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  1. Possible exploits I think its fine as it is. When I cap a nice teak wo ship with some decent upgrades id value that over sinking it. And keep it.
  2. ok so the HP factor would match I guess. but doesn't that also mean that the manouverability should be like 2.5 times as good on the surprise? turnrate 3.19 vs 4.01 - when it should be something like 2.0 vs 4.0?
  3. VS That Endymion has 2.4 times the HP of the surprise (would be even more if Surprise was teak - WO aswell ; the wo/wo trim buffs its HP).. While being faster and having a way higher basemast thickness, and bigger guns, more crew aswell. A little bit unbalanced me thinks? Or should it be considered a given fact that endy wrecks the Surprise? I've also heard complaints about the Essex being next to useless now - not sure about that as I barely sail her. Are HP values fix now or are they still gonna be reworked?
  4. So now its possible to disable survival in boarding. I think that needs to get rolled back, for obvious reasons.
  5. Liq


    Your best bet is to join a clan that helps you get going and shows you the ropes.
  6. heya, quick suggestions regarding the patrol zone apply regular OW RoE to PZ. I think the fact that the patrol zone, a place where good and healthy PvP is supposed to happen, has the worst balanced RoE, is rather funny. Anything can join up to a certain amount of BR. So a battle e.g. 5v1 can still get enforced by even more ships on the side with 5... Making it regular OW RoE would eliminate that. increase the 30 minute timer to the length of a proper battle (60 - 90 min) therefore reduce circle-of-death growing rate make it so in the solo PZ, not only one specific rate counts towards the rewards (in Nassau PZ, only 6th rates count - you can duel in surps but won't get the rewards; same thing for e.g. tumbado, only 4th rate duels count. I dont see a reason for that.) can't see any negatives. cheers
  7. Bad idea imho because: Forced alliances doesnt mean non allied nations cant hold together. If your nation is stuck with another one allied, but actually wants to fight it, that could lead to some awkward situation.
  8. Rogue maybe you could do a dlc with a bunch of seperate ranks. Im sure there are more ideas out there
  9. Heya all Ive been thinking. Would it be fine to orgainse, say, a 10 vs 10 frigate fleet battle in OW? I believe to have read somewhere that 2 duels between the same players per day is fine, but not more. But what about larger scale battles? Increased fun while gaining CMs and combat experience. (insert @ admin tag here, if it worked :p) If it is allowed, i would like to use this thread as some sort of "matchmaking" post where clans / nations can list what they would like to battle with, and when.
  10. Should have made it a poll My vote is no for reasons stated above by others
  11. Yeah this Will be a whole lot harder now to identify farming when it just takes 1 kill showing in combat news in return for 15-20+ actual kills counting I like the idea though, but seems difficult to implement. I suppose battles à la 15 v 1 would stand out in the OW though, and if they're joinable, proof should be obvious. Maybe punishment needs to be tougher.
  12. crew of my surprise ingame
  13. one of the few rare exceptions of an actual enjoyable battle in the PZ that is not 8 v 2
  14. scratch that im a doofus, the second surp is cramped aswell. for some reason i always assumed that a ship with a trim would be purple, so i thought blues were always non trim. lol
  15. Ah right But my non cramped is also 270?
  16. Crew hardcap seems 10%? My surprise with portbonus has 270 crew. Same as a surprise with port bonus aswell as cramped status.
  17. This is how you do it Honestly though in my experience I have not found it to be effective / useful.
  18. bracing doesn't give you an extra repair, it just pauses it. the amount of repaired HP stays the same don't see an issue in it
  19. there is the possibility he "paused" the repair by bracing, but that would explain only a "double" repair (where he doesn't actually repair twice, it just seems so because it gets paused)
  20. That chinese wisdom is above my capabilities of understanding
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