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  1. Ill be honest. Just logged in. To lazy to read it because I am seriously addicted to bannerlord atm. COV will not kill me afterall.
  2. Yes there is evidence. Them not costing in game resources. If that was not an issue there would not be an artificial timer on redeeming them. If you continue to deny that then you are delusional. "There is a practical limit to the number and types of DLC ships that should be made available, sure. But we have not reached that point yet. The economy in this game is also not centered on crafting ships, as much as I or anyone else may wish otherwise, so DLC ships do not "bypass the economy". You should be a bit more consistent with your points and not deny things you said because it doesn't fit you argument. An economy is not just about gold. Its about resource too. No debate on the gold part. Gold is useless. Always has been since the devs introduced buildings. A massive mistake imo. The question is if you consider resources to be part of the economy. The "economy" is broken is no excuse. If its broken then start fixing it. Off topic: Except the outcome of the balance is not always determined by player skill. When you have pros vs pros the problems with the combat system show alot. I have done hundreds of 1v1s in past versions of the game and current. There is loads of mods that can make or break a battle. The ships themselves cannot be balanced because they are all of different sizes. Take masts mods for example. If a mod is required to make the game playable the game is unbalanced. Mast mods being a must have in competitive game play is a solid fact. That all being said I did say that stats did not matter with this issue. My problem is labor vs no labor. Good point. What matters is that DLC gives you the option to redeem items that are otherwise require labor. I need to revisit this argument because I did not break it down well imo. The 24 hour redeemable is a consistent time frame and cannot average out. The average amount of dlc ships that can be crafted are always the same. The resource advantage is not averaged out. Its 7 ships/week. If you do not sink you will not redeem. The same goes to crafting too. The fact of the matter is that crafted ships require in game time. Thats the fundamental issue.
  3. You even admit that there is a practical limit of ships you can add. That means you see the issue. My point was always about its potenial. I said it back when we only had the Herc and requin. The problem scales drastically the more ships and the bigger the ships become. A 1 day timer is meaningless because people generally do not sink more than 1 or 2 ships a day. You admit it becomes a bigger problem the more ships are added but that is only because there is a problem with how they are implemented. Well the economy has no meaning without ships. Its not like there is anything else in the game that has value except upgrades and ships. Trading Resources are useless and only sold to the AI. You cannot do anything but sail so to say crafting ships is not part of the economy is simply nonsensical. If ships are part of the economy but not the focus then crafting also has to be. Both are the same. A ship is the product of crafting. The reason you want a certain port has nothing to do with its trade value. Its for building ships with certain bonuses. One of the most fought over ports in naval action was carthagena. It had nothing to do with its value in game. It was because the cathagena mod was so powerful in battle at the time. Economy does have an influence in battle. For upgrades alts were an issue but port bonuses make this issue a bit smaller. I think they are a good addition but it would be better to drop permanent mods. Where you are extremely wrong is the part were you say a captain has more influence in a battle than a ship. Game balance does not take skill into account! A captain has influence over the outcome of the battle but that does not mean there is no issue. You seem to think I care about the battle instance performance of DLC ships. I do not. They are irrelevant. The fact that one ship was creating ingame with resources that are labor intensive and one ship cost nothing ingame is where I have an issue. Both ships can have an effect on the battle just by being inside them. That is the problem The game having no end is not an argument. You basically have an infinite number of DLC ships to redeem. In an infinite number of time you can spawn an infinite number of ships. Doesn't matter if the timer is 10 years or 10 seconds. Someone will get sick of crafting far sooner than someone that is just redeeming. I guess microtransactions and XP boosters are also pay to play. You just pay to play faster. Not exactly incorrect.
  4. Well if there are ten good dlc ships you have more than enough ships to play the game but are still bypassing the economy. The more dlc ships there are added the more simular they become to eachother. Its kind of self explanatory. You said the DLC ships were pay to play, I was just pointing out that paying to play is unnecessary because the player already payed for the game. "and they are 1-time purchases (you can't keep spending money to get better and better stats on the ship" As I said, stats are irrelevant because the ships are not pay to win because of stats. They are pay to win because you pay to bypass crafting and resource gathering. Here are some solid facts: Ships are part of the Economy and RVR. Ships influence the outcome of combat. Combat influences the RVR. Winning RVR is the definition of winning in naval action. It is the ultimate goal of a nation to succeed in battle. How come having a stat advantage in a lobby based game is considered pay to win yet having an economical and time advantage in an RVR MMO is not?
  5. Except that people make wrong assumptions and never bothered dismasting me. I have beat Pro dismasters in 1v1s because they assumed I had mods many times. There are loads of players I know that do not run mast mods because people make the wrong assumptions all the time. William has no idea how often he has not dismasted a good player because he thought they had mast mods... Its easy to go seal club and dismast. His assumption that he is right more than wrong is pure guesswork with no evidence to prove the contrary. Its a stupid argument and a stupid way of game balance.
  6. I'm quite aware of how dismasting works. It doesn't matter how often you are right or wrong. It's a problem when a tactical element of the game is pure chance. I don't like chance.
  7. there is nothing gray about might or might not. Its as black and white as it gets. You cannot make an educated guess based on the clan and name.
  8. No he doesn't. He has no idea what mods you are running so its just totally random.
  9. HachiRoku

    Quarantine Stories

    Lol but whats a 20 deck? Fags?
  10. HachiRoku

    Quarantine Stories

    no matter how bad it is you are still better of than the people that came before you.
  11. HachiRoku

    Quarantine Stories

    We are not survivers. Our ancestors were survives. Everybody else died.
  12. HachiRoku

    Quarantine Stories

    I live in Austria and work on construction. I'm not working for 2 weeks at least. I think its an overreaction but no one wants to be responsible if it gets bad. The country is locking down. Not everyone can sell groceries or work in an environment like that. Even when everything is normal there is a lot of stress and things need organising. You cannot simply replace people. If you don't accept the general scientific consensus on how corona type viruses are transmitted that is your problem.
  13. HachiRoku

    Quarantine Stories

    Very interesting how the effects are already noticeable by satellite. The irony here is that we can be considered the virus and corona the cure.
  14. HachiRoku

    Quarantine Stories

    I linked a source.... What more can I do. If it was as easy as washing your hands and not touching things this would not be so bad. I am not saying you should not because even if there is only a 0.5% you catch the virus that way it could save alot of people. I am just as worried about people working in grocery stores and logistics. They come into contact with so many people and have no masks on.
  15. HachiRoku

    Quarantine Stories

    Tell your boss he is an idiot. The main way the virus is transmitted is by air and not pencils.
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