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  1. As the amount of npcs sailing OW is limited (and you can "keep" an npc fleet stuck in battle instance), i can already see the tribunal reports of people doing exactly that, keeping npcs busy with alts / friends so they dont get disturbed by them
  2. it's funny how the same dozen or two-dozen topics get new threads every few months over and over again
  3. Reds = koalas confirmed?

  4. Liq

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    Kites rise highest against the wind - not with it. Winston Churchill
  5. At the end of the First 2 minutes, player 1 doesnt actually leave. Player 1's game instance just closes. Player 2 still sees player 1 logged in on OW, attackable. After that a second two minute timer starts for p1 where he is just sitting in OW, vulnerable, same way as if you were to alt f4. After the second 2 minutes, the logout is done. So there is no benefit to it.
  6. He could have left the battle then to let privateer know he wasnt gonna fight instead of just sailing with them in battle - or drop a msg. "Just watching" ; idk
  7. Like saying a shooter did nothing wrong, blame the guns *confused*
  8. How would an alliance System change that? Ok GB is allied with dutch and / or Danes; how does that prevent pirates / russians / anyone else from raiding KPR? Even if pirates / russians are not officially allied (e.g. an alliance system with fix alliances set by the game), they still can and will work together Only real answer / solution to prevent capital camping is a safezone in any Form that actually protects the newbs and not the vets. But how that should be done, I don't know.
  9. Surprise - Pink Royale
  10. Green name shoots green name -> green on green Simple
  11. HAVOC / up to 5v5 / 5th to 3rd rates / Evening-ish GMT
  12. Around the capital of a nation sure Anywhere else no
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