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  1. Alors on a expulsé xhen, le mec qui a effectué le push contre APO?
  2. « LOL you are a joke » dixit the guy who have stolen the name of a other player the ban are here to prevent toxic behaviour and unnecessary insults that does not participate at the debate
  3. Pour info sur les trim ne sont pas juste! On a sur ce doc les anciennes valeurs de trim. Elles ont été modifiées il y a quelque temps ex le very cramped c’est 5% et non 10%
  4. C’est de ta faute dizz on aurait pu avoir 180 kill!!! fallait te co hier
  5. PvP server ***fly away***😱😱😱😱😱😱
  6. I have recently encountered a player, which in any case I would just put a right click report and that's it... But I have received some threat IRL form a player toward me and some of my clan mate. We find that this kind of behavior is inacceptable in a game like Naval action. The text is in French so I hope that @Barberouge can make a good translation.
  7. Yes fort should favor the devender, but did you see the sceenshot of the PB the Fort go 5 kill out of 10!!! And if you look at https://youtu.be/zKrTV9YEJig?t=632 , you can see (not that well i agree) the fire power of the fort! and it can shot from 4 side!
  8. it was a 4/5 l'ocean sturdy (northern master, Guacata superior ) the 2 most expensif
  9. Hello, I have already made a F11, but I will still create a new topic. I have just tag an NPC fleet and it happen that I spawn upside down.... I could not do anything and when the timers started, I instantly sank! can I have back the boat + upgrade?
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