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  1. I suppose it doesnt matter if paints are tradable or not Even if they werent - if you cant get the paint to the ship, bring the ship to the paint - alias just trade your ship to someone owning the paint and have him equip it. Then re trade ship or capture in battle.
  2. Oh and @Meraun you might wanna delete that screenshot with that excel sheet on 2nd monitor lol
  3. Found the same thing with a Dude called bumse3, bumse4, ...
  4. I like the idea of agreed duels, but: It will bring the possibility of "1v1 me then", to "proove a point". Alias "you're not even gonna duel me, carebear". I do think it would have some negative impact on the peaceful pve atmosphere.
  5. Sorry but nope In 30 min OW sailing, you can get from KPR way past Mortimer town. On that distance you shouldnt be able to help out, unless you're in a fallout connie Compare 30 min OW sailing to battle sailing and voila.
  6. Ok 2 or 3 min is debatable IMHO. But defo not 10 min
  7. Im not sure if I am understanding right, but isnt that the point of a 3 min join timer? If you are closeby you could realisticly join the battle. If you are too far away, 10 min, you cannot - because 10 min OW translates to actual speed or battle distance is not comparable
  8. @Thonys the patrol area is a place where you are supposed to get nice fights - current OW roe would do work great for that As for the rest, yeah OW should be gank, get ganked and deal with it
  9. After reading through @Hullabaloo 's thread"In defence of ganking" (cant link on mobile) Suggesting to revert to the regular 2 or 3 min join timer RoE. Fair battles are nice. But after all, it IS a MMO where, in the largest Part of the map, you should only get to fight what you see (OW timer of about 2 to 3 minutes simulates only nearby ships could help). Ganking deserves to exist, however IMHO not in the form of revenge fleets or what not. If noone was able to reach your battle in 3 minutes, he was, due to OW speed boost, just never realisticly gonna make it there anway. In parallel I propose to add a longer invisibility and Speed boost after leaving a battle, combined with a 5min ish "you cannot ATTACK." current OW RoE could be applied for patrol zone though. I find it kind of amusing that the place that is supposed to have the most balanced RoE has the least balanced one. Right now, you can still join a 2v2 in patrol with a fleet of 8+ ships on one side 25 min into the battle. Whereas the current OW RoE only make it possible to join the weaker side - which also would lead to slowly growing battles. Tl;dr: Revert regular OW RoE back to 2 or 3 min join timer Increase speed boost and invisibility, AND "you cannot attack" after battle Apply current OW RoE to patrol zone
  10. There is no gunpowder you need to equip your ship with. What you got from admiralty is a blueprint for an upgrade (this one is better gun penetration). With a Workshop and the required ressources you can now craft that upgrade.
  11. gah... hope that stage doesn't take too long then, else people will run out of ships soon I'd appreciate a little more intel / communication from devs side on this topic
  12. I kind of want to set up my crafting base again, grind some reals, and pump out ships for more pew pew - but knowing it will be re wiped in a month or two I dont really feel like putting in the time twice. So I'm stuck with my leftover ships I guess. Is there any kind of ETA of the big wipe? Or is it advised to not care about the wipe for now as its still many months out, and thus rebuild crafting til then?
  13. Liq

    Showing the port

    I guess thats why it is a perk? If you're not good at knowing where you are you can choose the perk?
  14. perhaps current medium guns could get re-named as "default" guns; still being supplied by NPC and allow players to craft a type of gun between current mediums and longs - guns which have a benefit to default guns but not that much focussed on range and precision
  15. When you didn't get the dresscode invite
  16. Couldn't join patrol battle, even though there still was plenty of BR left on the prussian side (No player of my faction was on the other side) sent an F11 report
  17. Is 300hp instead of 100hp just in OW or also battle? If its also in battle I assume the kit consumption per repair is reduced accordingly?
  18. Could we have the same RoE we currently have in the rest of OW, also in patrol? Allow entrance for weaker side only (after 2 or 3 min regular join timer). Because at the moment you can still join a 3v3 with a fleet of 5 ships on 1 Side after 25 min. @admin
  19. On steam sales its usually -50 or -60%
  20. It takes 5 hits to take out a whole mast. With some practise you can dismast 2 masts of a ship with one broadside, as shown in video. If you MUST run mast mods to be competetive in PVP - something isn't right IMHO. Mast HP requires buffing and mast mods should only buff HP and not thickness, so it doesnt become impossible to dismast but rather takes longer.
  21. alts + a lot of spare time on testbed server is my bet
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