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  1. C0R0NERcz

    Protection for new players and traders in the game

    Focusing only on the fight is bad! This game is beautiful because it offers a combination of trading and crafting (and yes even a fight). But just fight destroyed this game.
  2. C0R0NERcz

    Protection for new players and traders in the game

    ...just to hurt and destroy, how typical! Why strong clans hurt others on the map in all areas? The resistance of individuals is futile and what are the consequences? Yesterday two friends stopped playing:( I do not understand why developers will not allow non-clan players to survive.
  3. C0R0NERcz

    Protection for new players and traders in the game

    The best way to kill this game is hunting new players before they have a chance to get acquainted with all of the game's mechanisms. Your politics in practice: Steam Charts - Naval Action Every once started. Who of you had two years experienced players against yourself? The needs of veterans are different than the needs of newcomers. The PVE-PVP switch would solve this problem. Or battle zones. Are you afraid of such an idea? Because you would have to fight with each other? I apologize for my English language. And no, I do not want to play PVE server. This advice was very poor. Just like the gameplay of the one who gave her to me.
  4. If you do not safe new players before the attack of the bandits, remaine in this game only clans. (you know which ...) Please increase area the protection zones for low-level players. Place the protection zones around all national ports. You need to Improve protection of Traders. Do not allow capturing a port to be in the deep area of another nation. Gangers spoil the game to all newcomers and merchants. This game has the potential that PVP players have not yet found. Unless these conditions are met, it is completely useless to work on trade or craft mechanisms.
  5. C0R0NERcz

    NPC escort, novice, newbie

    My losses for the last three days: A fleet: 4x Trades Brig (Swedish attackers had ships Wasa) B fleet: 1x Surprise, 3x Traders Brig (Swedish attackers had ships Wasa) C fleet 1x Surprise, 2x LGV (Swedish attackers had ships Wasa) A fleet not help. I need a stronger escort. Or cargo insurance. Insurance would solve a lot of things...
  6. C0R0NERcz

    NPC escort, novice, newbie

    I'm new to the game. I do not have a very strong boat (and experiences) to compete against strong opponents. Everyday I'm attacked by a group of stronger players and I'm losing the ship, often with cargo. Losses are great. I would greatly welcome the opportunity to buy an escort for my small merchant ship. NPC escort or missions for players for a commission. I apologize for my English, but you understand what I mean.
  7. Hlásím tři další Čechy v holandské flotile. Jsme na teamspeaku