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  1. Nah I can hardly see any potential in this game. First of all it uses an archaic graphical system which is a bad sign because we are in 2021 and pc graphical hardware has advanced far beyond even for low budget games like this. The concept of the gameplay is extremely archaic feeling, we cant even shoot the guns, we just click and do nothing. the fact that the game calculates everything which could be fun gameplay is a boring concept. We should be able to aim and shoot the guns ourselves and to see through a rangefinder and other equipment and steer the ships ourselves. the models are really b
  2. I don't think there are any ways to make this part work. And I know a bit about it. First fact in custom missions there is no calculation for victory at sea after sinking a capital ship, you have to sing all of the small ones too. So in custom missions it should be control of the fire power superiority first.
  3. Ludicrously expensive?? It may be for you lol. Not here where I live. Some girls here have sneakers shoes that cost up to 12000 kunas, that's double the price of those headphones. And guys around town are owning computer parts that cost as much. That's a normal price for good headphones. If you don't believe it you're deaf. You're nonsense man. What proof do you have that this game uses 1930 recording? And even the audio/video recordings of that time can be scanned up to 4K video and superb sound when done properly. A good audio setup changes everything. And "2020 quality"? What would
  4. Because I can man! because I can!! I am not biased. I was referring only to the battle. Oh how the Germans slaughtered the british and made seafood barbecue! Yum Yum! Hello there! Yes, I was referring only to the battle. I was all a plan. The entire WW1 was a plan made by the roasted british and french and americans to take out the superior Germans . LOOK at today! And what it all caused today! It was all a grand play that had the point to get to what it is today: To get rid of German people. Today, in the entire population of Germany l
  5. And those are the not so expensive ones. Some amps are close to that price. I listen to music a lot and i love headphones, they are the one of the most important parts of my setup and daily life. This model is around 6 thousand kn but there are models for up to 30000 kn.
  6. No it is not. Best sound design will be useless if headphones quality and tier is bad and if the amplifier is insufficient. You have obviously never experienced high tier over ear headphones otherwise you would not say such things. Their design philosophy is already unsound with unjustified graphics card requirements for a game looking this bad. These two things prove that people here never experience a good audio setup and never experienced a game with good graphics. For headphones I recommend only ones I own and have experience with such as Audeze LCD-2 Shedua Wood Editi
  7. Germans won the battle of Jutland. Yes. Just because you deliberately misrepresent my viewpoint doesn't mean I will take it back. That is very Reddit of you, going through someones posts because you were angry at them.
  8. Because I can. Proud of my worldview. Take your oppressive and fabricated history and dont bother teaching it to me. What in gods name are you talking about again with some anti german brainwashing propaganda? Germans wont the battle of Jutland. And this is my thread. a re you going to try and teach me your fabricate history again and tell me how every single german pilot sailor and soldier was a murderer? I dont care about such fake history fabricated after ww2 and brainwashing of modern people into believing stereotypical nonsence. So in your logic when germans
  9. Suit yourself man. If you don't like what you hear it's obvious you have a bad audio setup.
  10. No, from a Visual Novel artist. Please let's not go off-topic further. Let's rather talk in my DM whenever you want. I don't want to annoy the admins any more than I already have.
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