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  1. Honestly, I really want more hulls for Battlecruisers and Battleship hulls from the like early 1910's and late 1900's. Plus the Flush-deck battleship hulls on Nelson and KGV.
  2. Honestly, with the new quad turrets I would like to make the new Tier 10 Italian battleship from Wows
  3. Many ship classes had tiered decks, for example the Japanese Fuso, Ise, Kongo, and Nagato-class battleships (and Fast Battleship), and from what I've seen most of the ship hulls are flush or early dreadnought, thus I would like to propose custom tiering for certain, or all, hulls, to allow creation of more historically accurate ships, like British battlecruisers, Japanese battleships, and Standard-type US Battleships. I also think this would be good for Cruisers and possibly destroyers, and if Carriers are added this could be used for fight decks, with the pre-refit Kaga and Akagi or Courageou
  4. The invincible Cleveland-class, although Santa Fe had taken no damage and Princeton is a conversion and also sunk. 1. USS Santa Fe pulls up along side USS Franklin 2, 3, 4 Battle Damage to USS Birmingham 5. damage to USS Princeton
  5. Once they removed the HMS Furious's 18in gun they put it on HMS Lord Clive, thus this illustration.
  6. Something I've been wondering about is if Refits and Retrofits will be possible in the Campaign mode? also, The British used two quad 14in and a twin 14in as it would have been a delay of 18 months for the three triple 15in they originally wanted to use.
  7. HMS Furious, the most heavily armed aircraft carrier, The gun on the back is a single 18in'er, and the flight deck is blocked by the superstructure
  8. With a Minimum of two main caliber turrets on a ship, its almost impossible to create a more modern Monitor design. So smaller hulls to be able to make them can be added, and the limit of two main caliber turrets could be lowered on these hulls to make it possible to make ships like the Arkansas-class, Lord Clive-class, or the Khasan. As of now I have no real Ideas for new weapons for them except for the Fixed 18in gun on added to the back of the Lord Clive and General Wolfe, But there's no good way to implement that.
  9. I would love to see some hulls modern monitors, Like the Lord Clive-class, and to add to an earlier post I made I would like to see 18in Single mounts for ww1 Britain, like on the HMS Furious or as I just stated the Lord Clive-class... Although the ones on the Lord Clive's were immobile and not mounted in a turret but more of a box, and fixed aiming starboard.
  10. HMS Glorious seen sinking from Scharnhorst (1940)
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