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  1. Andrei

    Cinematic Mode?

    Hi Devs and fellow captains, Earlier today I had my hands leaning over my keyboard in the number pad area. I'm not entirely sure what I pressed but all attempts to replicate the visual effect did not work. Please see the attached screenshot of my game: (Please note, this isn't so much a bug as it is more of a novelty feature, but I'm having trouble getting it to work again). Notice the black lines above and below the screen? These were somehow toggled and it made the ship's details a little blurry as if the screen had FOV and added a lot more glow to my sails. (Note: I w
  2. Have been replaying those missions that relies heavily on the use of torpedoes. Noticed one thing. If you hand over the control of your fleet to AI or group sevral ships up as a flotilla it usually works pretty decent for gunnery-focused warships in regards of maneuver and positioning, I'll give it that. That's much less the case for torpedo-focus warship types though, such as TB, DD or CL. They still try to behave as a gunship and rush to the face of the enemy regardless of their current torpedo tube reload status. Also they just sail in small circles near the enemy around themselves after dr
  3. Is/should this game focus more on fleet tactics or controlling an individual ship? I feel that certain aspects of the game, like micro maneuvering your controlled ship, is too much hands on control if this game tries to be a tactical fleet engagement game. I say this because I saw the developers reply to an earlier post that to avoid getting hit you should micro your manoeuvres. Imo this is something an "admiral" should not be concerned with except for the big fleet manoeuvres. Therefore, I would like to pose the question: what is the game trying to be more? A tactical fleet battle
  4. Hello everyone. As far as I have seen this game has great potential. That you can play with any of the mayor nations is great, but I think that would be great to be able play also with minor nations. Of course there are limitants to do this: only the minor nations with access to the seas would be playable, for understandable reasons. In the naval academy mode I believe would be extremely easy to implement; it would simply another nation to play with/against. Is on the campain where I thik really gets interesting:due to this nations be not as rich, powerful or tecnological advance that any of t
  5. Huhu es gibt ja mehrere Linienschiffe von der Victory weis ich das sie glaub das sie die wendigste unter den grossen Pötten ist. Meine Frage ist da ich selber noch kein solches Schiff gefahren bin, wie ist eure Erfahrung damit, welche vor und nachteile haben all die Linienschiffen, was gefällt euch bei den Schiffen besonders gut und was absolut gar nicht. Ich bin dankbar für jede lehrreiche Antwort oder Meinung. Mfg. Sayuri
  6. How bout some consistency from our DEVS @admin you have said before that storm battles were taken out of the game because they were a pain in the butt to fight in. Why then do we have storms in the open world? You contradict yourself. solution: either put storms battles back in the game. (fun and engaging content) or take the storms out of the world. (make the game/open world even more bland.)
  7. Plenty of games have this TIPS as one liners in the loading screens. Would be nice to see them in game also. Given it is just an idea we all can build into it, no ? And see where it leads. So let's do very concise one liners that can also be nice tips for newcomers and vets alike, no matter how basic they are. I will post a few examples: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "You can hide all the chat windows, while sailing, by pressing the T key" --- "Reinforcement Zones allow to call AI support when attacke
  8. Do we have, ingame, GameLabs employees pretending to be players? What exacly its their purpouse? I strongly belive that we have!
  9. @adminSimple sound signals is all we need. Realistic way to notify Captains of their surroundings. New Day - 2 Bell rings Enemy player is attacking - Drums (Call to Arms) You are attacking - Men shouting and whistling, drums and swords clanking. Port Spotted - Long bosun's whistle Land Spotted - Land Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at night) Enemy Player Spotted - Sail Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at Night) Leaving Safe Zone - Trumpet sound + Arms clanking and stomping sound. Entering Safe Zone - Harp instrument sound.
  10. Everyone should be able to play on its own since he paid for this game (it's not a free to play kind of, remember?). The prices of the in-game items are insanely high and require a ton of grind to acquire. Also, you have to fix the ships' durability because it's no fun to try HOURS AND HOURS to buy or craft one and then lose it in a matter of minutes.
  11. On the 26 April 2016 I wrote the following: 'At the level of Capitaine de Corvette on a Cerberus the game is wonderful at the moment both as a team game (using ts3) and as a me vs the AI game.' At this time, the number of players was in excess of 1,500. This is about where--give or take a month or two--the game was a playable plaeasure. This is the game for which I paid €36.99 and so many others did, too. Are we to be abandoned? For what reasons? Is it ethical? Could we go back to the past and forget everything that has destroyed the game and made it 'fun' for only about fi
  12. Gentlemen, I consider myself to be better than average at the game. On Brigadier General difficulty I have played through the Union campaign without losing a single battle. On the Confederate side, I've played as far as Chancellorsville (haven't had time to play further) and not lost a battle there. So I decided I wanted to try Major General difficulty. Now, I cannot beat the very first mission! Despite inflicting considerably more casualties, I was not able to take Phillipi the first attempt and in the second attempt, while I got troops across the river I was annihilat
  13. First off, I want to say to Nick and his team what an amazing job they have done and how magnificent this game is. When I was young I played Robert E. Lee: Civil War General and Civil War Generals 2 and found in many ways this game is a spiritual successor, but superior in almost every meaningful way. Now that the game has been released, I wanted to make some suggestions for what I think would be improvements - some quality of life, some additional features, and some to set the groundwork for more replayability. When beginning your game, after making the choices to def
  14. Enemy

