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  1. Will it support modding?
  2. its because players know the game better than developers :p This is one of the best videos ive seen in a long time. The real time reaction of a 2 devs watching players "abuse" the game. Can you tell us a secret please??? What was the most extreme case of players in naval action abusing a system you did not expect after implementing it?
  3. just because there are ships ingame that have stronger stats does not mean the system is not p2w. I have a question to you and you be honest please. If you released a trinco dlc tomorrow and left the trinco in the game as a craftable ship too. How many players would continue to craft the trinco?? Would it be fair? Would it be p2w? Even without seasoned woods it would be still p2w in principle. Are GTA shark cards not P2W? Technically you can get 1000000 gold in gta by grinding 2-4 hours but by buying cards you get it right away. In Naval action I can get a 4th rate DLC instantly. If I wanted to craft a 4th rate I would need to buy shipyard, mats etc. It is pay to win and stop justifying it with nonsensical arguments. Anything that saves you time is p2w. There is no question there. The players that cryed about the yacht, herc and requin being p2w were always fundamentally right. They knew the consequences the DLC ships had on the economy back then. You have destroyed the economy with them. The more DLC you add the worse it gets. You cannot even add a 1st rate dlc because of how bad the dlc model is. If you added them as permits from the start and players were required to craft them they would have had 0 effect on economy and 0 effect on game balance. You listened to the players that wanted DLC ships out of convenience and REPEATEDLY IGNORED every logical warning we gave you. You reap what you sow and I really wanted DLC ships to work man. I made a promise to myself and you that as long as they are not fixed I will boycott your DLC. I bought the flags but until DLC are turned into craftable permits they remain p2w and I will not pay a cent for them. I have even offered to buy 3 random forum members any 1 DLC ship they choose if the DLC ships are change and gave you my word that I will buy all DLC ships if you change how they are implemented because unlike many others I care about the long time effects. Too bad because I would love to own the leopard
  4. when exactly did DLC ships work? When they were OP or Nerfed? At what point did they have all the advantages and disadvantages of normal ships? Its only normal to change things if what you added was broken or the existing system was broken. If the existing system is good enough and already hard enough to balance you might want to avoid adding things that change fundamental things. You said earlier so please clarify when dlc worked.
  5. and yet another new feature that cannot be implemented correctly because of the fundamental flaws of the DLC model design. God I hate it when you have to compromise one thing to make the other thing work. It is so counter productive.
  6. when has a gold sink ever worked in this game? You are far to reactive to the economy. I am very ignorant when it comes to shipbuilding, crafting and the economy so I will not talk about that. I do however know my shit about the combat instance. I don't like it when there are major differences in ship designs. We have far to many mods in the game. You said you would nerf mods and you did. The problem is that you added port bonuses and now seasoned woods. So in reality you added more mods. These are the combat multipliers we currently have 3 Permant upgrades 5 Books 2 Wood Types 4 Port bonuses That is 12 multipliers on one ship and the issue with them is that the best ship is not only vastly superior than the basic ship but that in most cases its the best players in the best ships. Because we still have multiple repairs those effects are even stronger the longer the battle goes on. Upgraded ships should be better than basic ships but the gaps are massive man. You say yourself that ram dinark in a basic ship will kill a noob in the best ship. Why do you need to make the inventory advantage so massive then when the game already has a major skill gap?! The skill gap is the best thing naval action has and you need to promote that and NOT hide it behind MASSIVE inventory gaps.
  7. you're required to play more if you don't buy DLC ships however. I don't want to start debating over the entire DLC policy again but I still stand by my initial stance that they are flawed by design.
  8. honeybadger does many things but wondering is not one of them.
  9. why would honeybadger give a hello kitty anyway?
  10. will you please stop it with your stupid breaking news memes. We get it. Its just a pain in the ass and fills up the whole page with useless shit.
  11. cannonades were meta in real life because they are vastly superior than cannons at everything except range. As long as the combat system favors DPS over strategy people will use carros. There is a fix to the issue and would not even require a change to the damage stats. Devs love the historical game play when it suits them but when it comes to repairs, rum and suicide bombers history is irrelevant.
  12. @Gregory Rainsborough Don't tribunal me please.....
  13. Why is it not OK to insult someone's mother yet perfectly OK to call him a chump? Its not fair for Gregory to provoke a man into getting a 7 day chat ban. I recognise a pattern when its the same players constantly reporting others in tribunal. Offense is taken and not given and giving Gregory a 7 day chat ban for calling this man a chump is only fair. You cannot ban someone after being provoked. It's morally wrong in my opinion. I know Gregory and he is only reporting this guy out of spite. My mother, 3 sisters and possible future daughters have little interest in what some looser calls them from the other side of the world. Tribunal is your law and I accept that but I cannot just keep my mouth shut when I believe someone is being unfairly treated.
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