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  1. Man sometimes I feel bad for Gamelabs, having to deal with this crap
  2. this make it $99 if you have to, id still buy it
  3. He changed his name as a tribute to Capstan.
  4. Raekur in Wasa vs Redii in Redoutable Betting 500 CM on the redoutable Any takers?
  5. though I've had mine for like 6 years now, in daily use. But still does the job
  6. I use the "thumb button" on this mouse
  7. Interesting indeed In 1714, Wessel was court-martialled after an indecisive sea battle with a Swedish frigate. The account of the incident is verified by the legal proceedings from November 1714. On 26 July 1714, he encountered a frigate under English flag near Lindesnes, while flying a Dutch flag on the Løvendals Gallej himself. The other frigate was De Olbing Galley carrying 28 guns, which had been equipped in England for the Swedes and was on its way to Gothenburg under the command of an English captain named Bactmann. De Olbing Galley signalled for Løvendals Gallej to come closer, and as Wessel raised the Danish flag, Bactmann fired a broadside at him.[5] In the English captain, Wessel met a tough match.[4] The combat lasted all day, and when De Olbing Galley tried to escape in the evening, Wessel set more sails and continued the duel.[5] The fight was interrupted by nightfall, and renewed again indecisively the following morning.[4] Both ships were badly damaged after around 14 hours of fighting, when Wessel was running out of ammunition. He then sent an envoy to the English ship, cordially thanking the English for a good duel, and asked if he could borrow some of their ammunition in order to continue the fight. His request was denied, and the captains drank to each other's health, before the ships dispersed.[5][6] When he heard about the incident, king Frederick IV of Denmark asked for the admiralty to court-martial Wessel.[3] He stood trial in November 1714, accused of disclosing vital military information about his lack of ammunition to the enemy, as well as endangering the ship of king Frederick IV by fighting a superior enemy force.[5] The spirit with which he defended himself and the contempt he poured on his less courageous comrades took the fancy of Frederick IV.[4] He successfully argued a section of the Danish naval code which mandated attacking fleeing enemy ships no matter the size, and was acquitted on 15 December 1714. He then went to the king asking for a promotion, and was raised to the rank of Captain on 28 December 1714.[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Tordenskjold
  8. Thats why you took a port at 4am uncontested and have not gone for an actual PB vs swedes yet since release 😂😂 You're so full of sht its actually sad.
  9. given we're mostly european based, at 4 AM, for such an useless port, no we can't
  10. 😂 more like didn't bother setting an alarm clock for a PB which will be recaptured anyway
  11. lol hes still going dont worry lars one day you'll capture SJ. maybe
  12. @admin this still keeps happening way too often
  13. you keep mentionning HAVOC and then keep on going saying others are bringing RvR into this. Never have I mentionned any of us in a single word here So delusional. And indeed. The suggsetion was to limit accesibiltiy to take out alts from other nations being able to buy stuff they shouldn't be able to buy. Capture the port that drops the resource you want if you want the booty
  14. ??? I was just pointing out the situation. E.G. trying to tell him, even if your nation owns a port with the desired resources, doesn't mean it'll also get it. See this thread.
  15. Funny, where have i mentionned any of that? If you go re-read you'll see you're the one that keeps metionning them anywhere
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