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  1. HachiRoku

    Duel/Small Battles

    You have only yourself to blame. You should know better what spanish players are like. They are without a doubt the worst. Even in port battles they have never achieved a single victory against an even below average fleet. They are complete trash. I might need to come up with a better word because comparing them to 90% of the playerbase is a compliment in all fairness. How about sub trash?
  2. Phew, missed this article but glad to know when we come back we don't need to regrind. @Lord Vicious any chance you want to reform sorry and forgive exile members? It will be great.
  3. HachiRoku

    HAVOC vanished from clan leaderboard

    you know what you should ask in support. Why SLRN has a 1:10 pvp to pve ratio. WTF man.
  4. Das ist eigenlich auf englisch falsch im spiel. Thickness und armour sind dasselbe in real life.
  5. armour sind HP werte und thickness ist die holze breite. Ein shiff hat zumbeispiel 10000 heath points armour und 100 cm thickness. Armour is eigenlich das wirklich wichtige weil wenn eine kannone deine hull nicht durchschlagen kann tuht der ball deinem shiff armour/hp nichts und prallt ab. Es tuht mir leit ich sprech nur gebrochen deutsch. ich bin ein berliner!
  6. HachiRoku

    Music and sound

    yeah anyway I would rather more time spent on rvr and other mechanics. Just thinking out load in this thread
  7. HachiRoku

    Key Bindings

    Dude, get a gaming mouse and sail like a pro I do use the keys for some moves but I can move 2 of the sails at the same time with thumb, turn of decks with fingers and my left hand is free to fab etc.
  8. HachiRoku

    HAVOC vanished from clan leaderboard

    git gud
  9. HachiRoku

    Music and sound

    I did not know that but it makes sense Well to be fair you don't need the vienna philharmonic to do it. Something small scale possibly. I'm no sound expert be we can all agree music adds alot to games.
  10. HachiRoku

    Music and sound

    I don't know red deads Buget but I think it would be 300 for development and 300 marketing. Maybe more. Think about it. People complain about this game taking long yet Rockstar develops their games for 5 years with 3000 people in the credits.
  11. HachiRoku

    Music and sound

    Naval action has a problem of being a barren wasteland. It needs to feel more alive. Good Music in menus and port plus some good and funny dialog between sailors is a realistic way to improve it. I would ask for orcas, dolphins and whales too but since gamelabs is not Rockstar with a 500-800 million dollar Buget and 3000 names in credits I try to think simple
  12. For the slower people on these forums I'll explain it better. I was joking. We're not on the leader boards becouse we don't play and have 6 member or so
  13. HachiRoku

    Music and sound

    Its not really something that bothers me alot to be honest but out of curiosity will there ever be music added to the game? It would be nice to listen to in the menus and port. I don't believe it would fit battles or open sea sailing. Maybe you could add conversations between sailors at sea. I bet they would have told themselves stories about the whores the banged in saint nic. It wouldn't need to be 3000 pages of dialog but maybe a short conversation every 10 min like the soldiers had in Rome 2. PS: Add eastereggs. UFOs and bigfoots and other shit that give me a WTF moment at 4am in the morning. Really rare encounters. PPS: Is it bigfoots or bigfeets @Gregory Rainsborough?
  14. in danemark EXILE has a k/d ratio of 0.00. We have ruffly 250 pvp kills but becouse we don't sink the leaderboards don't work for us....We will just have to live with the sad truth that it also cannot be fixed becouse its hardcoded and EXILE simply won't ever get on there. Its better this way so we don't scare off the other clans.
  15. i know the rewards are something that needs buffing but what i find interesting is that a lot of you PVP for in game rewards. I PVP for the challenge. I really never went out to hunt for marks, gold or XP. IMO there should not be any extra rewards for pvp except the ones we had a year ago. Simply gold and xp multipliers. I must admit I am not really aware how the new economy works and its something that really doesn't interest me :p I cannot wait for winter to come and play more again