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  1. Also only get them if you've reached at least M/C rank
  2. "There, i shot a broadside... Too bad i cant aim and it hit the waves" Seen that before too
  3. HAVOC is looking for a fight! 5v5 - 10v10 pandora or cheap frigates. Message me if interested.
  4. Need to have a certain rank to gain VMs Have had same issue
  5. lol i actually had to giggle thank you for that but yea option to disable it woul be nice
  6. Sorry, the launch had me busy for a bit... [CABAL] added
  7. please don't release within the next 1.5 hours yes? need to go to the gym.. hehe
  8. I miss the TRUE shallow fights Alias Mercury / Niagara / Rattlesnake and the occasinal snow.. Hope there will be more of them again. Also this one was fun
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