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  1. Glad to see some more older hulls, overall more nice work! keep it up!
  2. This guy isn't really unrealistic, but the turrets definitely are, they're quintuple with a triple set superglued to a twin set above. Really an odd design, especially out of Italy, who had mostly rather typically designs.
  3. I'm glad to get some more information about the status of the game!
  4. As long as they don't go pay to play, the extra resources or funding brought in by a larger company giving some support could be good overall for them, at least if things don't turn into a Build-your-own Wows or something. Although the complete silence on the topic is a bit disconcerting this could prove to be an overall good thing.
  5. They all seem to be firstname_lastname things, the one I got was Laura_Harris
  6. I got a direct message on the forum along with a few others relating to a supposed lottery, the link included leads to a scam website. I figured I would report it as its odd and could be a problem. If you need more details or a screenshot I can provide them.
  7. I can't wait, and I'm glad to see some concrete information on the Campaign!
  8. I will always advocate for some new turrets, These are the mixed caliber main guns aboard the Pre-dreadnought USS Virginia, the twin on the bottom are 12in and the ones on top are 8in. While we may never see mixed caliber turrets at large I think these are historical and could add some cool new mechanical aspects.
  9. I used to be able to do stuff like this, of course it never looked nearly as good as what you all are making but I could at one point do it. I used a program that costed money and I just stopped renewing it, but you guys are all really good at this keep it up!
  10. Happy to see we'll be getting some new stuff this soon after the release of a major update!
  11. I would like different sizes of ports that have different accommodations, like you could have a massive port like Scapa Flow and some small ones just to hold a few ships for defense, scouting, or interceptions. They could also have different sized drydocks and moors, to hold different ships, like a small port that could only hold destroyers or a large one for specifically capital ships.
  12. 平賀譲デジタルアーカイブ · 〔B39~41、A47~50の所元・一般配置〕 · 東京大学学術資産等アーカイブズ共用サーバ (u-tokyo.ac.jp) This has some concepts for Kongo and Fuso. The Kongo preliminaries resemble Myogi from wows, and includes a version with 13'' and 14'' guns, and the Fuso's are pretty cool too.
  13. I have created a Yamato-type Battleship instead using 20" guns, almost like the A-150 design. Displacement: 83,248t Cost: $144,911,200 Top Speed: 24kn Max Belt Thickness: 15" Min Belt Thickness: 3" Crew: 2664 Armament: 3x2 20" Gun(s) 18x3 5" Gun(s) 18x3 3" Gun(s) It's Basically a A-150 but a tad-bit smaller, and I have christened her Sagami, thus named after an ancient Japanese province, like every other Japanese BB. I would post a picture but I've wasted all my picture space for this, I anyone really wants it I can probably post a pictur
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