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Found 38 results

  1. Andrei

    Cinematic Mode?

    Hi Devs and fellow captains, Earlier today I had my hands leaning over my keyboard in the number pad area. I'm not entirely sure what I pressed but all attempts to replicate the visual effect did not work. Please see the attached screenshot of my game: (Please note, this isn't so much a bug as it is more of a novelty feature, but I'm having trouble getting it to work again). Notice the black lines above and below the screen? These were somehow toggled and it made the ship's details a little blurry as if the screen had FOV and added a lot more glow to my sails. (Note: I was playing in windowed mode, but even then - this has never happened before) This is what my game looks like normally: (no black lines or added cinematic effects) I have tried pressing all of the key commands listed in the options section to no avail. I assumed it was a HD shot (F9) but that didn't work either. The effect lasted in OW and in battles right up until I exited the game, but did not stay after I restarted it (after the server maintenance). It was not an affect of my screen capture technology (as I just use steam) and was not visible on my desktop screen either which rules out the monitor. **Devs: Is this a new 'cinematic' feature you intend to implement? If so it looks great. I'll leave you with the final product of me switching off the HUD: Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas as to what it is? Regards, Andrei
  2. Is/should this game focus more on fleet tactics or controlling an individual ship? I feel that certain aspects of the game, like micro maneuvering your controlled ship, is too much hands on control if this game tries to be a tactical fleet engagement game. I say this because I saw the developers reply to an earlier post that to avoid getting hit you should micro your manoeuvres. Imo this is something an "admiral" should not be concerned with except for the big fleet manoeuvres. Therefore, I would like to pose the question: what is the game trying to be more? A tactical fleet battle game or controlling single ships?
  3. Have been replaying those missions that relies heavily on the use of torpedoes. Noticed one thing. If you hand over the control of your fleet to AI or group sevral ships up as a flotilla it usually works pretty decent for gunnery-focused warships in regards of maneuver and positioning, I'll give it that. That's much less the case for torpedo-focus warship types though, such as TB, DD or CL. They still try to behave as a gunship and rush to the face of the enemy regardless of their current torpedo tube reload status. Also they just sail in small circles near the enemy around themselves after dropping off their torpedo payload, which looks pretty stupid. Is it possible to have an adaptive AI system that, depending on the how important torpedoes are on the current ship type, uses different behavior and methods of approach against enemy fleet? For example, when facing enemy capital ship in a flotilla, if total torpedo weight is above x% of the displacement, after dropping all torpedoes in one broadside, the flagships automatically turns back to the last place of the flotilla(like how flagship behaves after taking substantial damage), and when (control given to AI) all of the ships in the flotilla had their (single broadside) torpedoes dropped, the entire flotilla tries to disengage, wait for torpedo reload, then reengage in the same manner. In my opinion this is a more reasonable manner of behavior for those screen ships which feature torpedo as their main armament.
  4. Hello everyone. As far as I have seen this game has great potential. That you can play with any of the mayor nations is great, but I think that would be great to be able play also with minor nations. Of course there are limitants to do this: only the minor nations with access to the seas would be playable, for understandable reasons. In the naval academy mode I believe would be extremely easy to implement; it would simply another nation to play with/against. Is on the campain where I thik really gets interesting:due to this nations be not as rich, powerful or tecnological advance that any of the mayors, the gameplay of then could be of building smaller fleets, due to a lack of funds, and probably not as advance ships. They could interact with the mayors in a way, perhaps even they could become mayor powers themselves. Of couse this thing could be add later. Overrall I believe it would make a great adition.
  5. Huhu es gibt ja mehrere Linienschiffe von der Victory weis ich das sie glaub das sie die wendigste unter den grossen Pötten ist. Meine Frage ist da ich selber noch kein solches Schiff gefahren bin, wie ist eure Erfahrung damit, welche vor und nachteile haben all die Linienschiffen, was gefällt euch bei den Schiffen besonders gut und was absolut gar nicht. Ich bin dankbar für jede lehrreiche Antwort oder Meinung. Mfg. Sayuri
  6. How bout some consistency from our DEVS @admin you have said before that storm battles were taken out of the game because they were a pain in the butt to fight in. Why then do we have storms in the open world? You contradict yourself. solution: either put storms battles back in the game. (fun and engaging content) or take the storms out of the world. (make the game/open world even more bland.)