    Clan Management

    Hello, i am a member from the German Clan DKF on PvP EU Vereinigde Provincien. Our Clan-Leader/Creator is offline since 26 days because he is in Hospital and none of the left Members can contact him. As most players stopped playing the game we also dont have any active officer and are stuck in rebuilding the Clan. We dont know when or if our Clan-Leader comes back to the game. Is it possible for you to promote me or Horrido28 from DKF to the Clan-Leader until he comes back? Actually we cant build the warehouse, cant invite players (only if we get one of the former officers to a
  15. Every time I get alongside a ship and X to salvage I keep getting interrupted. The ships hold contents show briefly and then disappear. Sometimes after repeated attempts I may manage to salvage some items. Sometimes not. I will try and F11 but its not easy because it always happens in a battle situation.
  16. Why do the forts not shoot in port battles to fully cover cap circles? In most port battles the circles are hardly covered, why is this the case? It does not make sense that the cap circles are outside of the forts' defensive zone of control. You build forts to defend important things. not the fish in the sea.
  17. Hello, after some time i came back to NA. Getting back into the game i found the Fleet-System really complicated focused on the Management of it. Is it possible to have an combined Hold for all of your ships? Actually you can only acces the one from the main ship. my situation was or is (to explain it) . After the wipe no money but severall ships without guns so its basic cutter action. Basic ships cant be sent to the fleet so if i try to make money with trading i can put unarmed regular ships to the fleet for my trader or use BC with trader in the fleet. in the harbour everyth
  18. This game is getting better and better with every patch but i do find a few things really annoying. The first being the time limit and the required 20 minutes holding of an objective to have it captured. I just rage quited the battle of Cold Harbour when i playing as the Confedarates lost the entire battle because i didn't cap the objetive in time i.e. the timer ended LITERALLY A SINGLE MINUTE before i "captured" the little forest on the top of the map during the left flank phase, and this was caused by a 2800 strong Union brigade that charged my ranks and i was unable to rout them before
  19. Ahoy! fellow captains ! Here are a few propositions for Exploration : First of all, a new XP with new progression called "explorer XP" to get new rank or "explorer level" like the current level and grade but for exploration. - New exploration mission from admiralty according to player explorer level - Prepare food supply depending exploration duration (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Hire specific crew (scientist, doctor and cook) (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Expedition will be more easy and prof
  20. Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster etc etc Just played the First day of the Battle of Chancellorsville as the CSA and secured all objectives on Day 1. As the timer for the day ran out the fight continued as the contested timer ran down for Chancellor's Farm. Immediately the timer hit zero the dreaded notification popped up: "Advancing to the Next Day." I understood from the recent patch notes that the bug that prevented a victory here on Day 1 had been fixed. This appears not to be the case. Has anybody else had this problem? Thanks. (
  21. I suggested this in a different thread and section and it was recommended by some that I bring it here: A port reset should happen on a time schedule almost like a sports season. If the Devs implement an admiralty points system, all admiralty points earned by a nation during a "season" could then be totaled to determine the season's "winner". Everything a player does that is productive should earn at least some of those points. That way traders, crafters, port battlers, PVE-ers, and PVP-ers will all have some role to play in a nation's victory or defeat. Individual prizes could be
  22. Am I missing an obvious clock on my screen? How does one tell the server time? Is it Zulu GMT? I'm having trouble figuring out how late I have to stay up to get in on a PVP.
  23. I have followed Nick's work since Total War and have put a decent amount of time into UG:G. As soon as I saw UG:CW, I had to pick it up. Even in Early Access, it's a fantastic game, with tons of replay-ability. However, I have seen some issues that I thought warranted a post. 1) The auto-shifting and alignment of brigades. Sometimes the brigades just move, or charge or don't shoot. No explanation, no warning. I'll set my lines and shift to another part of the battlefield, only to come back with a unit routing because it charged into the open or decided to move laterally down
  24. For a while I have been wondering why we have a telescope to see ships closer in open world. It doesn't seem that we see more or get more information by looking at the scope. In the regular view you can select a boat that is barely a dot in the horizon and get full information on it. Furthermore you don't see more in the haze whether you look with or without the scope. Bigger doesn't really make a big difference since we're all looking at screens. Suggestion: First make ship visually "sink" in the horizon to simulate curvature of the earth . A ship far away might show only the top of
  25. Just listeniing to this song (see below) while sailing a TRADER home (afk sailing) and while typing on the forum. Sure, this might have been discussed before, but if so again: As trading was my bread an butter early in the game, I still love sailing good cargo safely home. commenting recent changes: So, teleport with cargo went = GREAT AI fleet in for trade protection = GREAt Still: No one can expect me sailing a ship home for 30 min (or even more) three times in a row and permanently check the horizon, turning and clicking the mouse round in circles. So, I do AFK sailing,
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