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  1. I'm not sure about this but i saw Patrick Star tag a french with undercrew ship(redoutable) i could not join the battle in time and it close... But less than 2 min after the begining of the battle he sink the french player, i'm not expert but could you take a look
  2. it would be nice if you can have a look on him
  3. So let's say i want to attack the Swe with the french Hostile mission. - (1) find a french clan how will ally with the main Russian clan -(2) do the hostilly and PB with the french mission => exploits => Countered possible: do not put it on the War Server?
  4. Not the best idea if they put it on the war server i can already see the exploit with alt
  5. Let me add that's not the first time seeing your name at Russian PB And yes, maybe we are very unfortunate to meet you that of maybe that you have been there for more than 40 min (in which case you would log off=> if you were afk) And I would like to add that this seem kind funny that a Redoubtable would go for a Bellepoule who could join the port rather than tag Santi/Wasa/ocean....
  6. are they going to join Shroud Cay at maintenance?
  7. Hello, I would like to signal the fact that the French have use an alt afk (albionskunk) to tag a few ships of the Russian PB fleet The fact that the French player CaptainSmile(ATR clan) went right away for the belle-poule The belle-poule have not shot once I cannot prove my saying but I suppose that you could check IP-address with xXx, Des Moines, Richelieu(ATR clan).
  8. If they get their own capital it's be a bit of a joke=)
  9. Note que dans les fonctions du jeu tu peux régler la visibilité du chat a nation c’est à dire que tu ne verras aucun nn te parler
  10. after the PB of Port au prince I think that you can take out 15 People
  11. what i say is, i already have the permit to build the building but at this point i can not craft the wood because we need a BP that nobody knows where to find it
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