  7. will they ever add an offline option?
  8. Plenty of games have this TIPS as one liners in the loading screens. Would be nice to see them in game also. Given it is just an idea we all can build into it, no ? And see where it leads. So let's do very concise one liners that can also be nice tips for newcomers and vets alike, no matter how basic they are. I will post a few examples: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "You can hide all the chat windows, while sailing, by pressing the T key" --- "Reinforcement Zones allow to call AI support when attacked by enemies. Not when they invade your battles." --- "Reinforcement AI are support for the players. They are not replacements of the players." _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 'Trade ships can enter enemy ports' --- 'The wind will periodically change direction, in battle.' --- 'A battle stays open for 3 minutes if it is out of the reinforcement zone. Beware any player can join within this period. ' --- 'Expect sailing in a sailing game' --- Double tapping a rudder order ( A and D keys ) will hold it hard over until cancelled. ---
  9. Do we have, ingame, GameLabs employees pretending to be players? What exacly its their purpouse? I strongly belive that we have!
  10. @adminSimple sound signals is all we need. Realistic way to notify Captains of their surroundings. New Day - 2 Bell rings Enemy player is attacking - Drums (Call to Arms) You are attacking - Men shouting and whistling, drums and swords clanking. Port Spotted - Long bosun's whistle Land Spotted - Land Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at night) Enemy Player Spotted - Sail Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at Night) Leaving Safe Zone - Trumpet sound + Arms clanking and stomping sound. Entering Safe Zone - Harp instrument sound. Storm - 3 bell rings + 3 bell rings, repeated one more time after 1 minute (3+3+3) if you are entering the storm. *'Enemy spotted' does not indicate where the player is. All it does is just triggers spotting radius for the sound. Player then must be on alert and search for that player. One sound for multiple targets. *'Land Ho!' - charged only when there is no land in sight for over 1 minute in 360 radius. Once land is visible on the horizon it will get triggered. *'Port spotted' sound - only triggered when port name appears. A large invisible circle reaching out to the end of view distance on the horizon is a main sound trigger, but during storms such circle must be smaller. All spotting sounds are disabled during the night.
  11. A (hopefully) constructive criticism on Naval Action. Intro: When I first heard about the development of a game tackling the beautiful age of sail in the late 18th/ early 19th century I was instantly hooked. Like many of you I've watched Jack Aubrey capture the Acheron and like some of you I've seen Hornblower rise up the ranks of the Royal Navy. Being able to do all of this in a game got me immensely excited. It started off really well. The game features absolutely beautiful graphics. The combat in itself is quite deep and is easy to learn but hard and fun to master. The sound of firing a complete broadside into the enemy is simply exhilarating. I also immensely respect the decision by the developers to stick to a hard time-period and not add 'freak' galleons from centuries before just because they look 'cool'. But the game's development feels stalled to me. Yes, there have been updates and as of February 2018 there's have been regular changes to the game's combat mechanics and balancing. We're finally getting a proper UI which is starting to look quite handsomely already. Nevertheless, I get the sense that the game in it's current state, with it's current features, is not far off from what the final product will be. Which is not enough in my opinion. So let's start with the actual criticism: The open world The open world (OW) is devoid of any interesting activities to do besides combat. Every port is the same as the next. The whole world is literally as wide as an ocean but as shallow as a puddle. A lot of people rightfully complain that the OW is simply to large and should be scaled, so it's less tedious to get anywhere. My answer to that is; the world needs to be filled, rather than scaled. It needs to stay interesting. The magic of games like WOW or Guild Wars is that different areas have a different colors, npc's, architecture, weather... I could go on and on. For Naval Action this could mean: 1. Unique architecture for towns of different nations (I know that the development-team has been doing research for this but where is the result?) Also what about native settlements? 2. Different ports provide different items or services; from bustling shipyards that provide complete refit opportunities to ravaged towns that eagerly want to trade their rotten fruit to kick-start their economy again. 