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  1. That is why they lie. If it was not for the human interpretation statistics would be facts. You take the players of the ship in account but not the ships they fighting. Are requins fighting 7th rates or 5th rates on average? Also a issue is that you cannot take the entire skill of the community into effect because many players do not know how use ships correctly. Most players can handle bigger ships better than smaller ships. Smaller ships are easy to sail but way more difficult to master. The question then is if noobs know how to take advantage of the requins strengths? Most noobs shoot stuff and do not use the 2 "overpowered" traits the ship has. Boarding and close hauled speed. Another issue with meta ships is that they will often be fighting the same meta ships. Alot of the pvp kills in hercs and requins were in herc and requin port battles. Stats do not say a thing about a ships ability in my view. I don't call the DLC ships overpowered because I believe the game mechanics are at fault and certain ships are simply better than others. Endymion is simply a better ship than a trinco. Its how it was in real life and I will not complain about it being the case in game. The requins biggest advantage is that it takes 2 unrealistic elements. Pushing ships into wind and hiding under guns. The Herc is not overpowered because she is just a great ship ingame and in real life. I have said many times that its turn rates of smaller ships that make the herc an issue.
  2. think about what you just say and reply again.
  3. stats are lies. They dont take skill into account.
  4. what does that have to do with anything? I don't know why the solution to all peoples tactical problems is escaping.
  5. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    That is not a good justification for a free ship. Why should I grind 30 min and someone that owns the dlc not? That is besides my point anyway. Dlc mechanics destroy rvr ship building logistics.
  6. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Why call me agressive for being the only objective person here? I don't blame ships. I don't call ships P2W. I try to defend players that like the dlc ships as what they are. I don't ever say anything negative with giving a reason for it. I don't have 4000 hours in game because I dislike it.
  7. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    If you don't make the Hercules and requin craftable these changes will be hard to test. Why craft a surprise or another shallow ship if you get a Hercules with 18s or requin with crew an sailing profile for free?
  8. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    You're wrong there. I have been pushed into the wind in my trinco against them many times. All they need to do is push you close hauled. Requin has a huge sail force and turn rate to stall any ship like that. They don't need to push you down to 3.5 knots. They need to bleed your speed of until either their team mate helps or the wind shifts or they sink you by hiding under guns. I was once pushed by one for 30 min and couldn't sink him nor could he pull me. My speed was stuck at 5 knots and an enemy Bellona caught up and did the rest. Even if the requin is leeward the trincs top decks and some bottoms overshoot. Make a video with @Hethwill the Red Dukeof you pushing a requin with a trinco. You cannot. Requin can't be pushed by any ship yet has the ability to push most ships simply because she is so fast close hauled. Don't defend something you know is op but don't want to accept. I don't Blame the ship however. I blame the fact that pushing is so effective against a ship that is 3x its mass. People like to point fingers a ships. Mechanics are all that are to blame. Same goes for the Herc "OP" calibers. A speed nerf and turn rate nerf would not do any of those ships any harm.
  9. HachiRoku

    Back after 2 years

    Yes exactly like me. There is a reason I don't talk in trade and pve topics.
  10. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    where did I complain? I was not the one that said the DLC ships are OP.
  11. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I bought the game to play the game. I bought the flag DLC because I wanted and irish flag. I generally don't like giving people my money to support them.
  12. HachiRoku

    Back after 2 years

    I remember you. You let our clan craft you a 1st rate and left a day later to join another clan. I don't trust you. No need to lie about it either because I have your PM in my message box still.
  13. This is why I write my post like a child would. I try to keep them simple. I fail to do so. Sir Texas posts are far to long anyway. When I see a post that long I don't bother read it. I am sorry.
  14. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    The way I said it was the way I meant it. Players said it was p2w. I then asked those players in global why they bought the dlc if they knew it was p2w. They said to win lol. People should not complain about p2w and support it. That is not how capitalism works my friend. If people were intelligent we would not have p2w in the game industry. Players were aware what those ships were capable of when buying them since they got 1 free to test. They still bought them. They could have complained and and waited for a fix. But no. Why would you pay for something knowing what it does? You think the devs would not change the ships if people did not buy them? Its just nonsensical to me. You as a customer give your opinion of a game developers product buy paying for it or not paying for it. My oppinion is not paying for it. So yes. In my opinion my argument is more qualified since I was not stupid enough to buy something that we ALL knew was not ok for the game. You won't like what I said there and I am ok with it. The devs won't like it and I am ok with that to. But we know its true. Honestly. You pay for something that you believe is p2w and then cry its p2w because someone else sinks your non p2w ships. Speaking of double standards. I can cry because I don't have the p2w ships. Get it
  15. HachiRoku

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Well I think paying customers should get what they payed for. That is 100% game content. PERIOD EDIT: By that I mean as paying customers for DLC. DLC ban from Port battles is unacceptable!