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  1. Dont have a vid myself but i do remember shooting the tower guns
  2. Ahh yes this brings up memories After server merge
  3. I'm kind of split on this topic I do like evenish battles, think of massively uneven battle as a pure timewaste - as the outcome in those is usually clear On the other hand I can also understand the players pleading for the NA OW Sandbox to not become a matchmaking ish style game - at least outside the patrol zones. After all it's your decision where you sail when with what ship(s). The current implementation of "can join weaker side" seems a little off / weird though. Some Battle Ratings of frigates are not really representing their true strength. To my understanding, it's also possible to join an ongoing battle, e.g. 250 BR vs 300 BR, with ANY ship (also 1st rates?) on the weaker side? IMHO it should only allow you to reach a certain threshold of BR, say 1.5x the BR of the other side, and NOT just allow entrance to any ship as long as the side has lower BR. Lastly I think the proposal made by Doran (linked above) should also be implemented. Tagging in a low br ship to let biggies catch up and thus warp gank isn't the idea of the whole thing, imho.
  4. I think what he wants to know is how long it takes for the "allowed Clan" list in investing a port takes to update
  5. OBS for recording and streaming should do it. Its free. However most decent video editing software will cost you something
  6. As i see it thats not a bug nor exploit When AI leaves the battle ("escaped") the player doesnt insta respawn in OW with it. I believe there still is a 15 min timer after you get kicked out from a battle instance after battle over. So after 15 min he should have respawned in the fleetship in OW.
  7. I hate the gameplay in 7th-6th rates so thats a nope from me 😛
  8. Release spring 19 - double release with NA?
  9. imho only traders should be allowed to take fleet ships anyway - on pvp server at least
  10. Liq

    Graphic option

    Wont get past the control settings if you have unassigned controls (red) - gotta assign them a button
  11. Anyone remember when spanish declared total war on GB, "not accepting surrender", take all ports? Yeah that didn't go so well for them now, did it
  12. The pb itself, russians still had 600 br open, i suppose that was the squad from the picture above that got screened out and was supposed to protect the mortars
  13. I am in no way an expert in this so you could probably treat my opinion on the following as useless, yet here I go anyway The way DLCs were approached seems not well thought through. In my humble opinion, dlc content should primarily be cosmetics - yeah we got a paint DLC, but I think it could and should have been handled differently, e.g.: Have several paint DLCs, maybe one for each ship or paint style. E.g. "trincomalee paint dlc" which grants all paints on the trinc, or "brest harbor dlc" which grants brest harbor scheme on all ships. Once the ship is traded, captured in battle or sold, the ship would lose its paint status unless the new owner also got the DLCs. Cosmetic Content should be pricey while actual ships, IMO, should be lower in price. The best solution for ship dlcs would be for them to be just reskins of ships that are already ingame, with the same or very similar hard stats - the rättvisan seems to somewhat fullfil that, comparing with the aggie. But the requin on the other hand is super unique and its not possible to get a similar vessel. but that would probably not be possible to handle with the small dev size, and given the costs to develop a new ship.
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