3. When you are conducting your business in a port, what if you could actually see the different buildings or citizens going about their daily tasks. Maybe some dockworkers are laying the first timbers on a player-ordered ship in the distance. Just a single shot of the port along with your docked ship. With only some things animated it would be more than enough. It doesn't have to be Sim-City. 4. Approaching enemy controlled ports should have the players risking their ships because the local fort is firing on you. 5. This would technically mean the game becomes unplayable because you might not be close to any neutral/allied ports for much needed repairs. In real life however, there's plenty of captains that did repairs on deserted shores. Making new masts from trees nearby. You would still rather repair at a neutral or friendly port of course. (Perhaps these emergency repairs come with a penalty). 6. Give smugglers the option to buy and sail under false flag, to circumvent said forts. Also, instead of the whole forged papers mechanic, I'd rather see the option to become a privateer and fight for whoever you fancy. Being an actual officer of the king's navy still being the alternative. Both coming with different perks. 7. More types of sea-traffic: fishermen, mail vessels, native rafts, envoys etc. The ability to interact with these ships besides combat. Provided they are neutral/allied. (for instance: buy fish from fishermen, when no port is nearby. More on goods later). 8. What if you built a reputation with a town over time?; doing business often at the same port could give discounts. Whereas, if this port was recently in the hands of a different nation, they might give you a hard time. Perhaps even using their fort cannons on you regardless of any wars going on. 9. Storms and general rough weather. Perhaps some actions are required by the players to prevent any damage during storms. Ship & crew management Another thing that bothers me is that you can't make a ship feel like your own. Sure, it's not even your property to begin with; for in the end, it's the King's ship. However, these men sailed for months, often years on these ships. It became their home: 'And though we be on the far side of the world, this ship is our home. This ship is ... *insert your preferred nation*.' - 'Lucky' Jack Aubrey. 10. Maybe introduce some RPG elements whereby incidents happen on the ship and your judgement is called for. For instance: A crewmember slipped and fell to his death while working the sails. do you: Option A: give him a proper christian burial (speed decreased by 10% for 5 minutes) Option B: throw him overboard with all haste (crew morale -10% for 5 minutes) This could happen in the form of a pop-up menu similar to Crusader Kings 2. I think these random actions would also break the monotony of the Open World somewhat. 11. I loved the implementation of the lieutenant system, but what if they start of as midshipmen. Then, after an action you decide who gets a promotion and who doesn't. Perhaps they have randomly generated names to remember them by (and perhaps a little portrait too). Obviously you'd have to part with them at some point, so they can command your prize vessel(s). 12. What if these gentlemen officers develop traits over time that influence the overall conduct of your ship. (for instance: 'the Master-at-Arms is a bit too fond of his cane: crew morale -5% / +5% reload time.) Perhaps the RPG-like pop-up menu's from point 10 comes into play here as well. Your actions as a captain determine what your young officers will become like. 13. Perhaps you can invite the officers to dine with you once in a while.This could give a buff of some sort (useful right before a battle). This could be visualized by silhouettes at the windows of the stern-galley, as well as shanty's being sung). Perhaps this action is a consumable and requires you to buy Madeira wine at particular ports. 14. Taking in new crew to replenish fallen experienced crew should give you a debuff. These new men were farmers and/or prisoners before, they need some time (and the nine-tailed cat) to learn what it is to be a seamen. Of course major ports do have experienced 'able seamen' ready to get ganked by your press gang. 15. What if we could change the attire of the little bugger's that reload the guns. 16. Ship's stores; I'm not saying NA should become a survival game but having stores that dwindle over time could make voyages more interesting. Stuffing your ship too much makes it sluggish. Not enough stores and your crew morale suffers. You could choose to load all types of shot. Or stick only to regular ball shot and save weight. (less weight could mean more listing though since you are missing ballast. Other possible implementations: 17. A naval news paper that chronicles the events happening in the world (this will only get refreshed during port visits): - Wars that have started, escalated or ended. (including trade wars) - Ship actions: single ship duels that ended spectacularly, major fleet actions etc. - Actual, real news that happened during that time such as: Land wars being won or lost back in Europe. Elections etc. 18. Escort missions: - Escorting new governors, indiamen, etc. where you fail if you lose the escorting ship. 19. Somehow visualize what your actions are contributing to your nation. 