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  1. IMHO "regular" ganking where you get overwhelmed in OW by a much greater force and a realistic 2-3 minute join timer is fine. However, getting "warp ganked", be it by having a large fleet join your ongoing battle 25 Minutes into it, or just getting revengefleeted after a battle, seems silly.
  2. yeah where's sir texas's reward for leaving the game on over night / afk sails But maybe some ingame achievements; one could be total time spent on the game E.g. an additional display rank possibility à la War Thunder tier 1, 100h, title rank "(filthy) casual" tier 2, 250h, ttile rank "apprentice" tier xxx tier 10, 10'000 hours, title rank "Blackbeard himself" Or just unlockable paints.
  3. We'll have open battles for the weaker side in the next patch, should give it a try again And perhaps meanwhile try patrols, the nassau shallow one usually is quite some fun
  4. Prepare for more battleresult screenshots of ram dinark obliterating 20 noobs in frigates - 4th rates in his santisima solo :d
  5. why have a battle join timer at all then? should battles be open for the whole duration? They cannot, due to time / speed compression openworld compared to battle instace. French / Spanish couldn't call "reinforcments" after Trafalgar that magically teleported, surrounding the victorious british fleet - reinforcment would have had to sail form port, and as there are not two dimensions (OW and Battle) in Real Life, they would have never gotten there I have understood that some people think as this is a game, taking revenge should be possible - personally, I don't think it should.
  6. the idea of making bigger ships with bigger / more guns have more punch seems good to me; but from what i've seen in a couple testbed videos it seems a little overkill frigates still get a chance to sink the odd lineship, but need to be very careful not to make a single mistake as it will most likely be their death sentence.
  7. Noone is requesting fair Fights only, if you get ganked regularly in OW by sailing by a much larger force, so be it, deal with it However if you got a battle, say 2v3, noone else joins, manage to win / Escape just to then outside in the OW meet a force of ~15 ships (which were not able to join the battle for a reason), thats bs.
  8. Les 4pdr "basic" on peut seulement utiliser avec le basic cutter, ils sont gratuits
  9. IMO Tagging and holding in battle til reinforcments arrives is not valid tactics; it basically bypasses the join timer for instances - which exists for a reason But reinforcment zones should be safe again.
  10. Easiest fix would be increase invisibility and speedboost to where it is actually useful - perhaps 1 minute - while ALSO increasing the "you cannot attack timer" to about 5 or more minutes. Can still get attacked though. Once escaped, you escaped - If im seeing this right this wasnt in the Reinforcmentzone where battles are open forever for defenders anyway, with the ability to join anywhere - so regular Rules for everyone should apply.
  11. Can recommend Logitech G35 Had been using my first pair for about 2 years, til it fell once too many times and broke. Then tried the cordless version of Logitech (cant remember the exact name, G9...something) but didnt like the much worse sound. Then switched back to the g35. Been using my second pair for about 4 years now.
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