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  1. Hi Captains, As I heard some of you are using Naval Action on Mac , and there is no many info in internet. Please can you give your Mac Spec + a bref description on the way you do, that so we migh have more apple captains in our servers. PS: A small recompense will be delivered to the helpful captains with ingame items

    Hey Captain,

    Looking to join the clan stuck at home the next few weeks!

    Thanks, Michael Tangen

  3. Corona Virus is an Invention of Game Labs Studio , to force people play naval action .
  4. Yeah we all hope that
  5. I hope that you will have another ship in Gift , but pls stop to find excuses to all your defeat , you make mistake you pay them thats the sea life captain
  6. Thats the same bla bla that yesturday , we won yesturday and you told us the same kind of shit , accepte the defeat and stop to find excuses everytime .
  7. You had 4 ships with boarding rdy around you , 2 rat full boarding and you did not had determined defender ( you had barricade ) so we would just board you 1by 1 you was finished , before the crash ... sorry brother you comited a big mistake and it is not a server fault
  8. Com on guys stop to complain, we have much more PVP since the redoutable is here. Captains that was afraid to fight in lineships before ( because the time you need to craft one if you loose) , are now much more courageous. Also , for the same BR you have St Pavel, Buc, or Christian that are much more powerfull.
  9. Guys you have 42 pd canons on the christian , you can dismast a redoutable more less easely , and christian is still 1 of the fastest line ships downwind . 1 year ago ppl was complaining cause the surprise was not strong enough compared to the Endymion 😅. Relax and enjoy the ship
  10. Guys stoop to complain uou dont even tryied the ship yet
  11. Dont listen the hate of sellfish veterans @admin, the game is excellent and adapted to new players-veterans , solo-group, skilled and not yet skilled Captains .
  12. I dont agree 5700 br and 10700 br its a good think , you just need to motivate your guys to participate more
  13. captain smile

    Game crash

    it was close to ST george around 03:00 (Kiev timezone
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