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  1. No can do, if people look at the reddit posts I follow I will be banned.
  2. You used stability perfectly fine. It's a broad term. Stiffness is more technical and has to do with flexibility. A ship can be both stable and flex too. By design to be far.
  3. Historically we would surrender 90% of the Time but we do not. Its physically impossible for a ship to be unsinkable. Its a matter of ammunition and time. If you have enough bullets you can sink a first rate with a 50 cal. Sooner or later there is no material left. Surrendering is admitting defeat. The only thing worse than admitting your defeated is death. That's why we do not surrender. One of the reasons I loved having officers. I did not let my officer die. His name was jesus lustig. I have to admit that the name played a major role. A first rate will shatter a basic cutter at 100m an
  4. Finally. I'm so sick of one sided tactics. Other than that I like these ideas at first glance but I am still wondering how you will ever balance guns since the difference in armour between the highest and lowest tier ships is to big. I gave a good example in an older topic and still think its relevant. I'll have to look for it. Edit. I'm curious of what others think of this because I know many players dislike ranged battles. I love them. I love anything that forces players to think before yolo into battle like idiots.
  5. that is why I think removing names altogether might reduce this. Im not saying it will work but its atleast worth discussing.
  6. I can tell how good a player is by the way they sail in open sea. I like the idea however but imo just dont reveal the name at all. Stops nations/players teaming up. I think its worth a test to be fair. Anything that has potential for good players to engage good players and reduce clubbing is worth a try.
  7. Exile smashed toxic 25v25 in port battle becouse you have no idea how to focus fire. I give 1000000 gold for screenshot of full exile loosing porrt battle.
  8. I understand that you were replying to others but ship quality is not important in pve. It is to a certain extent but in a competitive environment a 2% difference in stats can have a significant impact especially with multiple repairs. It's why the repair "meta" has made the game very inconsistent.
  9. Tip: quote admin with the apology or he will not see it in notifications. You replyed to yourself. Even then he gets loads of them so its hard for him to respond to everything.
  10. Teak WO was meta imo because it was the best compromise between speed and armour. Why would a new system change that? It will always be speed and armour that beats the rest because in reality it was what mattered most to. Once players find the perfect build it will be the meta. That being said I have always liked the damage overhauls that add more realism but imo there are way to many multipliers in perma mods and port bonuses to balance accordingly. IMO if you want to do this right you should remove all modifiers in game that affect the ships planking and HP. Woods affecting ships is go
  11. You never bothered with legends man. Not that it matters since it was a free side project but it never worked when I played. We would join the game and not even enter the same battle etc. It was a closed alpha game. Legends required a separate store page to succeed and more development in general.
  12. Oh wait what? You mean that no one played it? Legends was not even given a chance. The matchmaking was basically broken so no wonder it failed. A legends style free to play game would be a nice idea. Sell players half the ships and give them the biggest of every class for free. Legends was a closed alpha game. It had potential but was practically none functional. It would need to be a separate ip in the steam store and people would play it. I'm sure of it.
  13. No worries. Even without timers you would not have a chance. Don't get me wrong. The Russians are trash. It's just that your are trasher. If I was playing I would bitch slap them all the way up the moskva River back to Moscow before winter ever came. Compared to what I would do to WO in a port battle the scorched earth and the Eastern front would look like a firework show.
  14. What's dirty about aster leading the pb? It's not like he is worse than you are. #trash
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