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  1. hehehe, observations have shown though that despite being able to spend millions on upgrades, RDNN seems to be only able to afford basic cutters, and also only gets to sail it when there is a port battle fleet heading out.. ))) So you're selling about 76 millions worth of ships and materials, every single day?
  2. Back when I played more often, those mods were easily replacable and cost like 50-100k each
  3. Wonder why Upgrades have become so ridiculous expensive? 500k + for a single northern carpenter, so you'll have to think twice or thrice before leaving port if you actually want to risk it? You kind of do, because you want to be competetive, right? And I'm not talking about the "elite" upgrades, requiring a book.. This is the situation in San Juan, one of the few ports that spawns Swedish Carpenters, the resource you need to craft a northern carpenter Reason for the silly price being... inflation. This basically limits the access of upgrades to a hand full of players and pushes away newcomers from trying to even enter PvP. How do you fix this?
  4. theres an unofficial one https://discord.gg/FZAQshB
  5. control perk's purpose was to let ships without bow chasers that are de facto faster than an other vessel catch up to them - Because they were in fact catching up and the other vessel had no option of getting away, except simply despawning after 2 minutes because a cannon ball did not hit his sails once tagging with the sole purpose of keeping someone in battle without engaging him = greifing, was also said by the developpers before
  6. Had a 1x1 in solo PZ, proceeded to completely dismast my opponent but then had one of those random 100% lag outs (ping 15k ms +) (which I somehow only get in Naval Action ???), my ship sailed out of the circle in the two minutes I couldn't control it at all - when I got back in control of the vessel, it was not probable for me to re-reach the circle, but I could still sink the opponent, as his sides were also pretty low.. At least that's what I thought... With a little over two minutes left on the clock, I fired my last volleys into his sides which made him take on water, while still being in a very good shape HP wise myself.. But then at 90 seconds left on the timer - I instantly sunk as if I had been out of the circle for too long... Is the timer just inaccurate or whats up with that? Why have a timer at all if it doesnt even work? Funnily enough my opponent also sank a few seconds later (as he was taking in water quick due to 0 HP), probably because he had also not been expecting this This screenshot probably won't tell much, besides me being surprised (pun intended) Any way to get the ship back?
  7. it produces 1.2k per day but the limit in your case is your labor hours
  8. actually admin somewhere somewhen stated that the one that initiates the battle (aka tags the other player) has to actually fight in it and not just kite so nope, no valid tactic or strategy
  9. I still wish they didnt write off the idea of an arena Naval Action completely. Way higher concentration of action - sure, it will also get repetitive way faster, but hey even if its only 2-4 battles a day Id be happy. Other arena games prove it works - plus, the combat part of the game is what it shines at the most But if it was up to me to decide I wouldnt make it an unlock grind again.. Have 80% of the game content (ships, guns) be free and available from the start - and allow custom battle rooms so players can set up their battles exactly to their wishes Age of empires 2 had this 20 (thats TWENTY) years ago - and is now, in 2019, getting a remake One can dream huh
  10. So according to the data above, moving it +2 hours would affect more players Whereas moving it -2 hours would affect less Simples
  11. I see it being annoying at times yeah, but also this will just enhance the gank squads camping free ports So I'd rather stay a dockhopper
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