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  1. @admin Is it normal that the value of the mast thickness have not change or the new meta demast any ship with 9 pd?
  2. @qw569😳 can you find the individual pvp stats ? like admin did a few years ago
  3. Hi, Maybe the question have been answers but in a case like this I do not see how the karma system will help? Since the alt will be use to block the same nation as the attacker or defender
  4. Hello, One French challenge me in a duel, first 1 Russian (im here bitch)join me after 1 min of battle, he join at the edge of the circle at this moment I ask I’m to leave since it's a duel and 30 second later a French captain join the fight. And then I ask him to help me, but he finds some stupide excuse. At the end of the battle, I lost and right away I came out to fight them back! And them he was waiting outside just going in and out My guess, he is an alt of one French player they use it to close the BR on my side Hopping that you will find the true about this story Btw i reported the abuse of language And this is a other sujet can you use a boat without gun to block a ennemy player this pics show you the end when i was to far to sink the pando
  5. Could we have a look at the value before u implement it in the game?
  6. Hello, I was wondering if I am the only one who suffer some latency of the server? I am currently suffering a long delay when i go out of a port split stuff etc
  7. I do not get it why to put such a system when you must play like in the PVE to profit the advantage? Why not just take out this system right at the start? because I only see a use with alt hiding inside port to give some rep to players? Other fact @admin I see no info on the fact that you cannot join one side because of bad karma?
  8. No so you came use a alt of your nation so it won’t affect your karma exploit incoming
  9. You will be joining a battle, your karma will drop for the nation you joined battle against Correct me if I’m wrong but if your alt is the same nation as your main it works?
  10. @admin i can all ready see one possibles exploits let’s say your are a hunter you bring you alt inside a fir fir ship like a trinco so you can have some br to tag and second move you jump in with your main so you can be a-t-il karma positive => at the end of the battle you go to the enemy port to repair In the same way a alt can use this system to stock rep (open a outpost and craft/ buy rep) for his main account and trade in open world I’m thinking in front of Baracoa ps the crafter players in war server have no use since you cannot profits of the port bonus
  11. Please don’t forget that they have 25 screeners who tag 4 polish players
  12. I think that you can use boot camp to use it with windows Ps can you give us your spec?
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