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  1. the issue i see with qualities being dependent on how many ressources you put into it is, that people will think in order to be competetive, they MUST at all costs have a super gold 5 slots ship - which will then result in less PvP because 1) Players are not gonna produce as many golden ships as current regular ones and 2) they are less likely to actually risk them, since they were way more expensive. Also goes for RvR - "Only join the PB if you got a full gold 5/5 ship" Actually think the 3 slot system without any RNG was fine. It's human nature to always want the best thing possible - When golden ships required crafting notes, noone was sailing anything other than goldies. Thogh the option where you have to wait longer (a couple days) to get a better quality sounds better to me
  2. Could also backfire though. If a newb learns to play the game with gps, he will get used to the luxury and thinks he cant go without. In reality, in pvp/ pbs, that perk wont help
  3. there was a german streamer about a year ago (or more, not sure), "PlakRocks", some might remember him I think he had a delay of 30 minutes on - which is also what you probably need at least, in order to not get stream sniped all the time. But you also want to communicate and discuss with your viewers, which could turn out very tricky at a delay of 30 mins
  4. Not really quit it, still logging in every now and then to check Total time spent on the game - 5'463 hours on my main account, according to Steam. That's about 0.0073 $/hour, I'd say I got my value out of it. Anything gets boring / repetitve after a while. Some RL (mostly work) related changes also had an effect, of course.
  5. In my high times id easily spend 6+ hours a day on the game, now I got something along the lines of 0.5 hours in the past 2 weeks
  6. Liq

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    I feel like this is the 4315th time this has been brought up And dont really see it happening, because of what redii said. Average joe will be very disappointed he cant be a "nasty pirate" anymore and do his couple daily SoL missions in safezones anymore. Pretty sure GameLabs is aware of that. Only solution I see is having 2 different kind of Pirates. True "i dont give a shit" pirates, and, Hello Kitty Pirates. But adding another nation is probably not exactly what is going to help Todays player count / game Experience in terms of action going on
  7. Liq

    Patrol ROE

    Don't mean to sound rude but I dont think you've understood the idea behind the original proposal yet You want group fights, I get that. The thread linked on the first page of this thread means to suggest the following. I'll give you an example: You, in a group of 4 players, sail out to the patrol zone. Now there are several possible outcomes. You meet a solo player, engage him. The proposed RoE change now would allow reinforcment for your opponent until his side has reached 1.5x the BR of yours. At the same time though, your side also gets the right to get reinforcment until it has reached 1.5x the BR of his. Note: First 3 min of the battle are still normal RoE, anyone can join without caring about the BR inside the battle. Result: You either just proceed to get an easy kill on him cause noone is nearby - or you get a group fight You meet a fleet of equal size in numbers, say 4v4 to keep it simple. There you go, you already got your group fight. To make it even better, the battle can grow over time, while keeping it all balanced. 4v4 could turn into 4v5, 5v5, 6v5, 7v5, 7v6, ... Result: You get your group fight Now, for a solo player, this wouldn't mean granted duels all the time. Can still get ganked regularly, which is fine in my opinion. However, if he finally manages to find a decent opportunity for a duel, and gets reinforcments on his or the enemy's side 15 minutes into it... Nothing should be allowed to ruin that experience, ever.
  8. Liq

    Patrol ROE

    wouldn't call 106 players, about a third to a quarter of todays average pop., a small sample. My original idea of that thread was to eliminate the "20 min into a battle" ganks, eg. Joining a 1v1 or 2v2 with a group of 5+. If we cant have balancing favoring RoE, as in let the battle be open for each side until it has reached 1.5x BR (while also first having the 3 min usual join timer to prevent getting locked out of a battle you could see start yourself), then please at least make it normal RoE all the way.
  9. Liq


  10. Liq

    Clan Flag DLC

    pretty sure a lot would
  11. Liq

    One of my favorite ships in game is...

    There can only be one
  12. Liq

    Patrol ROE

    So you're saying, a fair 3v3 similar ships is not pvp And A squad of fast frigates / schooners ganging up on single new players in brigs is pvp Excuse me, but, what?
  13. Liq

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    How? If you tag someone on the border of patrol zone with the intention of actually fighting - and knowing what you are gonna face, with no reinforcments joining 20 min later - that seems totally fine However if you are just tagging for whatever reason but not fighting, then yeah thats griefing IMO
  14. Liq

    Hercules ship feedback

    Id be up for that
  15. Hartmann did have excellenct statistics going for him, yes. 352 confirmed kills, at first glance you think - wow. However, if you go any deeper into it - which I did, in a project i did a couple years ago - you will soon realize that he actually wasn't all that great you thought he was.. Most of Hartmanns kills on the eastern front were on, due to the lack of experienced pilots, poorly trained pilots flying very vulnerable IL2's... Hartmann would just do what he did best.. get real close up and unleash a quick deadly burst, without them ever seeing him coming. Some sources claim that he got as close to 20 metres before pulling the trigger. So yeah. He did get a lot of confirmed kills on vulnerable IL2's not even seeing him, unable to do anything about it - and not on p47's, p51's, well armed, protected B24s etc. on the westfront. I think, though, the analogy is perfect. Hartmann scored 352 kills. If you didn't go deeper into it you'd think he must have been a great fighter pilot (He surely was a great pilot, not denying that), but once you go deeper into it you'll see the truth. Ingame we got about the same happening. Requins camping spawnpoints of inexperienced, vulnerable newcomers lacking the experience to even realize what's coming at them. But seeing it as Skillful..... Don't really know.