20. Option to promote someone in your group to Commodore (giving him or her a broad pennant for visual sake). Giving this person the authority to give orders which pop-up in a more noticeable way than the regular team-chat. Outro: These are just some suggestions that I think would make Naval Action my dream game (I'm pretty sure for others too). I sincerely apologize if any of these features are already being worked on and I jumped the gun. I'm a game developer myself and I know how hard it can be sometimes to make the game you want to make. Hopefully this critique doesn't come across as self-entitled. I just feel that this game, like Elite: Dangerous has an extremely solid base to build from but is suffering from being fun for longer periods of time. I would ask too that the comments don't get too toxic for whatever reason, but stay friendly and constructive. We are all captains. PSA: I do not play Naval Action actively, I hop in once a while with a fellow captain to see what's changed but to say I know the 'meta' of this game would be a lie. If, with this lengthy post I talk out of turn please say so. PS: English is not my main language so forgive me for any typo's. I beg to remain, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant, Edward Harvey,
  12. Everyone should be able to play on its own since he paid for this game (it's not a free to play kind of, remember?). The prices of the in-game items are insanely high and require a ton of grind to acquire. Also, you have to fix the ships' durability because it's no fun to try HOURS AND HOURS to buy or craft one and then lose it in a matter of minutes.
  13. On the 26 April 2016 I wrote the following: 'At the level of Capitaine de Corvette on a Cerberus the game is wonderful at the moment both as a team game (using ts3) and as a me vs the AI game.' At this time, the number of players was in excess of 1,500. This is about where--give or take a month or two--the game was a playable plaeasure. This is the game for which I paid €36.99 and so many others did, too. Are we to be abandoned? For what reasons? Is it ethical? Could we go back to the past and forget everything that has destroyed the game and made it 'fun' for only about fifty players? Continuing with a path that is wrong won't get you any prizes. Please, consider.
  14. Gentlemen, I consider myself to be better than average at the game. On Brigadier General difficulty I have played through the Union campaign without losing a single battle. On the Confederate side, I've played as far as Chancellorsville (haven't had time to play further) and not lost a battle there. So I decided I wanted to try Major General difficulty. Now, I cannot beat the very first mission! Despite inflicting considerably more casualties, I was not able to take Phillipi the first attempt and in the second attempt, while I got troops across the river I was annihilated shortly thereafter. Being outnumbered initially is bad enough, but there are reinforcements that show up (that I don't recall arriving on BG level), to say nothing of trying to withstand the counter attack in phase 2 if I ever made it that far. What am I doing wrong? My normal strategy is to put a skirmisher on the heights as soon as the battle begins while taking my brigade and other skirmisher into the woods on the right to drive those rebels away. Once the reinforcements show up I would swing around to cut off the retreat of the rebel skirmishers on the heights, then swing north to surround and capture the rebel brigade holding the town closest to my troops. Then, with infantry and artillery wear down the enemy forces holding the bridges with my troops in cover and once they run rush across the bridges to drive the rebels out of Philippi proper. None of that works now. The initial rebel skirmishers run as soon as my other troops show up, and once a volley or two is fired at the rebels in the closer town they too retreat. Once I was finally able to soften up the rebels holding the bridges, just as I cross (and with my brigades now at like 1/2 strength, despite using cover) I am immediately counter attacked by fresh rebel brigades. Here is my final screenshot: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/854972554290936591/ED592132D233E229F6117CA798264FABDBD2B84A/ Any advice? Like I said, I thought I was pretty good, but I now know how McClellan felt when he thought he was up against 200,000 Confederates.
