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  1. No can do, if people look at the reddit posts I follow I will be banned.
  2. that is why I think removing names altogether might reduce this. Im not saying it will work but its atleast worth discussing.
  3. I can tell how good a player is by the way they sail in open sea. I like the idea however but imo just dont reveal the name at all. Stops nations/players teaming up. I think its worth a test to be fair. Anything that has potential for good players to engage good players and reduce clubbing is worth a try.
  4. Exile smashed toxic 25v25 in port battle becouse you have no idea how to focus fire. I give 1000000 gold for screenshot of full exile loosing porrt battle.
  5. Tip: quote admin with the apology or he will not see it in notifications. You replyed to yourself. Even then he gets loads of them so its hard for him to respond to everything.
  6. No worries. Even without timers you would not have a chance. Don't get me wrong. The Russians are trash. It's just that your are trasher. If I was playing I would bitch slap them all the way up the moskva River back to Moscow before winter ever came. Compared to what I would do to WO in a port battle the scorched earth and the Eastern front would look like a firework show.
  7. What's dirty about aster leading the pb? It's not like he is worse than you are. #trash
  8. your sucking up aside I can explain to you why making this game free to play would not add a load of players. Marketing. I use addblock on my pc but on my phone I am spamed with world of tanks and world of warships add. In fairness that is why I do not play them. Another thing with free to play games is that you would need to make way more dlc ships. As much as I hate them the vast majority of people would not buy the handful of current DLC ships espessially since the cost as much as full games. Free to play games make money by selling you cheap things over and over again. They are made to be
  9. The odd thing is that the DLC costs are inconsistent with the game costs in EU and Russia To the people that do not know why this is I can explain. In poorer countries games are cheaper to reduce piracy. American developers would rather sell their product for 5 dollars than getting nothing. If you think its unfair you should go to Russia on holidays.
  10. Lol but whats a 20 deck? Fags?
  11. no matter how bad it is you are still better of than the people that came before you.
  12. We are not survivers. Our ancestors were survives. Everybody else died.
  13. I live in Austria and work on construction. I'm not working for 2 weeks at least. I think its an overreaction but no one wants to be responsible if it gets bad. The country is locking down. Not everyone can sell groceries or work in an environment like that. Even when everything is normal there is a lot of stress and things need organising. You cannot simply replace people. If you don't accept the general scientific consensus on how corona type viruses are transmitted that is your problem.
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