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  1. Whaouu thats a news, I do not insult ppl ingame, I was not there when you left France so cant call you traitor, I was the player calling you gently to comeback French since 2 weeks, and i definitivly will not quit my nation at this dark moments. you all guys take it to personnally 😃 Just your alt , shouldnt talk on nation to push other captains into your traps .
  2. We never betray no body, and help small nations
  3. we dont care about you, we talk about the ramses II Trap
  4. funny cause the only ppl who repply me on that topic is the ppl who was involved in that story xD
  5. and then just after that you get sunk i made 1v1 vs Reverse , cause there is no smarter ennemy that yourself =/ ( you cna see it on the end of the stream
  6. I have the screens of your 4 1st rates trying to tag me beside the swedish Ocean . Omg stop that , you clearly made a trap cause you cant win any battle so now you need to pay for that
  7. and yes i do have, screens , just wait that somevody see that post
  8. Then The NNoobs get scared for ramses and went to sink 2 sweds, just after my accusation it was cute, but your alt is clearly pushing players to fall into the trap , a cheap trap
  9. Today the French alt Ramses 2 ( Russian guy from NN Clan ) Invite us to go against the flip of Pointe a Pitre( flipped by Swedish) , but infact there is a Russian 1st rate Fleet (7 ships )hiding near, waiting that he gives the good momento to charge, it is clearly an Alt-Trap . Fair Wind Captain Smile
  10. Today Swedish Nation and her main clans , who was in Defensive Alliance with France, betreyed France and with help of Russian clan (ex-French) NN declared us the war by flipping Pointe a Pitre . This is a total lack of honor, we invite all nations who have treaty with sweds to reconsider it . Beacause they are hightly untrustable Nice Wind to you captains Captain Smile
  11. The Idea is cool, but ingame there is no frontlines . Exemple: the French border, cause you can take hostility for Bridgetown and Roseau from Aves/Guyaguayare , we are not in frontline just with Swedish and VP but with everybody , so we dont see the changing before/after the frontlines ...
  12. holly molly thats a great idea , we will promote it in the French Nation !
  13. You can shoot the AI during boarding and AI cant . Did you saw the AI complain about it on the forum ?
  14. Je suis arrivé après vos histoire de Guerre interne et franchement j ai meme du mal a croire qu un truc comme ca ce soit produit , actuellement il y a 3-4 gros clans FR :ER , Ancre, Gfr ...et tout le monde s’entend a merveille on s entraide les 1 les autres dans tous les domaines et on se consulte sur tous les points ... Ceux qui ont arrêté le jeu je vous encourage a vous connecter TS et en parler avec les joueurs actuels . Virtus unita fortior
  15. C est fait l ami , mais je ne puis parler qu au nom des ancres ⚓️
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