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  1. after the PB of Port au prince I think that you can take out 15 People
  2. what i say is, i already have the permit to build the building but at this point i can not craft the wood because we need a BP that nobody knows where to find it
  3. No one have drop it inside the IA Port battle
  4. Question: How do we know if the screenshot of @Redman29 is real( no offence)? Because i have build a Seasoning Shed building and i could not craft any wood! I had no BP ?!!! So the big question is: where to farm this Blueprints?
  5. i agree the Permit for the building is coming form privateer cheats but after that you need some BP for to craft the wood
  6. Question where do you find the BP of the Seasoning Wood?
  7. the Rank of the AI will change when you are being loki runed
  8. Why is this post not close? The fact is that @Groslulu77 have put @captain smile to the Tribunal! The question of, is he guilty of his crime is the answers of the Dev more specifically @Ink. So not need to add your opinion to whom is responsible of the crime. Let’s wait for the answers of the devs. *end of discussion*
  9. What’s the point the only thing that will change is the numbers of screeners since there will be less players in pb. This will harden the entry of Pb for small nation!
  10. Hello, I’m not receiving any clan mail of my clan. My clan mates have told me about some of mail that I did not receive, that’s why I’m aware of this! is it a recurrent problem or is it just me ?
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