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  1. Really fun team to fight with and against . Never trash talked so far , good luck to you and your new members
  2. Ok so change that BR ! As we , 90 percent of your human community want since the release ! If you dont trust me , make a vote !
  3. Pls speak with my offical lawyer : @rolando 😃
  4. We all do hope that your clan will come back to France and stop to make ultimatums like : Play with us or we wipe you, and we play togather equal to equal( with all the respect that I have for the accomplishement and teamplay that you have beetween NN ) . I can give you a trinco or a purple 5the rate when you want, just find me ingame and I bring to a port of your choise with pleasure
  5. @Rolando в принципе всё так и было как ты описал Спасибо кэп , @Forbin не нужно на меня всё сваливать потому-то я не захотел Присоединиться к вашему клану . Я не чего не нарушал.
  6. Also i have a child, that come and take possession of my mouse, i m affraid that if I close her in a cage I might go to prison . So i have to play with the mousepad of the laptop time to time .
  7. He forget to tell that i dismasted the ennemy trinco, he is obsessed cause i wrote some advice to the new player in front of him (the trinco) he followed my advice and won the battle, I never shooted any bullet on the Essex, maybe 1-2 masts in the broadsite that dismated the Trinco ( i did not dismast the Essex ) . Thx @MassimoSud @Aquillas , @erelkivtuadrater I will found you !!!!
  8. at least some small nations will be able to participate, ever if they get screened.
  9. I m happy for all the PVE community, it is a good thing for an Alpha stage game to listen the comunity and put then remove some things, wait... Somebody tell me that NA is no more an Alpha.
  10. You rly need to change to a smaller nation and understand what its look like to have 20 players max connected who wants to make some RVR but know they have no chance .
  11. Last time i saw you we won without telling you nothing and you tell us : “ you are such a shit players “ . . .
  12. Ahhh I like the call to arms !
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