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  1. that could be a problem and something to consider. but I think the benefits would outweigh the cons in today's gameplay, but....its something to think about for tomorrows gameplay.
  2. To make things interesting in the solo pvp zone since team battle is obviously out the window and 1vs1 fights are only in this zone, could we possibly get the ability to fight your own nation in this zone? It is called "solo" and i think your nations flag shouldnt matter in this zone at this point. Lets hear everyones thoughts on the idea. Thanks ahead of time
  3. I could sail south of the US reinforcement and instantly get pvp any time I want as a US captain @Dibbler joining the US and fighting along side those who have been picked on for too long is one of the best things I’ve done yet in the game it’s time for us to make America great again!
  4. @z4ys couldn’t agree more man. Thumbs up 👍
  5. here is what Greasy and I did to a victory. But like someone had already previously said as in real life, a ship that can slip under your guns is a threat. Since your bringing up black sails I also might add, Blackbeard was terrified of the 3 sloops of war that were in pursuit of him because they outnumbered him in man power and could sail right up and Board. So he fled. my answer would be sure, a ship like the victory should be able to punish a smaller ship no problem. But what if it were outnumbered by say 4, with the logic of claiming the dps shouldn’t overwhelm a rated ship (which I fully agree) one might also argue that multi 4v1 boardings should be allowed aswell. I should be able to board an enemy ship with a friend if I wanted to.
  6. @Arngillwho were the players might I ask?
  7. Here’s how to do it you sail up to the one of which is separated and go broadside to broadside with it at point blank. For some reason they do not fire at point blank.
  8. Herc is poor in general at boarding due to it being a 5th rate with only 200 crew. It was great as a 6th rate with it’s crew size and 6-7 rate bonus. It’s crew size it too weak to do anything with 4-5th rate stats.
  9. @admin thank you so much! I literally just made a post this morning as suggestion for the US battle flag!
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