300-400 crew) + about 50% sail HP (main mast mid section came off plus some general sail damage) - another friendly about another 1 ship length away did not get damaged at all
  7. Easiest fix is make an option for players to choose in port if they want agressive ai or not (à la smuggler flag)
  8. You can change books at any time at zero cost, hence its obsolete - could perhaps be a perk
  9. Historically it also took 5500+ oak trees and over 6 years for the HMS victory to launch yet ingame for balance reasons it does not
  10. Privateer chests aswell as far as i know
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