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  1. @ Havoc thanks for removing timers... Moose and Cabal still fighting?
  2. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1758652/Cid-finds-out-about-Swedish-surrender by @Isaac J Smith #NeverSurrender
  3. You want to know what is getting raided "constantly" ? Go Brit, you be raided by Pirates, Swedes, Prussians, Russians... Hell even the French will raid you if you are British...
  4. Yes, that why we BASTD moved to Daneland - "restoring a bit of health in the spread of population over the nations" - instead of moving to Sweden or Russia as all seem to do. Yes, we do not attempt to fight russia - we learned from swedes: you went for GB, you guys go for Denmark, but you don't go for Russia... Someone said that you guys are going for Carthagena: Buena Vista was captured 19 days ago, how many times did you atacked Canalete? Why should we attack the russians - that where always just and honourable with us - when you (swedes) don't do it, and keep attacking the smaller n
  5. You know witch ports we want, they are not "PLENTY"....
  6. So we should stay idle while Sweden continues to attack Daneland? or actions don't have consequences anymore? 😉
  7. In case you don't know check Reverse's video below. @Captain Reverse almost perfect on the music changing.
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