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  1. Love how authoritarian the guys in the chat are. Acting like they own the game and make the rules. Bully a guy and then say he was trash. Especially hartz is not in the position to judge skill. Anyway I don't know if this is a good idea or terrible but what if Green on green on returned damage? You fire at friendly and take your own broadside.
  2. 4. Would you rather the new style of "balance" patches continue, or have more new (non DLC) boats This is such a strange question... Of course people would rather free content over anything else. That does not mean its fair to the developers to provide you with free things. If I demand the developer to be fair to me by making dlc ships craftable then I should also be fair to them. I do not know how many of the people that voted on this question believe that DLCs are unfair but I personally do believe they create an unfair advantage ingame. IMO every ship should cost money post release as long as its craftable. Boats are useless if there is no balance. The problem I see is that the overall balance/combat design is going in the wrong direction.
  3. Encouraging and forcing are 2 different things. The bigger the ship, the bigger the reward so players will want bigger. I'm not sure how you can encourage people to sail smaller ships without making large ships really expensive or reducing rewards in them. The devs have tryed it with making larger ships extremely expensive but the backlash was huge. Removing rewards or reducing them on larger ships would probably not go very well either. Its easy to say we need to encourage players to sail smaller ships but ideas on how to do it have never been well received by the community including myself. I'm sure the devs would be very open to ideas that reduce sol spam. It has been an issue since before the DLC ships too so we don't have to blame every issue on them either.
  4. Then maybe new guys should get more crew without the need for the harder exams. Afterall light frigates are the easiest ships to sail.
  5. Don't you get 250 crew when you complete the tutorial? Do you have to finish the master exam for that or not? I can't remember.
  6. that is why I think removing names altogether might reduce this. Im not saying it will work but its atleast worth discussing.
  7. I can tell how good a player is by the way they sail in open sea. I like the idea however but imo just dont reveal the name at all. Stops nations/players teaming up. I think its worth a test to be fair. Anything that has potential for good players to engage good players and reduce clubbing is worth a try.
  8. I'm sorry but these statements are just stupid. If I loose 100€ I am mad because I went to work and had to earn that money. What's different about working for a ship? If pixels are so worthless why are people paying 30 euros for a dlc ship? Because they look nice? So does a picture.
  9. Edit. I made joke that might have crossed the line. It had something to do with point of views and crying.
  10. Russia exists becouse I allow it. She will fall when I demand it.
  11. Exile smashed toxic 25v25 in port battle becouse you have no idea how to focus fire. I give 1000000 gold for screenshot of full exile loosing porrt battle.
  12. I understand that you were replying to others but ship quality is not important in pve. It is to a certain extent but in a competitive environment a 2% difference in stats can have a significant impact especially with multiple repairs. It's why the repair "meta" has made the game very inconsistent.
  13. Tip: quote admin with the apology or he will not see it in notifications. You replyed to yourself. Even then he gets loads of them so its hard for him to respond to everything.
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