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  1. In case you don't know check Reverse's video below. @Captain Reverse almost perfect on the music changing.
  2. @Ink @admin Can you please take a look at this? many thanks.
  3. same error here - stuck in loading.... see you tomorrow boyz
  4. UK seems to be fine by the way (joking) http://prntscr.com/ppb8ob
  5. reached 1st on the queue:
  6. I'm sorry. It wasn't only Russians screening for Pirates. there where spanish also .
  7. Didn't Russian screen for them? Ok ok, Russia did not take any GB crafting port, but Russian allies did, and Russia did fight for them...
  8. They don't need to take it... they just wanted a closer base to farm that coast to from Black River to Belize. I belive that that coast will soon have more russians that british....
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