  15. Why even do PVP anymore? Why even play the game as all the big clans only have access to the lineships? Currently everything is so limited and the only thing that an infrequent player can do in the game is to just bag some AI and do trading. Wnna do PVP? Sure, let me give you this shit ship against all the BS ships with all the way too overpowered upgrades, bow figures and such. Now, to just say this before anyone brings it up, I have NOTHING against 1 dura ships, I think they are a really good idea and will make you more cautious in battle against others. The problem is that as soon as you leave the battle either victorious or the enemy has ran away, you cannot teleport to closest friendly port anymore. WHY? What is the point if you know that there will be some others waiting in the open world to just gank you straight after. I remember the days before the wipe as we would happily sail to an enemy port to get some PVP going on and have a blast fighting other ships even outnumbered and running away or fighting to death. Now when you managed to run away no matter where you were, you were rewarded for that. You could get straight to the safety of a port. Why was that removed? Oh let me guess. Everyone was complaining how their precious little prey got away from their huge fleet of frigates and lineships. If you manage to do that you definetely should be able to get straight to safety. In real life you ran away from something you were not just teleported to the middle of a million ships, you actually got away from them FOR GOOD. PVP is really only limited to the few stray ships that linger to your capital, for the casual players that is. Yeah and about the lineships. Why do we have these conquest marks in? Or even the combat marks? I do sort of understand the combat marks that you can buy upgrades and such with them but the pricing is way out of line. So what I've heard is that only the bigger clans control the conquest marks as they are the only ones really even allowed to get them. It is just stupid. When I first played this game back in 2015, I of course wanted to get bigger and bigger ships as I progressed with the game. And finally reaching the rank of rear admiral and getting my own victory, it felt good let me tell you, even though I used it very rarely. Now it seems I cannot get the ship, nor can I get my favourite, the Bellona. Why? Oh I guess it is the port battles, which were just 1st rates vs 1st rates. That is understandable BUT atleast they were balanced which is the key factor to any video game. I've never done any port battles as I have no interest in them to start with as everything is so controlled and it takes a long way to sail something to the port that you want to fight for. I'll be honest, I don't have the patience for it. How to fix this then? Give the teleport to closest friendly port back after battle, get rid of conquest marks and combat marks and make the upgrades craftable again or just simply make everything more accessible to the casual players, that means lowering the prices for everything or increase rewards. All in all, I respect the developers trying to make the game more realistic but there are so many more simple ways to achieve that and which will actually make the game fun again for moments like these: http://plays.tv/video/5890f8453a2b8c09dd/-d
  16. First off, I want to say to Nick and his team what an amazing job they have done and how magnificent this game is. When I was young I played Robert E. Lee: Civil War General and Civil War Generals 2 and found in many ways this game is a spiritual successor, but superior in almost every meaningful way. Now that the game has been released, I wanted to make some suggestions for what I think would be improvements - some quality of life, some additional features, and some to set the groundwork for more replayability. When beginning your game, after making the choices to define your starting stats, have a final choice after which side where you choose your portrait from a selection. I really don't like being forced into the same portrait each side, each time. Please allow us to change it. Provide some mechanism for division commanders to be visible on the battlefield. I am not talking about another headquarters unit, because that will lead to more micromanagement in later battles, but perhaps something akin to what CWG and CWG2 did with a gold star on the brigade that had the division commander attached. Putting another star on the brigades in UG:CW is not the answer because it will confuse with veterancy stars, but a flag or a banner would work, and clicking on that unit would give the division commander in addition to the brigade commander. It would also be good for that brigade to almost act like a mini-HQ unit and give a small bonus to nearby brigades that are only of the same division. This suggestion also relates with item 6 below. Greater flexibility in custom missions. Allow custom placement of troops before the battle to increase the "what if" factor, allow custom generals to be added (custom names, etc). This is a hard one, I think: the maps you have are beautiful and due to being hand drawn were no doubt labor intensive. However, creating and releasing some maps for alternate areas which were only the site of small battles, or where a battle might have happened but didn't, etc to allow for use a more custom missions. Special traits that apply to historical generals. Don't get me wrong, I like having the ability to use the prestige purchasing to have generals like Reynolds, Hancock, Sedgewick, etc in my army but apart from the historical value they are no different than a general you can buy from the barracks and to be honest, by mid game I am using my prestige for resources and even then only sparingly, to keep it up for the morale bonus. There should be a benefit to employing historical generals - especially the good ones - such as custom traits that make their use very desirable. The ability to rename divisions. While the Union relied on numbered divisions at least in part, the Confederacy named their divisions the same way brigades tend to be, by naming them after the commander. So, I think on the battlefield map it would be a nice touch to have a show the division name under the brigade name. So, under "Armistead" it might say "Pickett's Division". Thank you!
