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  1. Solouk

    Game crash

    Game shouldn't disconnect you when you're in battle... isnt it? In this case, the game disconnect 3 players. Thank you for your constructive intervention.
  2. Solouk

    Game crash

    Hello, We start battle against NN near of St George and we get 3 deco into battle, our 2 first right was deco on 1 min between both, and I also get deco once I want to send Bug report. Result, they capture the Ocean deco.. and 0 on NN side. Could you please investigate in this issue? Thank you, Solouk
  3. Hi guys, Sorry to disturb you, but I want to report a player Lt Sekiro. Judge by yourself... Moreover, he's always deliberate to provoke the FR players (I already did ingame report) : Moreover, is it acceptable in this game to denigrate and make false accusations? sorry, I'm new plasyers, therefore I'm not aware of all rules. And last question, why admin said bastard in the forum? this is acceptable from "neutral" admin team? Thank you for your time and answer. Regards.
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