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  1. Liq

    RIGG Locked up

    what are these screenshots supposed to show us?
  2. Should have displayed your cpu usage aswell, must have looked like this
  3. plot twist: the censored white name is a rover to spread fakenews wikiliqs strikes again
  4. whats a powd? pirate of wet dreams?
  5. Because, devs dont do *what you want* but indtead "what the community wants" Despite polls showing differently 😜 In reality they seem to do what their wallets want.
  6. You dont get it, do you? Yeah you may only get a decent S wood drop 1/10 times. However this means the more alts with the DLCs you got the more Super woods you get. I wouldnt be surprised if there were actually players that invested hundreds / thousands of $ into DLCs just to get the S woods. Still not pay2win right
  7. Working a$ int€nd€d
  8. Coincidence that the second "s" in disagrees looks like a "$" due to the background? I think not.
  9. Should have been HMS Toblerone DLC instead. Would have bought it
  10. https://www.ladbible.com/technology/weird-us-navy-completely-obliterates-drone-using-high-energy-laser-beam-20200523?source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0Q5pZLj4cIVLw9E9jJ1MTLlCIC8qjYUv7HfqLDlSacspBY6rvzNFf9obY
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