  17. Enemy

    Clan Management

    Hello, i am a member from the German Clan DKF on PvP EU Vereinigde Provincien. Our Clan-Leader/Creator is offline since 26 days because he is in Hospital and none of the left Members can contact him. As most players stopped playing the game we also dont have any active officer and are stuck in rebuilding the Clan. We dont know when or if our Clan-Leader comes back to the game. Is it possible for you to promote me or Horrido28 from DKF to the Clan-Leader until he comes back? Actually we cant build the warehouse, cant invite players (only if we get one of the former officers to an invite,which is also difficult) and are struggeling with keeping players in the clan. regards Enemy
  18. For the past 8 hours I have been traveling from Fort-Royal to Little River in America. While the sailing is realistic and takes such a long, long, long, LONG time, it's not realistic in its own right. I have a ship full of trade goods which I'm going to sell, and have spent 19 days on the sea, with my crew being a group of gods. I was thinking that without fish or other kinds of rations, they should start dropping like flies. This would make kind of a give and take with the bigger ships. Larger ships means a bigger crew which also means more dedicated space for food and fresh water, giving another layer of realism into the game that I think could fit in quite well, and make fishing more useful than just selling off next to useless goods.
  19. Hello, what happend in the following case. If im in a combat, main ship and One Fleet ship, i could manage that my fleet ship esacpe. For example my trader with Cargo. If i loose the battle and my ship sunk. What happend to the fleet ship? Am i in port with it? Am i in OW with it? Is everything lost?
  20. Every time I get alongside a ship and X to salvage I keep getting interrupted. The ships hold contents show briefly and then disappear. Sometimes after repeated attempts I may manage to salvage some items. Sometimes not. I will try and F11 but its not easy because it always happens in a battle situation.
  21. Why do the forts not shoot in port battles to fully cover cap circles? In most port battles the circles are hardly covered, why is this the case? It does not make sense that the cap circles are outside of the forts' defensive zone of control. You build forts to defend important things. not the fish in the sea.
  22. Hello, after some time i came back to NA. Getting back into the game i found the Fleet-System really complicated focused on the Management of it. Is it possible to have an combined Hold for all of your ships? Actually you can only acces the one from the main ship. my situation was or is (to explain it) . After the wipe no money but severall ships without guns so its basic cutter action. Basic ships cant be sent to the fleet so if i try to make money with trading i can put unarmed regular ships to the fleet for my trader or use BC with trader in the fleet. in the harbour everything is ok but on open water you have no access to your fleets ship hold. even i had a trader i couldnt pick up material from a shipwreck and had no outpost there due to the distance to my countrys ports. when you board npc traders or get materials from sealed bottles you often cant take it with you due to the lack of hold from your main ship while having an empty trader-ship in your fleet. so why not combine the hold of your fleet? those ships are with you and in battle you can give them orders so why not in other situations? also you only can split the fleet in an outpost which is ok but you should be able to pick or switch your main ship on open water when your hold is not combined . maybe with yawl you can buy or as a perk for your ship. at least this would alllow you to use ships of your fleet for specific missions or situations. hopefully i could explain my point of view. open for discussion. regards
  23. ..I guess you made it. If this what comes after the wipe is going to be Naval "action", you totally managed to ruin the game. Did not think this was possible. This is my last post on this Forum. Goodbye.
