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  1. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1758652/Cid-finds-out-about-Swedish-surrender by @Isaac J Smith #NeverSurrender
  2. You want to know what is getting raided "constantly" ? Go Brit, you be raided by Pirates, Swedes, Prussians, Russians... Hell even the French will raid you if you are British...
  3. Yes, that why we BASTD moved to Daneland - "restoring a bit of health in the spread of population over the nations" - instead of moving to Sweden or Russia as all seem to do. Yes, we do not attempt to fight russia - we learned from swedes: you went for GB, you guys go for Denmark, but you don't go for Russia... Someone said that you guys are going for Carthagena: Buena Vista was captured 19 days ago, how many times did you atacked Canalete? Why should we attack the russians - that where always just and honourable with us - when you (swedes) don't do it, and keep attacking the smaller nations? You should lead the way not stay back and expect other nations to do it. Yes we are cowards... DK/NG had 4 ports west of Vieques: Guyama we successfully defend it, Ponce you won, Bahía Escocesa and Samaná well, were fliped in the middle of the nigth... you know, because "we are cowards and we chose not to fight", or as you say: right "content"..... If we are cowards "for not attempting to fight Russia" , what can be said from Sweden, that has, at least, 5 times our RVR population? Keep painting like you want... GB voted to war against Sweden, the result was 14-5 or 15-4 in favor. It was GB not BASTD. BASTD only had 1 vote. All the other clans had 1 vote as well. Now we know that there were some clans, that voted in favor of the war, that had 2nd intentions, and no intention at all in fighting. Maybe that's why BG lose that war, maybe GB would lose it anyway. BASTD didn't "made GB go for war against Sweden", but while in GB did figth it, didn't anouce "neutral" as others did while voting for war. At least they give it back... You after taken Truxillo gave it to another nation... Now I know wath to call you. You are the guy that creates content for US TZ.
  4. You know witch ports we want, they are not "PLENTY"....
  5. I think we need more options in this question. My opinions: a) 1 more outpost and 2 more buildings b) 2 free outpost on free towns and 2 more buildings I think we need a bigger number of production buildings than we need outposts. Make comon resources (coal, iron, oak, stone, fir) cost no upgrade points - rare woods would still cost - and some outposts could be liberated as 1 port would fit all necessary resources to build ships. Another sugestion: Clan Docks
  6. So we should stay idle while Sweden continues to attack Daneland? or actions don't have consequences anymore? 😉
  7. You seem very focused on Bastd.... Why you mention them when Sweden where already attacking Danes before Bastd moved there? Have those evil Bastd did anything to you? asking for a friend....
  8. just my 2 cents: 1st of all, any ship on the hands of a skillfull captain can be deadly, so, for this, we have to assume that in a 1vs1, both captains are on the same skill level. I think - so would not be considered P2W - that all DLC's should be the worst or one of the worst ship in the class,and that there's at least 1 ship in the class best than the DLC and also easy to get or replace. the DLC's: 6th rate le Requin: best 6th rate, definitely a P2W ship - no 6th rate can opose him. Although you can't win him you can run away. 5th rate nothing to say here, Pandora and Hercules both are entry-level small frigates and easily beat by a big frigate like the Trinco. l'Hermione althoug higher level than the 2 others is still no match for the Trinco. Why I mention the Trincomalee? Because is the best 5th rate that you can easily get or replace. 4th rate same has before, nothing to say here: the Agamemnon still is the king of 4th rates, the Rättvisan and the Leopard still fall behind. Agamemnon doesn't need permit same as the Trinco: easy to get or replace. 3rd rate This is were i have more issues... Wasa is the only 3rd rate that doens't need a permit, being this way the easiest 3rd rate to get. The Redoutable is a 2nd rate in disquise, and only losing to the Implacable... a bit P2W as you can't find an alternative 3rd rate easily.... Due to the bit P2W that these DLC's bring to the game I think the mats required to craft ships should be reduced,mainly from 4th rates and above, as it's cost is limiting it's production - you probably will be saving those resources for another ship.
  9. Patchnotes before a patch?!?!?!??!?? Who are you and what have you done to the real @admin Just wanted to say: THANK YOU
  10. In case you don't know check Reverse's video below. @Captain Reverse almost perfect on the music changing.
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