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  1. I wouldn't even though I preferred the game back then. Leeway and sailing is better. Combat is better in a sense but repairs and chaining is bad. Masts were always broken. The current issues we personally have ingame would be simple to change. There is just no willpower to do it
  2. Thats why I never made a review. Its pointless for now. Reviews for alpha should be disabled if you ask me. The community has to much influence over the devs. I remember being in SORRY and lord vicious would ask us to spam negative reviews with our alts if something did not go his way. Thankfully many didn't care to much to do it. Now LV has told Sid that the devs tried to bribe him. I wish I had the evidence to prove otherwise. I guess @Silfarion @Otto Kohl @Milkman van Swallows as former sorry officers could confirm that I am speaking the truth.
  3. Dron you are simply wrong. Bannised did deserve the BAN. You cannot simply accuse a developer of violating steam rules with NO evidence. Bannised was not banned for anything constructive. He has done more damage to this game than anyone so far has. I would go as far as saying GLs should sue him for defamation. If you want to tell the devs there is something wrong with ROE you can say it without saying you banned BP for saying the truth. Read BP topic about steam violation rules and tell me one rule that was violated. If it was really violated why does steam not care? Because no rules were broke.
  4. No offtopic nor trolling - moderator Hethwill -
  5. I cannot answer a question that only the devs can and since they are changing crafting I don't really care to have an opinion on the matter for now. Besides that the question was to them and not to me I assume since I am not selling them or defending them. It is completely irrelevant to the ingame world what DLC, the full game etc cost. When criticizing something ingame I never consider the price it is on the steam store because price only effects sales. If the devs released a 6th rate for 1000 euros noone would buy it but the ship would still be p2w in the current system. A cheaper 4th rate DLC for example would only increase the numbers sailing around ingame but they would still have the exact same effect on the ingame economy but at a way larger scale. It is still the same thing. I get the questions btw and I have been asking myself that but lets be honest. Hauling ship mats is a waste of time anyway. Its not even rewarding to players that cap the traders either. If the devs are removing a major timesink from the game I won't complain but just wait and see. We can go full retard if things don't work out.
  6. I forgot to tell you the ship has 2x attack hack for boarding and reload hack. Download latest version: www.rublibot.to
  7. He wouldn't know since he didn't do rvr. Many players that defended the current system do not play rvr. I noticed that pattern a while ago.
  8. What do real life scenarios have in common with a game? Besides that no one is nerfing the hp of the car you mentioned anyway. It's just the other cars that are being tuned. Games and reality are not the same thing. I guess you could compare it to releasing a car that did not need to be manufactured. What would happen to the economy if one car was 100 times cheaper than rest?
  9. Permits and woods are something worth discussing but I will wait and see about that. The devs responding to this issue is a good sign and I don't want to overreact to something I have no idea about.
  10. I think the proposal sounds OK. Let's wait and see what happens. I really have no idea how exactly this will all work. Permits rare woods etc vs imported ships. Its a tiny bit unexpected that trading/hauling ship mats will be reduced but it might be a good thing. The amount of time wasted on building ships is insane so I personally won't fight for that to stay. 1 step at a time I say. Tell you what. If the patch fixes the advantage you will be 1 of the 3 people I gift a rat
  11. I like the sound of capturing developed ports more than anything. Looking forward to the changes.
  12. OMG I so want to know what that said.
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