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  1. Does this still work? Also, holy shit thats 2 years ago already
  2. When you DC ai takes control of your ship and will try to escape - alias sail away, and leave if possible, without shooting back. If there were players shooting him, the fastest he could escape was after battle over
  3. Had some weird "freezing" issues today, couldnt log back in again for quite a while also launched the bug reporter starting @02:51:50
  4. No but sinking traders isnt really pvp dont you think = )
  5. i just did = ) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/539106131
  6. trader hunting is such great PvP Never seen your bunch in patrol zone
  7. Ok thanks And is it random if the raiders are full locean or victory? Or what is the deciding factor here?
  8. What british port did we go for then?
  9. Clearly you were interested in a challenge when joining in russias multiflip on us eh
  10. @admin In a british port raid a few days ago (I believe it was a port somewhere southern cuba), it was only victories and indiamans. Today in San Juan we had only L'Océans and indiamans. Any reason behind that or just random?
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