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  1. And those are the not so expensive ones. Some amps are close to that price. I listen to music a lot and i love headphones, they are the one of the most important parts of my setup and daily life. This model is around 6 thousand kn but there are models for up to 30000 kn.
  2. No it is not. Best sound design will be useless if headphones quality and tier is bad and if the amplifier is insufficient. You have obviously never experienced high tier over ear headphones otherwise you would not say such things. Their design philosophy is already unsound with unjustified graphics card requirements for a game looking this bad. These two things prove that people here never experience a good audio setup and never experienced a game with good graphics. For headphones I recommend only ones I own and have experience with such as Audeze LCD-2 Shedua Wood Editi
  3. Germans won the battle of Jutland. Yes. Just because you deliberately misrepresent my viewpoint doesn't mean I will take it back. That is very Reddit of you, going through someones posts because you were angry at them.
  4. Because I can. Proud of my worldview. Take your oppressive and fabricated history and dont bother teaching it to me. What in gods name are you talking about again with some anti german brainwashing propaganda? Germans wont the battle of Jutland. And this is my thread. a re you going to try and teach me your fabricate history again and tell me how every single german pilot sailor and soldier was a murderer? I dont care about such fake history fabricated after ww2 and brainwashing of modern people into believing stereotypical nonsence. So in your logic when germans
  5. Suit yourself man. If you don't like what you hear it's obvious you have a bad audio setup.
  6. No, from a Visual Novel artist. Please let's not go off-topic further. Let's rather talk in my DM whenever you want. I don't want to annoy the admins any more than I already have.
  7. I recommend you get a better audio setup. A dedicated internal soundcard with a built in headphone amplifier of 150 ohms and good over-ear studio monitoring headphones of minimum 2x56 ohms. Minimal setup. I will improve your sound in anything. I forgot to mention, while the sounds do sound well and punchy for normal caliber guns up to 380mm, any more than that the gun sound looses the punchyness and becomes more like just bass going on long...
  8. Doesn't matter to me anymore. If at least "Core patch 1" isn't released by end of 2021, I'm contacting my lawyer.
  9. I believe I've defended myself enough and explained the course of events. You guys keep on going if that your fun. Just please dont lecture me about politics. Enjoy your fabricated history. I didnt start about politics in the first place other people took it there when they started twisting what I said. You need to look at the beginning before you start attacking and accusing me with your wild imagination. Now the admins will rejoice when they ban me or give me some warning point haha big thing.
  10. Amazing and great opinions guys. Really nice talking with you. Hmm, some of you seem quite hostile, I'm not sure why. I guess all that's left to say is - I'm a Croat. So I'm not a traitor and weakling like the Germans are. So my viewpoints and determination are never shaken. You guys are well educated so you surely know all about it. But I forgot to say British naval technology was the worst trash and obsolete. Why was is it good at all just because it was British? Certainly not.
  11. Just because you disagree with an another's viewpoint doesn't mean someone is a Nazi. Take it to the admins if you have something against it. There are users who have real Nazi servicemen on their avatars and names and users with real flags that are banned in Germany. My avatar has nothing to do with any of that. Refer to my comment here. Regarding what you said that I have "serious/delusional overestimation towards the quality of German equipment" refer to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip
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