  24. This game is getting better and better with every patch but i do find a few things really annoying. The first being the time limit and the required 20 minutes holding of an objective to have it captured. I just rage quited the battle of Cold Harbour when i playing as the Confedarates lost the entire battle because i didn't cap the objetive in time i.e. the timer ended LITERALLY A SINGLE MINUTE before i "captured" the little forest on the top of the map during the left flank phase, and this was caused by a 2800 strong Union brigade that charged my ranks and i was unable to rout them before they managed to occupy the point again (i did have 2 brigades defending it but i was outnumbered). There should always be a option to prolong a battle for an extra 30 minutes because i don't think that in real life there was a single instance where generals would retreat their forces at exactly 14:00 or 15:00 if there was a chance for a huge breakthrough or victory. Reputation is a feature i really do like, it rewards you for winning battles by increasing your troops morale and giving you extra manpower or guns if they are urgently needed but i don't see why it is caped at all. The "logic" behind this implies that you can win every single minor and major engagment of the Civil War killing hundreds of thousand of enemies and destroying hundreds of guns but if you loose 2 battles like Chicamauga and Cold Harbour you lost the entire war. There shouldn't be a reputation cap but the morale bonus can stay at +15 so that it doesn't get overpowered. Double standards i also find really annoying, but i dont know how prominent they are because i only noticed it once. Because i play two campaings the main one being with the Confederates and my "side" one with the Union, i play the battle of Chicamauga as the Confedarates first and managed to control all objective 1h before the timer ran out, and the game normally proceded to the next phase. So when i replayed the battle with the Union i didn't want to waste my elite 1 Division of the First Corps defending the two river passages on the left of the first phase. Resulting in the Confederates capturing them and i instantly lost that battle. There shouldn't be any double standards because it gives the AI an unfair advantage.
  25. Ahoy! fellow captains ! Here are a few propositions for Exploration : First of all, a new XP with new progression called "explorer XP" to get new rank or "explorer level" like the current level and grade but for exploration. - New exploration mission from admiralty according to player explorer level - Prepare food supply depending exploration duration (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Hire specific crew (scientist, doctor and cook) (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Expedition will be more easy and profitable if you create a group with different ship (trader ship to bringing back ressources and holding food + combat ship for protection, shallow ship for shallow area) - The expedition is shared with the members of the group even if they don't have the required explorer level. They can't take a big exploration from admiralty but they can help a good explorer. - Sails to mission point on map, (like current mission but with new symbol). - Travel map is loaded instead of loading screen for more immersion. (animated dotted line) - Player enter in instanciate zone, the map is partially hidden at the biginning and will be discovered during your navigation (fog of war). - Player can stay in this instanciate zone as long as he has food supply on board. Food decrease during the exploration. (The food is shared with group member) - During his exploration, player can found some area (town, reef, ark, waterfall, lighthouse, etc. on the coast or on river). (there is a circle surrounding this point of interest) - He can stay in this circle during some seconds (circle loading) to trigger a discovery. - Discovery is like a loot after a fight. There are diffents discovery type and it's partially random. - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold) - Rare material (for crafter) - Pets (collection card, can be sold) - AI Pirates can attack you during your expedition (so you probably need a protection ship, trader ship alone is risky) - Exploration is ending when player has no more food on board or if he decides to leave the instanciate zone or if pirate beat him) - He gain explorer XP and gold according to its discoveries, the purcentage of map discovered, and fight won. To sum up : - New XP with new progression, explorer levels. Sailing through the carribean gives explorer XP instead of normal XP - Exploration mission need preparation (food, crew, and group) - Instanciate map can be made by procedural generation or not. - New environment with new fauna and flora (ice, sand, cliff, jungle) and building. Caribbean is beautiful but new lands will be great and contemplative for PVE player. - New group gameplay (some can fight and protect his friend, other can explore reef and store discoveries, and another with shallow ship can explore inaccessible zone) - New items : - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold) - Pet collection with common, uncommun and rare animals to add a collection dimension (no balance needed, pvp is not impacted) - Rare material could be found (trader ship required to bring back all the materials) This material can be used by crafter to craft exceptionnal ship (maybe for 1st, 2nd and 3th rates ships to reduce their number and make them more rare and exceptional) or new customization stuff (paint, stern, figurehead) We can imagine exploration event with big national fleet required. As soon as a national exploration fleet enter in the exploration instance. The instance is closed for other nation. Exploration instance are rare and discovery can be extremely interesting. Exploration event could give a national bonus for a period ? (not sure ;)) Moreover, other nation can create an interception fleet to fight returning expedition. It could be a new PVP area with lot of interaction, lot of different ships not like Port battle. If you have idea for the explorer title/grade/rank ! I'm waiting your feedback !
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