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  1. you know the devs are very aware of this. They do not want to market yet.
  2. 2500 to 500 players over 3 years is a 80% player drop. That is far far better than the average game. It has nothing to do with game design. 90% of games loose 90% of their playerbase in 6 months. There are examples like rainbow six and others but they are rare.
  3. There is no marketing for this game. Just think about it. Rockstar games releases GTA 5. Every gamer knows about it. Rockstar still spends 200 million to make the game and another 200 million to market. You cannot market a game on steam. Do not ask what happend to the 2500 players. They quit. They will most likely not come back. Most of us do not play games that were released in 2015. Games get boring after a while. Marketing, marketing and more marketing. Thats how you get attention. Famous youtubers lets plays too.
  4. Probably beat some trash in an undercrewed trinco 1v1. Somesay I also invented manual sailing.
  5. Why are you saying I am wrong and then say what I said? Maybe I missunderstood you. Speak to me as if I were a child.
  6. I never said that the Prussians were any good..
  7. It's obvious the more populated nation has more players that play less. I just find it funny that no one calls gb a ZERG when they camp kpr....
  8. You know if you take active pvpers into account prussia most likely matches GB. I joined danes for the simple fact that I never see danes sailing around. Prussians on the other hand are basically an alliance of open sea pvpers. How about you change nation for a while, change your name and pvp like me for 1 month. No sailing with friends and allies from other nations. I promise you will engage more Prussians than you might think. There is nothing really hardcore about prussia. It's a ZERG like GB. Hardcore is being in the Danish nation, only having Freeports with no Admiralty.
  9. If you wait long enough you might even see them fall apart. They do however have a good attitude for an rvr clan. They do not care about much. Their only issue is that they make allies like bitches. Back when I had a say there was no allies. In all fairness I only ever did what @Mr Pellew told me. He was in charge of everything. He even told me what to do in port battles since to this day I have no idea how circles points work. Only thing I did was pew pew at red targets. I really never did much gb.
  10. Jesus christ could not win a port battle with them. Don't ever forget that rediii never built a port battle fleet in Gb. He took a clan to GB. There is a huge difference. There is no snowball chance in hell those guys will ever become competitive. They need 5-10 good night time pvpers to carry them.
  11. Since I joined Danish nation the virgin islands are simply known as The Islands.
  12. I will gratis schiffe and I joining you? Bitte bitte.
  13. none of us gave a shit about poles. They cryed all the time we should not attack them because they were tiny and we said ok. Few days later they sent a huge fleet out after us. They had the numbers in all fairness.
  14. I know. He was one of us getting ganked. It was 3-4 of us vs 15 poles. They ganked us and we took the port in revenge. That was the only reason nethros even came to a port battle. Back then he only sailed around la mona. You would not know since you never really did anything except complain on ts about how dead the game is.
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