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  1. IDK what the cost is, someone built it for me. And it would probably cost the devs an arm and a pirates peg leg to make a new one..
  2. I lost my USS in Battle because,well,my power supply fried vs 7 ships I was winng and had plenty of reps etc,I turned to repair and was on my way out of battle,then I could smell it cooking then complete crash! Is there anyway to get my ship back,My comp completely crashed on me and had to install a new set of power hardware and vid,new card 60FPS Yay! I was running r7200 which was only 20 fps ..
  3. not a pirate anymore:( even though it was a lot of fun rolling with you guys! #respect
  4. I don't see why we cant have PVE server in PVP, Its the white flag until you choose to fly some colors for something, A little boost to the PVP Game economy ...
  5. After almost a year this game Is lost,Dual account users and a few people running the game,and no victory marks etc.. Im having a hard time logging in everytime,just no appeal no xp same shit different day.for the few ports back in the day ,were supposed to be able to take ports and hold them,blah blah blah. Should just make everyone Pirates ,that solves your 2 headed freak show . You took a ship and nerfed it,came out with another ,nerfed it. last candy bar,let it rot!
  6. just got booted midway in battle
  7. 2nd that on pvp server
  8. Ghad it was a tactical error,will have to add more marines then .. I did have +10% crew.was going to rant again with flame post...
  9. oh,It said I had the crew,but would not show on guns and sails
  10. Cmon its still doing this..,in battle and lost because I have 100 crew missing again.do I log out?
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